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389221389221B0058OZ198A2LIX4XQKBS412K. Slanaker0051325894400EASY and tastes great without the messLove the popcorn packets...our theater room is upstairs away from the kitchen so the pre-measured packets make it so great without the fuss. Tastes just like going to the movies and paying $5 for a small box of popcorn!
389222389222B0058OZ198A399ZNGEGB9PPTBettrhalf0051322697600Delicious Popcorn!I have been purchasing popcorn from Discount Tommy for years, Popcorn machine also, excellent popcorn with excellent service, always shipped quick also.. A+++++++++++ Thank You Discount Tommy
389224389224B0058OZ198A221RETO3M7X3UWilliam F Kaik Jr0051322697600Great for Rental Business!!!This is the only product we use!!! We rent out our popcorn machines every weekend and wouldn't put any other product in it's place. It makes it really easy for the customer to use with the oil and popcorn in one package, not to mention it tastes excellent!!!
389225389225B0058OZ198A1VY7MC7J9WMULgostephens0051322524800great popcorn/fun and easy to useWe have really enjoyed using this product. It is so simple to use-pre measured with oil, salt, and popcorn. It really makes "movie night" more fun with this popcorn. I give it and the seller my highest rating.
389226389226B0058OZ198A1W194CB16X9VSBrad Roesler0051322438400Great Popcorn and EZ to useMy whole family loves this popcorn. Everything you need is all in one pouch making it simple for my kids to make popcorn too. I love the fact that you never have to measure anything out, and it makes SUPER tasty popcorn everytime.
389227389227B0058OZ198AQOBAYL5WO3VIsmiles28510051322438400LOVE this popcorn!!!This is absolutely the BEST popcorn. Nothing better than a high def, big screen TV and a big bowl of popcorn with the family!! This tastes just as good if not better than the kind you get at the movie theater. Grandkids love coming over to Gramma and Papa's house and pretending they are at the movies by turning out the lights and watching the latest Disney movie with their own container of popcorn. Highly recommend this to all interested in getting some good popcorn!!!
389228389228B0058OZ198A1409EXR36XX4Tlaunt20060051322438400The best popcornI have a popcorn machine rental business and everyone who rents from me all tell me how delicious this popcorn is. It tastes just like you would get at the movies and possibly better. These portion packs are so easy to use and we often just make it at home because we all love it so much! There is no other brand I would ever use!
389229389229B0058OZ198A3IKON1OXHUJYGVicki Lang "Vicki Lang"0051322438400PopcornNorthern Popcorn has the best flavor in town!!! I've ordered Northern Popcorn for my business and home on a few occassions and will continue to go back. They have the best tasting popcorn and the prices are great as well.Great Northern Popcorn 8oz. Portion Packs Case of 40 Mega Pack
389230389230B0058OZ198A2CPPPVAU1OZ93Harold0051322438400How much easier could it be?I have the Great Northern cart machine and this product is the perfect compliment to it. Why would you want to bother with measuring the corn, oil, and seasoning when you could just use this for perfect movie quality popcorn every time? Cut the top, pour it in, and pop, then sit back and enjoy. The taste is perfect and it doesn't get easier. If you have any kind of machine then get this!!
389231389231B0058OZ198A2ZI97GACOC2H6Gene Sprouse0051322438400The BestThis popcorn has the best flavor money can buy, plus the company gives outstanding service and stands behind all their products, Highly recommend!
389232389232B007R4HG4KAFYQ5IFRYIFXtomsmom2251303084800Really good iced coffee!Seriously good iced coffee- brew over ice, add a little sugarfree coffeemate and you are good to go. You'll stay out of Starbucks all summer long! Add a squirt of caramel ice cream topping and it's even better-although that defeats the purpose of the sugar-free route.
389233389233B007R4HG4KA1JLQIYEQ33H7RGreg More1141340755200Pleasantly surprisedI don't drink flavored coffees that often---hot or iced. I usually find the flavor is over-powering or not quite right. But this makes a pretty good iced coffee, with just the right amount of French Vanilla. However, with just one K-cup, you're not going to be able to make one of those giant cups you might be used to buying. I would brew this at the 6 or 8oz setting, anything more and it's going to be too weak. A legit question is whether the Keurig iced coffee cups make a difference over using just regular K-cups. I think they do. I've tried making iced using regular K-cups. Way too weak.

A couple of things to try as you experiment with making a good iced coffee: 1)I lower the temperature setting on my Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System. It's only a few degrees, but it seems to help. 2)I'll brew over ice, and then refill with ice. 3)I sometimes go crazy and actually use 2 K-cups for my large iced coffee fix. A lot cheaper than the $2 at the counter or drive-thru!
389234389234B007R4HG4KA3C8MPRWF43U40banana nut1151331424000I'm addictedI have been using these K Cups daily for six months now. They're very good and I like them more than Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks iced coffee. I have played around with them to get the perfect cup of iced coffee and I have found it comes out well if you fill your tumbler to the top with ice, add creamer, and then brew. I have used both the 6oz and the 8oz brew options, and I believe the 8oz comes out better. Overall, I believe these K Cups are great and the best option for iced coffee from a Keurig machine.
389235389235B007R4HG4KA1KGB4XLL2NHIElla "Berry"1151320883200YUM!These K-cups are my favorite. When you add milk and a little sugar, they taste very similar to a fancy latte at a coffee shop! Highly recommend - flavor is not too strong, and the coffee is not too acidic. They are good brewed hot OR cold over ice.
389236389236B007R4HG4KALE5LU93I0VV6AE Randall "Amy"1151307836800Great flavor & convenienceI love my Keurig even more now that there's this wonderful iced coffee that I can enjoy when I need to cool down. Great flavor, easy to prepare (as always). I also bought the Starbuck thermal glass with straw - I just fill the glass up with ice, fill it with coffee, add some flavored creamer and it's better than what I get at McDonalds or Starbucks - plus I don't have to leave my house.
389237389237B007R4HG4KA2BCZ24VK6V8KUMRE "MRE"0031344211200An absolute Favorite... But...I had been buying French Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups for about 2 months now, and was completely addicted. A nice amount of cream and equal or splenda would spark this baby right up into a cold coffee nearly as good- possibly better than a cold bottle of Starbucks iced coffee.

However, I was spending just a few dollars more for these K-cups in comparison to regular hot brew K-Cups... and then it dawned on me.


Why not brew regular hot brew cups instead, and just add ice and cream as I would to these?

Well, that idea saved me some money and worked just as spectacularly as the ice brew K-cups did.

All in all, these are good, don't get me wrong, but you can do the exact same thing to ANY flavor of K-Cup coffee's, with the same results.
389238389238B007R4HG4KADLJYBOCPJAFEJoecompute0031343260800Pretty Good but way over-pricedThis is a variant on the standard GM French Vanilla that is in a smaller package (22 instead of 24 cups). It sells for under Fifteen bucks for "Members" on the Keurig site - a member is anyone who joins. Shipping is free only at Fourty Five dollar + orders. Consider this as a fair price for this stuff.
389239389239B007R4HG4KA3MXQ9QU44DZQ2Flat0051340409600DeliciousA must have! Taste is excellent. What more can I say, but other than that. I really like this one.
389240389240B007R4HG4KA1XTVN0TGNHW92H. Krech0051339891200YUMMY - my tongue is happy :)Flavors are so subjective that doing reviews is kinda silly, but I actually do prefer using this for my iced coffees. I have always been happy w/ Green Mountain flavors so, during the summer months, I will re-purchase.
389241389241B007R4HG4KA2RQ4YHHG9TQ3YGregory Austin0041327449600My first box of brew over ice productsThis is my first time trying k-cups that are meant to be brewed over ice, and I really like them.

It took me a little to figure out the optimal amount of ice and which coffee output size to select, with my initial attempts going with too little ice and too much coffee. My suggestion, lots of ice and use the small brewing size--that leaves me with enough ice that it stays chilly for a while.

If you like, leave room for a splash of milk and some sugar, maybe a little caramel, and voila, homemade frappuccino knockoff on the cheap.
389242389242B007R4HG4KA29BHW9YT2FZ77JackieTH0051325030400My wife is addictedThese cups contain extra grounds and are designed to melt ice and make an excellent, strong, iced coffee if one follows the recommendations. The flavor is fairly reminiscent of a typical coffeehouse vanilla-infused iced coffee.
389243389243B007R4HG4KA1D16L9ECDUD3Ebrenna0051316995200just what I wantedI'm surprised someone said this was bitter. I dont think that at all! I only drink flavored coffee, and light roast. I do not like strong ot bitter coffee. If you already like k-cups, and are looking for a nice iced coffee, this is it. This however should not be your first taste of a k-cup
389244389244B007R4HG4KAPYTDFERMUUQRMike Hike0121307836800Not too goodLove good coffee, but this stuff makes my Keurig seem defective. Just about any other cup the Keurig puts out a decent cup of coffee. But this iced coffee cup does not work in the Keurig. I make far better iced coffee with my cold brew system or coffee press. And, these K-cups are expensive for a bland instant coffee taste.
389245389245B007R4HG4KA31B049UPN0OX5Kev720131307059200Iced Coffe K-CupI have had better and I have had worse iced vanilla coffee. The 2 star deduction is because the vanilla they use is not my favorite and the coffee is not strong enough for me.
389246389246B007R4HG4KAKG85WTKXTT87B. Smith0311313798400Horrible!This coffee is extremely bitter! No amount of sugar or cream makes it taste decent. Brewing it over ice just waters down the vanilla, but not the bitterness. Even when I let it cool then place it over ice, its undrinkable.
389247389247B000QSOOUIA1QY6ECILS07UOM. Smith2251334275200Have 7 great cats, but choosy about food. Need big cans, and Friskies are best....Looked all over our area for big cans of Friskies..... only found the little 5.5 ounce, that is no good for a family of 7 choosy cats. They like Friskies, but so many cans with the little stuff, no way would I go that route. Amazon sent it within two days, great delivery and just worked out great. Now we are all happy.
Thanks anazon
389248389248B001GZYCXEAR1TUY3N71FE1Kievit0051297987200Tobi Bark with Assorted NutsI received this item sooner than promised and in perfect condition. It was purchased for my husband, who enjoyed it very much.
389249389249B002OC71P4A2FIZ75BHZKFL7flower girl0041285718400A nice salt.I like this salt with its color, and medium sized crunch. However, after tasting it in the 7 seas sampler pack, I thought I remembered it to be a bit more flavorful, which this is not. It does have great visual appeal, and taste, just not that "winey" taste I thought I remembered. That said, the sampler pack has alot of different salts, so maybe I was confused.
389250389250B001U2SRUCA3LDKPBIJTKCVDCaptain Awesome "sam"0051283558400ahhhhhhhhhhhthis is a lovely tea. found it for a good price at my local market. i drink a lot of yogi tea, meditative time smells great. hints of sage and lavender..very calming for me, a stay at home mom of three under the age of three. another great tea by yogi.

ps this is not a fake review!! i am a real person who loves all the yogi teas i've tried so far!! you can check my other reviews to see. sad that some companies are putting fake reviews on here. shame on yoU!!!

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