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388981388981B001EQ4NM0AK40SQ4ZVRK1Aabuyer0051339027200Healthy NutsI eat a lot of raw nuts, of all kinds. Pecans are the most fatty but so healthy! These pecans are tasty, not too old, just great.
388982388982B000GFSVFAAUABJ7HTC0CLKMAB262951226102400Excellent Product - been using this for years!Titanium Dioxide is a very common food additive which is used as a white pigment. It's naturally occurring and about 4 million tons are consumed per year worldwide. The only research on it as a possible carcinogen deal with it being INHALED (breathed in), not ingested (swallowed) in plants which manufacture it, where workers are exposed to hundreds of thousands of times more material than what exists in food. I guess someone was too busy oiling their skin up to visit Wikipedia. :)

As far as the pill itself, cut one open and you'll find exactly what you paid for - a little coconut meat and a lot of oil. I'm not real crazy about coconut, so being able to swallow a softgel pill is a lot easier for me.

I've been using this product for years, and I highly recommend it!
388983388983B000GFSVFAA33QINQ8YJZENUgddowd8851300838400Great diet aidI've been using coconut oil supplements to help my post-baby weight loss diet and I really feel like it's helped. Especially for those meals where my will power fails and my family is dying to eat out and I eat a little less than as healthy as I want. Usually I would put a little bit of weight back on after those episodes but with the coconut oil the fat doesn't hang out in my body and my weight stays the same. Also my hair looks and feels wonderful and my skin is softer. I take two with lunch and two with dinner rather than four at once also. Great product! Sometimes these types of pills smell or taste funky before you can swallow them or give me some indigestion. But not these. The pills are pretty large though.
388984388984B000GFSVFAA1PITQIJO2I9BZLoose Chippings "Loose Chippings"7711332720000AVOID THIS - EAT COCONUT OIL!This is the biggest waste of money and scam I have seen in a long time. Raw, organic coconut oil is definitely one of the healthiest additions you can make to your diet. (Ignore the claims that because it has saturated fat it must be bad for your heart - WRONG! Not all saturated fats are bad and coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids which means the fat gets converted in your liver into energy and is not stored by the body nor will it clog your arteries.) Anyway, in order to reap the benefits of this wonderful oil you need to eat about 2 -3 tablespoons a day, starting with 1 and working your way up. Guess how many of these pill you need to take in order to accomplish that feat? Something like 40!! Have fun swallowing that many pills and just think about all the yucky gelatin you will be consuming that comprises the coating of these things! You are much better off purchasing raw, organic coconut oil and mixing it your oatmeal or drinks. Use it for cooking and throw away every other oil you have in your kitchen, except olive oil, and you will be on your way to better health. Research the benefits of raw organic coconut oil online and you will see that I am right about this.
388985388985B000GFSVFAA2FJP37HKV9AQDHawaii Child3351292112000Good stuff.I grew up consuming all parts of the coconut fruit (except the tough husk and the hard shell), home-extracted oil included. Most people living in the tropics rely on coconut oil for many aspects of daily life. I also buy coconut oil tubs in my local grocery store. Check out "coconut oil" and Mary G. Enig on Wikipedia.
388986388986B000GFSVFAA2462XPG4XHHKRDonna A. Blagg "HUD Lady"2251302652800Coconut Oil -This is very good for usWe have been using these softgels for about a month now, and we feel very good. It has helped in alot of ways for us. It has cleared up my hemorrhoids and I have not been sick nor has my husband. We just love the coconut oil extra virgin softgels. They are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
388987388987B000GFSVFAA2K3XIO8PHVXOKL. Kapoor "SilentSoul"2231297123200Good supplementYes it has titanium dioxide... good for cholestrol... if you are aiming for weight loss, pls remember it is OIL... great if you are active; bonus is luxurious hair
388988388988B000GFSVFAA2LTKAPWNUNUFZASmith6281141343779200I bought these because I heard they helped with EczemaA few months ago I developed a little red bump on my arm that I thought was a bug bite. A month later, it was still there so I went to the dermatologist who said it was Eczema. I did a lot of research and found a bunch of info on how Coconut oil will help with that problem. I took 6 pills a day for 2 months and think that while it may have helped some it did not help enough to continue on with them.
388989388989B000GFSVFAALE6KFT2VBDZYfoolish-fisherman1141331251200Not as expectedI have used this product for a month and notice the only difference is the bottle is getting empty,so I am assumming that it has a slow effect on the body will keep trying for awhile
388990388990B000GFSVFAA16L6PNO0YSQBFBeth B. Clifton0031345334400Quality issueVery disappointed. Item had obviously gotten too hot at some point. All of the capsules were stuck together. I had to cut the bottle open to pull the apart.
388991388991B000GFSVFAA3NKEKNSSMC765FGalerani0051338854400GoodAmazon service is perfect!! I received the product on the time with right package. The size of product is nice, and the price too.
The quality looks good, I'm using but there is not results yet to review.
388992388992B000GFSVFAA2Z2LI2VL4IHYWSarah0011263340800Has titanium dioxide, which is very bad and can cause cancerI love the brand, Source naturals. I do not know why they made these capsules with titanium dioxide. I cannot put even a drop of this on my face without causing a reaction, so I decided to do some research on it for internal use.

It seems it has been declared a carcinogen in Canada. Do a search for it and you will find multiple references.

Another good brand that does not have titanium dioxide is Emerald laboratories. Emerald Laboratories Coconut Oil 120 softgels
388993388993B000GFSVFAA368H9GFY1JCYCWill o' the Wisp "Will'o'the wisp"3551328918400Read about this product in health clippingsI have read in health magazines and heard on TV that Coconut Oil is good for you. I read a lot about supplements as I have Diabetes and High Blood pressure and I want to know what else might help besides my prescriptions. I found this product to be cheaper here than at the health store I usually go to... so I switched. Saving a $ here and there can't hurt and the product does help my energy level. Good luck.
388994388994B000GFSVFAA4BXKKWYWWR1QM Dulaney224411195344000Would not buy againI bought these to take by mouth, but after seeing the thick covering decided I didn't want to ingest that material--then decided to use the oil inside the capsule on my skin. When cutting a small hole and squeezing out the oil, I noticed a small pellet that wouldn't melt on my skin in almost all the capsules. Not sure what that material is, but am glad that I decided not to take them internally.
Also after doing some reading on Titanium Dioxide (listed as an ingredient)found that it is "Classified as Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans" by IARC. Now I plan to stop using it on my skin and throw away the rest of the bottle--should've done my research before buying.
388995388995B003N3VX70A1PN3SJAP1TBTUDulcie22 "barbaralovesanimals"0051318032000Great lemon tasteI have enjoyed this pudding for years, and was glad to find it at Amazon. Hopefully, they will continue to carry it.
388996388996B001EQ53JCA7DAHRDO56MSAKen Romero3451221350400Great coffee..great price!Great to get Starbucks at a discount! Love full-bodied coffee and Starbucks has the best consistency. Can't beat the Amazon price and service either!
388997388997B001EQ53JCA3NOBH42C7UI5MCarol "kepela"2341225411200Very good coffee and good price, delivered right to my doorI purchased the coffee on the buy 3 get one free deal, which brings the price down to what I'd pay if I bought the coffee at Costco, or on sale. I get the same great coffee at as good a price as I can find anywhere and delivered to my front door. Can't ask for more than that. If you like a rich, Starbucks coffee and get get the special price and free delivery, I see no reason anyone wouldn't buy this.
388998388998B001EQ53JCA6OJZAQH8JVT3Afortyniner0051325721600espresso roastThis is a great value for coffee beans, ships quickly and is a great way to give as gifts when there are lots of coffee lovers in the family!
388999388999B001EQ53JCA2T34X1FM76O2ZCrime Fighter0051301184000LOVE this coffeeIf your looking for great espresso coffee, look no further. I buy the whole bean and grind it at home - love it
389000389000B001EQ53JCA18RIOMAB7DJQSteve in Japan "Islander"0051299456000Not just for espressoGetting good coffee beans in Japan involves paying a lot of dough and quality is inconsistent. Luckily I found a source of these Starbucks Espresso Roast whole beans, and am enjoying it as my morning pick-me-up. Ground and brewed in a normal drip filter brewer, it is a bit "darker" tasting than a French roast, tastes like an Italian roast (not surprisingly), and has plenty of body that stands up to the milk. I don't find it especially bitter and certainly not over-roasted. Beans are small, uniform, shiny, and grind easily and evenly. I might not know much about coffee but I know I like this stuff, especially at 1/4 the price of the locally-roasted coffee beans.
389001389001B001EQ53JCA3OMQTEIJ1DPPSCoreen Reinhart "corie"0051286582400coffee reviewOf course the product was great.... took a very long time to come which I wasn't expecting but I guess it was worth it.
389002389002B001EQ53JCA1S3RCM3NO4YO6ScottAllyn2411296518400Burned beans make for bitter espressoThis "roast" is absolutely horrible. My first thought upon opening the bag and smelling the beans was, "Akk! These smell like charcoal!" These beans are not simply dark roasted - they're completely burned. Dreading the results, I attempted to pull a few shots on the espresso machine, There was virtually no crema and the espresso itself was bitter and disgusting. I've tasted better espresso pulled from 6 month old ESE pods! Maybe these beans work better for regular coffee in a percolator machine with a fine paper filter to keep the charcoal out of the decanter; for espresso, they're a horrid failure.
389003389003B001EQ53JCA3DE420JGNGP3QJane Holland0151285632000Coffee makes me happy.Starbucks Espresso Roast is my favorite so I was happy to find this on the gold box savings, although I'm sure it wasn't much cheaper than anywhere else outside of Starbucks. TBH, I didn't do the math. What influenced me was perceived savings, plus a $20 Amazon gift certificate credit. I'm happy.
389004389004B001EQ53JCAZZD30PYJVGI7Herschel J. Balkin0251268438400coffee purchase/Starbucks/multipackThanks for your service. The price, quality, volume and delivery terms and period were all excellant.

H. Balkin
389005389005B001EQ53JCA3D06V4TW0FP70GiveMeBargains0251256515200Just what I needed!I go through whole bean espresso rather quickly, and I was sick of having to stop by Starbucks just to grab a bag (I prefer to brew my own). Having a 3-pack of espresso delivered to me is wonderfully convenient and I hope that Amazon will continue to stock it. Thank you for the free shipping offer, it is even more incentive to re-purchase. In terms of the actual coffee: it is bold, it is delicious, and it is a pretty good value.
389006389006B001EQ53JCA2G3MI19ZPJ3E0P. Kazanjian2611273363200Agree, This Stuff is HorribleI agree with the woman from Arizona: Starbuck's Espresso Roast is burned and bitter. I already knew this but, like her, purchased a bag of whole beans when I ran out of my favorite (Black Cat from Intellegentsia). Starbucks beans were burned (black and oily) and the Starbucks espresso from my Expobar was terrible (virtually no crema, bitter, sour.) I can not believe Starbucks gets away selling this crud. Anyway, shipment of Black Cat came in a few days later and the difference is night and day. If you have a good machine and you are using Starbucks in it, then do yourself a favor. Seek out truly good coffee and give it a try.
389007389007B001EQ53JCA1BP6E3XTPMHSYAngela Clark3911257206400Dense, Caramelly Sweetness? No. Just bitter coffee.First of all, I didn't buy this product from Amazon. We ran out of our favorite "Colombia Bellavista" and ended up buying Starbucks' Espresso Roast at our local store.

After we opened the package, we smelled the beans and thought that they were burnt, but it didn't stop us from brewing 2 cups. Well, it was indeed burned and tasted very bitter. Actually, it was disgusting, and I don't remember the last time when I was so disappointed in a product. We couldn't believe that Starbucks would sell such a horrible coffee, so we double checked the expiration date to make sure we didn't get some old batch. Oh well, according to the label it was good till March 2010, but in reality it should have never passed a quality control (if there is any).

If it makes any difference, we have Jura-Capresso Z5 machine, and I don't know how this coffee tastes if you pass it through a regular coffee maker. Anyway, this was not a quality coffee by any standards. Bitter doesn't mean bold/strong/dark roast; bitter means poorly roasted coffee. The stronger you roast the coffee, the more harsh it tends to get. There is a chance we got a bad batch, who knows, but for now I have to say goodbye to this Starbucks product.

P.S. If you really love coffee, go to your local Target and try Archer's Farm coffee in a silver tin which has a label "2009 Cup Of Excellence Winner". You will have to pay $14 for 10 oz of coffee (2d place winner), but considering Target paid $13/lb for it at the Cup of Excellence Coffee Auction, they are not making that much money on it.
389008389008B007966854AW4OVEQMZAHRFLuvtootravel0051343347200TOTALLY ADDICTING!!!!!!!!These chocolate covered dried cherries are AMAZING!!!! If you like Tart Cherries you will LOVE these. Grew up in MI and now live in GA and have to mail order them. Once you try them you are hooked and will keep coming back for more. Tart cherries also have anti inflammatory properties. Just a bonus. Support the MI economy by buying these absolutely delicious cherries. No I'm not a paid spokes person. Just love my home state.
389009389009B0018CE7FIAGDDJBAN2MCGNS Pearce3431301875200Different than from Petfood Express in San FranciscoI was originally purchasing this at Petfood Express in San Francisco. Then I saw it was cheaper at Amazon and started buying from there. The food that came from Amazon was lighter in color and had more dusty/small particles of food throughout. The food is currently back-ordered at Amazon. So I purchased it from the store again, and noticed the difference again.

Has anyone else noticed the product varies depending on where it is purchased?
389010389010B0001P1JRWAXU5BSLI4BBN9T. Franzen Camber Corporation "t"212351198195200very pleasedI sent this as a sympathy gift for my bosses wife when her mother passed away... she absolutely loved it.. it was something to make her feel good while mourning, instead of filling her house with flowers and plants that die. A great price for a nicely thought-out group of items.

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