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388621388621B004P7QDDCA1ODKP5Y7DPMM1Doreen B. Bishop "Doreen Bishop cat parent"0051314144000MILANO ORANGE< MY FAVORITE !!!!
388622388622B00432IE90A1IGEMC82CIGHGChocoluvr0051325808000Love thisI have been looking for this for 3 years. I can never find this locally, so know that I can get it, I'm stocking up!!!!
388623388623B002Q7ZVHMAVM1K6IZKOFNDCarol Petruzzo "CarolP"0051336867200Best green teaI drink a lot of ice tea and keep trying to find a green tea that I like. This is the best green tea I have ever tried and I sip it all day long.i just put some leaves in a glass container , fill with water and refrigerate . I have a small strainer that i put over my ice filled glass and pour. You can keep adding water till it starts to get weak. Great flavor!!
388624388624B005CGUSYKA1B6OXTW1PD1QZJoe W.0051345161600The ultimate in cat-related hallucinogenicsThey must call is "Cosmic" catnip because your cat will be so high it will feel like she's on a rocketship to the center of the Milky Way, head spinning and meowing and dropping by the 7-11 for Kitty Cheetos. If there is anything about cats that we don't understand (and I think that list could go on for a while) it's how cats go absolutely nuts for the smell of catnip. We like to sprinkle some on the floor and watch our normally stoic cat turn into a blithering high idiot, rolling around in it and getting that vacant, hollow look in her eyes like a junkie who just took a huge hit of heroin.

If your cat doesn't respond to this catnip they're either a Buddhist Cat Monk or they're a Republican. Thankfully most cats are pretty liberal and have no problems at all snorting the Cat Ganja and letting it all out. So I would say definitely get this catnip for your darling little fluffy muffin, even if they're out of kitty college and have a real kitty job, because everybody needs to blow off some steam every now and then.
388625388625B0041BP9HSA3U05K7VACGXTAMom of two232511301961600Great product, bad value from this sellerSo I was browsing thru amazon looking for GoGo Squeez appleapple sauce, and the general price was around $24 for a 48 pack, so around 50cents a pack. I saw this one, and assumed it was a 12 pack of 4 (that's how all the other ones are labeled) imagine my surprise when it came, and it was literally 12 packs of applesauce for 18 dollars! That $1.50 a pack, 3x what everyone else was selling it for, and even 1.5x more than whole foods. This is a rip-off. Buy from someone else and save yourself the trouble of returning the item like I am doing now.
388626388626B0041BP9HSA3QNAPWZGYOLT9Sarah A. "grad student"3351289088000Awesome-- wish the price was lower so I could buy more.Okay, I know this is probably like a little kids/baby product, but I can't help it-- I'm hooked on these things. I'm a graduate student in college, and I buy these by the case to have as breakfast-on-the-go while driving to school, or snacks in the evening. Of course, they're so small I have to eat like three at a time to be satisfied-- this is why buying by the case is great-- but it ends up being really expensive because they're so small. So yeah, if they go on sale, buy lots of them. They're great.
388627388627B0041BP9HSA39SFE2IR9H6MLHelena T. Stacey2251311897600Great product....ridiculous priceMy boys love these and they are so convenient when we are on-the-go! However, the price listed is so overpriced. I just picked up a 16-pk at Costo for $7.97.
388628388628B0041BP9HSAOZ0R39B7B756LFletch1151296432000LOVE!Our 16 month old son loves these! They are so easy and great to throw in his bag when we go out! They are a great snack for him when we are on the run!!!
388629388629B0041BP9HSA2UNX4P6FFNOLUA. Silver "Real Estate Is My Game"0051346803200My kids love them!Kids love them, we parents love that they are good for the kids, and an easy snack they can grab themselves. Perfect to pack in lunches as well.
388630388630B001BOQ42MA34KXKL8AA6ZY4Megan Thruston7741303948800Cats like it but it's not really a "diet" foodI decided to try this food for my two slightly overweight cats. They have generally resisted dry food changes before, so I was pleasantly surprised when they took to the Healthy Weight formula right away and were willing to eat it by itself within a week. Personally I didn't find the pellets' strange gray-ish color to be very appetizing, but I wasn't the one eating them so I guess it doesn't matter!

Something to note here is that while this food may be low-calorie compared to other Wellness formulas, at 450 kcal/cup the caloric content of this food is the same or higher than many similar brands' normal formulas, such as:
-Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Dry Cat Food for Adult Cat, Chicken Flavor, 18 Pound Bag -- 367 kcal/cup
-AvoDerm Natural Indoor Hairball Care Chicken & Herring Meal Adult Dry Cat Food -- 388 kcal/cup
-Nutro Natural Choice Active Health Indoor Formula Adult Dry Cat Food -- 384 kcal/cup
-Blue Buffalo Longevity Dry Food for Adult Cats, 5.5-Pound Bag -- 379 kcal/cup

I'm not pointing this out to necessarily dissuade people from buying Wellness Healthy Weight - it's still a high-quality product and I was pleased by how well my cats liked it. That said, I know that many people choose "healthy weight" formula foods specifically because they want to slim down their cats without having to reduce portions. With this particular product, you may actually have to feed your cat a smaller amount than you did of their old food if you want them to lose weight or even to maintain their current weight. Just something to be aware of!
388631388631B001BOQ42MA6CVBH028JECFE. Dodd "YummyDC"7751298851200Excellent product for indoor catsMy Cat loves this food, and I love it too because since she has been eating it, she has lost a bit of weight, has plenty of energy, and her COAT looks amazing! It is much thicker and shinier than before and she seems very happy. I don't think it is too expensive - one bag lasts our cat almost 3 months! That means you are spending less than $15 per month on food, and honestly what good Cat-Parent wouldn't spend only $0.50 per day to make sure his/her little one is getting excellent nutrition?
388632388632B001BOQ42MA3PQQVU8NHR7PMJohn J4441322697600Pricey but both cats lost weightI have two overweight cats that I had been feeding EVO and Newman's Own. What I didn't realize is how many calories these brands have, especially EVO which is packed with dense protein. I tried scaling back on portions and got mewed at constantly until I caved in. I decided to try this brand since it's not filled with fillers and claimed it could help lose weight.

At first they picked at it but within a month they ate the entire meal without complaint. They have been losing weight (now around 2 lbs each) over the past 4 months.

Like with humans, there's no magic bullet with weight loss. We all need more excercise and better portion control. This helps me prevent overfeeding since there are less calories but more bulk. I also introduced new play toys to get them active again. The drawback is that this brand is expensive and it smells oddly of dried fruit.

I say if you don't mind the price, give the small bag a try.
388633388633B001BOQ42MA3QI1UDVW4HHI4Connie L. Rucinski0051350777600Great food for the price--best for the cats u can buy!My cats loved this food and picked it out over the old stuff when I slowely switched to this. It is better for their health and their coats were even softer than before.
388634388634B001BOQ42MA3GGGQE7J3J70XDanielle S. Jones0011350172800Not what I was hoping forMy cat isn't overly picky and deals with food changes pretty easily, but after three days with this stuff, he's barely eaten 1/3 of a cup! Plus, what he has eaten didn't stay down for long. I'm not happy, but luckily I can take it back for a refund of switch it. $22 for 5lbs of cat food that my cat won't eat... thank goodness I can exchange it! I'm just so disappointed. I wanted something healthy and grain free for my chubby kitty, but it looks like I'm be going back to my old brand...
388635388635B001BOQ42MA1F0IWBQF9Z3UUYelena M. Babinskaya "Nickcarravay"0041344038400Have switched primarily to this food for both my catsFine product, great ingredients list. The cats really seem to like it, though one cat did slim down, the other one actually gained weight, but hopefully only to get to its' ideal weight.
388636388636B001BOQ42MA1C9V57DICTRUYC. Abat "Mom of Twins"0051343347200My Cats Love It...but......I had gotten the food since one of my cats is getting really big. I figured it was a good idea to put them on this food since they really like the Wellness CORE. However, my big cat seems to have gotten bigger. It's hard for me to keep her from eating out of both cats bowls, so I'm at a bit of a loss. I may have to look into a different diet food, but my concern is that she will just eat the other cat's food (the one who doesn't need to be on a diet). Otherwise, they love the Wellness foods!
388637388637B001BOQ42MA2FD6BEEF6K84KJoanna Chapin03113415328002 cats: not one bitePetco had a 20% off sale on this. I know why. At least for my cats. Neither of the cats would take a single bite. One of my cats will eat ANYHING - but not this. Anybody want the rest of the bag?
388638388638B001BOQ42MAOP5TUC7TTEY0J0341322352000WellnessGreat ingredients, but the cats didn't like this as much as Blue Buffalo. I switched to BB Indoor Cat. The BB was also a bit less expensive.
388639388639B001BOQ42MA33TRB92H42BZHH. Blank "whatisthepoint"051131880960012 paws down...I was excited to get this food and see if I could get my 3 cats to lose some weight after reading the reviews. I put the food out for my cats the day it arrived. They sniffed it and walked away. The food sat there all weekend and they have refused to eat it.

Maybe I got a bad bag?
388640388640B007TGO1TYA1B70ZEWQ6UH1AJust Me171841346976000not just monk fruitI like this product, but you have to look at the ingredient list to see what you are really getting. Despite monk fruit being prominently displayed on the front, it's actually the 3rd ingredient, behind sugar. Now, monk fruit is sweet for it's weight, so it may be contributing a reasonable amount of the sweetness that the product has. But the first ingredient is erythritol. Amazon sells pure erythritol, and it is cheaper on a per ounces basis (though erythritol is not as sweet as sugar or monk fruit, but the flavor is fine). Also the pure erythritol, obviously, contains no sugar, unlike Nectresse. So, I like Nectresse, but I like pure erythritol even better.
388641388641B007TGO1TYA1RHE0EI5GQM66B. Holmes3351349654400There is a lot of incorrect information in other reviewsWhile everyone can have their opinion, the scientific justification and logic in some of the arguments are without reason or merit.

It is not monkfruit, it's a sweetening product which has monkfruit. Comparing it to stevia the herb is not plausable. Apples to apples.

150 times sweeter than sugar is not the same as 150% sweeter than sugar. 150% is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar. While this is a common mistake, like your vs you're, this should not be a mistake when doing an analysis or making an argument.

The total calories is unknown and not calculable. The listed 1 gm and <1grm when it's itemized means it is non-zero. In fact 1 gram of sugars from Erythritol is 0.2 kcals so if there is 0.1 grams, that's it's only 2 one hundredths of a single calorie (2/100th). Calories is non-zero and less than 5 but any other attempt at calculating the calories without knowing the exact contribution between 0 < x < 1gm of each ingredient is guessing.

Comparing a teaspoon of this to a teaspoon of sugar as an argument that it has significant calories makes no sense. A serving of this is 1/4 of a teaspoon. What's the point of using super sweet items if you do arguments based on volume.

The added ingredients are there for volume and texture. For the mass market, an eye dropper and instructions to attempt to get out 1 / 150th of a drop in my grandma's tea isn't a viable product model. Even getting out 1/4 of a teaspoon is rather hard. Ingredients are listed by weight, by law, they aren't listing it by the % sweetness the amount adds to the total product. You are paying for a certain amount of 'sweetness', a.k.a. a 'serving'. Would there be less issues if there were no fillers and you get 120 servings of sweetener but it comes in the size of a single sugar packet? Get out the micro scale and the razor blades.

Is it natural? Let's look:

1. Erythrytol - created from fermented sugar. Is Vodka and whiskey natural?

2. Sugar - even if it's GM (genetically modified) beet sugar, it's the 'granulated white stuff' 95% of American's call table sugar. Most foods at the typical grocery store are GM. Even the farmer's market. Who do you think they buy their seeds from? Monsanto.

3. Monk fruit - Seems like there are no arguments on this being 'natural'.

4. Molasses - By-product of making table sugar, that white stuff people see on the tables and make cookies with.

Calories will add up and increase your blood sugar? Only if you consume a lot...all at once. Last I knew, people didn't sit down and eat 140 sugar packets at once. Even then, you are looking at less of an impact on your blood sugar than 1/4th of a candy bar. Half of those few calories is from Erythrytol, which according to Wikipedia does not have any affect on the blood sugar level.

Pure Erythrytol is close to the same cost per '1 serving of sugar like sweetness' as this. You just need a lot more of it.

It's a lot of nit-picking and there's a lot more I could go over but people seem vocal over trivial things. Does it really matter if something has 1 calorie when the whole point is that people are consuming way too much sugar and fat in their diet. Why focus on getting 'no-fat' if the purpose is to cut calories and get to a reasonable diet. We as a country are too obsessed on going from extreme to extreme. I see people 300 pounds over-weight screaming at the barista about getting the non-fat milk over the 2% or the diet-coke to their 3 platter Long John Silver's meal.

Lastly as a sweetening product, I like it. It's has a slight fruity taste. Cooking I have no idea but I like it in my morning coffee and tea. I use to use 1/2 spenda packet 1/2 sugar packet but I've replaced it with a pinch of this. I'm going to try it in my rib marinade and see how it works.

I suggest anyone thinking about it, you can get free samples from the company, try it. You won't die from it, look at a single slice of white bread and compare it.
388642388642B007TGO1TYA2D7X9N3IV3S7Bdeeper waters3321349395200Marketing trumps Product ValueThe thing that I like best about this product is the container. It is a compact, convenient way to use loose sweetener at home rather than all of those paper packets. The downside of the container is that measuring 1/4 tsp. can become more cumbersome and inaccurate than convenient. As for flavor, there is little advantage over other sweeteners on the market. Sugar is a significant ingredient along with erythritol. This sugar alcohol has minimal impact on diabetic blood sugar levels but can cause problems for people with IBS or sensitive guts. Other reviewers commented on the extreme sweetness but that was not my experience when using it with oatmeal. 1/4 tsp. of Nectresse was not discernable while 1 tsp. of sugar added just a touch of sweetness with no aftertaste. This product left a decidedly unpleasant residual taste when added to coffee. All in all there was little about Nectresse that would get me to consider buying it or to recommend it to anyone else. I suspect that this is more about increasing sales in a sweetner saturated market than it is about providing a particularly unique product.
388643388643B007TGO1TYAYKZAQN205ZPDDee5651346112000Very good product.Best product from Splenda yet! No after taste and great in everything you need sugar for. I would recommend this product to everyone.
388644388644B007TGO1TYA3AVJCB1ZD6ZY5R. Kyle131811349136000Sweet start -- bad aftertasteNectresse is the new "non-caloric" sweetener, which is set to take on Stevia. The monk fruit, the basis of this sweetener, can be used in high-heat cooking, which Stevia cannot.

But, read the label before you decide that this product is for you, because monk fruit is not the only ingredient. In fact, it's the third ingredient of four:

1. Erythrytol -- it's a sugar alcohol that's 60 to 70 percent sweeter than sugar, which occurs naturally through the fermentation of fruits. Industrially, it's fermented with glucose and a yeast. Unlike other sugar alcohols, erythrytol is less likely to cause gastric side-effects (gas and diarrhea) and it does not effect blood sugar.

2. Sugar

3. Monk fruit -- this fruit is 150% sweeter than sugar. It's derived from luo han guo, which is a Chinese gourd family.

4. Molasses

While the label says this is non-caloric, note there is one gram of carbohydrates listed on the label. That's four calories per teaspoon. That's less than the 15 calories per teaspoon of sugar and Nectress should not have the same effect as sugar on your blood glucose, but it's still got calories and if you consume a lot of Nectresse, it's going to add up.

It's debatable whether Nectresse is natural, either. Sugar comes from beets, which have been genetically modified. Also, the molasses and sugar alcohol components are suspect.

Nectresse comes in a small plastic container with two pop-ups on the lid: one for pouring and the other for spooning. It looks like granulated sugar, the only difference is a slight peachy cast which I am guessing is from the monk fruit or the molasses.

So--after all this explanation--how does it taste? I added Nectresse to a couple of my favorite teas to see. My initial impression was sweet--actually, much sweeter than the Stevia, which has become my go-to sweetener. A teaspoon will definitely sweeten a cup that would normally take two.

The issue is the after-taste. It's sweet and sticky and it lingers. I rinsed my mouth out twice before that taste left.

No thanks, I'm sticking with Stevia.

Rebecca Kyle, October 2012
388645388645B007TGO1TYA3C9Q3KTNNLJJSouthernAmazoner2221350345600Not for meI received this product courtesy of Amazon Vine. I drink a lot of iced tea (who from the south doesn't?) and I sometimes use artificial sweetener, although I prefer sugar. Believe it or not, some people don't understand that sugar doesn't have a lot of calories: just 16 per teaspoon. Still, many people can't use sugar or just prefer alternatives. At first, I thought my tea with Nectresse tasted pretty good, nice and sweet....until I got the AFTERTASTE. I thought the aftertaste was much more prominent than other sweeteners and, judging from other reviews, I'm not the only one. In any event, that's a non-starter for me. Can't mess with my tea!
388646388646B007TGO1TYA3ELOCDHFEPEKJAngie Boyter2231349827200Four-minus for performance, 3 for labelingI am always trying to watch my calories and carbs, so a new sweetener sounded interesting. Currently I use Splenda, so I made a point of comparing Nectresse to Splenda.

Performance and Taste:
Plain Nectresse : Right out of the jar it is pleasantly grainy like real sugar, much better than Splenda, and the immediate taste is very sugar-like. There is an unpleasant aftertaste, though, that is more pronounced than the aftertaste of Splenda.
In hot tea and coffee: The Nectresse dissolved fine but again had a mild unpleasant aftertaste.
In cold beverages: The Nectresse did not dissolve very well in cold beverages. I even tried it in plain water, and it took a LOT of stirring and letting it sit to dissolve completely.
In French toast batter: The Nectresse worked fine in the batter. It had an aftertaste but no worse than that of most sugar-free syrups, although that is not very good.
In baked custard: Nectresse worked fine but surprisingly did not seem as sweet as I had expected.
In banana pecan muffins Since the product description says it can be used for baking, I decided to put it to a true scientific test. I made a batch of mini banana pecan muffins using sugar. Then I made a batch using the same recipe except I substituted Nectresse. I typically find that artificial sweeteners in cooked items seem to get a stronger aftertaste, so I only used 2/3 as much Nectresse as they would have suggested, i.e., 2 tablespoons of Nectresse instead of ¾ cup sugar. I then made the same recipe with Splenda, again using only 2/3 as much as recommended, ½ cup instead of ¾ cup sugar. I used the same pans in the same oven at the same temperature. All of them browned to a degree, but the sugar batch browned more evenly and looked just a little bit better. They rose about the same amount, and from appearance it would be hard to tell them apart. Then I invited some friends over, and six of us had a blind (except to me) taste-testing. They did not know that the differences were due to different sweeteners. All they knew was that they each had one A muffin, one B muffin, and one C muffin .(Well, they liked them enough that they had 2 or 3 while they were "evaluating". ) No one rejected any of the muffins, and I suspect that if they were given any of them by itself they would say it was fine. However, side by side, everyone had a slight preference for the sugar-sweetened muffin, which 2 people described as moister and with more banana flavor. Three people said the Nectresse was tougher, drier, denser, and least tasty. Only one person preferred the Nectresse to the Splenda, and several did not see a lot of difference between the two. Three people noticed a slight aftertaste with the Splenda, which one person described as "maple-like", and two people remarked on a slight aftertaste with the Nectresse.
BOTTOM LINE: I'd stick with Splenda for drinks, although I would use Nectresse as a second choice. For most people's tastes, Splenda produced a better texture for baking, too. I imagine Nectresse would be a good choice as a topping for cereal or berries because of the texture.

Ingredients and "Natural" Claims:
I consider the label rather misleading. The front panel says "100% Natural made from Monk Fruit." The ingredients label says,"Erythritol, sugar, monk fruit extract, molasses." I leave it to your standards whether you consider erythritol "natural". It is a sugar alcohol that has been known since 1848 and reputedly has little or no effect on blood sugar and few of the side effects some other sugar alcohols have. It occurs in nature but is also made in the labs, and I have no clue how the Nectresse ingredient was obtained. I am not an expert, and the internet has many contradictory articles on Erythritol. If this matters to you, find a reputable source of information.
388647388647B007TGO1TYA3II7VQOJ0Q1XDShannon L. Yarbrough "Shannon L. Yarbrough"2241349308800Notes From a Regular Splenda UserI switched completely to Splenda over a year ago as a way to cut calories, particularly in my morning cups of coffee or evening cups of tea. I always use two packets per cup.

I was excited to try Splenda's new Nectresse since it is calorie free, but was shocked like all the other reviewers here to find that sugar is one of the main ingredients!

For me, I experienced no aftertaste when I tried it in hot tea. It did have a slight aftertaste though when I tried Nectresse in my coffee this morning. It wasn't anything too bad since I drink coffee before brushing my teeth, but it was still there.

The main perk for this product is you don't have to use as much. One teaspoon of it in my tea and in my coffee was plenty. Since Splenda products can be a bit pricey, it's nice to feel like you are really getting the 140 servings mentioned on the label.

Would I buy it again? Yes, probably if I had a coupon or if my regular Splenda was out of stock. Seeing sugar in the list of ingredients is the biggest turn-off for me. For now, I'm content with my regular yellow pack stuff.
388648388648B007TGO1TYA2K3DB7X56UXLZJC Chupack2241348963200Great alternative to regular Splenda, same great tasteI was admittedly nervous about trying an alternative sweetener. I've been a Splenda user for many years, for sweetening my iced tea and other beverages. Given that this sweetener comes from a fruit, I was worried about a fruity flavor or taste.

Comparing the flavor, this tastes a little less sweet than Splenda, but it doesn't have the cloying aftertaste of Splenda. I can detect a slight "dark" flavor that reminds me of raw sugar in Nectresse. My husband and I did a blind taste test using regular Splenda and this sweetener. We both ended up preferring Nectresse for flavor. There is a slight amount of sugar and molasses in Nectresse that I suspect is there for flavor. There is still a very slight aftertaste with Nectresse, but it's nowhere near what you get from other sweeteners like aspartame or Stevia.

For texture, both Nectresse and Splenda dissolve well in iced tea and have a similar texture. Splenda, of course, is available in several variants for baking and in tablet form for iced drinks, whereas (as of this writing) Nectresse is not. So, I only compared powder to powder.

It is worth noting that this contains Erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol commonly found in pears and grapes. It doesn't typically cause digestive issues the way some sugar alcohols can do (and I didn't notice any issues from it), but it's worth knowing in case you've had issues with Erythritol in the past.

I'm not at all qualified to speak to any health or other benefits. However, I really like this option and would be happy to use or purchase it again. I hope it has enough popularity to end up making it into some baked goods and other treats, as I think the flavor would work well in that environment. I'd also love to see a Nectresse/brown sugar blend, similar to the option with Splenda.
388649388649B007TGO1TYA2BJHRWAEBFM2VGarnet "Garnet CA"6821347494400Bad after taste.This product is not to sweet and granulated like sugar. But, has a really strong after taste of the artifical and stays with you for minutes afterwards. I don't think I will buy this again.
388650388650B007TGO1TYA1BTG38XSGYLW3Aderyn1151350518400Excellent in coffeeWe're using this primarily in sweetened coffee, where it works very well. Interestingly, one of our observations has been that it has no aftertaste, and I see that some reviewers have downgraded it due to the aftertaste. Just goes to show you how objective taste is! To help guide your choice, note that we are fans of Splenda and do not like Nutrasweet or Sweet'N Low, both of which seem, to us, to have an objectionable aftertaste. There's general agreement that we would, and probably will, buy this product again.

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