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388471388471B0030VJA7KA16CA0LWKNZ2OLTawanda0041306627200Baby loves!They're a lot tinier than the Gerber ones, but they're also "healthier". My son loves both, and I'm happy I found them for a relatively good price (do subscribe and save if possible!).
388472388472B0030VJA7KA3V9LLWVQK8ETXAshley0051304985600Can't live without!My baby eats these like they are going out of style. They are the perfect size for her to grasp with her fingers. So nutritional too!
388473388473B0030VJA7KA36VAE0PO1MIDDerek's Mom0051301443200Yum-oMy son loves these yogurt treats! All the favors are delicious, so you can't go wrong.

Great product!
388474388474B0030VJA7KA4DTM6B4IBYQXC.O.0051298851200Buy these!I love these. They are tastier than Gerber, but better for baby. My daughter eats a bag every four days, so we buy the six pack through subscribe and save. She loves the strawberry flavor, and so do I. I like to play "Feed Momma" because they are so good!
388475388475B0030VJA7KAKCZIJ6ZHE41DJarucia Jaycox Nirula "~A Pink American"0051298505600The come back kid snack...I first offered these to my little guy at about 6mos. He enjoyed them, but wasn't crazy for them.

Off and on over the last seven months, he'd pull the bag from his snack shelf and ask for them. Sometimes a week or two would go by with no request. Other times he'd want to snack on them all day.

I think they're tasty too.

My little guy is a yogurt fan beyond this treat, but it's handy to have in your on-the-go stash.
388476388476B0030VJA7KA3UT98TN67K3DMDPSTEPHENS0051293840000Happy BabyOur 9-month-old son loves these! Quick, healthy, non-messy snack that can easily be tossed in the diaper bag for on-the-go snacking. We'll definitely be trying more flavors!
388477388477B0030VJA7KA3BXBYBT5XHQFKK. Gibbons0051290556800Great for babies!My 10 month old loves these! They dissolve in her mouth and are helping her with her hand/mouth coordination. I love that she's having a healthy snack and can eat them on her own without having to worry about her choking. Highly recommended.
388478388478B0030VJA7KA2AJ25RVRCJA4LLeahS0051289865600My Son LOVES theseMy son loves these melts. They are easy to take with us, and great to mix with other treats to give as a healthy snack during the day. I secretly like them too :)
388479388479B0030VJA7KANYAQ3TVKP69EH. Cooper0051287360000I don't even have a baby!I really like these. They melt in your mouth like astronaut ice cream and bring back fond memories of my childhood. Plus they're all organic and the entire bag only has 120 calories so you don't have to feel too bad about eating them all. The strawberry is definitely the best flavor. I've had the other two and they're okay but I don't think they're worth the high price.
I know Gerber makes their own version of these that I have seen at Safeway for only $3 each but I think they aren't organic. The only reason I would buy the Gerber ones is that they have strawberry, wildberry and peach flavors instead of strawberry, wildberry, and some sort of banana mango flavor. I don't remember exactly what the yellow flavor is...only that I disliked it.
AMMENDMENT TO REVIEW: The Gerber version is nowhere near as tasty as these ones. They are larger and chalkier and taste more artificial. If you are going to buy them online anyway, go for the good stuff.
388480388480B0030VJA7KA2BT4NQWOUS5C0sandybeaches0051283299200Burst of healthy flavorMy son and I share these as an afternoon treat every day. They're his absolute favorite (and mine too!)
388481388481B0030VJA7KA3QZXR5UBVR83EM. Albaugh0051282867200Toddler hates yogurt, LOVES THESE!My 18-month-old can't get enough of these! She has never liked yogurt, so this is a nice way for her to get some good organisms in her little body. I order them through the Amazon Subscription option, so shipping is always free, and they are less expensive (15% off, free S/H, plus the quantity discount of buying 6 at a time).
388482388482B0030VJA7KA34O4XFM5CHEPIAmy "Amy"0051281916800Fantastic!My daughter loves them! The strawberry are way better than the other flavors, too.
388483388483B0030VJA7KA2BP5I54SKONFFLaine0051281657600BEST SNACK EVER!My daughter loves these yogurt melts. They are so healthy and yet she thinks they are a dessert. Gerber makes a similar product, which is just as good, except these are organic. Love that I can find 8 packs of them on Amazon. I have a hard time finding them in stores.
388484388484B0030VJA7KA1H70TY0N155TFM. Craycroft "Marnie"0051279065600Love this product. Perfect finger food.We introduced this finger food to our little guy when he was eight months old. He could not get enough. Super easy for this kiddos to handle and the melts "melt" in their mouth so no worrying on the parents' part necessary! Easy to travel with the pouches also.
388485388485B0030VJA7KA1G42QUP4TR8Z6Julie G. Mcelhinney "Meghans Mommy"0051277683200great baby snacksMy 11 month old daughter really loves these. They are easy for her to eat and they melt in the mouth faster than cereal. This is a great finger food to start kids on because it melts so quickly and is easy for a baby to eat if they don't have a lot of teeth.
388486388486B0030VJA7KATIHDHZYNQ0EIKristen O'donnell "twinsmom"0051270425600Tasty and organic!I have 12 month olds and no time to write a great review, but they like all the flavors, the textures are great, and the pouches open easily. Great on the go snack. Wish they came in bigger servings.
388487388487B0030VJA7KAEYLLHWYTLUM9BABY0141324857600goodI just want to say that my daughter likes to eat very much ,I had to control her

Sour and sweet,and organic.
388488388488B0030VJA7KA3UJSS1O7GV2RFLoveBeingMommy0151300147200My daughter loves these melts!My daughter was 12 months old before we gave her any food out of a package, everything up until that point was home cooked vegetables, fruit and grains. From what I can tell, these are a "healthy" snack that she really enjoys. They do taste delicious and are easy to take on the go. Right now they are very helpful because chewing is uncomfortable with all her new molars; these melt in her mouth and satisfy her. We will definitely buy more of these!
388489388489B0030VJA7KA24Q6EJWVWNOLPmamasmiles0141277596800tasty, but unpredictable sizesI like these yogurt melts as a healthier alternative to those available in my grocery store, but I wish the sizes were a little more predictable. Some of the melts are tiny, while some are nearly an inch in diameter! I also agree with the reviewer who said they would like to see a variety pack instead of having to buy several packs of a single flavor.
388490388490B0030VJA7KA38B8MH526PY16Alli Miller1321289347200foul smell and tasteLet me start by saying my two little boys (1 and 2) like these, but I think it's because they don't know any better! These have a foul smell and taste. I don't know what is creating that odor and taste since these are not expired. I will not order these again. I don't know how some of the adult reviewers who are eating these can stand them. We buy happy baby greens puffs and love them. I have bought other happy baby items and thought they were great. These are a miss.
388491388491B0030VJA7KAU1PD0OQHFYFCAlex'sMom0241283644800Great but have to pick through the sizesThese are great and my baby loves them but I have to pick through the bag to give him right size. Some are small and some just too big for my little guy. I wish the company could come up with some kind of quality control. The Gerber yogurt melts are very consistent but I prefer these because they have more vitamins than Gerber.
388492388492B0030VJA7KA2R9IQTJGQU3LBunhappy daddy0511314576000poor packaging and customer serviceWe purchased this product and the ziplock seals did not function, so there was no way to reseal the package after opening. We tried to contact every single email address on their website and nobody at that company thought it was important enough to respond. There are lots of organic baby products out there, and we will purchase from other companies and hope others will do the same.
388493388493B0030VJA7KAL6N1KFP4QN5Gseagull171711334102400My 9 month old daughter threw these up!These should have an age limit. I do not think that breast fed babies under one should be allowed to eat these. Babies do not need probiotics at such a young age. My daughter ate about 5 of these and a couple of hours later projectile vomited all over the place! She does not spit up ever. I wished that I would have bought just one bag of these before I bought a whole lot of them!

I think she will like them when she is a little older and used to eating other foods. She is mostly breast fed and eats some solids.
388494388494B0019BCQ56A3OTVOB5CMX5NBJoana4411322697600Artificial Ingredients Ruin This ItemWe discovered banana ketchup on our honeymoon to St. Lucia in 2004. We love it and have been purchasing it for seven years, and never in that time has it contained food coloring or sodium benzoate. However, the four bottles I just received contain both. We are allergic to these items and the ketchup is unconsumable by us. The ingredients were listed as "Product Features-Water, banana pulp,Sugar,Venigar [sic],Tomato paste spices". I am disappointed to have received a product that was other than what was described.
388495388495B0019BCQ56A3MYS7452TAEPFana224551276041600DEEEEE-LICIOUS!!!I tried this stuff when I was on vacation in the Caribbean. I am so happy that I was able to find it. It is good on eggs, pasta, fries, burgers, tortilla chips, grilled anything and fruit too. I ended up getting several bottles and it was a good thing because when I took it to work to have my co-workers try it, they all wanted a bottle. YYYUUUMMM!!! It has a great spicy (not hot)taste to it with a sweet finish. If you like banans you will definately love this. If you don't like tomato ketchup this is a great alternative. ENJOY!!!
388496388496B0019BCQ56A2VRLKOK5DT72PNicole R. Erskine "JoviChick985"1111326844800At least I can say I tried it.I'm interested in trying new things, especially when they sound completely different, so when I heard of banana ketchup I had to do it. I don't really know what I was expecting, but it is exactly what it sounds like. If you don't want to pay more than the product is worth in shipping just to sample it, try putting regular tomato ketchup on a banana. If that sounds like your thing, you'll probably love banana ketchup. If not... well... at least you can say you tried it too.
388497388497B0019BCQ56A3865HQQ9H52NPChristine1151310947200The best souvenir!This cost as much as the ones sold in St. Lucia- it was the same brand and everything! What a wonderful souvenir of our beautiful drive through the banana plantations of St. Lucia. Tastes good on anything you would traditionally put tomato catsup on (especially chick patties)!
388498388498B0019BCQ56A3AGL7AXYP3XV3Nick Farley2351306022400Banana Ketchup. It's not just tomatos anymore.I have a story about banana ketchup. I was in St. Lucia in April 2011 where I was served Banana Ketchup with a sandwich. Never having heard of such a recipe I was reluctant to try it. However, wanting to show my "wild side" at age 71 I helped myself to a serving of it on my sandwich. I was amazed to find that I like it very much. It is spicy, doesn't taste like banana in any distinct way. I bought an $8.00 bottle to bring home. When packing to come back to the US I forgot the 3 ounces in a zip bag rule, and put my ketchup into my carry-on for safe-keeping. You know the rest. It was confiscated and destroyed at the airport. Later, at home, I was "haunted" by my missing bottle of banana ketchup, so I naturally went to Amazon on my computer and sure enough, found Baron Banana Ketchup available. I am now on my 6th bottle, having given away 2 of my 6 purchases so far. I will keep a spare bottle in stock at all times now. I'm "hooked". Try it. I triple dog dare 'ya. Marcie F.
388499388499B0019BCQ56A214AMVG87MHMKDr. Beekman0051344211200Banana Ketchup? Are you kidding? Absolutely, not!If you don't try this once, you are missing a chance to try an unusual taste for ketchup. I have used it on hotdogs, hamburgers, anything that you would use tomato kethcup for.
388500388500B0019BCQ56AR55RQCWR5MZXLance A. Nath "freetrdr"0051295136000great tasting alternativeAll I know is that my kids loved it ! We brought back some from our trip to St Lucia last year and my family keeps wanting more. :)

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