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388291388291B000162696A74750DGWN31XCoraly A. Serrano "Coraly"0051253404800THE BEST HOT SAUCE EVER!This is by far the best hot sauce ever! Im picky, but i stock up on this stuff when i can. It's not that easy to find, but I love it!
388292388292B000162696A10HKY36OJHHS7Kelli "k2"0041231718400Good GiftI gave this as a gift to a friend of mine who loves hot sauce. I would consider him an expert. He seemed to like it alot. Would give it a 5 but since I haven't actually tasted it I'll give it a 4.
388293388293B000EVMNOGA13CC3MR2BOF0IBabala Weeso2251175126400If you like gummy candies, you'll love theseJust like the candy I bought when over in Germany. So good I shared with friends and family, and now had to order more.
388294388294B000EVMNOGAWG8LJRE2XD6VThinker "Thinker"1141288742400Good Gummi CandyThe Haribo Gummi Frogs are not too sweet and the 5 ounce bag is very fresh.
Good snack for all ages !
388295388295B000EVMNOGA29M97X3OB12RHYeshi1151279497600Haribo Gummi Candy, Frogs, 5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)Bought this item as a gag gift for Halloween one year.
So-o good have become a fan. not sold here so have to buy online :(
388296388296B000EVMNOGA1HVZDF9COINMEWendy Golston1151243296000Loved them!My daughter had a princess themed party for her 5th birthday. Since there were going to be boys at the party I was looking for items that could be put in their bags. Then I came up with the idea of using the frog candy to represent the prince. They were a huge hit and everyone loved them...even my husband. I bought small treat bags from a store and put 7-8 frogs in each and tied with a ribbon.
388297388297B000EVMNOGA36HVWLR0OCJHCN. Czarniecki1151183593600Tastes Like Brooklyn!I haven't lived in Brooklyn for over 6 years, but when I did, these were a staple of girls' weekends. There's nothing quite like Haribo frogs. I haven't ever seen them anywhere I've lived since, although I'm in Detroit now and we have 7-11 which is where I always got them in B'klyn.
388298388298B000EVMNOGA2JBWTZPUPEI22Maria Murray "Terrier Mom"0051340064000Yummy!I love these Haribo Frogs. Taste so good and the price is great with amazon. I like most of the Haribo, but these and the coca colas are my favorite.
388299388299B000EVMNOGA1UCISIEY8BHXJCassandraRenee0051330214400Delicious!I haven't been able to find these anywhere around where I live, so I hadn't had them in years! But they are just as amazing as I remember!
388300388300B000EVMNOGA1LWYF28ZP6VB9brian erline0051315872000I LOVE FROGSReceived the product very fast and in perfect shape. The item is as described and has completely met and exceeded my expectations. I would definitely order this again and I'm glad I read all the reviews first. In response to the Negative reviews below, I have not found them to be accurate.

The Frogs are my favorite and are very hard to find. I've lived all over the U.S, Mexico and Europe. Even hard to find in Germany.
388301388301B000EVMNOGA1NX49A26OI9V0Mr. D0041310428800Gummy Frogs Ribbit RibbitThese gummy frogs taste like apple, they're about an inch a piece, and they're soft. I enjoy these little frogs much more than those mini multi colored ones, these are the real deal, however you cannot eat a lot of them otherwise you'll have stomach problems. Overall they are one of the better Haribo Products.
388302388302B000EVMNOGA381VRKJWY1OCSMeta J. Town0051257292800my favorite candyWhen our local Target stopped selling these, I panicked.
Great to have found a place that still offers this delicious gummy candy.
Can't get enough of it.
388303388303B000EVMNOGARBKYIVNYWK3CTHATCH "RST"0051255478400One of my all time favorite gummis!I've loved the Haribo gummi series almost in it's entirety. I have a more complete review on the Haribo 5 pound bag. This review is simply for the fact that they come in 12 5 ounce bags. Great for trips, traveling, gifts and "metering your intake"of gummi frogs.

These make a great snack to be left in the glove compartment of my vehicle. Available when I need them. They don't seem to melt together when they get warm. The white belly texture is almost like a toughened up version of marshmallowish texture. Interesting on the tongue. The flavour of the frog is interesting as well. Some say a pineapplish sort of green tea pear flavor. Same flavor as green frogs I've found in department store/food places, so I'm guessing its the universal frog flavor or the same brand more likely. Later I found out that the green part is flavored apple and the white side is passion fruit. Definitely an interesting gummi!
388304388304B000EVMNOGA1UTHP9VR7385DCharlene Mann0051207699200Brought back memories...I used to eat these as a kid growing up in Frankfurt, Germany. When I recieved my order, my kids and I tore open a bag right away. They were really fresh, soft and so delicious. We will be ordering again...soon!
388305388305B000EVMNOGA14UTH93HSU3IHappyLittleTrees0051206403200DeliciousThese are my favorite candies, but there isn't a local retailer. So, when I found them online I was so excited. When they arrived they were soft and perfect!
388306388306B000EVMNOGA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"0051203638400Another Haribo winner!I love their unique takes on candy. These frogs are great! I like several smaller bags instead of one big bag, they stay fresher longer. I give to friends randomly as a pick-me-up and keep a bag in the car for if I want a little snack.
388307388307B000EVMNOGA2VMT89TCSF105Ashtar Command "Seeker"0421297468800A barely edible frogI disagree with the other Haribo fans on this product page. These frogs are not particularly tasty. The reason? The white stuff at the bottom of each "frog". No idea what it's called, but it doesn't taste good. Frankly, it tastes like frog!

Only two stars for you this time, Mr. Haribo.

Otherwise, this product line is excellent. What do you think I consume when I'm writing these meaningless and cheap Amazon reviews?


Forget about these barely edible frogs, and go for the gummi bears, Schnuller or Tropi-Frutti instead!
388308388308B004UIUSK0A1ATH9T5K4J83Hjames "dome"0051347667200YUMMYThis is excellent stuff, not too hot and full of jalapeno flavor. Great on everything from pop corn to pizza!
388309388309B004X8TL7IARD5NJPT3E59CincyGirl2251330300800Great deal on Great Pre-Packaged Cookies!About $2.50 per pack, which is a sale price at the grocery stores in our area, so a good deal here. The cookies arrived today and my husband and kids ripped a pack open and acted like starving tried one and wow, they are so fresh and crispy and delish!! I actually got two cookies out of that bag. I am thinking of hiding a bag for MAMA TIME, whatever that is!! We all have our dreams. SIGH.
388310388310B004X8TL7IA2X4MKC6ZS3FXJV0051345161600Fresh Goodness!I received mine before the estimated delivery date & had to try them out. They are very fresh and for the value I can not find a better one. The package dates are so far out that these will be long gone before then.
388311388311B004X8TL7IAW947CO1S4ATKFernando Stacks0051338076800Great CookiesGot it 3 days later after I ordered it and I must say the cookies came good none broken and so delicious. I eat them every night for late night snacks while I play :). Will be ordering more every month :D
388312388312B004X8TL7IA3FUIPBQLRMM9Lhappy buyer0041337126400Goodthey are good not awesome but good ...... I mean late night snack good hahaha I enjoyed this product I might buy again in the future when my cookies run out .
388313388313B0001HAF3OAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson2241333584000Pleasantly spicy!I had earlier enjoyed Harissa Olive flavored oil. It added a nice, albeit rather gentle, heat when I used it with cheese for a delightful little snack. Heartened by that experiwence, when I saw this tube of Harissa hot sauce in a tube, I ordered the product.

It adds a nice edge to food onto which I squeeze some of the sauce. I normally prefer more heat than this, but the end result is pleasant enough.

So, I report that my investment in this product has paid off. A little milder heat than I prefer, but still a tasty add on.
388314388314B0001HAF3OA3LCLK1LXM483GRichard F. Schneider2251332979200Very TastyVery tasty and a nice level of heat - really tastes great on hot dishes, and no metallic taste you find with some canned brands. Good stuff.
388315388315B0001HAF3OA1791MP380S5YBShirley M. Trudell2251309046400Harrissa Hot SauceLove this hot sauce, it is in paste form, great to add to recipes, wonderful flavor and can make it as hot as you like. Wonderful addition to your culinary cupboard.
388316388316B0001HAF3OA12NBT9SS76H8YTHE GRILL OF VENICE1151320624000Great addition to many soups and potato dishesI just tried this with a batch of my chicken noodle soup I make from scratch, gave it some extra body and from such a small amount. Just add a heaping tsp or two, adds some smokey spice and umami as well.
388317388317B0001HAF3OAUOVN54L9K5QDRose0011348012800Never againI've been into harissa for the last 2 years after reading about it in a recipe and been hooked since. Recently purchased this one because of the great price but that should've told me something. After receiving it I used in on a rice dish and I was disappointed in the flavor, oiliness and paste like constancy. I looked at the ingredients and the first thing listed was VEGETABLES???? I've learned that the main ingredient in harissa should be 'red chili peppers' not vegetables! I learned vegetables are used as a filler to make more product. Not buying this product ever again.
388318388318B000MBKJP8A3I3WHXIM1F4C0bread baker2221259193600mediocre grape leavesThey are overcooked, tasteless, anybody that finds a raison or a pinenut gets a $10,000 prize.
388319388319B000MBKJP8A17YP3RW6MWP5GEsther Sharrigan1131335398400Peloponnese Stuffed Grape Leaves w/raisins/Pine nutsDisappointed did not contain raisins or pine nuts just rice stuffed grape leaves. Notified Amazon who was very quick to issue a refund. Thank you Amazon for the prompt service.
388320388320B000MBKJP8A1795JN6YK0QL2Dale D. Hancock1111255219200mushy falls apartNot good. Seems to be overcooked. Leaves fall apart. Contents mushy. I threw them away--that's how bad bthey were.

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