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388171388171B000633Y40A7T8Y21RV3CPKathleen J. McCown0051342915200Lifesaver!!This is an amazing product. Safe, durable, and so satisfying to my dog! I recently adopted a two year old German Shorthair from the SPCA. Unfortunately he is heartworm positive. The recommendation was to get him comfortable in my home then have the treatment. This requires him to be confined in a crate for most of the day for at least a month. I have been getting him adjusted to the confinement and the Redbarn Filled Bone has been a lifesaver!!! He is kept occupied and challenged for hours. As I need to I refill the bone and even freeze it to give him even more satisfaction.
388172388172B000633Y40A2QA2KVSNYW2H0Richard E. Wagner0051341964800Very happy GreyhoundsHave two Greyhounds and to say they love this product would be an understatement. They both have had hours of enjoyment enjoying the Redbarn Peanut Butter filled bone. Will keep a supply in the house for them. Redbarn Filled Bone, Peanut Butter - Large
388173388173B000633Y40A2C07FFAL8T5M4Newtsmom0051334707200Redbarn Filled bone, peanut butterMy Great Dane loved it and it took a while for him to empty out the bone.
Now we refill it with our own peanut butter.
388174388174B000633Y40A2QPP10LG98YCKGiGi540041329436800Nice boneI bought two of these for our two Dobermans'. They are really sturdy bones and they love the peanut butter treat inside.
388175388175B000633Y40A3OS1SO09S3WRJChrissy1221330732800Thought this would have been a great findI was so excited when we got this in and even though i tend to only give my baby "new" treats, etc. when she is close to finishing one or gets tired of the one she's had i couldn't hold myself (i mean who doesn't LOVE peanut-butter??!!) and i gave it to her right out the box.

Unfortunately this turned out to be such a disappointment! She sniffed it and that was all folks..For a 7 month old Labrador Retriever that says a lot to me because my baby can chew through anything. We got through toys almost on a daily bases and then all her chew bones and raw hides don't tend to last as too long either.

She has chewed on it a few times but i think its because its been laying around for so long its just something else in the house. I'm not quite sure what the outside part is made of either because it does not seem to be real raw hide.

I would definitely not buy again and will not recommend.
388176388176B000633Y40A1BD342U8BF3UCBritney2421314230400My dog isnt into these.So far my dog wont even touch this. I bought her the cheese and bacon bone and the peanut butter and she isnt giving them the time of day. If she changes her mind i will edit this to let everyone know. Also, these smell really gross and fake. Im kind of happy she doesnt like them as of now because of that.
388177388177B000633Y40AJ67LVHM13CV1Lucy61211302048000Wrong Pictures and priceWhen I looked at the pictures and price it seemed I was receiving a great deal. A box of filled bones for $9.79. Not, it turned out to be one bone, buyer beware of what is pictured.
388178388178B000633Y40A1Z7WAJKH78VJZWilliam Goodman0231344038400not my orderI don't know how this got in my stuff I never ordered it. All I can do is hope is that what dog gets it likes it !!
388197388197B007RTR8UCA1GYEGLX3P2Y7PShala Kerrigan0041350777600Nice conditioningI've been very happy with the Clear line of products. They've performed as well as pricier brands and work well for my hair.

This conditioner leaves my hair feeling very soft and touchable even when it's been exposed to being out in the cold which can be very drying. I have long, very straight, very fine hair, and need conditioning without weight or buildup. This works!

While other people have said "A little goes a long way"- that's somewhat true. I do use less of it than other conditioners, but still go through conditioner faster than shampoo. The light, pleasant scent doesn't rinse completely out, but also doesn't clash with any of the perfumes I wear.
388179388179B001PNXO5YA1JVF6Z2OMATQGElizabeth R. Douglas "E. R. Douglas"2251334188800Love these - Better than any other stock for purchaseI have found both the beef and the chicken very tasty, not overly salty, and easy to use. Also a huge time saver. Never will go back to cubes or canned stock!
388180388180B001PNXO5YA12UFRPTV4MUCABTrain2351281657600New pantry item to always have on hand.As I've kind of moved ahead in my cooking I am finding that I use stock a lot more in my cooking. I use it all the time for things like risotto, as a substitute for water on regular rice for more flavor, in sauces and stir fry's, etc. It felt like every time I was making a trip to the grocery store I had to remember to pick up more stock, particularly chicken stock since I seem to go through it much faster than other types of stock. This stock is great tasting with good ingredients. The packaging is good and convenient to use. The size is just about perfect for most things and you can refrigerate what you don't use for a couple of days. The quantities that a standard order contain don't overwhelm you with too much of it, but is enough that I just order a couple of these every few months and keep some in storage.

Buy it if you use stock in your cooking on a regular or semi-regular basis (and you might find you use it a lot more if you have it on hand).
Don't buy it if you don't cook that much or are a vegetarian or something.
388181388181B001PNXO5YA3AH2L0XNWANV9Nicholas Pinto "Nick"2351264291200Better than anything in any retail storeReal ingredients with a reasonable amount of sodium, but most important is the taste. The taste is excellent. No more hours making stock and then canning or freezing it. This product has made my cooking and my life easier.
388198388198B007RTR8UCA1D6DFC3AGV3JZAndrew Olivo Parodi0051350691200Excellent shampooAn excellent conditioner that I highly recommend. It's really wonderful. You'll really enjoy it. Some days my hair isn't that bouncy. This conditioner makes it more bouncy and lively.
388182388182B001PNXO5YA29W700R7V91WUJeanie "tweetybird"0011349827200Pay The extra moneyI would suggest anyone thinking of buying this Chicken stock that you pay the extra money and buy Emeril's Brand instead. This stock has a lot of fat in it and it's very salty
388199388199B007RTR8UCA2V19Q2OFF25OSJ_Say0051350259200Best Conditioner I've Ever UsedThis is by far the best conditioner I have ever used. It outshines ever much, much more expensive brands. It leaves my hair manageable and soft. I think the most noticeable difference I have seen from this conditioner is the shine my hair has now. I am almost thru my second bottle and have been using it for about 2 months. I am completely in love. I hope that in the near future they release styling products to correspond with this hair care system.
388183388183B001PNXO5YA1BJG2Q09CB81MMichael J.0051346544000Great tasteSimply put, this stock has more flavour than most of the other options. It will add depth to your soups and sauces. If the flavour is too strong you can thin it down with a little water.

As a bonus, it is consistently well priced on Amazon and you don't have lug it from the grocery store.
388200388200B007RTR8UCAEL6CQNQXONBXCute Chihuahua0041349740800Works well and leaves my hair soft but scent could be betterThis conditioner makes my hair feel very soft when used in combination with the matching Total Care Shampoo. I have been using this for weeks now and my hair is as soft as it has ever been. It has a nice scent but nothing amazing. I would prefer a mint scent or maybe tropical. Overall it's above average but not my favorite. I love the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner they are really great.
388184388184B001PNXO5YABELFZY1RYG0RR. Bennett0041323820800Delicious, handy and a great priceChicken stock is one of those things I seem to buy every time I'm in the grocery store because it's so handy to have around. I use it for soups, gravy, making risotto, sauces, etc. It's a great way to add flavor and richness to a number of dishes and buying it on the "subscribe and save" program has worked out really well. The quality is great, the price is excellent and it shows up right on my doorstep on a regular basis - a great deal!
388185388185B007RTR8UCA35NOFKHK8P2LUMaura Ann Rubies0111343001600Not the Best Choice for MeI ordered a bunch of different products in this line to make a comparison between them.

I think I was exposed to too much of whatever is now making me itch and break out all over. It started with my arms after washing and conditioning my daughter's hair in the sink (I had already washed and conditioned my own hair with different products from the line)...I noticed red spots along my arms, small bumps and itching. The kids saw red on my neck (which usually happens when I am allergic to something), but then it disappeared within an hour of first seeing it.

For the last several years, my previous shampoos and conditioners were mostly PH balanced and all natural.

These CLEAR beauty products have a "common thread" between the shampoos/conditioners, despite have slightly different smells...They are most abundant in ingredients that may initially detangle, but are drying and irritating on my hair and skin with accumulated usage/exposure. It is now clear that these products are not good for me to continue using.

*Not the outcome I had hoped, but found a "silver lining:"

When scalp became extremely dry as a result, with dandruff "raining down" to the touch, I did an internet search. I found that VINEGAR is an excellent conditioner. I used 1/2 vinegar/water-amazing results! My scalp calmed down and my hair seems to have recovered-now soft to the touch instead of brittle.
388186388186B007RTR8UCAFO678EAGH4Y9Tina Brown0131340064000Leaves hair soft but...I used Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Total Care Nourishing Conditioner and have a few pros and cons. Pros: use a small amount, good coverage, smells nice, leaves my hair soft. Cons: seems to make my hair fall out (another brand did this as well) but not sure if it's the conditioner only or a combination of shampoo and conditioner.

So, mixed reviews. I like the product but don't like losing my hair. Since I have a lot of thick hair, it hasn't affected me much but I don't want to continue losing it just in case.
388187388187B007RTR8UCA1W60EW7Q6A75CNiki Collins-queen, Author "author"0131339718400Pros and ConsThe "Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care" is a new product. The label calls the hair conditioner a "therapy"as it gently conditions and nourishes the scalp and hair by restoring the scalp's natural moisture balance. The conditioner is formulated with Nutrium 10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C and E, sunflower, almond, soybean, coconut oils and aloe vera to leave the hair strong from the root to the tip.
My hair did feel softer and looked more silky after using the conditioner. However I needed more conditioning liquid than normal to make a lather.
The manufacturer recommends using this product daily. I believe this is unnecessary for most people.
388188388188B007RTR8UCA3T6HX48F66512Fry Boy0141336435200Worked well for me. Quite thick . . . and pink, too.This product is pretty good. While I won't say that my hair is suddenly superhealthy or that it has improved body because of this conditioner, I will say that the product hasn't caused any damage that I can see. The conditioner claims to be "Total Care Nourishing" with "nutrium 10" (a "moisture complex" of vitamins), but I wouldn't necessarily trust that claim, considering that a shampoo is designed to be used in conjunction with the conditioner. That notwithstanding, the product did a serviceable job at a decent price. It's very thick, with something of a pink-and-lavender color. Note that the product is not specifically geared towards women or men.

With regard to shipping, expect that the bottle might arrive with plastic wrap around it and some product leakage, sort of what you experience when you take toiletries on an airplane and find that they leaked due to air-pressure differentials. No big deal, but something that might figure into your buying decision.
388189388189B007RTR8UCA1XFI340SHOS5KZenpony0141335312000does the jobMy hair is long and fine textures and tangles easily. This conditioner did the job of getting out the knots without ripping the hair. It is light in smell, even though it contains coconut, there is almost no fragrance. If you have short hair, about one teaspoon full in the palm of your hand will be enough. With my shoulder length hair, I needed 3-4 squirts of produce to get full coverage.

I like the shape of the container. It is narrow enough to fit on the very small shelf in my shower stall. The cap is on the bottom base, so the product squeezes out easily because of gravity. There is a very large thumb press style opener, which makes it easy to use, no lost or dropped caps. The narrow style of the bottle makes it easier to hold then some larger, heavier bottles. The smaller size will be used up quickly for me, so that is the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

All in all, a good product that does the job.
388190388190B007RTR8UCA1WXFL6IXQKAM5Barb Caffrey "writer-for-hire"1151344038400Works Well Doesn't Weigh Hair Down
388191388191B007RTR8UCA29HTOXD76956CBetty K1141343865600Does the JobI was very impressed with the Clear Shampoo and decided to try this product in conjunction with it.

It's very nice and does the job without leaving too much coating on the hair. It has a pleasant scent that is not overpowering. My only problem is with the container. I had to wonder why the opening is on the bottom instead of the top like the shampoo. Perhaps that's being a little picky, but you do have to make sure it's closed properly so it doesn't leak out.
388192388192B007RTR8UCA12NB3GIN2XG14Dorothyanne "a classic"1151337299200Lives up to its nameAfter many uses of this conditioner, with its corresponding shampoo, I have found the following:
-It has a mild, pleasant fragrance.
-It doesn't take a lot of product to get the job done.
-My hair feels clean and soft, and it lasts for three days.
-My scalp is clearer, and the dryness and itchiness (due to medications I am taking) is less bothersome.
-I like the packaging.
So glad I had a chance to try this!
388193388193B007RTR8UCA31DVKL8JE4XAHSuzy K.1151335916800My Hair is Soft and ManageableThis conditioner is very thick and rich. It's so thick it doesn't fall off of my hand when I turn it upside down, but it was still easy to spread through my 24 inch long hair. My hair feels very soft, and I can run a brush through it quite easily even first thing in the morning. During the day my hair is getting less tangled than it usually does. No mean feat for hair this long. It does have a scent to it, but it's not objectionable, and becomes less noticeable as it dries. The next day I can only smell it if I bring my hair right under my nose. That being said, I could do without the fragrance, and the red dye as well. I love the bottle! It has a very ergonomic design, and is easy and comfortable to hold. The cap is on the bottom, and is flat which the makes the bottle very stable. And I love the flip cap! Press to open. Press to close. So easy! So far, all pros and no cons. I'm looking forward to what my hair will look like six months from now, and will update this review now and again. :)

7/3/2012: I just received the Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish conditioner. Amazon has addressed the problem of leakage by putting a piece of clear tape over the lid. It worked and the tape came off with no sticky residue left behind. Thanks, Amazon!
388194388194B007RTR8UCA1N46G8TKM3ZQBL. Bravim1131335571200Good Scent - Not for Thick HairThis conditioner seemed promising. It smells great and it's in a nice looking bottle. The actual product, however, was not suitable for my hair. I have thick, wavy hair and this conditioner was not up tp mositurizing my hair. The conditioner felt a little watery, not think and creamy like a good conditioner should be. I would recommend this product for someone with fine, straight hair. This conditioner would be good for that type of hair because it would condition but not weight that type of hair down. It just does not have the strength for thicker or curlier hair.
388195388195B007RTR8UCA3T1LD0C65QCWKGordon M. Wagner3441339286400It's conditioner, alright.The product itself looks luxurious, kind of iridescent and rich-looking. It doesn't smell terribly nice. And the package opens ON THE BOTTOM which is a real nuisance, especially given that the bottle is smooth and slippery when your hands are wet. You'll be fishing this off of the shower floor more than once.

The results are acceptable but not phenomenal. I'd like to have been impressed. The weird package design is something of a deal-breaker.


This does leave your hair looking nice especially after a week or two of using it.
388196388196B007RTR8UCAJ3K3HKR9UFVNJ. Kelley "dahozho"2341335830400Nice conditioner, careful if scent-sensitiveI have fine, thick hair, and this conditioner works very well. I do make sure I get it all the way through all my hair.

The scent is very heavy, however.

The Vine packaging did not work for this product (and for the shampoo as well). It arrived with so much leaked from the bottle that I could smell it when I picked it up. It was a real mess to clean up.

But the conditioner itself does work well.

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