Amazon Fine Food Reviews

389011389011B0001P1JRWA3VW7GB5GFTXEFReviewer9911317513600Horrible!Not worth the money. Not as represented. Food products appear to be old and dried out...afraid to eat them. Non-food items are cheap and not something you would buy for yourself. Doesn't convey a thoughtful gift to the recipient.
389012389012B0001P1JRWA3L5L2HVTWRZK7Me "Me"111221292716800Over-priced for what you get inside, but the box is pretty.I received this item as a birthday gift recently. The outer box with decoration and bow is lovely, and the outer wrappings of the items inside are nice. However, the actual items themselves were nothing really special for what this box cost (plus shipping!) 3 of the cookies were crumbled and all were on the dry side; the picture frame was NOT the nice gold-gilded victorian frame that is shown in the picture. Instead, I got a heart-shaped white cermanic frame (made in China). All in all, the outer wrappings & box out-did the actual items inside each wrapper. I would not have paid anymore than [...] for this item. Cannot believe it cost [...]!!!
389013389013B0001P1JRWA2OZ6PW2W5FQTPKathy5551308700800High qualityWe sent this basket to my mother in law for Mother's Day and she loved it. I was worried because she will definitely let us know if she doesn't like something and she really raved about this. I didn't see the basket in person, but she said the items in it were all very nice. She was most excited about a package of soap petals that was included. She said they looked just like dried flowers, but you use one petal at a time as soap. She'll be using those in her guest bathroom. The food items were all really good quality and there was a really nice picture frame in the box too. She also raved about the box itself and plans on using it on it's own.

This is the 3rd Art of Appreciation gift basket I've sent as gifts and I always get good responses, so I'd feel confident about sending this as a gift.
389014389014B0001P1JRWA1DXEZHQM95Z94Lisa3351322784000More then I expectedRec'd this Item today, beautiful presentation, it is a gift so I did not open it, but I will be happy and proud to present it. Great Job. More than satisfied customer.
389015389015B0001P1JRWA1OO5GEGF52HC7Tirome1111328659200Very DisappointedI was very dissapointed with this purchase. Gift box and items included appeared to be much larger than they actually were. Frame was not as indicated. I am very thankful that I had this gift sent to my home rather than directly to recipient I would have been totally embarrassed!
389016389016B0001P1JRWA17K21C69Q4JJ6Amber Hyde "Amber H"0051336435200mother in law loved it!I sent this to my mother in law for mother's day this year. I just heard back from her that she received it (when I expected her to) and that she absolutely loves it! For a lady who literally has everything, this basket worked out great.
389017389017B002I6DZ92A1L0XB16Z5PTYECA_Neener2251343347200Delicious!I love this coconut milk. It is creamy and delicious with zero additives. I love it chilled over fresh fruit and it works wonderfully whenever I cook with it. The 8.5 oz packages are perfect for storing and are easily measured out into my recipes. This is the only coconut milk I ever purchase anymore.
389018389018B002I6DZ92A7NRL3R5C0AL4Marysz "Marysz"1151343001600Coconut milk in responsible packagingI agree with the previous reviewer. These small packages of coconut milk are packed in aseptic packs without the BPA lined cans or additives that are present in other coconut milk products. I like their small size but it would be nice to have the option of getting it in a larger, equally healthy container.
389019389019B002I6DZ92A1SVEE7DRJEEMKJill1151341964800Love theseI love these little tetra paks of coconut milk. They have no guar gum, and because they aren't in BPA lined cans, I am happy. They are little so be prepared. They are perfect sized for us though. I like the creaminess of the milk and use them in baking, coffee creamer and ice cream.
389020389020B002I6DZ92A1K421GS5Q23XSCharles A. Richardson "Northwest Island Guy"0041347062400DeliciousThis is very different than the coconut milk in the cans. It's delicious, doesn't have the additives of other coconut milk, and I can drink it right out of the box. It's great for cooking too--just like wine, don't cook with any coconut milk you wouldn't be happy to drink! It's pricey, but I think it's worth it. I drink a lot of coconut milk. It's not only tasty it's good for you. Monosaturated fat, like olive oil, immune system boosters...great stuff. Give it to your kids!
389021389021B002I6DZ92A1OILZYZVP9HKYJS0051346976000Love this stuff, creamy and delicious!This coconut milk is creamier than what we normally find on grocery shelves. Delicious, super healthy, priced right and delivered promptly. What's not to love?
389022389022B007EC5AMAA1ILTSTD8V8ZAYD. Corbo "real world consumer"0051335052800My favorite sauce for homemade pizza!I've tried many pizza sauces, but keep coming back to Contadina Pizza Squeeze, not only for the taste, but for the convenience of the squeeze bottle, since I make individual-size pizzas. When my local supermarkets stopped carrying this, and I couldn't find an alternate that I liked as well, I stopped making my own pizza. I'm delighted to find an online source that doesn't charge a fortune for shipping; thanks!

If Contadina would make this in a glass jar with screw off lid (like Classico does with their pasta sauces), I would get that, but so far,I have not seen it made that way

Contadina Pizza Squeeze Pizza Sauce, 15 oz, 3 pk
389023389023B004T9XDFMA3HJ0ZAT5REH2HSherri4451327881600Fabulous!!I tried these when someone brought them into our office and just loved them. They are a softer chocolate that has a dark fudgy taste that just melts in your mouth. They do seem to "go bad" after a few weeks (maybe a month) so I just stuck mine in the freezer and they taste just as good. Will definitely buy them again!!
389024389024B004T9XDFMAF53BB96TMVQORay S.4451324166400Pretty good chocolate!If you're used to buying cheap grocery store Hershey's, then it would be really worth your time in trying some of these. Chocolate truffles really beat the heck out of kisses or just a bar of chocolate. Just make sure that you don't order this in the summer, or you might end up leaving this product a 1-star review, even though it's pretty good.
389025389025B004T9XDFMA3BG751P246Z1SMihaela4451323216000truffettes de FranceThis is more than I expected...amazing truffle and perfect Christmas gifts for friend, teachers and for yourself...they are sooo good...and the price is unbelievable. I'll order right now more..Merry Christmas everybody!
389026389026B004T9XDFMA3JI8E624L9NQHMargie Bjorklund "Margie"1151344211200Fabulous!These are the most delicious chocolates I have had in a very long time. The only thing I must warn you of , is t make sure you order them when the weather cools down or they may arrive a melted mess. Other than that I look forward to placing another order this fall.
Margie a long time chocolate lover!
389027389027B004T9XDFMA1VVPEGU7EW93Whappywoman1151342051200The Best Of ChocolatesThis is the second batch of French truffles that I've ordered from Amazon...there are two bags inside and this time I had to give one to my sister.. there is only a little over 1 gram of sugar per truffle, making them perfect for those who have to limit their sugar intake...they are creamy, melt in your mouth, and leave that rich dark chocolatey after taste, I think the taste of chocolate is stronger when it isn't overwhelmed by excess sugar..
389028389028B004T9XDFMAJHC3C82X1CGIilene Young1151333238400chocolate trufflesYummy! Delicious! Rich and chocolately The absolute best!! Tried others but this brand is by far the best. Served them at a recent graduation party and everyone throughly enjoyed them. Only problem is once you start eating them it is hard to stop!
389029389029B004T9XDFMA3J23DX3RGRZUCRebecca Pizzitola1151331856000Great "Adult" DessertAt first bite, the dusting makes these guys a bit bitter, but they you enter a world of a miniature version of a lava cake in terms of a dark chocolate richness that cannot easily be beat! These truffles are so very good without being addicting (so, given a serving--5 pieces--is 19 grams of fat, you won't engorge). They are great to bring as a treat to social gatherings because the box has two packages, so you kinda don't want to keep them at home and risk that they go bad if you don't eat them quickly or that you do eat them all and have a gluttony attack! But, do try... Great quality.
389030389030B004T9XDFMA34DG5ABHPJ3MZSHAW "W. Shaw Reid"1151331337600chocolate lovers deliteThese little bites are chocolate clear through. It is a dark chocolate on the inside and a dusting of cocoa powder on the outside.
389031389031B004T9XDFMA37MARQ2I7G31YMr Smith101551318982400Don't blame the chocolate because you're a moron.Really, Amazon states that in the warmer months you should not buy chocolate. But really, what kind of moron buys chocolate by mail in September or August? Have they never seen a postal truck, or UPS.....they drive with their doors open in the warm weather....because they have no AC. Let alone the same two company's tracker trails, you see on the they look like refrigerator trails to you???? If you even once got a package in one of the summer months....of anything, lets say Books, and felt how warm it was straight from being handed to you from your carrier, would you even dream or ordering chocolate? Now think if you were not handed the package, and it had too sit out in the sun until you found it and brought it inside. So, why blame being a moron on the chocolate. Now I got a box of theses as a Christmas present last Christmas, They were great. I have seen some one star reviews for the 3 box set of these truffles.I think they are from people who do not know what a French truffle is. It's bittersweet chocolate and cream rolled in unsweetened cocoa powder. They are rich and dark...not sweet. These are not like Lindt Lindor's truffles. These are dark and rich....try them.....but not in the summer.
389032389032B004T9XDFMA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname0051346803200The ultimate indulgenceThese Truffettes de France are the ultimate in indulgence. Each 2.2 lb box contains two bags full. That's a lot of truffles. They're 250 Calories per five pieces, but they're so rich and creamy that I'm satisfied with just a couple.

The chocolate flavor is dark but not bitter. It's not the milk chocolate that I usually snack on. It's better.
389033389033B004T9XDFMA1YLU9NT0Q9H1VMJC0051340150400Chocolate IndulgenceBite-size, rich and luscious chocolate morsels with cocoa powder dusted on them. Chocolate flavor and not too sweet. Each piece is about two bites big but the richness make 1-2 perfect complements after a meal, with a port or espresso. Initially found these during the holidays but now that I have found them on Amazon, these are great all year...and make great gifts!
389034389034B004T9XDFMA31G2WX4E4DBUFKate0051335830400YummyThese remind me of the truffles I used to make with my mom. They're very good and the price can't be beat. Just don't leave them somewhere warm.
389035389035B004T9XDFMA34H4B6SVLSPFYJay K. "runrgrl"0051334880000amazing!One of my vendors sent me a small box (6 EA)of these for Christmas this past year and I was amazed at how good they were. I found them on Amazon and had to buy more! These are amazingly creamy and rich with just the right amount of bitter. The only thing I didn't like was that inside the box were two large, un-resealable bags. It would have been nice if they had been in smaller pouches to maintain the freshness. Now, I just get sucked into eating them faster :) I am sad that warm weather is here and I will have to wait until Autumn before I can order more.
389036389036B004T9XDFMA363JSURBYTOSLGardener B0051329436800More than deliciousThese Truffettes de France could have been made in my own kitchen.
They are truly amazing. YUM! Melt in your mouth goodness that leaves you with such contentment. You really don't want the experience to end.
I highly recommend these truffles to all chocoholics everywhere!
389037389037B004T9XDFMAP0EDUURBQZJDLinda "diamond girl"0051327795200Melt in Your MouthThese are possibly the best truffles I have ever tasted! Gave them to my mother (a true chocolate connoisseur)for her birthday and she just loved them. Amazon came through again!
389038389038B004T9XDFMA16YU0U5GTYBSMShannon S.0051326931200Yummy.I just got this as a gift from an associate, and I wanted to read some reviews before I opened the box, turns out they're really delicious and at such a reasonable price, I might just get them for someone else too. They give you two large bags inside, and they are very generous. Very good quality chocolates. Would definitely recommend this product. .
389039389039B004T9XDFMA2K6DAWDQGMWBCJoshua Pritchett0051325635200The best truffle I've ever hadThese were passed around work and I must say they are the best chocolate truffle I've ever had. Makes it hard to look at Lindnor the same again. I've always thought the sweeter the better, but I was surprised by how good these were and they are not super sweet. I'm on here about to buy some based on the few I had at work!
389040389040B004T9XDFMA253YX9ZURY5Qlily3611316131200I'm not going to buy the product again via mailI relly liked it last time I got it from local store. However, the package came with melted bulk. It totally ruined my appetite. By the way, Costco sell it for much less.

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