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388531388531B000AY9UBQA27MOT4ZIUAKIWThe Jaundiced Eye6711320969600No Health Benefits and Grossly Overpriced....Read the Nutrition FactsMy wife just brought home a $3 package containing 5.5 oz of Murray Sugar Free Pecan Shortbread cookies, thinking the high price was justified on a health basis. It isn't. Read the Nutrition Facts (per 3 cookies): 160 Calories, 11 Grams of Fat, 3 Grams of Saturated Fat, 18 Grams of Carbohydrate....the same, or worse, than most cookies containing sugar. These cookies may be "sugar free", but the implied health benefit is completely imaginary. Furthermore, at over 50 cents per ounce they are the most expensive packaged grocery cookies you can buy, which is completely unjustified by ingredient cost, and flavor, which is adequate but not exceptional.

It's an unfortunate fact that some companies prey upon consumers who seek or need "special" products by forcing them to pay huge premiums for the product. Using Murray's formula, a can of Diet Coke should cost at least $3....but it doesn't, simply because production costs do not justify the premium and the market will not tolerate such an unconscionable mark-up. Neither should you. Don't let your health or dietary concerns override your common sense and lead you to pay preposterously inflated prices for "special" products that, upon close inspection, provide no legitimate benefit.
388532388532B000AY9UBQA33SF0MD1XMGZCynthia Sisson "advocate mom"81051236902400Healthy familyI was looking for something sweet that I as a diabetic and my husband and son could all share. Usually if it says sugar free then it means it has a chemical taste. But not these cookies they taste just like the regular cookies. I highly recommend them. You do not have to be a diabetic to eat them. They are made with splenda and I use splenda in a lot of things, I also use the brown sugar splenda in my cooking. These cookies are great.
388533388533B000AY9UBQAJQDIT55SZ3ZXkindred spirit5651237507200Yummy~My treat instead of High Sugar Cookies.First I will make note this page says sweetened with sorbitol, they are not. They are sweetened with Splenda.
I think they taste as good as any other basic vanilla creme cookie. I like a bite of sweet at night but sugar keeps me awake so these fit the bill. The special that was going on when I got them made it a great deal. They cost up to $3.99 a pack where I this is a SWEET deal.

They still have calories so you cannot eat the whole bag but they don't spike your sugar. Three cookies are 130 calories and 6 gms of fat. They are very sweet anymore and you may feel sick.
388534388534B000AY9UBQA2QG4B0FCPOGW5D. Downing "Nettie"5651234396800Cookies YUM!These shortbread cookies are little drops of heaven. Have you ever noticed that smaller food seems to taste better? One pouch is one carb and very satisfying. No meaasuring is always good too.
388535388535B000AY9UBQA31ASDA3Z5BCYZLeigh5651233878400Even non-diabetics approve!I purchased these for my husband as he was recently diagnosed as diabetic. I eat them as much as he does! There is no strange after-taste as with some sugar-substitute enhanced foods. We highly recommend.
388536388536B000AY9UBQA2TMS1YC8SNFVKathleen Dodge "HurricaneK"2241247961600The best gingernaps, the best sugarfree cookies.I love these cookies, wish I could find them, I buy lots every time I find them.....but I do eat them. Help! I need more!
388537388537B000AY9UBQAUVMY6VGOB4T4Mac Pro "Local History Buff"2251245283200Delicious!Love these cookies! When I learned a couple of years ago that I was heading toward diabetes and needed to cut out as much sugar as I could I knew I needed a "sweet" substitute. I tried various products and found Murray Sugar Free cookies. I like oatmeal cookies anyway so gravitated toward their cookie. I promise I couldn't tell they didn't have sugar in them. I'm so addicted to them that I even carry them when I travel (wonder what the suitcase inspectors think?!) My grandkids even recognize MY cookies and now ask for them over the sugar-loaded kind. Trouble is, I can never find them. I don't know if they're just very popular or the wholesaler doesn't bring enough. It could be that I buyt 4 to 6 packages every time I DO find them. Murray says I can find them at Wal-Mart but never have although they do have the other flavors. Now I look to Amazon and they don't have them either! I have a hint of how drunks feel when they can't get their liquor! Please, Amazon, hurry and get a supply before I run out!
388538388538B000AY9UBQA2ATWKOFJXRRR1B. Merritt ""2251243641600Diabetics With A Sweet-Tooth --- REJOICE!When I was diagnosed with type-II diabetes about two years ago, it felt like a death blow. I mean, I love sweets. And my favorite were peanut butter cookies (my wife also made a mean peanut butter cheesecake that I still crave to this day but am able to hold off thanks to these Murray Sugar Free Cookies). I'd tried other sugar free items but they all had a seriously bad after-taste to them. The artificial sweetners were pretty bad.

But the Murray brand are pretty darned good. And I can eat about 6 of them that equal 32 carbs (I'm a tall guy --- 6 feet, three inches --- with a big frame). There's no horrible after-taste and the peanut butter flavor is just enough to satisfy my slavering pallete.

If you're looking for a quality cookie that won't shoot your blood sugar up into the statosphere, these are a great option.
388539388539B000AY9UBQA2UDBMXH1TUTB4NJ1151336521600Fab, as long as you understand what's in them!My fiance & I are following a reduced carbohydrate eating plan. Given that these are sugar free, they are great for when you need something sweet, but with a slighter glycemic impact than regular cookies.
They taste almost like Girl Scout Thin Mint patty cookies! They are NOT, however, low in calories, or free from ingredients that some may feel are "unhealthy".
Since people's ideas vary greatly as to what is bad for them & what is okay, there is some understandable controversy. In my opinion, most of America is over weight because they don't know HOW to eat, but that's just my take on things. Everything is conflicting. Low carbohydrate foods are higher in calories & vice verse. I have an extreme digestive sensitivity to Malitol (Maltitol), which is a sweetener used in most sugar free chocolate items. While these cookies don't contain Malitol (Maltitol),there are very few items available that are without it.
Bottom Line: They taste great! My suggestion would be to check the ingredient list & nutritional information each & every time you purchase, I recommend purchasing in a grocery store, rather than online.
388540388540B000AY9UBQAJZ4YEAAPCGIYCoolBodBoy "coolbodboy"1151317513600Excellent Taste!The cookies have an excellent taste and texture. I took them to a friend's house and they had no idea the were sugar free until I told them. I snack on them at work and willl be trying other varieties by Murray.
388541388541B000AY9UBQA29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee1141244073600Good enough!For people avoiding sugar, Murray Sugar Free Cookies Oatmeal, are good enough! This whole thing about sugar free products got me intrigued and confused at the same time. Some products that advertised as being sugar free have a lot of other sources of sugar, like alcohol, that are high. The feeling I get with Murray's is that they are reliable in their claims. I see them in all sorts of reputable publications and that gives me encouragement regarding their advertisement. As to the taste I can say they are pretty good tasting. Have tried their other ones and this one and the chocolate are the ones I favor. Who am I? Hungry hungry all the time for sweets but I realize not all sugar free items are created equal. For now a decent 4 stars rating!
388542388542B000AY9UBQA31ASDA3Z5BCYZLeigh1151243468800Delicious!I ordered these cookies for my husband as he's diabetic and loves peanut butter treats, so it was no surprise that he really liked them. What was surprising, however, was that I liked them, too! As a rule, I do not like peanut butter anything, and can barely stand the smell of it. But these cookies aren't your typical peanut butter cookie. They are pleasantly fragrant, delicately buttery and crisp (no mealiness like most others), with good-sized pieces of peanuts mixed in. Just delicious!
388543388543B000AY9UBQA5QVDN2CPZ05EJESSICA "CHRISESMOM"1151240272000tastes great !theses cookies are good , oatmeal seems to be my favorite and best of all you would never know they were sugar free if the label didnt say it. i will purchase this product again ,they're that good!
388544388544B000AY9UBQA198JRUIP09HX5V. Gera "deal hound"1141239926400Do NOT taste like sugar free cookies.Good stuff. I despise the taste of processed sweetners and I was hesitant about what they would taste like, but I was not disappointed. They are very good. Highly recommended.
388545388545B000AY9UBQA31ASDA3Z5BCYZLeigh1151239840000Delicious!These oatmeal cookies have a great spice taste -- pronounced yet not at all harsh. Light and crisp, and they also keep well.
388546388546B000AY9UBQA198JRUIP09HX5V. Gera "deal hound"1141237939200Good Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies. I prefer soft chewy...Good cookies. They're made with Splenda. I guess that makes them sugarfree. They certainly don't taste like they are. I despise the taste of fake sweetners, but the folks at this company did a great job. The cookies are very yummy! I only gave it four stars, because I prefer soft and chewy oatmeal cookies.
388558388558B000AY9UBQA2CZ1RJU6QXQKKM. Sanderson0051255651200Great taste without the sugarI can't have sugar, so was very pleased to find these great tasting cookies. Friends I have shared them with were surprised to learn they were sugar free. Being able to get them from Amazon is a plus, since distribution in my local stores is spotty.
388559388559B000AY9UBQA1G6SB0FDFG9TBLesley K0051250035200Perfect Chocolate BitesThese little chocolate bites give you the pleasing sensation of chocolate - without the guilt of the sugar calories!! Great job Murray!!
388560388560B000AY9UBQA309XRV5MKT6ZSHappy Customer0051246233600Very Good Sugar Free CookiesMurray's Sugar Free Peanut Butter cookies are one of my favorites and
are as good as any peanut butter cookies that are not sugar free. I keep
a supply on hand and my some of my friends have started buying them even
though they don't need to have sugar free products. All Murray cookies
that I have bought have been very good. I'm a many times repeat customer.
388547388547B000AY9UBQA1LFQGHEWHVZ6RRosa L. Shell "Rose Shell"2351294617600Got a Sweet Tooth?These cookies are not only good tasting but helps me stay on tract with my diet. It is a little expensive but, I have lost 40lbs. I like the convenience. You can get them at "Wal-Mart" sometimes.
388548388548B000AY9UBQA3KMILYR935CHFPorkee Peeg0051348876800Yum yumThese are not soft shortbread cookies but Krunchy with a hint of butter. Great for t2 diabetics but, as you know, anything we eat moderation is key. Although pricey buying a case [12] is a lot cheaper than buying single packs retail at your local grocer.
388549388549B000AY9UBQA3OHRVM1B8U24KLawbooks010051347667200Delicious!These cookies are awesome. Great for dieters and those cutting out sugar. So good! You won't miss your old Oreos at all.
388550388550B000AY9UBQA2VZYQ4Q9ZV80PJR0041346803200Delicious!My wife is diabetic. On a recent ospital stay, she was served these cookies on her tray. She brought an extra two pack home and I enjoyed them. We went online to Murray website and ordered a box. We are very happy with the product. One thing ... separation of the two cookies happens sometimes....doesn't get in the way of these tasty treats!
388551388551B000AY9UBQA25J3LOME3V71NDutch650051321401600ScrumptiousI ordered a case of 12 packages and only three cookies were broken. They taste delicious and eight cookies are only 130 calories. Plus, overall, it was less expensive than purchasing them in a store (and that's not even taking into account gas for your vehicle).
388552388552B000AY9UBQA1EDUYYI7G27NNR&B Jazz Gal0051268006400Fantastic solution for a diabetic and weight watcher with a sweet tooth!I LOVE these cookies! As a Type 1 diabetic and a Weight Watcher I still have a strong craving for sweets and chocolate in particular! This cookie packet solves it all for me! They give me the great taste of sweet chocolate without the guilt of blowing my diabetic or my weight loss diets! And I feel like I get so many of them since they're small! I also love the fact that they're portioned out for me.
I can't say enough about these cookies and cannot wait until they're available on the shelves again! Please hurry, Murray! :)
388553388553B000AY9UBQA1GYEGLX3P2Y7PShala Kerrigan0051267660800wonderful alternativeMy favorite uncle is diabetic, and I always feel awful when I invite him for my birthday and he can't join in on eating cake with the rest of us. I picked up a package of these and used them for a cookie crust on a cream pie with Jell-O Sugar-Free Instant Pudding & Pie Filling, Chocolate, 1.4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 24) and whipped cream lightly sweetened with non-sugar sweetener. The result was gorgeous and tasted pretty good even to those of us who can have sugar. For him? He told me "You know I can't have sugar." and when I told him it was sugar free he dug in with gusto. He said "It's not even my birthday and I feel like I got the best present."
It was so easy to make, and the crust was his favorite part. I gave him an extra package of cookies I bought and he enjoyed those a lot too.
Love these for making it so much easier to make special treats for my uncle.
388554388554B000AY9UBQA2C98HWMW9TVQ4Anne-Marie0051265760000Great taste for a sugar-free cookieBought these for my mother online because she can no longer find this particular Murray cookie at the local stores. She likes these and the shortbread cookies. They have a nice flavor for sugar-free and I recommend them to anyone on a low sugar diet.
388555388555B000AY9UBQA19SDJ2TSSL8HIK. McGee0051259798400Big Chocolate TasteI could EASILY gain 15-20lbs from Halloween until New Years Day so this year my husband and I decided to try not to go overboard on all the cookies/candy that is so available.

I bought these cookies thinking they would be a poor substitute but SURPRISE, they really do have a huge chocolately taste and while they won't take the place of home-made fudge or gourmet chocolates, they are still satisfying.

They are tiny, not much bigger than a life saver really and come in 80 calorie packages so I don't have to worry about portion control. Also, it can be hard to get enough fiber in your diet every day so I like the fact that these have 3 grams of fiber per package. My husband is a type II diabetic and these do have 16 grams of carbs but because of the fiber, they don't spike his blood sugar.

The only downside to these is they do have 3g sugar alcohol which can cause some people stomach upset.

I'm still probably going to have goodies this holiday season but with these cookies in my pantry, I know I won't indulge as often.
388556388556B000AY9UBQA3RMPOBMN53CM3Jennifer L. Weekley "jenzmonte"0041257897600Taste great!!!My hubby loves these cookies. He would eat the entire shipment in one week if I would let him. :-)
388557388557B000AY9UBQA23L0V5L0SHF9KCarol L. Roberts0051256256000Fantastic crispy cookie!Hard to find a better crispy sugar-free cookie and, believe me, I've looked. Good price, good storage.

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