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388231388231B007RTR8UCA2ZY49IDE6TY5ICrabigail Cassidy "Crabby Abby"0041343001600Basic ConditionerDespite the description, this is a pretty average conditioner. It is thick but goes a long way as you don't need to use a lot of product to condition your hair. It left my hair soft, shiny, and clean but a lot of conditioners do that. I liked the scent, but the packaging is less than stellar. It opens at the bottom and it leaked on the shower floor.
388232388232B007RTR8UCA3M6KV5PDU46YIJessica Durbin0031342742400Just your average.....Used this for 7 days with the shampoo also. I haven't noticed anything different about my hair, except it seems slighly less full of body. I like the smell of it and it feels nice on my hair. But after a week, I just don't see enough of a difference to switch from my regular conditioner.
388233388233B007RTR8UCA2GANR9I6XHTU9Amy Lynn0041342656000Silky and smoothI thought this product worked pretty well. Had a nice smell and left hair feeling soft and smooth after using conditioner. I do think my hair felt stronger and better after using the product. There are some other conditioners on the market that are as good but this was up there with my favorites. Contains Nutrium 10. I'd buy it. 4 stars.
388234388234B007RTR8UCA1SAZB83QFR0W2JackOfMostTrades "Jack"0041342310400Works great with the companion shampoo productThis new conditioner, along with the corresponding shampoo, is excellent for thin hair because it creates a fullness and body to it without leaving yucky residue. Use both; if you like them, keep using them, and on to other things. Unless your a professional stylist, you probably don't want to spend a lot of time discoursing on shampoos and conditioners.
388235388235B007RTR8UCA32RYIYZOQDBQ7Tracy F. "Roundtable Reviews"0031342224000Prefer Clear Scalp & Hair's Other LineI'll start by saying that I'm a fan of Clear's products, specifically the Ultra Shea line, so I hoped I'd like Total Care Nourishing just as much.

After trying Clear Scalp and Hair's Ultra Shea shampoo and conditioner, I was impressed. It's a family trait to have very thick, curly hair, and unmanageable describes my hair perfectly. After using Ultra Shea, my hair felt better than it has in years (winter cold, summer pool/chlorine, and coloring are all rough on my hair). I decided to give the Total Care Nourishing line a try. The product is okay, but certainly not as impressive as the Ultra Shea line.

Like the other product, Total Care Nourishing has a light fragrance that is suitable to men or women. It rinses easily. However, in the heat and humidity much of the country has been under, I don't find that Total Care Nourishing does much to tame the frizz that humidity brings. Shea tamed frizz and makes my curls/waves look salon-perfect. Total Care Nourishing really doesn't, and I find that disappointing.

The product may do better on straight hair, but for my thick curls, it's not a product I'd use again. I'll stick to the Ultra Shea line.
388237388237B007RTR8UCA5X1B2HBQUR3PVikram Ramanathan "Live to Learn"0041341878400Lives up to its nameThe fragrance of this conditioner is mild and pleasant. It nourishes the scalp and hair well. It has reduced my hair fall to quite an extent. After using it, the hair feels softer and nice.
388238388238B007RTR8UCAZA595ZPIG240Parker M. Knight "Photo Geek"0041341532800Good product for sure just cant tell beyond what it doesI am a guy so after using it it was not much better than the other brands, I gave to female friend. She is going to use it soon as her other bottles of shampoo is used. For me, it was same, softer feel maybe. I use the Salon brand like Paul Mitchell and buy a gallon of it and then pour into dispenser in the shower for use. This was good but I have short hair maybe that's why I don't notice the difference. For guys, the result is not significant compared to maybe a woman with long hair. And, well maybe it does but I can't really tell how silky my 1 inch long hair is.
388239388239B007RTR8UCA3FHDBBXZFNQUKJK80041341187200Almost too nourishing ...I received the Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty conditioner and have used it several times recently. I think the conditioner is too much for my hair, which is color treated and very fine. I think what I need is a shampoo and conditioner to add volume. This is not the conditioner for me, but I would recommend it for those who have dry hair or thick hair.
388240388240B007RTR8UCAN0U0GNJJPEURN. Rogers0041340755200light scentThis version of Clear conditioner has a nice, light scent vaguely reminiscent of lavender. It's not a super-thick conditioner, but it does have a creamy texture. My hair was soft and easy to comb through after use, but then that's not any different from any other conditioner I've used (some of which are more expensive). The biggest downside for me was that it opens on the bottom; I prefer bottles that have a pump on top.
388241388241B007RTR8UCA1MZEMD0EDETS6C. Maynard0031340668800Not the Best Product for MeAs I have long, thick somewhat curly hair, I am always looking for a great conditioner that can handle a hard job. This product looked promising according to its claims. I used the conditioner everyday until it ran out (which took close to two weeks for me).


I think this has potential for the person with the right hair type. It claims it is for all types of hair, but that is not the case with mine.

Though some have complained regarding the bottle design, I rather like it. To get all the conditioner out of a bottle, I usually have to keep it upside down anyway. This bottle is designed to stand "upside down", and consequently, I felt that I was able to use the whole bottle of conditioner.


I do not see any difference in hair health between using this conditoner and the ones I have used before. My hair does not have a marked change. I will grant that I did not use the companion shampoo, but even so, I expected at least a little improvement in the health of my hair.

This conditioner is heavily perfumed. I am not usually sensitive to things like perfumes, but every time I used this product, it made my eyes water and itch slightly.

It seemed oily to me (though this may be a plus for some people).I prefer creaminess to oiliness. It has an appearance of being creamy, but feels oily.

I won't be using this again, mostly due to the heavy perfume/itchy eye issue. Conditioners certainly are not a "one size fits all" type thing; this conditioner may very well be great for the right hair type, but it isn't for my hair.
388242388242B007RTR8UCA36NUDST4Y5JBAD. S. HARDEN "a movie fan"0041340582400CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce...Great product for the hair, no matter what shampoo you use!

Leaves the hair softer and more manageable!


I rate "CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce"...4 stars!
388243388243B007RTR8UCA305XM71TF83CYKeleigh Crigler Hadley0031340236800I have 4a/b hairI've used both the Ultra Shea and the Daily Conditioning Conditioner. Both are creamy, the Ultra Shea is a tad bit thicker in consistency. Both smell fine. The Ultra Shea has a nuttier aroma and the Daily conditioning is a light and fragrant.

I use them both as pre-poos. I have 4a/b hair and I used the Ultra Shea as a leave in as well. No miracles here but my hair was left soft and conditioned.
388244388244B007RTR8UCA3BRMNYJHD5AT3Ellen C. Maze "The Author's Mentor"0041340236800Hair is Shiny, for sureFor the conditioner: This smells really nice and my hair is shiny and soft. As for is it is helping my damaged scalp? I don't think anyone would really be able to tell. I trust the scientific formula the smart guys put in it that it will actually make my scalp healthier. I do really like the scent and how soft and feathery my hair is after using this repeatedly. I also have the shampoo and I used them together for 1 month straight.
388245388245B007RTR8UCA2MSQNPTNAAGL1P. Cannon0041340150400OK but the shampoo is so good I didn't need thisI use the CLEAR shampoo and I really like it. I tried the conditioner after using the shampoo and found I didn't need to. The shampoo has plenty of moisturizer for my very fine long hair and using this conditioner made my hair a bit too heavy and half way through the day looked a bit oily. I do like the conditioner but not with the shampoo, I use it after using another brand clarifying shampoo once a week and thats enough for my hair. CLEAR makes a very good product, I recommend the shampoo especially, it's a great moisturizing daily shampoo no conditioner needed.
388246388246B007RTR8UCA1OD5F83ZA8O95Sleepless0031339977600Does a good job of moisturizing dry endsI have color treated, below shoulder length hair. My normal shampoo/conditioner is Paul Mitchell
I got both the shampoo and conditioner through the Vine program to try out. I tossed them into my workout bag and have used them for the past 9 visits to my gym.

The shampoo lather is creamy and seems to clean fairly well, it sometimes felt hard to rinse out competely. It seems quite concentrated and so I started using less and less of it over the trial period, so that might be a good thing.
The conditioner feels thick and smooth. It does a good job of coating my hair all the way down to some of my damages places. I wouldn't call them repaired, but they were coated enough to smooth them out. It doesn't seem overly heavy or sticky, rinsed out fairly well and my hair felt silky and slippery (just the way I like it after a shower)

I prefer to just let my hair naturally air dry. I never blow-dry. These products are excellent in the fact that I didn't have any puffiness or flyaway problems after it dried. My wavy areas seemed to be smoother and that is ALWAYS a good thing. My hair turned out to be very soft and smooth looking. Nice to touch and comb.
I did have a bit of a problem with my scalp being itchy and a whole lot flakey after the first few uses, but that has stopped, so there was definitely some changes going on there from this product use.... hopefully for the good.
Bottom line is that I like both these products. They smell really great, and the price is very good for what they do. I may update this review when I get to the bottom of the bottles.
388247388247B007RTR8UCABOVQ74OQRZCMDenise Patterson0041339891200Liked the conditioner, packaging needs workFirst, I really liked the conditioner. It smells nice, not too strong a scent, it makes my hair feel very soft, it is nice and thick and works into my hair easily.

The packaging, however, needs a small adjustment. It has one of those lids that you push one side in & the conditioner comes out the other side, and the actual lid is nice and large and easy to manipulate, unlike some of the small lids, I really liked that part. However, with this style of lid you have to squeeze the bottle to get the conditioner out. Which is fine, except that the plastic is a little bit thick and hard to squeeze, and once the conditioner bottle got to less than half full, it gets harder and harder to squeeze out. There's a lot of waste.

Also, for you guys - my husband puts a little conditioner on his whiskers in the shower to soften up the whiskers before he shaves. He didn't like this conditioner for that use at all, he said it was too thick and didn't seem to wash out of his beard well and gooped up the razor.

In short, fine for hair, needs easier-to-squeeze plastic for the bottle, don't use for a pre-shave treatment :-)
388248388248B007RTR8UCA29ZNOVQFNLIJDLyric "natri"0051339545600great conditionerI previously reviewed the shampoo that is the companion to this conditioner and as with the snampoo, I find this to be a very good product. It conditions my hair while leaving it soft, shiny and very manageable. Product is not too runny or too thick and it has a very nice subtle fragrance. I'll buy it in the future.
388249388249B007RTR8UCACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"0041339459200Excellent moisturizer for dry hairThis hair conditioner is an excellent product for dry and damaged hair. It provides a very luxurious, thick cream that is absorbed into the hair after shampooing. However, it is not heavy and does not leave any oily residue. My hair was tangle free and free of split ends. It was shiny and easy to manage without getting oily afterwards.

The only thing I did not like was the container. In as effort to get all the material out that is in the bottle, the opening is on the bottom. With a touch of your finger you can pop the bottle open and squeeze out what you need, then re-close it. However, I found that it leaks if you are not careful to get it closed tightly. I would rather see the opening on top instead of the bottom.

But the product itself was excellent.
388250388250B007RTR8UCA1FJFLAAQD5WH2Lori Caswell "dollycas"0041339459200Wonderful Scent!NEW! Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care for All Hair Types. Clinically proven to help restore scalp's natural moisture balance to create the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair from root to tip.

Gently conditions & nourishes scalp and hair. Formulated with Nutrium 10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C & E, sunflower, almond, soybean & coconut oils & aloe vera.

Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy's range of shampoos and conditioners feed your scalp and give you stronger, more beautiful hair in just 7 days

I have used this product for just 3 days and already my hair and scalp has improved. My hair is now more gray than brown and has a courser feel, but this conditioner added with the shampoo has given it a much softer feel. The scent is very nice and the conditioner has a creamy feel. Very easy to rinse out too.

I am probably not the demographic this product was aimed at and am surprised at how well it worked. My only complaint would only affect older individuals or disabled persons like myself. The bottle is very slippery when wet and is not the easiest to squeeze to get the product out. However the unique shape is very beautiful.

I will be purchasing more of this product!
388251388251B007RTR8UCA73N4TGUPZV7VObsidian Blue0051339286400Great conditioner!Have been using this conditioner and the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce for the past week.

I have already noticed my hair does not seem as brittle as it did before. Since using both products my hair is bouncier and shiny.

I do want to say when I received this in the mail due to the opening being at the bottom half of the product had come out of the bottle and had gotten all over the packing. Just something to be aware of for people who have this shipped to your homes.
388252388252B007RTR8UCA2RQOO8VYAEZZGCupcake0031339027200Clean & light conditioner, but heavily perfumedAs a summer conditioner, this did a great job. It works in and rinses out easily, and leaves hair soft and clean, but also seems to minimize frizz a bit without feeling heavy.

I don't use fancy/expensive shampoo & conditioner, so my bar is fairly low, but this is better than the super cheap stuff (suave, vo5) and works well.

However, I found scent too heavy and perfumy to be pleasant while using it. I prefer light citrus, light soap-type, or other natural scents to heavy perfumes. I found the scent cloying & more on par with cheap conditioner. At the store, I open and sniff everything, since the scent is the most challenging aspect of the economy hair products. Based on scent, I wouldn't have bought this in a store. However, it does disappate quickly, so it's only overrpowering while you use it, not after your hair is rinsed and dry.

Without the heavy scent, i'd have given it 4 stars for the quality for the price.
388253388253B007RTR8UCA33VELHWFACU48Patricia L. Marks0041339027200PRODUCT INCREASES BODY TO HAIRI have fine hair and have searched for many months for a product that noticeably increases body in hair.Clear Scalp and Hair conditioner does a good job in this regard. Some hair products leave one with sores, but this does not. It feels good all day long and that is saying something new for this reviewer.This is my first exposure to CLEAR products and I look forward to seeing them on our store's shelves.
388254388254B007RTR8UCA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0041339027200Rather like itThis review is going to be the same for the corresponding shampoo, as I received both at the same time to try out. Since I can't (more won't) use each individually to see their own merits because it'll play havoc with my hair, the review is going to be for the both of them.

OK. First things first. This produces a lot of lather, which I discovered when I had to clean off the shampoo bottle that had leaked during travel. This is nice since I like lather, but I want to note that hair cleansing products do not need to produce bubbles in order to work. (Very few need to produce bubbles and bubbles/lather is actually from additional bits that have been added to make it look like it's working. Old trivia factoid.) If you're one of the people who dislike having a lot of lather, be prepared for this. (I know that there are people out there like this.)

The shampoo and conditioner smell pretty nice, which is a bonus. I've smelled some shampoos that either don't have much of a scent or they're so overwhelming that no amount of other bonuses can make up for the perfume stench. Clear's scent is neither under or overwhelming. You can smell it if you stick your nose into the washed hair or right after you've used it, but it's not going to be smelled across the room.

What I really liked was that this didn't weight my hair down overly much. My hair feels nice and soft, without feeling heavy or greasy. I'm pretty finicky about shampoo/conditioner products since many will either undercondition (making me look like a brown haired Little Orphan Annie) or they'll undercondition and I'll end up with hair that looks lank and greasy. (I've been pretty happy with my Garnier Nutrisse products for the most part, although lately it feels like they've changed the formula slightly.) What I also liked is that after using the combo a few times, I don't get a weird buildup feeling to my hair.

I rather like this overall. I'm still not sure if I'd overall replace my normal shampoo and conditioner, but I'm willing to give this a longer trial period. I've already purchased more of this product with my own money, so I suppose that this is as good of a recommendation as any.
388255388255B007RTR8UCA3A7Y3TSPPZU9Tamazongal0051338940800Great ProductVery nice hair conditioner. Left my hair soft, silky and smelling great. My hair is long and curly and tends towards knots. This got them all out and left my hair in great conditioner. Highly recommended.
388256388256B007RTR8UCAN4HRAGRHHX1HHeather Harris "ATitus2Woman"0041338768000very nice!this left my hair feeling clean and soft for more than 2 days! (yes, I waited that long to check it's softening time...LOL) and I was very impressed at the wonderful scent it left in my hair. would use again!
388257388257B007RTR8UCAD2DDHLD6FRFMBrad Baker0031338508800The Foundation for a Nourished ScalpThis new product attacks dry, damaged hair by treating your "hair-soil"; your scalp. It seems to be working. "Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Conditioner" is a vitamin/nutrient compound bursting with healthy additives. As with all hair conditioners, be careful not to over-use the product, as oily conditioners can swamp and strangle hair follicles, creating hair distress. This conditioner has ten vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, sunflower, soybean, and coconut oils. An internet search reveals that healthy, fast-growing hair can be stimulated by Vitamin B6 and b12. "Clear Scalp Therapy" contains Vitamin B5.
388258388258B007RTR8UCA384P5XYDRGBCFSherlock0031338508800Nothing specialI'm reviewing the shampoo and conditioner together here because it is likely that many people will be interested in buying both products simultaneously.

In regard to shipping, my experience was similar to what other Vine reviewers have said. I ordered both the shampoo and the conditioner and both leaked in the air bubble packaging they were shipped in. The conditioner bottle was actually broken and now can't be closed properly. The shampoo has a toggle cover that even a small child can open, and my guess is that it was inadvertently opened when packed for mailing. Along with others, I suggest that the company devise something more sturdy to prevent this type of leakage.

I have normal hair and scalp and a typical short haircut. I prefer to use natural organic soaps and shampoos and only decided to order these products because this appeared in the Vine product description:
`Formulated with Nutrium 10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C & E, sunflower, almond, soybean & coconut oils & aloe vera.'

The shampoo made my hair look dry and a little frizzy and also less lustrous. To me, the most noticeable thing about the conditioner is that it has a very powerful scent that lingers for a long time. I'm used to the natural scents of organic products and don't like chemical scents at all.

The old saying 'You get what you pay for' is true here. These products can become popular because they are relatively low priced and work similar to comparable items.
388259388259B007RTR8UCAM18CU72YEWH5A. J Terry0041338336000A pretty good, inexpensive conditionerThis conditioner is thick, rich, and quite heavily scented. You don't need to apply much. I doubt that the vitamins in it actually nourish the scalp--I believe you need to eat vitamins for them to have any effect on your body. I have medium-length, fine hair, and this conditioner worked as well as any I have ever used. However, I'm not very picky about conditioners. I expect that the way the bottle opens at the bottom will become convenient as time goes on. The bottle will always be turned upside down, so I won't have to do that specifically to get out the conditioner when there isn't much left.
388260388260B007RTR8UCA1JUBRIZMO0RJVSteve H "books911"0031338249600Solid Product, Expensive for the CategoryClear Scalp and Hair Beauty Total Care Nourishing Conditioner is a new line of hair care products with the parent company Unliver the same as Dove products. Overall, the product does seem very similar to Dove products.

The product aims to be for all hair types and comes in a slick, curved bottle. The stated marketing philosophy behind clear is that your hair's condition truly comes down to your scalp's condition. Therefore, the product in theory aims to make your scalp healthier, which will produce stronger, nicer hair.

In summary, the product is a solid drugstore/supermarket conditioner. The scent is somewhat strong, but most will find it acceptable. There is not a lot to dislike about this product compared to its drugstore/supermarket competitors. However, you cannot say it is leap and bounds above its competitors either. It's simply a solid product and perhaps just slightly overpriced at some retailers for the category it competes against. It is not a salon, professional quality product. For men who might find the fragrance off putting, there is a men's line available too which I find to be a more pleasing, masculine scent.

The best, affordable while delivering exceptional results Shampoo/Conditioner I had found continues to be Kirkland's Shampoo & Conditioner from Costco. Per ounce, it costs less than your drugstore shampoo/conditioner, but offers a professional quality product.

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