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388411388411B000EUG1SGA25XW8QQ0BWBWWD. Williams0051237680000Good dorm or office foodCouscous is a kind of tiny pasta. This is a very satisfying quick lunch. I wouldn't call this soup but its similar to a very thick soup. I'm not a big curry lover but I like this. The label recommends against microwaving. The coffemaker at my work has a hot water spigot and the hot water from the spring water dispenser is also hot enough. Like someone else said, the label states to let it stand for 5 minutes after adding the boiling water but 10 minutes is probably better. Enjoy!
388412388412B000EUG1SGA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"0051235260800Nice comfort food, but needs more spiceThis is a really nice lunch option. It's hearty, tasty, easy, and as my wife says 'feels like a comfort food.' The curry flavor is good, but it isn't really spicy, so if you like some heat in your curry, this will be a disappointment. I've taken to adding some ground chili powder to the mix to add some hotness and that's helped a lot. Not very convenient to take chili powder to work with you though.
388413388413B000EUG1SGA28Q0JA9H8WZODBichon Mom1251289001600Tasty and nutritiousI recently purchased this for the first time with the subscribe and save option. Once I tried it I discovered that I like it so much that I changed my subscription period to an every month delivery.

It is so simple to prepare yet very satisfying. I really like the fact that it is low calorie yet has a high protein count.
388414388414B000EUG1SGA37JW9XJ3Y9BKOGoyathlay1231239148800Pretty good, quick to make, vegetables inside are meh...This couscous is quick to make (just boil some water, pour it in, wait 5 mins) and the couscous consistency and taste is alright for such a quickly prepared dish. My trouble was with the little corn and misc dried vegetables at the top of the couscous. They just never seemed to moisten properly, and always wound up tasting dry and unappetizing. You can eat around them, of course, but I'd rather not have to.
388415388415B000EUG1SGA2GOE7ITDGYVELee Brownell0151285113600YummyThis is a great snack soup (It wouldn't suffice as a meal for me) delicious light and healthy.
388416388416B000EUG1SGA1U6N9OFNXQ5QSAvital Gertner ""1411283644800Not for meI was really excited about this soup because I was looking for a somewhat healthy snack and it seems just right. However, I found that the soup has a stronger after-taste than any other taste. I am now left with a stock of 11 packages of soup I cannot eat... I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Sorry.
388417388417B000IXWCUAA5QYTKDEGFCL9A. G. Jenks0051331942400I think they are Great!They are the ROLO's I've aways enjoyed. Great Chocolate, delicious caremel.

Great for watching a good movie, or show.

And they don't raise my blood sugar very much, I'm diabetic.

388418388418B000IXWCUAAUJEF31CXWTCQS William Shaw41021220140800They Changed The Center!Do you remember the Rolos of several years ago? The Rolos with chewy caramel in the center? Well, that's all changed now. Whatever is in the center is neither chewy, nor caramel as you and I know it. These are not your mother's Rolos.
388419388419B0030VJA7KA3CV7TZLXQGWA8Shanda R. Kramer "Shanda"374131299888000Taste great, but second ingredient is SUGAR!These are very good tasting and when I gave a few to my baby he loved them! But after looking at the back and seeing that the second ingredient is sugar I decided this probably isn't the kind of thing I want my baby to get used to. I don't want him to get used to sugary snack foods at such a young age, I'm sure there will be enough of that when he's older. I wish Happy Baby would come up with a yogurt snack with no or very little sugar, I would buy it than.
388420388420B0030VJA7KA1YR1PZNFVRFZGMunkchinMomma111151286755200Delicious first baby finger food !These are the first snacks and finger foods I ever gave to my daughter. I was so scared of her choking on anything that I thought I would wait till she's 1 or longer... and then I came across HappyMelts Yogurt Melts and I totally felt in love with them. They melt in her mouth quickly and they are delicious. I've tried all 3 of them: Mixed Berry, Strawberry and Banana and I have to tell you they are all different.
Mixed Berry - purple, very flat oval shaped, very easy and quick melts, very sweet
Strawberry - pink, very hard acorn shaped (like little Hershey kisses), chunkier and melts not as quick, not as sweet
Banana- yellow, softer acorn shaped (like little Hershey kisses), chunky but they melt quickly
I thought there was something wrong with all strawberry ones, as they seem to be really hard, but I guess that's the way they are. Mixed Berry is my baby's favorite and I love them too :)
388421388421B0030VJA7KAAMTHB06ITELBZ. Fewtrell7851275264000Yummy snack!My 8 month old loves these yogurt melts. They are super easy to dissolve and taste amazing. The fact that they are organic and support Project Peanut Butter in Africa is a plus.
388422388422B0030VJA7KA3B9T58BN4NRHMNJ "NJ"4451274486400Great healthy snack!Son loves these, these actually taught him how to chew. We thought he didn't like them at first, but after a few tries he was not afraid of them anymore (these were his first non-pureed food) and now he crawls to the pak and begs for them and wants lots at a time. These are organic and so much better for kids than Gerber Graduates yogurt melts which contain food coloring and other additives.. We will be re-ordering these very soon!
388423388423B0030VJA7KA3K2KQJHI7WCAspacemom16721287878400Surprised at sugar contentI picked these up at the health food store- as the Dr. Sears reccommendation caught my eye. My eight month old son immensely enjoyed them, and I looked at the ingredients and was really surprised to find sugar listed second, right after the cultured milk. It is organic sugar yes, but still added sugar- and I'm bummed as this was not something that I wanted to introduce to his diet yet. My fault that I was swayed by advertising, and didn't read the back.
388424388424B0030VJA7KA1SZALDW6AWZVOsanick3351305244800Love!I actually eat these myself due to a very, very restrictive diet. They are very tasty, and I really like this brand over Gerber's.
388425388425B0030VJA7KA18EXBM5U6KSQBOrganic Mama2251327363200Prebiotics and Probiotics!!!I have 2 boys, 5 and 8 and they love Happy Melts! They have been on a kick with Banana Mango but love all the flavors. My 5 year old was asked to bring the snack to school last week and we brought these to share. All 13 of the kids in the class loved them and asked for seconds. My 8 year old is an extremely picky eater and he loves these as well.
My favorite thing about them is that they contain probiotics (helps maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in the intestines and boost your immune system) and prebiotics (which keeps the good bacteria healthy). I have checked other brands and Happy Melts is the only product to have both of these. I also love that it comes in BPA packaging and does not contain anything artificial. I wish I could give this product 10 stars!!!
388426388426B0030VJA7KA311KZN5SZ5IFZHealthy Mom2251325635200Sweet!These are so much better than Gerber...all organic, real fruit inside and much less sugar! I bought them for my 2 year old but my 7 and 5 year olds like them just as much! I pack them for their snacks at school! I give my 2 year old the bag when we're in the car or at the store.
Great too for a little one under one because they disolve easily in the mouth.
If my kids ask for dessert after a meal, I often reach for these so we get the best of both worlds- they taste like candy for the kids but they are filled with healthy fruit and nothing bad for you!
388427388427B0030VJA7KA1DWYD22P9SMDRG. Bysiewski2241317859200Sugary, but delicious!I wouldn't suggest feeding your little one a million of these a day, as they are high in sugar, but they sure are delicious! He loves them (and so do I)! They melt almost immediately, so they are a great first finger food.
388428388428B0030VJA7KAHYECMJGIGU4SRehta2251314316800Tastes a lot better than GerberI would definitely recommend these. They taste a lot better than Gerber yogurt melts, and they are better for you. Even my husband likes them and will snack on them, which is saying something because usually anytime I have him taste our daughter's snacks, he makes a horrible face and asks how in the world she can eat it. Not the case with these. And my daughter (now 17 months) likes them, too!
388429388429B0030VJA7KA174IYEX9PDZ2OKatie2251299628800So much better than the 'mainstream' brand!I've been feeding these to my 10 month old as "dessert" for the past month or so, and he loves them. I like them too, and have been known to pop one in my mouth when I'm putting them on his tray. We were out the other day, and our local grocery store doesn't carry happy bellies, so I picked up a bag of Gerber melts. How different could they really be? As it turns out, very. Baby ate the Gerber ones okay...but I tried one and almost spit it out. It tasted like cardboard. These ones actually taste like strawberry yogurt. You can't go wrong!
388430388430B0030VJA7KA31HE83MU98GBVGadget Girl2251281830400My daughter loves theseMy daughter loves these yogurt melts. Banana and Mango are two of her favorite flavors. The melts themselves are a smaller size than the Gerber melts, which is nice for younger babies. I was always breaking the Gerber melts into 3 or 4 pieces, which got a little messy. I don't have to do that with these melts. These are tasty AND organic. We've had a lot of success with all of the Happy Baby products we've tried. Highly recommend.
388431388431B0030VJA7KADP6CSSALM6V9WVUSHAK "Shak"1151338336000Easy, Healthy SnackMy daughter has loved these since she started with finger foods at about 8.5 months. They are great for 'on the go' and keep her occupied (as well as a nourished snack!). She is breastfed but had yogurt already so I knew she didn't have a milk allergy. Less sugar then Gerber!
388432388432B0030VJA7KA33FFCZR9A0RIHbizee mom1151330560000Perfect toddler treat!My son started eating these at 12 months. He's now 18 months and still loves them!! They're healthy and I feel good about giving them to him. I would say this is his favorite snack - always cheers him up!
388433388433B0030VJA7KA2PX1AZTLW2WVFitMom1151327881600New Flavor is a hitShared this flavor with my moms group kiddos and they were a big hit. I have put in a request that our local Publix start to carry this flavor because they don't carry it and no one had seen it yet.
388434388434B0030VJA7KA3LWIP2I6550TBX. Nguyen1151326153600Tastes so great even for adults!These are the first finger snacks I gave my 8-month old, whom was already on solids at 5 months though. I found them originally at my local Target. He absolutely loves them. They melt in your mouth. I've had nieces and nephews that love to snack on these too whenever they come to our house. They range from 3 to 8 years old. I like how it's just organic yogurt, and how they're perfect for little fingers. I only wished that they'd sell these in a variety pack for all the flavors. The banana mango is my son's favorite.
388435388435B0030VJA7KA35MDIBPAX9X7Usassymom1151324512000Yummy, organic, and healthy toddler snackOur toddler LOVES his HappyMelts!

These little yogurt bites are healthy, yummy, and organic. Perfectly sized for toddlers who are learning to become independent eaters. The Happy brand has less sugar and none of the harmful artificial colors/flavors that other brands contain. I feel good offering these to my toddler, and he always finishes his pile.

All flavors are hits in our home.
388436388436B0030VJA7KA1P6C8KO9IU4OIgloriarecycles1151309046400Good SnacksMy 10 month old baby loves these. She can pick them up and eat them. I tasted one myself and they dissolve in your mouth and they are not too sweet, just enough sweetness. I love that they are organic and don't have anything artificial.
388437388437B0030VJA7KA1K6Y82MKXFMSThe_Dizzle "The_Dizzle"1151308096000Great ProductWe used to get the gerber ones, but for almost the same price these are a bit smaller for him to handle and he seems to like them much better.
388438388438B0030VJA7KA380GVITBOZMRQJosieY1151304121600My daughter loves theseMy 11 month old loves these melts - she's been eating them since she was about 7 months old. The only problem - not really a problem just an observation - is that once her fingers get wet the melts tend to stick to them and she has some difficulty getting them from her fingers to her mouth - she generally ends up with several stuck to her head and behind her ears (not unlike the rest of her food I suppose). She also likes the berry flavors - I think they're pretty tasty too but all the other adults who've taste-tested found them foul. Oh well.
388439388439B0030VJA7KA3NXCL9NJTL3TFTarget Shopaholic1151303257600Like candy!Would you believe that my daughter doesn't like yogurt?! Odd b/c I thought every child loved yogurt... these are the answer for my yogurt-avoiding-14-month-old! She thinks these are candy and pops them in her mouth one after the other. I have to admit that sometimes I enjoy a few myself! Price is good at a couple of bucks per bag. I mix these with her cheerios and it makes a delicious snack. I too tried the Gerber brand b/c they were on sale at our local supermarket but they were not such a hit. Strange b/c to me, they taste about the same... go figure!
388440388440B0030VJA7KA27YIR2CJAAXBQC. Arcidiacono1151300838400Excellent flavorWe have always bought the Gerber Yogurt Melts and my kids were not too much into them. A friend gave me a bag of the Happy Baby Banana Mango yogurt melts.... WOW! The kids (2&4) ate the whole bag- they practically fought over the bag. I thought they had so much more flavor than the Gerber brand. Very happy with the Happy Baby products. Looking forward to trying the other flavors too!

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