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388269388269B007RTR8UCADB8XCKNSDY5Ztheboombody0051336262400Ready To Switch...This product works great on super-long, super-thick hair, so it should be good for anybody. Whereas Matrix shampoo requires an anti friz cream for this hair type, and Pantene leaves it greasy, this product leaves hair with a healthy look and feel. And unlike other competitors the feeling lasts for much longer than 2 days. This product makes straightening easier, and it smells good too. It exceeds all expectations. I wouldn't be surprised to see many, many others switch from their current conditioner to this one. Same with the shampoo.
388270388270B007RTR8UCA3U5JCXIXTGSLNmusiclover130041335830400Very NiceI really liked this conditioner. It left my hair feeling very soft and the slip was great! I thought it was a little too perfumey straight out of the bottle, but it really made my hair smell great! As for the scalp nourishing benefits, it's still a little too early to tell, but I'll definitely continue using this product.
388271388271B007RTR8UCA3AYF9CD4PXDJRE. Orchard "I love lamp"0041335744000Clean, soft hair, but too fragrant for meI've been using this conditioner for a week now. Combined with the shampoo, you are left with very silky smooth hair. The conditioner washes out cleanly and the scent is nice. However, I'm sensitive to scents and though this one doesn't give me a headache (some do), you can smell it ALL DAY. It *is* a nice clean smell, but I was surprised that the scent stayed with me all day. And all night. All the way until the next morning.

The conditioner rinses clean. It's a nice compliment to the shampoo. Very creamy.

I was surprised that this item came in a a bubble mailer. It was crushed a little and some of the product had leaked out. Hopefully this won't be the case for future shipments of this item. I also kinda wish they both opened at the same end; the shampoo opens on the top, the conditioner on the bottom.
388272388272B007RTR8UCAUDQIJOG4JI87Georgia on my mind0051335484800My hair never felt so soft.......I absolutely love this shampoo & conditioner.....I have long, thick wavy hair & am always trying different products to keep it soft & smooth. This stuff is great....I can't attest to the 'nourish your scalp' claim, but I do know how it makes my hair feel & smell-wonderful! I usually leave my waves to dry naturally, using a leave-in conditioner, but with this-I don't need it. I think I've tried just about everything on the market-from the cheap to the Salon, high-priced & I am very impressed with Clear Scalp. I will definitely be looking for it when it hits the stores.
388273388273B007RTR8UCA3G19B09K43OAKBrooke B. "closet reader"0041335398400Great!I used this product along with the shampoo. I thought it got the tangles out of my hair very nicely. I have really curly hair that is fairly thin. It made my hair soft and it smelt WONDERFUL!!! The bottle is a nice size and is easy to open and get the conditioner out.
388274388274B007RTR8UCA2UT0FWM1DHKFJRare's Reviews0031335398400Clear conditionerWhen a product is named "Clear" one would think it's actually clear and perhaps natural. This is neither. This conditioner pours from the bottom of the bottle (whoever came up with that idea was genius!) and actually ribbons out. I only used a little because I could feel that my hair was already soft from the Clear shampoo I'd just used. The conditioner, while having a pleasing fragrance, added to whatever the shampoo dumped onto my hair and aided in further weighing it down. I'd recommend this for someone with thicker hair, mine is thin and I really didn't enjoy the fly-aways that it gave me all day.
388275388275B007RTR8UCA2K4HN6EECBNR3Jean Yates "jean, jewelry designer, book and...1251339459200Love this ConditionerI loved this conditioner, CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Conditioner, Despite its arrival leaking in its container, which I have mentioned before, I would definitely use this conditioner again. My dry, damaged hair, at my age of 60 years old, is long and wavy. I like to wear it down. It is still one of my best assests -- I was a strawberry blonde growing up, and the color was commented on regularly. Of course it is FAKE now--I dye it, but it is still pretty when I have it well conditioned .
Yes, I like to throw my hair back and shake it around like a supermodel does, and pretend I am in my twenties. I look like an idiot with short hair. Sorry if it is inappropriate in your opinion, to have long hair at my age. ;)
As my husband says re my supermodel fantasy, "Sure, that and a time machine set back 40 years or so, and you will be all set!"

Oh! He's a funny, funny guy.

So, at any rate, no matter if you have weather-beaten, dried out hair, over-dyed and long, which is also old and brittle, this product, CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Conditioner, WILL work for you, and quite possibly the 20 year old supermodels in your family as well!
thanks, jean
388276388276B007RTR8UCA1KDUQ2HU0WD68M. Fulkerson1251339372800Well, it's conditionerNo complaints here in regard to how this conditioner does its job. It smells nice, and hair is more full after using. It's pretty useful because you won't need to use a ton to have it do the job. Performs exactly as advertised.
388277388277B007RTR8UCADX9NTN40T1HNPatricia A. Burke "Patty Burke"1231338940800It's OKI will review this conditioner along with its shampoo, CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Moisturizing Dry Scalp Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce ( Just to let you know, I copied and pasted the review from the shampoo (which I reviewed first) and adjusted some words and the link to the shampoo.

I received the shampoo, then the following week ordered the conditioner. I put up my other hair products, so as to allow these products a chance to prove themselves to me. I began using them both on Sunday; today is Wednesday. My hair has been very soft and manageable; it's naturally curly and has been very easy to comb through after my shower. So, I would say that I was pretty happy with the results.

Until this morning. Something really curious happened. When I opened the shampoo bottle and turned it upside down to pour into my hand, a liquid came out that wasn't the shampoo. It was very watery. Yes, I'm positive that the bottle was closed yesterday and that nobody opened it. There was perhaps three tablespoons of this watery stuff before the shampoo came out.

I washed my hair and reached for the conditioner - which, by the way, has its opening on the bottom of the bottle. The same thing happened! First, some type of liquid came out, then the conditioner.

I've never had to shake a shampoo or conditioner before, so I'm not sure what happened. Either way, I won't be using it anymore.

It did a nice job, though, except for the liquid issue.
388278388278B007RTR8UCA3FG0FQHNV2UP2E. A. Montgomery0121344816000Not for fine hairI found this product worked as advertised. It had a mild and unoffensive scent. A very small amount of the product goes a long way. While I noticed a reduction in breakage, I wouldn't use this product again. After a week of use my hair never quite felt clean. It was heavier (but not greasy) and a little dull. I felt like I had product in my hair even though I no longer use any type of mousse or pomade. For my very fine hair the product was successful but not pleasing.
388279388279B007RTR8UCA1ITRGMT80D5TKThisThatNEverything "thisthatneverything"0151344729600Hello Soft Beautiful Hair and Goodbye Dry, Itchy Scalp...I have been using this conditioner for a week now and I think it works really well. My normally dry, itchy hair & scalp feels much healither & softer now.

It's summer and my hair & scalp get pretty dry and itchy this time of year but after using this conditioner for only a week, my itches are gone. My hair even looks better when I style it.

The smell isn't bad, I actually think it smells pretty decent. I haven't cared for some of the scents from this brand but this isn't bad at all.

I really like this conditioner and I would recommend it.
388280388280B0040HXRZEA34NGKIK2YKNKCKrystal0151326672000Delicious! And at about half the cost of other suppliersI received a box of these for Christmas from a co-worker and after spreading them out by limiting myself to one a day, I knew I had to find them to purchase for myself. The truffles are creamy and chocolaty, as truffles should be, but these also have a wonderful, bitter-yet-sweet flavor that is accentuated by the dusting of cocoa.
388281388281B000UW5L70A2IDI47OT3CFHWDarren F. Leonard1131252886400Good value when special offers existIf you eat a lot of artichokes, then this product is a great value when purchased with one of the Roland special offer codes (when available).
388282388282B000UW5L70A1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"0041259712000just fineAlthough we haven't used very many cans, so far these have been good quality artichoke hearts, not all hard outer leaves like some brands. We have been happy with all of the Roland products we have purchased.
388283388283B000YHK5VSA61O067FZB1S7Bubbette "kitchen slave"1151301356800BEST PEPPERMINT EVERWe love King Leo Soft Peppermint Sticks. They have been around for 110 years (REALLY); I only wish they were still available locally, but since that isn't happening, AMAZON comes through once again! This supplier is fast, the price is great, and so is the packaging! If the shipping were less, I'd keep a steady supply coming my way!
388284388284B000YHK5VSA5A4374R8I7NBPhilip Bolus0051337472000Melt-In-Your-Mouth Peppermint SticksI love these AMAZING King Leo Brand Peppermint Sticks sold by Candy Crate. They melt away in your mouth, from the first stick to the last. I've been ordering these from Candy Crate for years - first on their web site and now from Amazon. If you like peppermint, you should try these King Leo Brand Peppermint Sticks. I don't know how they make these peppermint sticks so soft, but make them they do - and they are mouth-watering. When I first ordered these peppermint stick, I thought they would be hard like all the rest. Boy was I surprised. I put that first stick in my mouth and in just a few minutes, it was gone. Of course I generally break them in half before putting them in my mouth. That way I can savor them longer. The last order I placed in June 2012 was for 5 boxes because I had run out of boxes, and I hate to do that - leaving me without my favorite candy. And to top it off, these peppermint sticks are low in fat. What a bonus. Do watch out for the shipping costs because they tend to add up the more boxes you order as these boxes are heavy. I hope you enjoy these peppermint sticks as much as I do - I am constantly eating them throughout the day. I guess that is why I go through my boxes so quickly, and they may be high in sugar content, but I haven't gained a single pound from eating these sticks!
388285388285B000YHK5VSALG20IV799PRLdt0051294704000So delicious!I buy this every year for Christmas and my family looks forward to having them. I was unable to find them locally and was pleased to find them on Amazon. I will continue to order these every year and will also order some in the summer to serve with lemonade.
388286388286B000YHK5VSA1YVSBD96NZVWAD. Urban0051273190400Best Soft Sticks EverKing Leo has made the very best peppermint sticks and puffs for years. Most others are so soft, they fall apart but King Leo is the right combination of firmness and soft, melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Plus, the peppermint does not leave an aftertaste like most other brands. You owe it to yourself to check these out.
388287388287B000YHK5VSA8A6WXQQDYTNQK. Hale0021266883200Don't last longthese were good when I first received them, but quickly lost the softness and became tooth-breaking hard.
388288388288B000162696A2KMSYV8Z0PRHPMartin0031330473600Habenaro? Not according to the labelWhile the taste is good, the heat is not there. Unfortunately, I didn't read the label before I got it. I assumed that it was a habanero-based sauce going from their label. With the first taste, I grabbed the bottle and looked at the ingredients...NO habanero peppers. "Ingredients: Red ripe Jalapeno peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, spices and Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey."

Really? REALLY? Change your label to "Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Jalapeno Hot Sauce."

Some people are looking for more heat. No reason to lie to people, Lynchburg Merchandise Company.
388289388289B000162696A2ZWXHQSFTG4U2tn tennessee0051294358400tastyThis is the best tasting hot sauce ever, yes hot sauce with a flavor ,my first bottle of this sauce came from a VERY VERY good friend when I found out what grocery store it came from i bought all they had now they tell me they cant get it anymore :( so where do i go? Amazon , but shipping for 2 bottles of this fine hot sauce is more than the sauce its self ,
388290388290B000162696A268LOQQCRTGUHChris Baker0051254182400Good tasting sauce with some fairly strong heatThis sauce is indeed fairly hot, but it's more about the flavor with this one. I went to sample some with crackers and just kept adding more and more with each cracker. Before I knew it I was 1/4 of the way through the bottle just trying to sample it for flavor. The primary flavor is the habaneros with just enough seasonings to make it interesting.

The bottle says it is also 151 proof, and Jack Daniels black Label Whiskey is listed on the ingredients list. The endorphine rush from the heat plus the kick from a shot of whiskey is rather nice in my opinion.

I would definitely buy this sauce again.
388261388261B007RTR8UCA3FC9JXTCITVFCMister Charlie0041338163200Modest improvementThis "Total Care Nourishing Conditioner" provided a modest improvement over the conditioner my wife and I normally use (one of the more budget-conscious brands). I'm in a frequent battle with the "frizzies" and I did notice when using this conditioner that there were fewer frizzies to battle. Add to that a mild bump in our hair's smoothness/silkiness and I can give this conditioner a mild thumbs-up. Note that you're instructed to massage the conditioner into your scalp in addition to running it through your hair.

The way the bottle itself is designed reduces the amount of product that gets gunked up around the top, which is a nice improvement over our other conditioner. You do, however, have to put some muscle into squeezing the thing, especially as you get near the bottom of the bottle.
388262388262B007RTR8UCA2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes0041337558400I was pleasantly surprised!I liked the shampoo and I really liked this conditioner, as well. It did a great job moisturizing hair and scalp without being too heavy. The second time I used it I tried an experiment. My daughter had been talking about using salt water as a product to get that tousled beach wave look to your hair, but that she added conditioner to her salt water spray so it wouldn't dry her hair out. I made a large bucket of salt water and Clear Nourishing conditioner and dunked my head in it, figured the salt water would be good for my scalp. Then I just let my hair dry. I have dry naturally curly hair and the result was fantastic! I like this conditioner very much, with or without the salt water. I recommend it!
388263388263B007RTR8UCAIPD8IR5PN4G6New Bride "trsgirl"0041337212800smells great works greatDecided to try a new conditioner just for a change (I've been using Infusium)

Works terrific, and smells wonderful.

I wouldn't say it's better than Infusium, but you should change conditioners every so often just to give your hair a new lift.

Doesn't weigh down your style.
388264388264B007RTR8UCA1RFZGWX46N8H7FlamingoNut "Tracey"0031337212800It's okayNothing spectacular about this conditioner. My hair felt silky after rinsing, which I like in a conditioner. I was not crazy about the smell of the product.
388265388265B007RTR8UCA3KZ7OH4VRL048Jonathan0041337126400Better than most, but depends on the length of your hairI'll be the first to admit I'm not picky about my hair-care products. That being said, I used this conditioner before I cut my hair and my hair was noticeably softer and less inclined to get wild afterward when compared to many other low-end conditioners. When I cut my hair from about 3 inches to 3/4 of an inch, however, I noticed no difference between this and a same-bottle shampoo/conditioner. So, if you have short hair, this won't make much difference. I also have fairly average hair density, so I can't speak for those with really thin or thick hair.

While this product is not geared toward a specific gender, I was a little dismayed to find out that they conditioner is scented (there's no such indication on the bottle). The scent is very noticeable and will last most of the day, and in both my and my girlfriend's opinion is not very suitable for most men; she described the scent as "perfume-y." This scent was enough to make me not use the conditioner on days I left the house.
388266388266B007RTR8UCA1DH3QDZX8Z7GOCharlemange0041337040000Made my hair softThis conditioner worked well on my long, thick hair. I am using it along with a non-sulfate shampoo and have no problems with it. It is pretty thick, so you don't need to use too much. My hair comes out soft with few tangles. The bottle is smartly designed with the product coming out of the bottom. The bottle does not leak or get clogged.

I took one star off because I am not that fond of the scent. Also, I wish the ingredients were easier to read. They were located in the back of a peel off label and printed backwards.
388267388267B007RTR8UCA2VX9MWJ8LEIN1TPX4000041336608000Good conditionerI used this product for a week, and it does seem to provide the conditioning after shampooing your hair. I just wished that it has less fragrance in the product.
388268388268B007RTR8UCA2UM324B00HBC8CLR "Celestial"0041336521600Really good conditioner for meUPDATE: The longer I use this conditioner, the healthier my hair has become. If you're looking for shiny, healthy hair, this conditioner and the same line's Strong Lengths and Root Boost formulas (which appear to be identical) are great. I am not wild about the fragrance and I wish I could get more of a body boost, but with these minor caveats I highly recommend this conditioner. Plenty of people even like the fragrance.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: So far, I really like this conditioner. My hair is generally fine and limp; shoulder length; straight-ish; dark blonde with gray. After using this conditioner, my gray seemed more silver and my hair had more shine over-all. I don't see anything in the ingredients that should affect the color, but the color definitely seemed different and so much better. I think the change occurred due to the increased shine that caused my hair to reflect so much more light.

I usually blow dry and find my hair a bit difficult to style. After this conditioner, styling was easy. My hair held the straight-with-slight-curve-at-the-ends style that I prefer -- ALL DAY without hairspray.

This conditioner seemed to give my hair a touch more body. Since my hair has so little natural body, any change for the better is noticeable.

It didn't leave static or a fly-away feeling. There was no sense of added weight or other residue.

The scent is not my favorite, not bad, but not something I'd choose. Some other reviewers found the scent to be overwhelming, but I did not, even though I have a very strong sense of smell.

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