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388914388914B001M0AK5MA29FJK41SRREUHK. Wilson1151302048000Easy breakfast...I love this Quaker Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal! I make mine with just a half cup of boiling water (never bothered with milk) and it tastes great. Real chunks of apple... just the right amount of cinnamon... and most importantly: it's just the right portion size.

It's so easy to start the day the unhealthy way with a big bowl of sugary cereal or a greasy fried plate of food. I find that one packet of oatmeal is just enough to get my morning metabolism going. I'm not hungry... but I'm not overly full, either. Just right.

Quick, Easy & Tasty.
388915388915B001M0AK5MA1FLR4WJFKZ8O8Marilyn D. Soares0051350172800Instant OatmealQuaker Instant Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast for me. I don't feel like cooking anything else, so I just zap it in the microwave.
388916388916B001M0AK5MA1QMAS6F4FVSMFLeBasementCat0031347494400Not a great dealCurrently, this is selling for just over $13. I don't know where you live, but Kroger and Publix stores near my house regularly price quaker instant at 2.50-2.98. 3 x 4 = 12
388917388917B001M0AK5MAERBY54RWPSO9A. Woodmansee0051341878400I'd definitely buy this again!Okay, I don't EVER buy instant oatmeal like this, we buy bulk organic quick oats and add brown sugar. I have always found instant oatmeal in the little packs to not have good flavor despite all the additives and I always want to add more sugar to make it taste better. But this Quaker Cinnamon and Spice is a real winner. I don't usually eat anything with more than 9 grams of sugar per serving in it so this is a bit higher than that, but then again I've never measured how much brown sugar I add on my own, so for all I know I am probably getting less sugar eating this Quaker stuff. I was surprised at how relatively clean the ingredient list is too. I really love the flavor on this oatmeal and I find it sweet enough that I am not at all compelled to add more sugar. Definitely recommend this stuff.
388918388918B001M0AK5MA30AH7F1YHMA7AAbthony R. Charles0051341446400autoshipI got auto ship on this product, every two months i get four boxes(40packs)i love oatmeal it's one off my favorite meals.
388919388919B001M0AK5MA1A35MUDP8IKBSmotherof20051331683200One of my favoritesOne of my favorite Quaker oatmeal its a toss up between this and the cinnamon spice, but I what love about this one most is the lower calories it has. It so easy on weekday mornings when I am rushing to get the kids out to school and the little apple pieces just add to the flavor. I am hooked on the Quaker Oatmeal line. Luckily in my area they usually have really good sales on them. My local Safeway just ran a buy 1 get 1 free sale at 3.39 per box, so I was able to get 2 boxes for under 4.00. They usually sell them in the area for 2.50, but they I usually stock up when they are on sale.
388920388920B001M0AK5MA37XQ1R7WFPXXPGabriel Young0051323216000Perfect quick breakfast option for kids and apple loversI usually buy the huge variety boxes with multiple flavors for myself. Whenever my kids see me eating oatmeal, they always want a bowl for themselves. As it turns out, this is one of their favorite flavors. Apples and cinnamon is one of the flavors that we all agree on.


- It's not the same as the non-instant version but it's close enough and it's a lot less work. I can make it in less than a minute.

- You can "adjust" how intense the flavor is by adding more water or milk. I always use milk since I think it not only tastes better but also provides a little more nutrition in the meal.

- I love how I can buy all one flavor. We went through the last case (40 packets!) in a few short months.

- Perfectly portioned for an adult snack as well.


- If you're looking for authentic oatmeal with no artificial flavors, pass on this.

- Since this is slightly sweeter than regular oatmeal, by adding more water or milk to offset the flavor, you will dilute the product and lose some thickness.


It's instant oatmeal! It's exactly what I expect: a quick, tasty, and inexpensive way to eat oatmeal.
388891388891B000QV0MA6A3ML1RFCZZWJKHamazon women1121292889600false descriptionThe description on the 16oz Carousel-Sugarfree Gumball Refill Ordered from Candy Crate Inc. reads it contains a qty. of 900 gumballs. This is a lie- when you recieve this product there are only 114 servings in a bag and the serving size is considered 2 gumballs- this is a total of only 228 gumballs. To get the quantity they are claiming you would actually have to purchase about 4 bags. The gumballs themselves are fine, but beware of the fake description. Hard to write a good review when I feel a little ripped off. When purchasing online all we have to go by are the descriptions - if they are not accurate what can we base our purchase on?
388892388892B000QV0MA6A23J7VXRKY3LZMluv2shop1131286928000Good for dietersI chew sugar free bubble gum when I am trying to lose weight - keeps me from eating. This loses its flavor pretty quickly but most sugar free gum does. Wish it cost a little less too.
388893388893B000QV0MA6A14HYTLVBGM276Hazel "gran"1141265587200sugar free gum ballsI know bubble gum is not the best thing for children but I knew they would love it. Gumball machine only comes with a few gumballs and I knew they would want more. That's what Grandmas do.
388894388894B000QV0MA6A3ORTTURKTAFYAHarry Ganer "Harry"1151218499200Finally Good Tasting Sugar Free GumI've tried a few others that were so-so but these are really good. I've ordered a few other things from them and they are really nice and good info over the phone.

I might even try a couple of their vending machines to make a few extra bucks !!
Barrel Machine Vending Machine
388895388895B000QV0MA6A29GK5HM3U93RHjdsnetworking0051348790400Wife loved the gumballsAlthough it took 3 bags of the gumballs to fill up her big gumball machine, my wife loved them :) I'm glad I got the 12 pack instead of just getting a couple and not having enough.
388896388896B000QV0MA6ABVC2M3JFEDDBStarDust4Ever0031342137600Multicolored, but not multiflavoredI bought a Jr Carousel gumball machine for my fiance's birthday, and with it 3 pounds of .6 inch sugar-free gumballs. The Jr Carousel Gumball machine is nice, but I am here to review the gumballs. They seem to be lacking in the flavor department, and are also pricey. Yes, they are very sweet, but they don't have very much in terms of actual flavor. All you get is the artificial sweetness. The intense taste does not last long, but this is true with all gumballs, sugar free or not. Most commercial gumballs are brightly colored and each color gumball has a different flavor; the surprise of getting a different flavor experience every time is part of the allure of putting quarters into the gumball machine. Not so with the Carousel Sugarfree gumballs: while the Carousel sugar free gumballs contain a variety of bright colors, I have yet to detect any difference in flavor between say a pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or white gumball. No assorted fruits or mints, the only flavor present in these gumballs is simply the sugar-free sweet. While they do taste good, they lose their flavor quickly and get a little boring after a while.
388897388897B000QV0MA6A371KIIMW01SS0mom | business owner0041337644800YumGumballs used for desktop dispenser. The gum is colorful and tasty. Wish the flavor would last longer. I like that the product is sugar free.
388898388898B000QV0MA6AF0E9G6Q48G3SDonna0041335484800Gumballs Sugar FreeI purchased these to go into the gumball machine I purchased for my niece. She loves the gum
balls and her mom loves that they are sugar free.
388899388899B000QV0MA6ARJTKJAN5K352Nick Ware0031316390400DecentI like these in that they are not loaded with sugar, so I save them for my little boy, but the taste is not great. They do last a little longer than regular gumballs. Don't purchase these if you are expecting them to have a great taste, but great for kids I'd say so they are not rotting their mouths with sugar loaded gumballs.
388900388900B000QV0MA6A8I54OGV2WNJTWalker Shaw "Bill"0031306368000Not what I expectedWhile they did fit and function perfectly in the gumball machine, the taste was not very good. Granted, sugerfree, but still not really what you probably want to buy.
388901388901B000QV0MA6AOBVDFEH2PBK3Sarika Maiti0051295654400TtHE GUMBALL MACHINE WAS A HIT!This gift was a hit ...especially for kids that have new braces and need to eat sugar-free gum! The gumball machine was a great gift! The machine and gumballs came on time as well.
388902388902B000QV0MA6AGT3X9A2TKP80marys0041295049600Sugar Free GumballsThese gumballs were fine, but QUITE spendy in comparison to sugar gumballs. My kids were very excited to have them for their gumball machine.
388903388903B000QV0MA6A1A5OU4THGKHPTTiffiny Frischkorn "bust brown"2411294876800you are badthey deleted my neg. reviews and the lie said they changed the product review NOT. u are buying a bag of 96 gum balls not 900... and they will call your home if you leave a neg. review.
388904388904B000QV0MA6A3VK32NMSSUUTOJLS0131315440000GumI was kicking myself for purchasing this small bag of gum. I only bought it for convenience because I also ordered a gum ball machine. Because of the freight I paid like $15 for a small bag of gum. Go to your local convenience store and save money.
388905388905B000QV0MA6A2KD3HNC0SB0C6Nicks Mom0211306972800I'm sure the gumballs would be great, if they weren't EXTREMELY STALE! I'll never purchase from this company again.I'm sure the gumballs would be great, if they weren't EXTREMELY STALE! I'll never purchase from this company again.
388906388906B000QV0MA6A1BS9MVSS4KFFPBob1411310860800Sgar-free gumballsGumball sack was open and gumballs were all over in the mailing envelope. Gumballs that were still in the sack were dried out. I threw all away.
388907388907B003QGW1Z2APB6W7MKGPX01Michele Trautlein0051339372800Best Italian soda flavor ever!I purchsed this to use making Italian sodas and it is so refreshing and spot on to the taste of Cantaloupe. Great treat in hot weather.
388908388908B005BU902IA29DQA4PWBGW38Bill M "wmm"0231318204800Do not taste like Peach or ApricotI was disappointed in this product. I had gotten whole wheat peach/apricot bars,at the health food store,in the past. The filling in those was Peach Apricot. These bars are Fig with a hint of peach apricot that you can hardly taste. Great if you want a fig bar. Granted,the packaging does say Fig in bold print, but this is not what I was looking for. Shipping from this vendor was also very slow(two weeks for ordering to delivery).
388909388909B005TY1U5GA3SNPEWUQ60KFElafuzz0051336089600nice crunchy snackThese are a nice healthy crunchy snack. They have a great texture and great flavor. The only problem is, I can eat the whole bag if I'm not careful.
388910388910B0012S5RYIA16GKWGO4GK21L. O'Rourke "Rinsey"1141264204800Great Shabu Experience From HomeMust have for all the Shabu lovers out there. My husband and I love shabu shabu; however, we couldn't keep dining out all the time.
Definitely recommend the Mizakan Sesame Sauce. Now I'm waiting to try Mizkan's Ponzu sauce.
Its consistency is pretty thin, so I think I'm going to try and mix it with a thicker sauce.
388911388911B001M0AK5MA267U5ACM1VWHWAshleyMonique3351314144000I love this oatmeal!I'm frequently on the go trying to make it to class or work or a meeting and sometimes I forget to make breakfast because I'm so busy. This just leads me to have a grumbling stomach later in the day or too tired to pay attention when it's really important. These oatmeal packets give me no excuse when it comes to having breakfast. I place around 1.5 - 2 packets in a thermos with some hot water and extra cinnamon (I have a sweet tooth) and I'm on my way. I sometimes add fruit slices as well. It super easy and best of all is that I'm not hungry until lunch. I also really like the apple and cinnamon product because there are tiny apple chunks in it, which add exceptional flavor to this seemingly bland meal. Lastly, as a New York City resident, Amazon's price cannot be beat. My local markets charge over $4.00 for one box of this oatmeal (when not on sale).
388912388912B001M0AK5MA16JQJJYPBK4ULDoc. PAl "Pal"2251297900800Excellant price and productMost of my family is addicted to the Apple & Cinnamon Oatmeal and Amazon makes it easy to order in bulk.

I try to buy them on sale at $2.00 to $2.20 a box.....
388913388913B001M0AK5MA2VZNEM0V65R10Susan Miller "SusieQ"1151337472000Oatmeal makes a great breakfast!Our family lives off of oatmeal. Purchase from amazon because the price is great. Apples and Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors. We usually eat 2 packs each every morning so we can through a box fast. The price of 4 boxes can't be beat and amazon always ship fast. Why go to the store when you can order it? Yummy!

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