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388861388861B0007ZNW2GA2ZPKV563FR4NSKim S. Pierman "love soft hands"1151136160000Jamaican all the way!Since my first trip to Jamaica, I fell in love with the coffee. The delivery date was right on and we had Blue Mountain coffee on Christmas morning! For a treat, try drinking it with sweetened condensed milk!
388862388862B0007ZNW2GAHG1X8SCKAVAUC. Goodman0051303776000I don't even like coffee, but I LOVE this!I don't even like coffee, but this is in a class by itself!

There is no bitter aftertaste, and with the slightest sprinkle of chocolate creamer, it is going quickly to become my drink of choice! I can't imagine how good it will taste with a shot of liquor in it!

I just wish we had more! (But we will soon...thanks Amazon!)

No matter what Jamaican coffee you buy, make sure it is certified Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee, like this one is! :)
388863388863B0007ZNW2GA331TXDQ3NFCHGDavid J. Sussman "Dark Sky"0031247529600so soI'm a big Juan Valdez colombian fan. This Jamaican stuff doesn't have the kick that I love from coffee. It's sorta flat. Especially for something I spent $75 for two lbs. Goin Back To Colombian (twang twang)
388864388864B0007ZNW2GA22OICJE7B2CE0Methos0121338508800Jablum leaves me nonplused...When in Jamaica I drink JBM coffee and have come to develope a fine appreciation for the bean. What I opened this morning was not what I had expected. To be clear, I was greatly dissapointed. I found bits of husk from the bean, which doesn't make coffee, and is considered filler. The flavor left something to be desired as well, it tasted like folgers coffee without all the acid. I was hoping to leave a great review of this product, but honesty forbids it.
388865388865B0007ZNW2GA9Q0F94C8NMVZM. Crider "iluvmybabies"0131336953600Nothing to write home aboutBelieve it or not, I bought this at a yard sale for 50 cents. The packaging was perfect and looked exactly like the photo. It doesn't expire for another 6 months. I can only figure the seller received the coffee as a gift and had no idea the cost. I LOVE coffee and figured this would be very good but was so disappointed. I wanted to see how much it would have cost me had I not bought it at a yard sale and almost fell over when I saw the going price on Amazon!!!!!! There is NO way on this Earth I would pay the ridiculous amount here, but I will say I like the coffee more now that I know what a great deal I got! :-) I decided to try it again this morning and am using the sweetened condensed milk as mentioned by another reviewer (about 3 over-flowing teaspoons per cup - I like sweet coffee). I also used less coffee since last time I felt it was too strong. I still cannot pay the going price for this and figure most people on here buy it as a splurge thinking it is neat to drink Jamaican coffee. I too like to experiment with foodstuffs from other places, but not at this price... Needless to say unless I find another at a yard sale, I'll never drink this coffee again once my 16 ounces is gone... except if I take a trip to Jamaica mon. :-)
388866388866B0007ZNW2GAMRGQ0SDOOMLQPNWHiker0131199750400Nothing specialI bought this coffee after watching a documentary on Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, thinking it would taste exceptional compared to regular coffee. This was a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas. We brewed it in the drip coffee maker and also tried it in the French press and neither one of us were impressed. At this point, our preferred coffee is Dunkin' Donuts Original's much cheaper and more readily available.
388867388867B0007ZNW2GAJQZGRNYW75B9D. Liebl1311235952000I did not like it.A co-worker of mine went to Jamaica for vacation in Feb. and bought me a 1lb. bag of the ground. It's expiration date was March. I brewed it as soon as I got home. To me it tasted like cheap coffee that had been left out in the open air for a week. I wonder if it was due to the expiration date, or does this coffee really taste like this. If so, I will never buy again. From all the hype, I was expecting much more.
388868388868B000FGXT34A29DXN08RPOPTIDaniel A. Lawver3351155859200Amazing TeaI bought this tea for my mom for her birthday, and everyone in the family loves it. This is excellent chai tea.
388869388869B000FGXT34AIBZ1U7VJVK72Jessie-messie-bo-bessie1151201219200Best Chai in a bagI bought this based on other reviews here, and agree that this is the best chai blend I've tasted. Only home-made is better. The spices are fresh, the tea is bold and flavorful, and tastes great plain as well as in traditional chai fashion, with milk and sugar.
388870388870B000FGXT34A1UCMJC8ORYUN2Chris Jacobs1151198713600Really Excellent Chai!This is hands down the best chai blend I've ever tasted. The black tea is excellent quality and the spices are very well balanced. It's good plain or with milk. (Sorry to all those of you who sweeten your chai - I don't, so I can't comment.)
388871388871B000FGXT34A1R0NOLDRD274TBryan M. Griffith "A business litigation atto...1151170028800Better than *bucks!This is an excellent chai tea! My other favorite chai teas are Stash Double Spice and Mighty Leaf Chai.

The Mountain High Chai is a little sweeter than some and extremely smooth. I am very pleased.
388872388872B000FGXT34A11JCNY9D1R145S. Kamra0011334793600Not the same any moreI would have given 5 stars to the original (Made in Ceylon). Those were very refreshing, had taste and texture to it. But the once I got in mail second time around are not any thing like original. On the box it says "Bold New Taste" but inside they have removed all the herbs from the tea bag and filled with some cheap loose black tea. Yikes....
388873388873B000FGXT34A14X0JC4KCFMRSWalt 17280031316822400A little disappointedThis tea is great. I do not consider it the best though. Actually this Chai is too expensive and will never be as good as NUMI Golden Chai or Seven Spice Chai.
388874388874B000FGXT34AS2Y000GWUVGKhuseyin0021304035200did not have the original strength I was looking forI bought a 15 count box initially and it was perfect. the 100m count box is somehow light, and not giving the original taste.
388875388875B000FGXT34A3V5U28QTN2ZUOGary Nigro0051288051200Pretty goodThis stuff is pretty good and I'm not even really a tea drinker. It has a great smell and is not too strong of a flavor. My wife absolutely loves it. I bought it in a store once and could never find it again so I was happy to find it on Amazon, and at a much lower price.
388876388876B000FGXT34A2LV2AT13TLCW1Anna0051252281600Delicate flavor, my favorite chai!I drink a lot of chai, and while I switch between a few brands for variety, this one is definitely my favorite. Delicate balance of spices with notes of clove, this is a great tea if you like subtle flavor. Good with or without soy milk or milk, flavorful enough to stand alone without much sweetner, if any. The price in amazon is very good, much cheaper than what I pay buying individual boxes at my local market.
388877388877B000FGXT34A2UGCA3LV9U449Yank15 "Yank15"0411232323200Two Leaves and BlahI saw this Chai Tea when I was shopping here for the Tazo Chai Tea. I read the 3 reviews which all gave 5 stars so decided to give it a try. I have to say I am totally disappointed.

No real flavor what so ever. I was expecting a Chai Tea with a little bit of bite and I got quite a bit of nothing. The description written up by the manufacture made the tea sound wonderful. Again the 5 stars by the reviews sold me, the taste did not.

I would never recommend this tea to anyone, and as for me I'm sticking with Tazo.
388878388878B004BJS1PCA2OY3MCJQSRSUOMusashi&Koyama3351316995200With your own topping this makes perfect ramenMyojo makes excellent instant ramen. All you need to add is protein of your choice, vegetables of your choice, soft boiled egg, nori, etc and you will have perfect ramen. The noodle itself is excellent quality but when you make ramen, you have to eat it right away or noodles will get soft.
388879388879B004BJS1PCALT8IGQU5EJA9tc551141317945600pretty goodThese are quite tasty--soy sauce flavored but not too salty, which is misleading since it does contain plenty of salt( you probably shouldn't finish all of the soup, for health reasons). Another problem with these instant ramen is the lack of an expiration date on the package---I ordered Myojo's yakisoba along w/ this and had to throw most of it away.
388880388880B004BJS1PCA19EDOTNIYNG00N. Cody0041293062400Salt for Today and Till Noon TomorrowI bought these on advice of a few other sites, aka why I would pay $2.60 for a bag of ramen noodles. Starting with the bad, they contain 130% of daily recommended dose of salt, as well as: MSG, High Fructose Syrup and a ton of other industrial ingredients. But, then again who eats packaged ramen for its health benefits... They are really only Noodles, Broth and Oil with a very few little onion flakes, not the big chunks of vegetables or tofu some packs come with. With all that said, they taste really good. The broth has a very good flavor and surprisingly isn't supper salty. The noodles themselves where good but didn't stand out as better then most quality fried noodles.
Because of the salt and the cost, I doubt I would buy them again, however I can't complain about trying them as they tasted great.
388881388881B002J2USUEA2RBZLRHVBTN14Hexadoog0051338595200Patak's Biryani pasteBritish friends of ours who are nuts about curries put us on to Patak's curry pastes. I thought it would be difficult to find in the US but voila, Amazon has it. Start by sauteing diced onion, add other ingredients such as garlic, red pepper, tomato paste, whatever to your taste. Then add a tablespoon or more of Patak curry paste. They come in different intensities and levels of heat with the Biryani on the lower end of the hotness spectrum. "Mild" is less hot. Madras is hotter, Vindaloo hotter still and then they have something they call "hot". There you have it. The secret shared by the Brits is to make the sauce a day ahead of time and let it sit and integrate in the fridge overnight. Next day, add veggies, chicken, lamb, whatever your choice might be and cook on the stovetop or in the oven then serve with potatoes or basmati rice and condiments such as raisins, coconut, pine nuts, and of course chutney. That's it. They swear by Patak -- why make your own curry sauce from all those spices and ingredients when Patak's done it for you?
388882388882B0022N6D5EA2WC0E036LN92Bill Leubrie "CapHill"1141278892800Adequate to the purposeTastes like lime and works in my recipes fine. Wish I knew the difference between "lime flavored powder" and "lime powder," though.
388883388883B0050NDQBCA1GVEEPG3C5XGSLynne A. Killey "Silly Goose"0051343088000seems to start working in two days!i have a jack russell and she had itchy skin.
i have been giving her just one a day and i can feel the oils changed in her skin. she stopped the nightly scratching routine right away.

i also found a HALO product (ellen degeneres) company that has very similar ingredients but is a hard biscuit form.

lucky dog prefers this one!
388884388884B000QV0MA6A2XP68AZYJTB0JMother of Two141451153958400GumballsKids love them. They taste close to regular gumballs but no worry about teeth.
388885388885B000QV0MA6A2VH0UT5EQFB6PLoveguitar8831263686400Sugar-Free GumballsThese gumballs are colorful, and a nice size to go in a gumball bank Santa brought my daughter for Christmas. I like that they are sugarless, but the reason for the 3 stars is because though they taste sweet at first, the sweetness and flavor only lasts a minute at most. Every sugar-free gum and bubble gum I have ever bought no matter the brand, the sweetness/flavor lasted much longer than regular sugared gums. As soon as one of these gumballs is chewed up you want to spit it out because it no longer tastes good. I just think that for the cost, the gum's flavor could have been developed to last much longer. I must say though that they look very colorful in the gumball machine and looking at them makes you want to chew one.
388886388886B000QV0MA6A3TN6FHKS4MS38Joanne Wielebski "Grammy"4451210809600Sugar Free GumballsThe sugar free gumballs are just the right size for children and have a very good taste. My grandchildren love them.
388887388887B000QV0MA6A1QXDOBXHPYBJ7Semi Pro Furniture Maker3351207785600Meets the needhave a daughter with a bit of anxiety, and these definately help in school (with the teachers permission of course), all kids like them, flavor doesn't last as long as some sugar types, but can't have everything.
388888388888B000QV0MA6A2LS47GVYTRYIODanny Glix "rational"4511264032000Technically, yes, this is a gumballTechnically, yes, this is a gumball, but it has the texture of cardboard with sweetener. Texture/consistency fails. Gross maltitol?/sorbital taste.
388889388889B000QV0MA6A3MUIYKUZ77E7UKaren Elizabeth1151328745600GumballsThe product was fresh, colorful, AND sugarless. The sender evidently shipped the package arrived a quick three days later :-)
388890388890B000QV0MA6A4NTCBGYZJ2ZAD. Mazzuchin1151327536000Great substitute for regular gumballs!I bought these because my son was dying for a gumball machine but I refused to let him eat sugary gum all day. We've already been to the dentist too many times. These are great. The kids don't even notice the difference.

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