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388394388394B000EUG1SGAZWRZZAMX90VTRennie3341236038400Good and easy.From Nile Spice, I've had the lentil curry and the minestrone couscous cups. I think this one is slightly better. It has a lot of flavor and is easy to make. I would recommend letting it sit for 10 minutes instead of the recommended 5, and to give it a stir every 5 minutes during it.
The only problem is that it's a little salty.
388395388395B000EUG1SGA3HPZ6BIMNXSZRGabriela Perez "Oy! So many books. . . ."5641168387200Great snack!These little cups of couscous are superb snacks. The curry is not spicy enough to throw you off, and the lentils are a great choice. The taste of the couscous is just right: a hint of curry, and the nutty smoothness of lentils. The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because of the 12 cups, three contained a mix that seemed to have gotten moist somehow. All the others contained a very loose, dry couscous mix.

These are great to take with you for lunch (as long as you can get your hands on some boiling water). I'd maybe take a chicken breast or a cup of other veggies to toss with the couscous so that it becomes more of a meal, but as a snack? Great!
388396388396B000EUG1SGAJ4N1F0LLV4F3NoSpam2251233964800A Tasty and Satisfying SnackFlavorful, quick, easy, and healthy.

It is not a spicy hot curry, but it's definitely not bland.
Couscous is basically a tiny pasta, that makes it feel like a comfort food, and the lentils add fiber and protein.

I usually add some Just Tomatoes Just Hot Veggies, 8-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 3) for extra veggies.

Bottom Line: If Lentil Curry Couscous sounds appealing to you, then I'm sure you will enjoy this. If you're on the fence, give it a try!
388397388397B000EUG1SGA1CTADK5VTA60DBen M. "Gassy"1141270598400great light lunchtaste great, just add boiling water. be careful if you're on a low sodium diet as it's got lots.
388398388398B000EUG1SGAKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena1151255132800Just the right touch of spice!If you are looking for the perfect light lunch or snack on a cold day when only soup will do, Nile Spice Lentil Curry Couscous is just the thing. It's thicker than the usual "cuppa-soup" products in the supermarket, and the taste is far richer and more flavorful than you'd get from that overload of salt and artificial ingredients.

The spice is not overwhelming, it's just a touch more than mild. The prep time is a little more than "instant." After pouring in the boiling water, be sure to wait a minimum of five minutes before eating -- I'd even recommend ten. Any sooner and the soup will not develop the right consistency, which is wonderfully rich. Keep a stash of these at work, so you'll never be without a satisfying lunch. This is an excellent product!
388399388399B000EUG1SGA2V1U04VZIN3ARR. Wathen1141234828800Great for on the goThese are great little meals on the go. I'm a truck driver, and it's nice to have something shelf stable and easy to prepare. It doesn't get any easier than bowling water and pouring it in a cup. The flavor is good, and the size is good. My sister doesn't like them.. says they are too watery, but I like them. Not too expensive to try out for yourself. Hope this helps.
388400388400B000EUG1SGA20L63B48RPSOHWix0051334620800Wow! Better than anticipated!I am always skeptical trying new things. Even on Amazon and a well rated product, part of me just wonders if I am wasting money taking the chance on not liking an item.

This Soup was outstanding. It has some spice, but not overpowering. The couscous is not pearled and chunky, nor is it overly sweet. The lentils are nice and mushy when cooked. I find one cup to be a little stingy (or I like this soup a lot) so I usually eat 2 in one sitting for lunch to up my fiber and keep my appetite at bay till dinner. They are a bit high on sodium, but if you are like me and don't eat too much sodium to begin with this should not be a big issue.

One cup is 200 calories with only 15 from fat. The meals is light on sugar with only 5 grams and a decent 4 grams in dietary fiber, 10 of protein. So I think all in all this is a pretty decent quick meal for those who want to stay away from fast food or the vending machine. I've eaten Near East couscous and actually prefer the spices in Nile Spice Couscous to the kind of bland flavor of Near East. (though I do love Near East as well)

Highly recommend - perfect for busy moms, people working long hours or those who just want a simple healthy snack. After I eat these for lunch I am good for at least 6 hours before my next meal. With three kids running around, it is a blessing!
388401388401B000EUG1SGA3VZCV0K650T0Qprotector "Protector"0041333497600Pretty Darn GoodThis stuff is pretty good. A bit mild for my taste but it has a nice flavor and is pretty filling.I kicked it up a bit with a little black pepper and some of my own curry powder. That really made it much better for my taste. I'M a big eater so for me it's a nice snack but most people would consider it to be a meal. It's very easy to make. I have found with these kind of products that they taste much better if you let them sit a few more minutes after adding the water then they recomend before eating them. That helps to hydrate all of the bits and pieces and it tastes much better that way. You can always reheat in the microwave. I would recomend this product to my friends.

388402388402B000EUG1SGA1JR2IUFFVBE84East Coast Reader0051315958400Delicious and easily-modifiable lunch!I have yet to try a Nile Spice product I don't like, but this is one of my favorites. I keep a selection of these in my desk at work as "emergency stock" in case I don't have time to get out and eat. Hot water from an office water cooler/heater is hot enough to properly prepare this soup, if one does not have any other means of heating water at work. I also routinely bring these products as part of a planned lunch. The Couscous Lentil Curry is delicious and flavorful - not at all bland as others have said. It's NOT a hot curry... but as someone who likes hot curries, I can say that I also like this one. As another reviewer said, someone with a light appetite could eat just this as a satisfying lunch. I prefer to bring a piece of bread or a roll to accompany it. I also often add frozen vegetables (peas work particularly well) to it just before or after adding the hot water. The vegetables heat up and add an extra flavor/texture, as well as some additional nutrients.

I have found that all of the Nile Spice soups can be modified easily - with the addition of vegetables, grated cheese, rice, cooked meat, etc.. They form a very easy and flavorful base for other meals.

One issue - someone else mentioned that these don't have all the salt of other cup o' soups. That's not true. Unfortunately they do contain a relatively large percentage of one's daily value for sodium - this one is 30%. And, the American Heart Association believes that the current daily value for adults should be slashed in half... which means this contains 60% of the "unofficial" recommended daily value of sodium. Still, if you're not on a salt-restricted diet, and you carefully read nutrition labels and limit your intake of processed food (the main culprit in sodium consumption) you should end up okay for the day. This soup is usually my only highly-processed food for the day. People DO need sodium in order to live... it's just that they need only a fraction of what the average person consumes daily.
388403388403B000EUG1SGA2WQVNNV25HUT0E Mark "Ernest"0041297209600long lost soupEver since we moved from Big D to rural Miss., my wife and I have longed for more grocery choices, so having such a tasty item available to us through Amazon is a godsend. Yes, the soup is subtly spicy, flavorful, curryful, and yummy. Keep it coming.
388404388404B000EUG1SGA371AP43OX0K4VS. Smith0031296950400OkayThis isn't a bad lunch, but a bit lacking in flavor. Be sure to use boiling water and leave it well covered for the full five minutes.
388405388405B000EUG1SGA2QUTWZ0INA7ISAnn Ominous "primerstar666"0051270080000Easy, tasty, nutritiousThis variety actually is ready in 5 minutes (rather than the 10 minutes I've found to be better for other Nile varieties)... I really like to change it up too, and since most of my lunches are a Nile Spice soup, it's great for a different flavor.
388406388406B000EUG1SGA23O4898TMPIR7Alfred J. Verdini "Gioacco"0041261526400Good & Basic SoupThis soup is good, easy to prepare, stores well, and has healthy ingredients. To me, Couscous seems to be like a rice version of Grits ;-) It goes well with a sandwich or other part of a meal. The price was very good also, at less than $1 for each cup. I enjoy it. I hope this review is helpful.
388407388407B000EUG1SGA1J93FPSJS719XB. Brojde0051247270400For a "cup-o-couscous" it's fantastic!This product if very tasty without adding all the junk traditional "cup" meals add, which is why I decided to give it a try. The main thing to notice is that it is all natural, it comes in a paper/cardboard cup (safer), not a foam cup (which can leak dioxins). This is a product of great quality, which is why I decided to also order the rice and Red Bean soup from them. It's a great fast lunch for those busy work days. The only thing I may warn consumers of is the sodium level, which is much better than most of these ready-meals, but it's still about 25% of the daily allowance. Get it with the subscribe and save and get it even cheaper!
388408388408B000EUG1SGA3FH3YEUZD4GMHC0051245542400Love itI bring these for lunch every day and love them... filling, and only 200 calories. Very easy to make (just add hot water and wait 5 minutes).
388409388409B000EUG1SGARW5H6BLRZHXBR. Saba "Ansala"0041244246400Lentil soupThis is my second time ordering this soup. I love the taste and convenience. Makes a great lunch at the office.
388410388410B000EUG1SGADUBGMSSVHTHDS. Starks0041243123200A Delicious Soup with a Hint of SpiceIf you're ever in the need for an exotic alternative, in your regular soup routine, then try Nile Spice soups. Nile Spice Lentil Curry Couscous soup is a light blend of curry, turmeric, and other East / West Indian spices. Although the soup lacks the punch of spiciness one would expect from a true Indian (or Caribbean) curry dish, the soup is still a delicious meal.

As a person who is allergic to monosodium glumate (MSG), I am glad to have found a brand of instant soup meals that does not contain this harmful food additive. The soup does have a slightly high sodium content percentage at 30%; however, most processed items containing sodium are within the same percentile.

Try the Nile Spice Lentil Curry Couscous soup today and be whisked away into a unique aroma from half way around the world.
388381388381B004IN2P5SA2Z2MUP8JRJXEUJay Mittener1351336435200Very worth it.I love that the heavy things come to my door and I don't have to lug them around the grocery. This is good value and great price.
388382388382B004IN2P5SA16104C77RO4ITMike0251347321600Dog foodOf course, as listed, comes in 3 seperate bags. Ideal for keeping food fresh for longer periods of time. Good deal.
388383388383B004IN2P5SA828N3FTWC1IGStar0251325635200Worth itI can buy one for 4.50 at family dollar so 3 bags for 15 ain't bad saves me a trip to family dollar great deal
388384388384B00188ZE1IA2LIGTSDHJY7U6IrixGuy0051323820800My Maine Coon cat Sean Coonery loves this food!My big Maine Coon cat Sean Coonery loves this food! If you want a healthy and happy cat, I highly recommend this food. My cat also made a video review and the video review can be found here [...]. I order this food exclusively from Amazon because of the free shipping!
388386388386B001EO5ZN8A2LZREUWGN2YAZAnita B0051325721600Ahmad Earl Grey tea from AmazonI'm so happy to have found a place to get this delicious tea in the US! It's well packaged so will stay fresh and tasty.
388387388387B001EO5ZN8AKMH8SM94C0J6J. Lin "iluvendo"0051293148800Best tasting (at least to me) Earl Grey TeaNormally I do not drink Earl Grey (most taste too chemically - the bergomot flavor, or too overpowering). Ahmad brand is the first brand of Earl Grey that I actually like to drink on a daily basis. I invited a friend to try it , and now he is hooked as well. Amazon has the best price I can find. In so cal (at the English brand stores), this tea sells for $15 per hundred.

If you like Earl Grey, I invite you to try Ahmad brand
388388388388B001EO5ZN8A36UQS6ZWAFO1Rvigil120051287187200The king of teasI would have started writing this review by joking that "it's our little secret," if it weren't for the the millions of British tea drinkers addicted to Ahmad's... I love this tea and drink it all the time. Often I brew a mixed pot with the Ahmad Early Grey and another type of tea, like Ahmad No. 1 Breakfast (also very good) or just a Lipton Black Tea bag. It also works great when used alongside any Turkish black tea. This triple pack of 100 bags that Amazon sells is the most economical way of buying this tea, especially when you sign up for the subscription and get a 15% discount with free shipping on your order. Normally, you'll pay 8.50 or more for a 100-bag if you find it in an imported goods store; this 3-pack is like buying two and getting one free.
388389388389B001EO5ZN8A3UB4RXKYMRH9MKim A. Rawls "luvs 2 shop"0051243641600Wonderful teaI'm completely addicted to this tea. I have not found an Earl Grey tea that is comparible in taste and aroma. I always have to have an extra stash of this tea. I even got my mom hooked on this tea.

These are tasteless. I usually buy Mauna Loa, which I LOVE, but Costco was out of them.

So I bought these for my birthday. This brand needs to change to a different oil or something to add flavor. UGH!

I'm returning them.
388391388391B0067543G4A168M9ZH3K3YGFifi "Fifi Myers"0051341532800Wow amazing macadamias. Best I have had yetI buy these macadamia nuts all the time and I am lucky that they carry them at my local costco. They have the best slightly sweet very toasty flavor. They are a bit oilier than other brands I have had, but that is why i like them. They are so super buttery and delicious. I dont even really like nuts!
They are an indulgent treat.
388392388392B0067543G4A1RT41FNB39W9Oz0211341446400less than greatYour macadamias roasted in oil are grossly oily. I recommend that you dry roast them
388393388393B000EUG1SGA3CA0W9ZPSJKJILuxLady202051235088000Good soup!I bought this on sale 40% off clearance price. It came out to about $0.62 per cup. Nice price! I like the taste. It's like mild-medium spiced. It vaguely reminded me of spicy bean soup. The couscous definitely has flavor (as opposed to most couscous I've tried). Someone with a light appetite could eat this as a meal. I believe it is vegetarian. I think it's a great value for good tasting food, and I would definitely eat this often.

It's basically like a healthier "cup-o-noodles" because you just add hot water, wait, and eat it. If you care about the nutritional value, read on. It's only 200 calories, low in fat, no saturated fat, has carbs for energy, has fiber (4g, which is 14%DV), has a decent amount of protein from the couscous and lentils, which by themselves are low in protein, but together they fill out each other's gaps in essential amino acids (10g, I believe you need about 50g in a day)), and has iron (15%DV). The only downside might be the sodium. It has 730mg (30%DV) of sodium, but isn't too bad if you're eating it as a meal or if the rest of your day's food is lower in sodium.

Calories: 200
Calories from Fat: 15
Total Fat: 1.5g (2% DV)
Sat Fat: 0g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium 730mg (30% DV)
Total Carb: 36g (12% DV)
Dietary Fiber: 4g (14% DV)
Sugars: 5g
Protein: 10g
Vit A: 0%
Vit C: 2%
Calcium: 4%
Iron: 15%

Percent Daily Values (DV) based on 2,000 calorie diet)

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