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389101389101B001BS66DKA35MHEHF05YBT2M. Greenwood2251266364800Necessity for our small dogWe have a 10-year-old Yorkie, under 3 pounds but full of life, and she loves these treats. No other will do. For years, every evening at around 8 pm, she will begin a show for our attention so that we will ask her to perform her repertoire of tricks. She loves this, and her reward is a half of one of these goodies. It is a nightly ritual of enormous importance to her, and if we try to reward her with any other treat, she looks at us in amazement and will have nothing to do with the replacement. It has to be "Happy Hips." She loves them! We are also pleased that she loves a healthy treat because, at 2.75 pounds, every ounce she eats has to be good for her.
389102389102B001BS66DKA30A5YEVHP5K93jay rave0051340841600wow!My dog Loves these "dogswell happy hipps" treats. Buy the duck ..he goes insane for them. You have no idea how hpayy your dog will be!! And it great for them.he is 2 yr old german shephard k9,@ a member of my family. So only the best for him......dogswell duck!!! Thank u, great job
389103389103B001BS66DKA2NH9MW7BEHLSBChristine Y0051325203200Good for older dogsI have an older dog with arthritis and this helps along with her medicines to give her that boost through the day. If you are going to treat your older dogs with a snack this is the best way to reward them.
389104389104B001BS66DKA1KX5QD1OAQOQKGreg0051283990400Extremely high shipping...Ordered 3 bags of the Happy Hips at approximately $11.00 and change. Was charged for each bag for shipping at approximately $5.99. My order was $33+ and shipping was $16+. Very disappointed. When I called the store, they put the blame on Amazon for the shipping charges. Other sellers have combined shipping. The product gets the 5 stars, not the seller.
389105389105B001BS66DKA1R1VOX6K2BNIFDaryl Williams0051283385600joyous treat for my dog JefferyMy rescue dog Jeffery has a favorite treat called Happy Hips Duck breast strips.
I put 2 in his kong ball and he plays and plays and talks to his balls and when he gets them out of course wants more. What a joyous treat for my sweet Jeffery. thank you
389106389106B004721UTMA69XIAPSCHZ4Fvanessa l.0011348099200brand is good but packaging from this seller is bad.Something is wrong with the packaging. The pizza crust was horribly smelly, slimy packaging and inedible crust. Uck! The brand is excellent and I know this because I had it before when I bought it in a store where I used to live. Unfortunately, I moved and I do not have access to a wide array of food products here. So, I bought it online and that was an awful mistake but thankfully the amazon team was good to me once again and it graciously refunded me for this terrible item as I will work on getting that smell out of my head.
389107389107B004721UTMA3NVZTGPORNPRWB. Pearce0021345680000I wanted to like theseI bought a couple of these 4-packs, but about 50% of the crusts came already torn into two or three pieces. Another unrelated 50% smell REALLY bad but have no visible mold or anything. Some of them are just fine though. Also, refrigerating them immediately after receipt did not help.

I prefer Boboli pizza crusts. I can buy both brands locally, but Boboli is easier to find and because the back side of the packaging is fully transparent, it is easier to check for damage before buying.
389108389108B005YS4Y8MA1T4PRI74EJ7ZRRobert L Mask2251331596800Mixed Antipasto OlivesGreat combination of flavors and textures. Good quantity for a better price. Even my kids like them. Great combination of flavors and textures. Good quantity for a better price. Even my kids like them.
389109389109B001EQ5QYYA345NW7QRCEYALJ.F.L.-Fairfax VA "j_f_ligaya"2241299801600Good value organic white teaI found this product at a local Marshall's and was surprised at the pricing (less than 8 cents per bag). It is a good white tea though others used to Stash or Bentley's will need to make adjustments. First of all, this is white tea - period. No blackberry, no acai, no mango or other additions for flavor or aroma. Touch Organic white tea, however, is a milder version of (gunpowder) green tea (milder in color, milder in taste, but still with a smoky hint or aroma). The individual tea bags are wrapped but (unlike Stash) are not sealed in foil. Tea bags --- hence has the usual "tea bag floating" symptom. Water temperature to 190F, brewing for 90 seconds delivers a good cup of white tea.

Since I drink 6 or more cups of tea a day, I have green tea in the morning and white tea (less caffeine) in the evenings. About two days a week, I also do "fusion" --- one part roobios to two parts white tea --- very enjoyable.
389110389110B001EQ5QYYA3BEYNVIF3TSMGJohn Dixon1121318464000Green teaThis is advertised as white tea. It is green tea with a small amount of white tea. It looks like green tea, tasts like green tea, and is priced like white tea. Unless you really like green tea, you're better off ordering something else.
389111389111B001EQ5QYYADS6JMV412OTProsco111 "rosco111"3411312588800False advertisingThis product is falsely advertised as white tea. On the Amazon website under Important Information it says: "Ingredients: Organic White Tea." I opened 1 bag and it did not look or smell like white tea. I looked on the side of the box and in very small print is says: "Slightly fermented green tea blended with silver buds and silver tea leaves" This product is listed as non returnable item. If you want white tea do not get sucked into ordering this by false advertising. I wanted white tea as it has less caffeine and I do not like the taste of green tea. This is probably not even organic either. On this date 8/6/11 this product description says Ingredients: Organic White Tea." If you see the above green tea anywhere under this product...the 100 count box pack of 4, you'll know they changed the description as I found the green tea ingredients listed for the 24 count box pack of 6 of the same tea. Someone screwed up.
389112389112B007F9ON3EA3BADG55FYI5M2Gary M.2251345507200Love the CRUNCHGreat taste and amazing crunch. If you have never experienced the large/deluxe/fancy peanuts and have only had Planters or regular "salted in the shell", you are in for a wonderful experience. The intense taste and solid crunch will keep your hand in the can `til they are gone.
389113389113B006RW5ZWSA1PBJLE2G4F4GXM. G. Swift "readsalot"3351341792000Fifties FunA fun gift for the one celebrating a 50th birthday - or anything 50th! I call it a "remember when" gift - song, event, headlines, candy, styles, etc. Everybody gets into the act! Great gift! It's easy shopping at Amazon - such a great selection of personalized gifts.
389114389114B006RW5ZWSAUSIW2239X30ZSara2251342483200SweetRecieved product yesterday (very pleased by the fast shipping). It was great. I gave it to my mom for her 50th birthday. She loved the little toys. The toys were a good quality, not cheap plastic things. The time capsule is a cute package to hold all the goodies.
389115389115B002QM9CTAA28X7NZ02016FOeCognition333421302134400Tried once, switched brands. Now happy.They sell these things at trader joe's, which is where I got mine originally. These are decent, IF you don't already know about "Mama Lupe's" low carb tortillas. At only 3 carbs per tortilla, and with the closest consistency and taste of a tortilla you won't find anywhere else-other than in a regular flour tortilla-"La tortilla's" get their behinds handed to them by that brand. Unfortunately (because I love me some Amazon so much), you'll have to buy them at Netrition, where you'll have to pay a flat shipping fee of four dollars and ninety-five cents. In other words, it becomes very well worth it if you end up stocking up on them; which you will. Like this brand, you have to keep Mama Lupe's refrigerated or frozen. Note to Amazon: It breaks my heart when I have to purchase something that can only be bought online, from another website. Bring Mama Lupe's to Amazon, and show the people what a real low carb tortilla taste like. Do it for us. Do it for...America.
389116389116B002QM9CTAA22L6S8TKOS0IKLTB "ltb68"5551285718400truly delish..low cal high fiber!true to the name...these are absolutely delicious. The wheat ones only have 80 calories, and 12 grams of fiber. All varieties are very high in fiber and low in cal! Try them with chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese for chicken taco. Try them as a wrap for lunch with lettuce or spinach, turkey, cucumbers, cheese. Whatever you like..these are a nice add!
389117389117B002QM9CTAA2QZZIODC0IAETjsmit866751278115200Great Taste, Great NutritionLa Tortilla Factory products offer a great healthy way to enjoy your Mexican favorites. You can buy these locally in many supermarkets. They make several different types, both large and small.

Unlike other lower calorie tortillas, these have great taste, and are soft and flexible. They make great breakfast burritos using Soyrizo and 2% cheese. A large wrap with Eggbeaters, .5 oz of 2% cheese and 1 oz of Soy Chorizo comes in at about 270 calories. Some large wraps alone are about 200 calories.

The great thing about these wraps, is that even the family members who are not concerned with the nutrition think that they taste great.
389118389118B002QM9CTAA1YN7KUADY6QJ1Jude3331326585600Listed under Gluten Free search but NOT Gluten FreeThe tortillas come up under a gluten free search, yet they are Whole Wheat! Come on guys - for those people new to a gluten free diet, especially those with Celiac Disease, you need to be more careful what you list under gluten free foods - the people that are new to the diet might unknowingly order and eat these just because they come up under your search.
389119389119B002QM9CTAA3HVA6BTVB1UYPChristina A. Salemi "Stinarat"2251316304000Good tortillasThese are great. I bought them at my local vons. Being diabetic I really cannot eat regular tortillas without dangerous blood sugars. These taste good and make a good substitute for corn or flour tortillas. They do not have the weird smell, to me, of the regular whole wheat tortillas and are really very low carb. For those of us who need them, they are a great product.
389120389120B002QM9CTAA30UZ7NZ7XQUIZJoe Bruno Sr. "Fiction and Non Fiction author"4541290038400Excellent Low Carb Tortillas For the Price!!I was really impressed with the taste of this low-carb tortilla, which are great for people on the Atkins diet, or variations of the Atkins diet. They taske just as good as regular flour tortillas, with just 3 net grans of carbs per serving.
389121389121B002QM9CTAA1NB2IJN8FQ9CKgrneyedteacher1151312070400I love themThese tortillas are good. They do not have a medicine taste or chemical taste like you find in other low carb bread products. They are high in fiber, but they have not caused any unpleasant side effects for me. I can eat them occasionally and feel good that I have made a pretty healthy choice.
389122389122B002QM9CTAA2L179XLH0KD1OJABS1151309305600Very good for Low CarbAre these as good as the "real" thing... No, but they are by far the closest I've found. They have a little less loft and softness over "real" tortillas, but I eat them all the time and love them.
389123389123B002QM9CTAA3I1LYDUSZSGUYJohn D. Steere1151301270400Low carb wraps, good consistencyThese are really good for making low carb wraps or soft tacos or mini-pizzas. The high fiber content isn't noticed in the taste, at least not for me. I have been on (and occasionally off) a low-carb diet for a few years and I wish I had had these several months ago to help curb any craving for breads. You really can't get this low of a carb count in regular breads (at least not for a reasonable price) anywhere I have looked. They hold up well when wrapped with lunch meats, cheeses, etc. When used as a soft taco shell, there is some tearing as they absorb any juices, like most soft taco shells. I will be a return customer for these tortillas.
389124389124B002QM9CTAA31WF4OY9W6I0ZNiuHuskieFan0021346112000threw them outThese are so gritty and bad tasting! They're cheaper than Mission, but not at all worth the money saved. Make sure you fill them with bold food to mask the taste.
389125389125B002QM9CTAA2J7GF1SE431VFWonder Chick0041338336000Pretty good for a low carb substituteI've had several other brands over the years, this is the best so far with the lowest amount of carbs per tortilla that I am willing to eat.
389126389126B002QM9CTAAV0OB90U6I1QQBarbara B. Williams0041333843200TortillasThese are great for making soft Tacos, but I had purchased them thinking they were going to bigger then I thought and that I could use them as a wrap. I'm on WW and these are 1pt+, which is awesome but I just wish they could've been larger for 1pt+
389127389127B002QM9CTAA2EGH1CWR6DXFESteve0041327363200La Totilla TortillasI purchased La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Low Carb Tortillas at They are in great shape when they arrived. They tasted like the whole wheat Tortillas you buy at the store but had less carbs. I am on the Atkins' diet so they helped me stay within my carbs on stage 2 of the plan. Like all whole wheat produces, they were alittle dry.
389128389128B002QM9CTAA39WVPLWEVR6WIMackee0021317600000Fits a need, but not enoughI made the mistake of having Mama Lupe's before these. I was not impressed, they fell apart easily, did not taste like anything. I was very disappointed.
389129389129B002QM9CTAA1KRKC9ICP2PQWMichael P. Pontacolone "Nurse/Scholar/Scienti...0051317081600Low Carb ScrumptiousnessIt's hard to find really delicious, really LOW Carb products for the ANA lifestyle. Look no further. These are awesome.
389130389130B002QM9CTAA120PNWS9F7GK1Sw "littlelemons"0051296432000Perfect for a Healthy WrapThese wraps are pefect for those watching their weight. Some wraps are too big or high in calories, but these are the perfect size for a wrap and only 50 calories! Plus they taste good, too :) For those following the new WW program, they are only 1 pt too!

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