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388591388591B003V8Y4W8A1J4WTKOU57PAPMike1221311206400YukAfter reading all the great reviews, I was thrilled to get my delivery. I tore right into the box and into the first bag. I was so disappointed to discover the chips are coated in a powdery substance like cheap Doritos. The taste is artificial, and after eating a few there was a film on the top of my mouth. I will not be ordering this flavor again, and I am hoping the lime is better and more natural. I'll have to find a different way to ingest my plant sterols because I would rather eat good tortilla chips over these any day. I'm not recommending that any of my family or friends purchase this flavor.
388592388592B0007KLGECA3M3BDFT93T2KDBeverly J. Hayworth "Beverly Jeanie Hayworth"0051168992000Wonderful to Review!These Sugar Babies are hard to find in my town in Texas. WalMart have them at Halloween? So, I went to my favorite site to order my Sugar Babies. After more and more sites that I looked at, I had no luck. So, I went to and found exactly what I wanted. So, Amazon never lets me down!

Thanks Amazon for your Wonderful Service!
388593388593B0000VM9OEA39RRTO760KGOYAhmed Montasser0051343347200beautiful and realwhile making my gum paste flowers and roses,i wanted to make the look as real as possible, tried many greens , was not satisfide, most greens were not even close, i tried this color and was very gives the look and shades needed plus looking as real as possible. will order it
again and highly recommed it ."Icing Color - Juniper Green".
few drops can give you the right color. very good product.
388594388594B0000VM9OEA3HA6UXP7IS8Q4Afemat0421321401600Love Wilton, Just Not This ColorI made a basketball cake for my son and the instructions called for terra cotta icing color. I was a little confused when I picked this item up, because the label on the dye shows a red color, nothing near "true" terra cotta, but the swatch (as seen left of the dye) shows terra cotta. I went ahead and purchased this and wasted my time and money. My icing came out pink and and grew closer to red as I added more dye. I ended up using orange and various other colors to get my desired terra cotta coloring.
388595388595B000BK6C6KA1P8TSQPC8SZMRLinda Wooliever5651167782400Delicious walnutsI live somewhat far from stores and markets so sometimes I purchase items in bulk online. I've been grateful for this company's products and will definitely purchase from them again.
388596388596B00330OWDUA134UN7WBSLD5KCanadian girl2251334880000Keebler Frosted Animal CookiesI wish I Could say I bought these for my children, but the truth is I bought them for myself! I love these little gems. They
have just the right amount of sweetness, but not to sweet mixed with Rich shortbread. They are crunchy and just the right size. I found out about them when my 3 year old niece was kind enough to share one with me. I've been hooked ever since! Unfortunately, they do not sell these in Canada, so I order them six at a time from amazon. Thank you amazon! I love the resealable pouch. Really helps keep them crisp and fresh. I have tried the other brand, but find I prefer the keebler
Brand. The flavor is much better. Must be because it's shortbread. I would love to see these sold in Canada!
388597388597B001EPPZGOA2AUWWAUP7HADLbackpacking gal4441282435200quite good but has saltI bought this product to take backpacking. It worked quite well by adding cold water and letting soak for an hour. The beans were still hard a bit in the center so heated them and that was all it took. Quite tasty BUT they taste salted to me. If you are on a restricted diet for low or no-sodium added, beware. The maker does not disclose that the beans have been salted as far as I could see. I think it should be written somewhere to warn folks.
388598388598B001EPPZGOA18RXADI3P39TYLauren Fong "developMENTAL"4451271548800freeze dried beansExcellent. Used 3oz (half of one 6oz. bag) with 1-cup instant rice and cube of tomato consomé for a inexpensive freeze dried meal for camping ($1.60/meal). Mix with 2-cups boiling water, and let sit for 20 mintues. Almost like "Louisiana Red Beans & Rice" from Backpacker's Pantry ($3.95/meal). Thanks Leonard Mountain!
388599388599B004ASPOA4AKIQXCST1N2JWsandysab12251311897600evoo lollove love love my olio santo evoo.. has great flavor for making all my dishes taste great. you cant go wrong!!!!
388600388600B004ASPOA4A28Z2DD1JDSOQ0Donald R. Hartmann "manatee"2251301270400Great American olive oil.A delicate, mild, extra virgin, first cold pressed, olive oil that rivals hojiblanca olive oil from Spain. Best of all it is grown, harvested, and bottled in America. Is that amazing? Highly recommend this oil. Stonehouse california olive oil is super at customer service.
388601388601B001AHKYYOA2GVTS2ES4XWUTBarry5551231286400True granola!Any of Ambrosial's products is hands down the best breakfast I've ever had! Interesting menagerie of ingredients, super yummy and organic. I have yet to find a comparable cereal that gets me going in the morning and i keep a bag in my office as a dry snack during the work day.

Also, the company is so sweet. I don't normally write reviews, but when I wrote a thank you letter to Anastasia at the company, they sent me a small complementary selection of their product. Rare to find such a good company and product ethos.


388602388602B001AHKYYOA25V7KAUQZ1W1WClaudia N. Davidsen "Claudia Davidsen"3351242864000Crunchy, homemade texture and taste!The Venetian Vineyard Ambrosial Granola is so delicious! It is nice and crunchy, just the perfect sweetness, and all the flavors in it can be appreciated individually. I love it for a nighttime snack as well as breakfast. True confessions: Sometimes I have it for dessert or even for dinner. It's wonderful anytime!
388603388603B001AHKYYOAEOR295813GIHJosh S.1151281916800Just deliciousMarvelous granola. It's not quite crunchy like most granola, but is rather more chewy and soft with its pieces of dried fruit. It also has a marvelous almost buttery flavor to it. Delicious with yogurt.

This is also a great price when I've paid as much as $8 a bag for this granola in New York.
388604388604B001AHKYYOA1MK9UR711FU5JSunny0021333152000Wrong item sent--not this 6-count of Venetian Vineyard GranolaI ordered this 6-count of Ambrosial Granola Organic Venetian Vineyard Omega-3 Plus, 12-ounce pouch cereal. What I actually received was only 2 pouches of the Venetian Vineyard granola cereal, plus 2 pouches of Ambrosial Grecian Grove granola cereal, and 2 pouches of Ambrosial Athenian Muesli cereal. (In other words, I was sent 2 sampler-of-three packs, rather than the one 6-pack of Venetian granola.)

I didn't feel like dealing with returning it, so I kept the 4 packages of granola and gave the 2 packages of muesli to someone who likes it. I found out that I like the Grecian granola (which I had not ordered) as well, if not better, than the Venetian granola (which I had ordered). The Grecian granola has interesting orange overtones. The Venetian granola is good, but I would back off on the cinnamon if I were making it.

The packaging, shipping, and delivery were also problematic, but I will deal with those issues elsewhere.

All-in-all, the cereal is good, but the product fulfillment leaves quite a bit to be desired.
388605388605B001AHKYYOA2Y7BSQG9V3LNGJames M. Bailey0041325548800Tastes OkayI add this to cereal and fresh fruits and it seems to add a good flavor. It is expensive though.
388606388606B001AHKYYOA29PBKB9SAPZZ4J. Kelly "“It’s not what happens to you that ...0051323820800Great stuff!If you are a granola fan,you must try this! It is all made at the same place,by the same person,or people..It is wonderful..tastes great,lasts a while,meaning you dont get too hungry after you eat a bowl.I did not buy it for dieting,just love granola.....
Merry Christmas to all..
388607388607B001AHKYYOA21HCRHPOAYP2GJJ0051303344000YUMI've always loved granola, because let's face it, it is not a low-calorie food and often there's so much sugar in granolas, it negates the positive attributes. But the added walnuts, dates and raisins and whole grains make this totally worth it. I spoon some over my greek yogurt and yum!
388608388608B001AHKYYOA33EEIG3MMMR90R. Sturdivant0051298160000TastyI love granola and sometime add rasins or nuts but this stuff was good just as is, in a bowl with milk or right from the bag.
388609388609B001AHKYYOADGS32I8FDAU0et "et in Indiana"0051283212800AwesomeI had been checking webb sites that let you create granola mixes when I thought we might try this. I am still thinking it is pricey compared to other granolas I have purchased using Amazon but it is cheaper than creating my own. It is the best quality and flavor we have had. It is now out of stock and I regret it. Buy more than you think you will need if it comes back in stock because you will eat it for more than breakfast.

It is sweet, naturally. It is not dry. I find the right mix of moist dried fruits and crispy nuts. It is not often my diabetic spouse gets to eat something this good.

This granola was cheaper on Amazon than at the products company site.
388610388610B004P7QDDCA1MOIQWHZHP02Proud Mom4411311465600broken cookiesBought these for a party...guest of honor's favorite cookie! EVERY COOKIE IN ALL 4
PACKAGES WERE BROKEN!!!!! So if you wanted to put out nicely...forget it. Just thrown in the box.
Fresh, but broken to pieces! I ended up using them for a pie crust!!!
388611388611B004P7QDDCA28GRFVAA4DU5PA Texas reviewer4451309996800Excellent taste... but a bit costlyThe Mint Milano cookies are wonderful. They have a light and crispy texture with a mild mint chocolate taste. The flavor reminds me a lot of the chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies although the texture of the 2 cookies are very different (the girl scout cookie is much denser).

Unfortunately the cookies usually arrive with very few intact and several of mine were even broken into multiple pieces. They still taste pretty good though.

Nutritional Facts copied from the actual package (July 2011):

Serving size 2 cookies (25g/ 0.9oz)

Servings per container about 8

Calories per serving 130

Calories from fat 70

Total Fat 7g

Saturated Fat 5g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol less than 5 mg

Sodium 65mg

Total Carbohydrate 16g

Dietary Fiber less than 1g

Sugars 8g

Protein 1g

Vitamins A and C 0%

Calcium 0%

Iron 4%

FYI, I purchased my cookies during 100 degree weather and except for some of the chocolate melting onto the inner wrapper the cookies were fine (I used 2 day shipping which might make a difference since the cookies weren't in the heat that long).

At 15.88 for 4 bags of cookies the price per bag is 3.97 which is 48 cents more than the price printed on the cookie bag (3.49).
388612388612B004P7QDDCA1X80PHSE6U5YJElleana1151322179200Delicious!These are our favorite kind of cookies! Usually, I just buy the dark chocolate one, but Pepperidge has so many different types, I recently decided to try the others. The mint adds a refreshing hint to the chocolate, which we like. These are nice to enjoy with tea as a midafternoon snack or something of the sort.
388613388613B004P7QDDCA281387UUS2IN5Beantown Jim1131316304000OK, but not up to normal Milano standards.I guess I should've known: I checked out the prices for the various permutations of the Milano brand name and this was the cheapest. The cookies arrived in fair condition, with some of them broken already. Slight breakage is okay, since we break them up to eat them anyway. However, when they are broken to the point of powder, they become useless. I believe that these were overbaked or the mix failed. There was a powdery texture to the cookie instead of the smooth surface. It's a subtle difference but the 'Milano' experience is very specific. At these prices, they better be perfect. These cookies weren't.

I know Pepperidge Farm products; my parents lived in Norwalk, CT near their factory. I have shopped at the company store. What's amazing is that their products are perfectly good at the expiration date or even one year later. However, in the case of the product above, they were not good right out of the factory and thus they were discounted.
388614388614B004P7QDDCA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0051346716800Classic CookiesAll of the flavors I've tried are great; but my favorite are the mint.

I was concerned re the shipping issue based on other reviews. When they arrived, the cookies were packed so tightly into a box filled with canned goods that the outer carton was pushed out of shape right on top of where the cookies were - which carton was pretty battered on that location, as one might expect from an incorrectly packed carton. Amazon, what is up with your packaging logic? It's so weird what you do when packing things....

Anyway, I figured the whole batch of cookies would be crushed. To my amazement, only 3 of the cookies were broken (out of a pack of 4 bags). I think that was a fluke really. Anyway, otherwise they were fresh etc. The only other odd thing was that these seemed to be different cookies than what I was used to. They seemed to be thinner. I've noticed since moving from the West Coast to the East Coast that a lot of products seem different here in various ways, so I figured it was either that, or maybe I was imagining it; but I don't think so. Anyway - I actually preferred the thinner ones, as the overall flavor balances were better and the texture was more appealing.

So while my shipping story was a success, I can't claim that the product was really properly packaged, and I wouldn't therefore want to leave a review claiming that.
388615388615B004P7QDDCA1R8UVDE12GK6RFargo "changwh"0031341705600Orange Milano MemoriesA tasty treat for those who remember what these were like when they used to sell them in the stores, now I can't find this one, but they have the double chocolate, mint, and other random flavors that I don't find quite as appealing.

Note that this is a pack of four, but still expensive for such - probably designed to extract the emotional value from people like me. Considering the other kinds can be had for far cheaper at Target... I can do without these for a while again, especially as most of us don't eat through these fast enough to get through four packs by the due date.
388616388616B004P7QDDCAXSV2IRQX2C20JAScribbles "Kindle is charged and ready!"0051336694400Yummy Little TreatThis review is regarding the cookie, not the price set by this seller. The cookie.... is fantastic. What a perfect little treat. Three cookies are only 180 calories. Since I am trying to watch my weight, I eat one - only 60 calories!! It's perfect for those times you NEED something sugary or chocolately. You can eat one of these and not blow your entire day dieting.

Yum. Yum.
388617388617B004P7QDDCA2ZG5QZEH8AX1Jkmperkins0051332115200Far too deliciousThese cookies hardly need a review. They are so amazingly delicious. The perfect amount of rich chocolate between the cookies. Pepperidge farm sure did it right with these cookies. Stick to the classic ones, though. I've tried a few other variations and they aren't nearly as good.
388618388618B004P7QDDCA2MWB3Z94FOP88Cheryl A. Harford "Advide Movie Watcher"0051330387200mad for moviesThe cookies were delicious, chrisp and whole. I can only say they did not last long. Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano is the only cookie I realy enjoy and would eat a lot off. The others, even in Peppridge Farm I would only eat one or two. But I have found that the Mint Milano is hard to get. Pepperidge Farm should try selling in Canada and Jamaica, West Indies. I actually live in Jamaica, W.I. and can not get Mint Milano there so I either ask friends to buy it for me or buy it on line. Would recommend this cookie for all those people that like a lite combination of mint and chocolate.
388619388619B004P7QDDCA1M8AYAL3L8ACPAmanda L. Davis0051330041600Good Mint CookiesThese have minty chocolate in them, but it's not too minty, wich is good. They're a lot like the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies in reguard to flavor, but the texture is lighter and crisper.
388620388620B004P7QDDCA1PN3SJAP1TBTUDulcie22 "barbaralovesanimals"0021318032000Very DisappointedI LOVE raspberry, and Pepperidge Farms, so I thought this would be a "no brainer". However, when I received them they were already a week past the freshness date, and they were very dry. I don't think I will order again.

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