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388351388351B003UOX5NCAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0031329091200decent, but not as dental as I expectedI bought this product hoping it would help keep my cats teeth clean and their breath fresh. I wish I had read the ingredients before I purchased it because it doesn't seem to have any enzymatic ingredients found in true, working dental treats. Also the only breath freshening ingredients- rosemary and chlorophyll, are at the very tail end of the ingredient list as dead last and third to last. I am glad that these ingredients are present, but they are in such small quantities, that they can't be helping much. From personal experience, I have not noticed and breath freshening results. I think the only reason why they are "dental" treats is because of the small amount of rosemary and chlorophyll as well as the fact that they are crunchy and not moist treats, which is very good. Another issue I have with these treats is that my cats only like this product while its very fresh. They seem to go stale really easily, like within a week, and then after that my cats don't care for it. I always close them tightly and I've even tried putting them in a separate bag- in container, but still no luck. If your looking for a real dental treat I would recommend Crunch n' Clean with DentaShield. However, this is still a MUCH better treat than Pounce brand or Meow Mix or any soft treat that can have soft sticky particles that will stay stuck to your cats teeth and smell bad and cause dental problems. This treat may not help teeth significantly, but they definitely won't hurt them and probably do some good; just not as much as I expected for the price. Also there are tuns of vitamin in these, which is pretty cool. They really are pretty decent treats, and I would probably give them 4 stars if they were just treats. However, to be marketing them as "dental," they really should have enzymes or more prevalent dental ingredient.
388352388352B003UOX5NCA9HGBJGJBZSIUJ. Sandberg0051326499200My cats can't get enough of themIt took me a while to find treats that my cats would eat. These go beyond that for my cats. They actually demand them. I give them several treats in the morning and again in the evening. They keep count, and if they are shorted one or two, they follow me around the house until the issue is resolved. It is nice that they are good dental treats as well (good checkups at the vet--maybe these are the reason). I switch up the flavors from time to time, all of which they love. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to treat their pet to a little something.
388353388353B003UOX5NCANAWG7T0BM25CZandolf "Zandolf"0051323820800The Cat loves these thingsMy daughter moved in with her cat. Some how, we now have 3 cats, that is, she now has 3 cats. The Vet gave us some greenies when we took them in for checkups. I wasn't sure what they were and the cats didn't seem to like them at first. That is, until they actually tasted them. That changed things. So far, I have tried the Oven Roasted Chicken, Ocean Fish, Tempting Tuna and Succulent Beef on them. The cats love them and my daughter is angry with me for spoiling the cats.
388354388354B003UOX5NCA3110CSWS0NGBESusan D. Pawelko "webstercat"0041307145600Greenies for the catsThese are very good treats and Help your cats
have healthier teeth...They love the taste..
a great healthful Treat..Will buy again.
388355388355B000EVMNOQA1Y14JQQ87ZZ9Qadigitalmind2251301702400Absolutely Flawlessly Delicious! I would pay twice as much!These candies are flat out delicious! I've read all the reviews here and can't understand how there could be a 1 star review of this product!! Just because you personally don't care for how a product tastes does not lend to a bad review. The fault is your own for purchasing a product don't even like!

As for my review, these candies are awesome! I personally don't care for the black raspberry, but I can just give those to my wife! I'm really surprised these aren't more expensive as I feel they should be more of a gourmet type candy! At such a great price for 12 packs, I'm in candy heaven!!

In fact, I buy 24 at a time to save on shipping to make it even cheaper!

If you like raspberry you will love this product. Plane and simple.
388356388356B000EVMNOQA2OSNGIAFPKHMVElizabeth S. Marion2251175904000YummyI ordered these for my father and ended up eating a few bags myself. They are better than the ones at the candy stores!!
388357388357B000EVMNOQA2ZBJKXE72CIUGgophsvikes1151339545600Tastes GreatI was very disappointed when Target stopped selling these. I bought this pack of 12 bags and they were just like from the store. Good buy.
388358388358B000EVMNOQA3DCFUV7YARH54cc1151306454400Yummy Berries!Haribo berries - raspberries and blackberries - are gummy candies with tiny pearl-like candy coverings. They are one of our family's favorite candies, and Amazon is the best (cheapest) place to buy them!
388359388359B000EVMNOQA1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk1131252108800Flavorful & SweetThese are really cute candies. Each drop is wrapped into hundred of crunchy round bits, just like a real berry. Oozing with flavor and enticing aroma. The gummi part is found inside. Although the Haribo bears are my ultimate favorite, I find this one a bit too sweet for the taste.
388360388360B000EVMNOQAOVXCFZBZV9R1C. Dolan "JM Keynes"0021347494400Sorta StaleI really love the gummi raspberry candies. These aren't particularly soft or fresh-tasting, and the candy non-pareils [the little beady candies] are a bit too large. Perhaps other Haribo candies are better, but I can't enthusiastically recommend these.
388361388361B000EVMNOQA301JF111ZMSQRChristiane Porter1251245196800Haribo RaspberriesWhat can I say... These are the true Raspberry candies I remember eating while growing up in Germany, all others are just knock-off, imitations! Nothing beats the Haribo brands!
388362388362B000EVMNOQA33JGP7NR4BV8WTracie "tracieknits"1251239840000Wonderful treats!These are not like other Haribo gummis. They really try to imitate real raspberries. The outside is somewhat crunchy which means when you chew it, it gives a mouth feel somewhat like real raspberries, seeds and all.

The flavor is right on, fantastic real raspberry taste! Yum!
388363388363B000EVMNOQA1DP5QR6X9X6JGSusan R. Boldrey2611168387200stale candyI really like these and was excited I found them online although after receiving them they were to stale and hard to eat.
388364388364B000EVMNOQA17QGHBZ4DFUKXDM "dm"3811175644800Not like other Haribo gummisDon't order a case of these if you've never had them. I love all the other Haribo gummies I've had (bears, cokes, burgers, etc), but found these weird and didn't enjoy them. I'm probably just not used to crunchy things on my gummies, but I gave the rest of the case away.
388365388365B001EQ4LGIALQM9QSKI4P0KRai4451178409600very tasty olive oilThis basil flavored extra virgin olive oil is great with salad or for cooking.....It is very flavorful and adds lots of dimension to any salad you put it on.
388366388366B001EQ4LGIA3JWUFBEH12B4Ualbgardis Tausendschoen "vegetarian witchy chef"2251249171200Bold Flavour!!I had my eyes on this product for more than 2 years, but always found it too expensive. Now the price went down, and I took advantage and bought it. I am so glad I did, because it really is great!

Very bold basil flavour, great for salads or over cooked food. I don't fry or cook with it, as I am afraid to lose the flavour or harm the delicate oil somehow.

I fry and cook with regular (unflavoured) olive oil (extra vergine ONLY, nothing else is real!), and when I want a basil flavour with it, I am sprinkeling this oil over the finished dish. Wonderful effect!

Pasta and rice dishes are enhanced in a great way, and you don't need much of it to have this effect. I will absolutely buy this again!

The bottles are plastic and sealed inside under the bottle lid, so don't worry about the shipping! There will be no mess! The bottles cannot be broken, and there won't be anything leaking!
388367388367B001EQ4LGIA9AEJ8Y3ZD8AGJudyth Brinning "dog lover"1151233532800excellentWhat a deal!...delicious olive oil with a wonderful basil taste. Makes a great salad dressing and we use it regularly. the price for three of these bottles is very reasonable. I will defintely buy again.
388368388368B001HTI6CMA2WMK8G44FXAZ7H. Leupp1151296950400Great CarobWe received the product in good time and are enjoying the carob in as many ways as we can find for it.
388369388369B003AOCOVQA3GJIWXAK9EEGYCraigInDallas "CraigInDallas"0011275091200Banana?? I DONT think so.Folks, Banana is one of the most common snow cone flavors out their. Didnt someone compare this to the competitors? Not even CLOSE to banana.
388370388370B004MLEITWA2EH24MNUVUZI6Jenn0051344816000AddictedI know this is marketed to toddlers, but our household ranges in age from 8 to 47 and we are all addicted to this juice! It's sweet but not overly so & I find it quite refreshing on ice. LOVE THIS JUICE!!
388371388371B004MLEITWA195J3K6MRAL6MPheartsJ0051331424000hansen's garden twist juiceI use to buy the single serving size but the grocery store I purchased them from discontinued it. I was happy to find it on Amazon.
388372388372B005ETY8ICA1AVLOYP7EJTEIlpt1151339200000Delicious cookiesThis French cookies is similar to the version of the shortbread cookies, except any French or European cookies is never too sweet or too rich tasting. this cookies is light, a taste of buttery and the sweetness are all perfect. I did order another one in large quantity.
388373388373B005ETY8ICA2REVRW5RD75Q3benedicte1151318204800So good !!This "galettes" are really good and like in France. Even if the price if more expensive thant in France it's a pleasure to find it in USA !
388374388374B005ETY8ICA3M3UTHGULPEERIrina0121343692800french galettesvery ordinary cookies.very plain and simple galettes. and it cost to much for that kind of cookies.I don`t know why people who order it wrote amazing reviews. the box it self looks much better then the taste of the cookies.I will not order it again
388375388375B0010748DMA35010HEU67GVTR. Jones4451209168000A Step Up From Science DietMy vet had always recommended Science Diet, and I'd been feeding my cat Science Diet Light for years, but he never lost weight. My cat wasn't obese, but he was between 13-15 lbs when he should have been 11-12. No amount of cutting down on servings seemed to have an effect, either.

I switched to using Royal Canin Light about 3 months ago, and I've already noticed a huge difference. My cat's weight is down to the target range of 11-12 lbs, but more importantly, he's got a lot more energy. Where he used to sort of mope around the apartment lethargically, he now runs around like a kitten (which he's not!). He's had an enormous increase in energy in all day parts and his general temperament seems to have improved.

I would highly recommend this product, especially to people struggling to control their pet's weight.
388376388376B0010748DMA28Z4DMZ1TLBHSMavra1151328572800My two cats love it !II have two indoor cats that have a very sedentary life.
One will eat everything you give her, literally everything, including green salad and Doritos. The other one will only eat cat food.
I feed them tonight for the first time with Royal Canin Light 40, I mixed other brand with Royal Canin. And guess what? They sorted the food and ate all the Royal Canin pieces first, leaving behind the other brand.
I'm so happy they liked it. But mostly I'm happy they are eating high protein food instead of fillers. It's expensive, yes, but I think it's worth it.
I do recommend this product.
388377388377B0010748DMA2YQ04ZU7QVXI4James Priddy "Primus8"1151239667200This Stuff Works!Our Ruby is a tad over ten yrs old and, although our Vet said try Science Light, the only kind of that available was for cats 6 yrs and under. Then I saw the Royal Canin Light. She's dropped 0.3 of a pound in a little over two weeks. Which is cool 'cause she likes to leap from her condo onto my lap. And the Vet says she likes this food. It is a bit pricier, but Amazon has a bargain for the 15 lb bag w/free ship.
388378388378B0010748DMA2GLAS20ZF64VRDonna L. Seremet "dedeone"0041344470400We broke the 18 lb markon our resident fat cat, Simon. Since last year we have been working to lower Simon's weight by lowering his calorie content. He has gone from 19 lbs 2 oz a year ago to 17 lb 14 ounces. I did the research and found that this formula is among the lowest in Kcal per cup. Simon and his housemates had no difficulty with adjusting to this food. When I put the empty bag on the floor last night, Simon crawled into the bag and licked the sides. Yeah its that good. The morsels are a good size and allow even my petite female and my boy who is missing some teeth, the ability to easily eat it. Our other kitties also have slimmed down a bit too. The only reason that I did not give it five stars is not the quality but the price, which is on the high side even when compared to other "diet" cat foods.
388379388379B0010748DMA279EUUZSGQS2BR. Robertson0051291334400Best Dry Catfood Around For Sensitive Tummys!I have tried all of the better dry cat foods for hair balls, including several obtainable only by a vet's perscription, and this is the very best one out there. It has greatly reduced the general odor of my cats' poops as well as their tendancy to leave watery messes right outside their box (they do know how to make a statement!)and the up-chuck of hairballs themselves is very rare and minor. To be fair, it is true that I have increased their brushings several times a week. I discovered that even short hair cats can shed like crazy, and that has also helped a lot.

The cats seem to find this food very palatable and chomp it down with gusto!

I would highly recommend the entire Royal Canin line, particularly after my local pet shop owner said that it was one of the few which were not involved in the crisis in which many cats died several years ago from ingrediants in several of the leading cat foods.
388380388380B004IN2P5SA12TCY12RMA0YEDayna M. Friend0151340236800brilliantWho ever came up with the idea to give the option to purchase this on a subscription is amazing. I am deployed right now so my mom is taking care of my two yorkies and her 3 yorkies. I feel like they were eating her out of house and home so I bought this for a monthly delivery(each purchase is about 14 pounds of puppy chow) for cheaper than wallmart pricing! She called me in tears because this showed up on her doorstep as a surprise (came over 2 weeks early amazing) so she doesnt have to worry about running around town buying dogfood all the time

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