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388719388719B000W5I8KMA2Q3YK1V02V2T0Marina1151277769600Tastes great, very simple instructions.I bought a few bags of these to use with my Sephra chocolate fountain for my husband's birthday party. Amazon had a buy 3, get 1 free deal which was great. The chocolate melted very easily and the instructions are super easy to follow, which I was thankful for amidst the hectic party prep going on around me. Best of all, the chocolate tasted delicious!! I was going to throw out the leftover chocolate but my husband and kids begged me to save it. I put the remaining chocolate into a covered, shallow tupperware container overnight and the next day broke the chocolate into big chuncks. They munched on chocolate pieces when they had a sweet tooth until it was all gone (didn't take long). Very convenient and tastes delicious!
388720388720B000W5I8KMA3QFAOHDM2XLB9K. harris1151269648000Wilton Chocolate Pro fountainDefinetly worth the money spent. I used it for valentines day for 100 people and a wedding for 200 people. Excellent product.
388721388721B000W5I8KMA1O4EM6PFBMOD5Jesse Johnson3451234051200Best fountain chocolate I have tried so farBest fountain chocolate I have tried so far. Tastes Great and doesn't cost so much.
388722388722B000W5I8KMA1SMLFVSUZGY7BC. Sourber "8 year - Homeschool Mom of 3"2311277424000Not the best chocolate!This product was disappointing! I have purchased other brands in the past that worked great but this one didn't flow smoothly and wasn't the best tasting. Shop around!
388723388723B000W5I8KMALTNYB3OFFCVLHeather Jones "Hjones"0021343952000flowed beautifully, but tasted awfulI have used my chocolate fountain many times, but this was the first time using Wilton chocolate. It tasted like artificial chocolate. Try Sephora brand.
388724388724B000W5I8KMA10V1UKQCAL0O6Let Me Tell You What I Think0051337472000Let Me Tell You What I ThinkThis product is high quality and delicious. I purchased a couple of these packets to go along with the Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain. Following directions for melting are easy and the chocolate never caked up or clogged during the time we ran the chocolate fountain. Everybody enjoyed this. I did a lot of research on chocolate fountains and the Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain was the best machine for the price and the reviews of its quality were spot on! It arrived within days of ordering and was nicely packaged. I've kept the box and after cleaning the fountain, stored it in our attic for future use.
388725388725B000W5I8KMA1VPWUDX7WNG4Dscarr0011333238400Chocolate was oldWe recieved the wilton chocolate pro fountain and fondue for my step son graduation party. The bags were one large chuck of chocolate that had melted together at some point. It still worked when we melted the chocolate in the microwave. I didn't like the taste of the chocolate but nobody at the graduation party seemed to mind because everyone had chocolate mustaches.
388726388726B000W5I8KMA3R7QK9XP6S3GXJeffrey0011329782400Simply not worth the moneyThe chocolate taste better before melt, will get too sweet and soft after then.

Get dark chocolate has 60%+ coco for better taste if you are making chocolate cover strawberries like I do.
388727388727B000W5I8KMA70CD02EYZP56Trina0041314144000Great StuffThe chocolate melted great & tasted delicious. However, you can purchase it at your local craft store (Michael's, A C Moore)
388728388728B000W5I8KMA27R7NESTM99FDjcwstephenson0051311552000Delicious!A must for chocolate fountains. Nothing to do but warm in microwave and pour into fountain. Teens loved this.
388729388729B000W5I8KMA3VSGVJHCBMXLILaura A. Williams "sljce"0051308009600Worked great.Used this chocolate with the Wilton Fountain and it worked just fine. I didn't need to add any oil or anything. Just followed the instructions and everyone loved it.
388730388730B000W5I8KMA36NT14EKSOUA0hostess 10051308009600EASY as 1-2-3This chocolate worked perfectly in the wilton chocolate fountain that we purchase and it was literally heat up and pour in! EASY!!
388731388731B000W5I8KMA1CK15PS3AR9XNDivine Destiny0051306108800The Chocolate was a Big HitSomeone commented that it wasn't the best chocolate. They must have ruined their taste buds or had a bad chocolate fountain. Everyone raved over how good the chocolate tasted. My daughter, who setup the fountain, said it was one of the easiest tasks she had ever done. We celebrated my granddaughter's graduating as valedictorian of her high school and wanted something special. This was very special and a great crowd pleaser. I will order more to save a trip to Michael's.
388732388732B000W5I8KMAF5HJAFJH61C8michelle "Michelle"0021305590400Not good for fondueI found this to be thin, have poor taste and overly expensive when we dipped strawberries in our Wilton Chocolate Pro Electric Melting Pot as a test we then put plain old chocolate chips with a bit of oil in it and it was much better (thicker stayed on berry, better taste, cheaper). I think the name should be changed to remove the fondue and just for fountains. If you have a fondue with a melt function such as the one listed avoid this product.
388733388733B000W5I8KMA34OJWGNJAOPUZA. Jones "Andy"0051305590400TastyNot too much to say. This worked perfectly in our little fondue fountain and tasted great. Lots of good feedback from our friends.
388734388734B000W5I8KMA3NWDVRYFBV72WScottypiper "Scottypiper"0051301961600Best chocolate to use for a Wilton fountainI bought the Wilton fountain to use for a Halloween party last year and I bought this chocolate to go along with it. I didn't have to add any oil or anything else. I just melted the chocolate following the directions (for Microwave) and everything turned out great. The chocolate was a big hit. We used lots of things to dip in the chocolate including stawberries, bananas, apples, cookies, rice krispy treats, and many more. The chocolate tastes great and my party was a big hit.

I will be buying more of this chocolate when I need the fountain again.
388735388735B000W5I8KMA3728APIPKP6TLHarbaugh0051300233600Delicious and easyI used this chocolate in a Wilton fountain and it worked perfectly. It tastes very good and it is easy to melt. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes per bag. No oil is needed. It is perfect and I will only use this chocolate in my fountain.
388736388736B000W5I8KMA1LI2NI232F3X7Dj0051299888000loved itIt worked perfectly we followed the directions, and read the comments before using. We purchaed for a school party and it was a hit. It is important to preheat the machine while you thourghly melt the choclate free of lumps. We used both real chocolate and chocolate flavored fountain ready both were delicious. It is also easy to clean.
388737388737B000W5I8KMA1D06KCF06KHHBCindyK0041299888000Easy to use an tastes greatWorked perfectly with Chocolate pro fountain and tasted great. We used it for an employee event and it was so easy. No need to add oil as with other brands. Great tip: Instead of microwaving (wih constant surervision) we melted them in a large crock pot that morning and then kept on warm until time for the event. The only thing I would change: The chocolate didn't "set" like a shell coating as we had expected but it was still fabulous.
388738388738B000W5I8KMA1KBR7CO5LYH84happymom77 "Aimee P"0051298246400Easy to use, Tasty to eatWe heated the discs in a double boiler (no oil needed) and poured the melted chocolate into our fountain. Voila - super easy, very delicious! I'm ordering two more bags to keep on hand for our next party. Can't wait to do it again!
388739388739B000W5I8KMA31LQH8H89TLMOSuki0051293667200Loved it!I live in the Middle east, so I try to do alot of research into a product before buying it. I was very happy with the wilton chocolate and it was a breeze to use it.

simple, just pour the chocolate into a ziplock plastic bag and place in the microwave oven for a minute or 2, making sure not to burn the chocolate. i placed it on defrost to make sure the chocolate melted evenly.

then snip one corner of the bag and pour into the chocolate fountain once it has been heated up. It was really simple and easy to use.

Thank you wilton!
388740388740B000W5I8KMAKJ6GA151W2XFrank Carreiro0051290902400This was great!Our first fondue experience included this and the traditional cheese fondue with a mix of dipping fruits and sweet breads. I'm sure there are better chocolates out there however this product was great and we're already talking about purchasing another couple bags for our next fondue party.
388711388711B001C62QJYA26ANT7EUKSJR1Mary Jane "MJ"0051236470400Convenient, economical, good quality productThe 1 pound packaging of this hard to find herb has worked out to be real convenient and economical for me. I use it primarily for my skin and hair care needs. I use it to make decoctions for my itchy skin and scalp. It works great and the quality is really good.
388712388712B000W5I8KMA26CXECMG3IKH5L. Varisco121341262044800Good chocolateOrdered this chocolate for a party we were having. Taste was great and texture smooth. It took awhile to melt it in the microwave because you have to nuke it in 40 second intervals and then knead it. Still, better than melting chocolate chips in a double boiler and adding oil! I realized after I bought this and paid to ship it that they carry this product at Michaels! Oh well, saved me a trip I guess.
388713388713B000W5I8KMA3P9F3HWBUF0L2Suzie121351232150400Easy to use with the Wilton fountainSnip the top, knead, microwave a few times and there was a river of delicious chocolate to go with my brand new Wilton fountain. Though two packages are recommended, one went very far.
388714388714B000W5I8KMA3VFUEREND4NMMRowen's Mom7851260662400Delicious!I honestly believed I'd have to use some sort of fancy chocolate to get something that tasted this good for our new Wilton fountain. I didn't have the time to research recipes, etc so just decided to buy the Wilton chocolate and I'm so glad I did. It tasted GREAT! It was so easy to use. You microwave it right in the bag and just pour it in the fountain. The fountain flowed so well all night and had a perfect cascade down all 3 tiers. Buy it for the convenience or the taste...they're both amazing.
388715388715B000W5I8KMA12Y3ZYZR2LHH7Cue3153341306195200Good productOverall, I would say that the chocolate worked well. After melting it in the microwave as the directions say to do, the chocolate flowed easily. Something to note, this happened on two occasions...when chocolate has been opened, attempt to use all of it. Chocolate that has been opened and left out for long periods of time will not work well period.
388716388716B000W5I8KMA3OKND1570M0WLjmitzy1151305676800Great just buy wilson chocolate to go with fountainThis chocolate was awesome with the wilson 2 tier tower, one bag lasted 4 hours with 20 people going back for 3rd and 4ths i would recommend :)
388717388717B000W5I8KMA39ZOV98E1ZQBKM. Jones "Designer, Illume llc"1151303430400Super easy to use, great tasting!this is by far the best product for a fountain! It tastes great and does not require oil, so easy to use any where. I just used it with the Wilton Chocolate Pro, outside and it worked great! Can't wait to use my fountain again! Clean immediately though - it hardens up a ton!
388718388718B000W5I8KMALZMYDQLORC72Krista1151294963200fondue chocolate is awesomethe taste and the consistency of this chocolate is perfect. I've tried several others and haven't been nearly as pleased as I am with this brand. It's all that I will buy from now on.

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