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389257389257B000FDDEV4APWCOAVILK94BReal Named Person "wowzee"0051298678400Mix it with some White CouscousI eat couscous as my main carb staple daily. Whole Wheat couscous is a little bland tasting, maybe like cardboard. So mix it with some White couscous to add some health. To make a tasty bowl of couscous that will feed 1-2 person, use the following below.

1/3rd can of one of the Jyoti sauces below. All have saffron in them. The saffron makes up for a special addictive taste that you will keep coming back to regularly.
Jyoti Natural Foods Saffron Cream Sauce, 10-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
Jyoti Natural Foods Indian Cuisine, Rogan Josh Sauce, 10-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
Jyoti Natural Foods Classic Masala, 10-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

6 oz of Couscous below
White couscous
Osem North African Couscous, 10 Pound Bag
Whole wheat couscous
Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Couscous, 11-Ounce Units (Pack of 8)

8 oz of water

3 oz of some other curry/sauce/coconut milk. Try some of the below options.
Aroy-D - Mussaman Curry 14 oz.
Aroy-D - Red Curry 14 oz.
Roland Coconut Milk, Organic, 14-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
Maesri Thai masaman curry - 4 oz x 2 cans

3 oz of crushed tomato

Heat the mixture WithouT couscous in microwave for 7 minutes, take it out and put the couscous, stir and wait for 10 minutes and enjoy.
389258389258B000FDDEV4ABMF37YULP772Melocherry0051270339200TastyGreat price for a quick and healthy side! Wasn't sure if I liked "whole wheat" couscous, but it tastes great.
389259389259B000FDDEV4A28N0F64GESQUQManzanilla Olives "Manzanilla"1211247529600Couscous leaks from boxesThe boxes were not properly sealed. As soon as I would lift a box out of the case couscous would leak from the box and go everywhere.

The couscous wasn't as tasty as the whole wheat couscous I've bought in my local supermarket.
389260389260B000FDDEV4A3HH6Q1RREA4CAPeri L. Erdmann "Peri"1331215993600Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat CouscousI don't particularly like this product. It doesn't cook up the way I think it should and I'm doing it according to package directions.
389261389261B001EQ5QY4A1YVKUFD6YMVGSMr. Chocolate2241332460800Non tummy irritating iron for iron deficiency anemiaI happened upon Total cereal when doing research on how to deal with a post-operative iron deficiency anemia. I was surprised to learn that there aren't many foods that really have lots of iron. Clams, beef liver, and, ta-da, Total cereal are amongst the highest. The first two (called heme iron) are absorbed much better than the Total cereal (non-heme), but let's face it, how much beef liver and clams can you eat? I happen to like the taste (note like, not love), and I eat it every morning and look forward to breakfast. I'm realistic -- it's a whole grain cereal without any fancy flavor additions so it's really likely to be sorta on the dull side. On the other hands, it's a whole lot better than having an upset tummy from iron supplements. I appreciate this price in comparison to the really high price at our local grocery stores.
389262389262B001EQ5QY4A3RC1ZR5L1QNKDreniebeany0051339632000total cerealProduct comes well packed so that the cereal doesn't get squashed. I find it very hard to find Total Cereal in grocery stores lately so I am pleased to be able to find it on Amazon. I feel eating Total cereal, with its vitamin content, gives me a great vitamin value for my dollar and it is quite delicious to boot.
389263389263B001EQ5QY4A1D86WNE3CO440Mommy20000051330732800Thanks.We ordered this for my Father-In-Law for Christmas. He is ill and can't leave the house. The order arrives on time every month and is in perfect condition. This is the only cereal that he will eat and it makes us feel good to know that he will have it even when we aren't able to go shopping for him. Thank you.
389264389264B001EQ5QY4A39VF2QMR5SVSSTinker0051309564800Total Whole Grain Cereal - Good GiftI bought this as a gift for a gentleman over 90. It is his favorite cereal, and he has been eating it for years. What a great way to tell him we appreciate him and hope he continues to enjoy it for another couple of decades.
389265389265B001EQ5QY4AZD6HAH9RFWOBDeb0051307059200YummyFor some reason Total is difficult to find in the grocery stores. We had six packages shipped to our home and the family is happy once again. It arrived in perfect condition, in a prompt amount of time, and there are now four smiling faces at the breakfast table.
Amazon is amazing!!!
389266389266B001EQ5QY4A1BDMSJDPX5MDFLDS0051246060800Great cerealGreat source of all your vitamins without taking a pill. Have enjoyed it for years and it still taste good.
389267389267B001EQ5QY4AA62DG6DBBB5Hwilldeng0151307923200Great value. Cheaper than at most stores.Bought this through Amazon for about $15. For 6 packs and free delivery, that's a lot better than going out to the store to get cereal. Only downside that I see is that you are buying a lot of Total and I don't particular like eating Total, I just do it because its healthy <=== I'm weird right?
389268389268B001EQ5QY4A15M31GBVM43SRDavid G. Hartman "fruit fan"0151276473600Good Cereal, full of good stuffTotal Cereal is full of nutrient value. This is what I want for my family. It is very important to me that they have the very best I can possibly provide for them with the resources that I have.
389269389269B001EQ5QY4A13H0EL7Y2UEYGNyck1311317168000Honestly, eat it without milk.I find this cereal terrible tasting. I'm eating it right now which is what prompted this review.

Upon first opening the package I tried a pinch of them and they tasted all right. Nothing special. Edible and healthy. I can deal with this.

Then I added milk. Now they taste bad. :( It's not the milk either. I had some without the cereal and it tastes fine. I looked at all the goodness on the side of the box and just know that this is a healthier choice but I'm never going to eat these with milk again.
389270389270B002VC0JAQAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0011332806400Absolutely Awful Cat FoodI bought this cat food because of the wonderful low price and I enjoy they catchy jingle from the commercials. My cats did eat this food, but after reading the ingredients I completely regret purchasing it and feel just awful for feeding it to my cats. The first three ingredients (which indicates the most prevalent ingredients) are chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, and ground yellow corn. How disgusting is that?! The main ingredient is a corn filler. One thing my vet told me a while back that I never forgot: "When you eat corn, what comes out of the other end? The same thing happens with cats and dogs." Basically, corn cannot be fully digested, it is just a filler and causes pets to actually eat more to feel full, poop out more (more for us to clean in the litter box), and retain less nutrients. The only meat in Meow Mix at all is a by-product, its not even a real meat! By-products are the stuff leftover once all the actual meat is harvested. We're talking beaks, chicken feet, eyeballs, even chicken poop! I would not recommend this product to anyone, for any reason, ever. It is an absolutely awful cat food. I suppose you get what you pay for. I recommend to stay far away from Meow Mix, as it is simply a very low quality food. Even though the price is quite inexpensive, your cat will actually eat more than if you paid for a better quality food, because they will never feel full. Cats need to eat meat, and there just isn't real meat in this food. When purchasing a cat (or dog) food, the most important thing to consider is the first 3 ingredients; just make sure those first three are decent ingredients that you would eat yourself. Now that I know what to look for, I usually buy my pets all natural, organic foods such as Blue Buffalo, Halo or Wellness. All of those brands contain real, whole meats that I myself would eat, with no added fillers or corn.
389271389271B0074BBOJ4A231M4PO94K17Dyiayia "yiayia"0051346716800colorful and pureThis is bright, fresh-tasting,and colorful unlike some sludgy, gritty, dull-colored pistachio butters. Perhaps it is the small amount (and imperceptible tasting) of olive oil. The texture is creamy but with a little nuttiness to it ie this isn't creamy like Skippy peanut butter. If you want to make gelato, however, you should use a sweetened Sicilian pistachio butter. This one is a lovely alternative to almond butter or any other nut butter--and so pretty.
389272389272B0074BBOJ4A3POAWC2JPQQQPme0051338940800If you like pistachios, you'll like this!It's better than I thought it was going to be, especially because I don't normally like pistachios in general. It's creamy, yet nutty texture is a great treat.
389273389273B0074BBOJ4A50RRTQWTKY2ZRebecca L. Latson0051338422400An Awesome Alternative To Peanut Butter!While preparing for a photography trip, I decided I wanted to pack up some food items with me rather than do too much grocery shopping once I arrive at my destination. I wanted an alternative to peanut butter and decided to try this product. It's AWESOME! The ingredients do NOT include sugar; I've tried other nut butters before and have been disappointed in that they always are too sweet, sometimes listing sugar as the second ingredient! This product, is so yummy that the majority of the time, I was just eating it with a spoon right out of the jar. It's a little more "liquid-y"; definitely not as stiff as peanut butter. You can see the tiny chunks of pistachios in the mixture. It's kind of pricey, so probably not something you would get on a regular basis (although I am so taken with this brand that I recently ordered another jar of this raw pistachio butter from the same seller). If you want something that tastes like the nuts from which it is made, without any other additives except oil and a little bit of salt, then this particular brand of raw pistachio butter is exactly what you need to try.
389274389274B004T3QE4UA1KZBN6TG1AIZUJames Arthur McGurk2311324252800Nothing was sent, all contact cut offI placed the order in October, 2011. There was no contact or response to e-mails. The website was taken down. No product was sent. Nothing was received.
389275389275B004T3QE4UA3ASSPJJD2OZYMk0051347926400Simply delish!I love this product.....especially in the summer when I blend
it with ice to make iced coffee! A great refreshing treat that's
low in calories and ok to drink at night since it's decaf!
389276389276B004T3QE4UA19IDPU990VUBBJewvonne0051338854400A true delight ! I'm totally addicted-I love love love this stuff! I find that if I add either plain powdered creamer or fat free half & half plus a couple of packets of Equal, it puts this on a whole different level.... A true delight! These additions really give this product some real oomph to a basic good, but watery, flavor. I've not tried any of the other flavors as I'm totally addicted to the French Vanilla and it's nice that we also have a choice of sugar free as well as decaf.
389277389277B004T3QE4UA1QOFMW8ENN9ECCarol Melendres0051338076800Best tastingHappy that I can still get it on Amazon because it diffifult to find in the stores,
at least the sugar-free, decaf.
It is the best french vanilla hot drink I have found anywhere. On cold evenings
it's great taste is soothing.
Hope it doesn't go away.
389278389278B004T3QE4UA3CWYS0UOTALD6Andrea savolt "sav"0041337817600great coffe substituteI have been using this product about 10 years now and very happy with it.It is my only artifical food that I consume, but oh well ...I love the taste of it altough most of the time I mix it up with some natural grain coffe .
389279389279B004T3QE4UA1PB1Y1BRW1L4ZB. Olson0051333584000Considered a staple item in our pantry!My husband and I have enjoyed International Coffee French Vanilla Cafe for years. For a number of reasons, it's important that we have caffeine and sugar free products and this is one that we simply can't do without! Along with it's companion, Sugar Free, Caffeine free Mocha, this is our substitute for hot cocoa in the evening or for a pick-me-up mid-afternoon in our office.
389280389280B004T3QE4UA2Z1Q781Y1KKCYElwyn Hildum0051325980800Christmas gift for spouseMy spouse has always enjoyed Maxwell House International coffee, French Vanilla. However in recent years the grocery chain has not carried this flavor. I finally decided to check on line and VANILLA OR VIOLA! She is very happy and set for life.
389251389251B000FDDEV4A3M1HW7TT98XQBbetty crocker "betty"5551240704000great productI like all the Hodgson Mill products I have used but I never had couscous, Hodgson Mill or any other brand. I wanted to start to eat healthier so when I saw this was whole wheat and and on subscribe and save I ordered it. I thought I would give it a try. If I hated it I could always add it to home baked goods. Well I love it. I sauted an onion and added some beef broth and 5 minutes later it was done. It was a side dish tonight but it would make a nice lunch. I am happy I purchased this.
389252389252B000FDDEV4ATLZNVLYKP9AZT. Fisher3351284422400Great couscous at a good priceThis whole wheat couscous is excellent. I'm not going to say it tastes just the same as regular couscous, but it certainly tastes no worse, and not even very different. I am tempted to say it's healthier than regular couscous, but since I use butter in the couscous I'm not going to pretend that it is an absolutely healthy product. Still, it's better than a lot of other processed carbs, and butter in moderate amounts is just fine as far as I'm concerned.

This is quite a bit of couscous, however. I'd say go down to your local store and just pick up one or two boxes of whatever's on the shelf, if you don't think you'll be able to use 8 boxes in a reasonable period of time. That's the main downside here, but I'm good with 8 boxes.

I did a lot of shopping around for couscous and I found this to be one of the best in terms of price performance -- a quality product in a whole wheat version, packaged and delivered at a good cost. Recommended!
389253389253B000FDDEV4A3IX10FXNFN1R5J. Shankman3351240185600Quick, easy, healthy, and GOOD!I've tried a few brands of whole wheat couscous in the past year after finding out how much healthier it is than regular couscous. Most of the other brands that I've tried have had the worst texture. Either they were mush or they were a giant blob. When prepared according to package instructions, this brand cooks up light & fluffy. It's also insanely easy to make...boil water & a bit of olive oil, add couscous, turn off flame, let sit for 5 minutes, fluff & eat. It's a great substitute as rice, or a great side dish on its own.
389254389254B000FDDEV4AE05T7QGYYBB4C. Stokes "big fan"5651173312000very healthy and easyI replaced all rice in my meals with whole wheat couscous and my family loves it!
389255389255B000FDDEV4A26F3559UD4VH8Elderstin4551199577600Great alternative quick cooking "starch" for dinnerIf you are looking for a healthy alternative for potatoes or noodles or white rice, Hodgson's whole wheat couscous is it. After you boil the water it takes 5 minutes of standing and that's it. You can add ingredients to "spice" it up. I wasn't able to find it in my local stores so I am very happy to find it on Amazon..Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Couscous, 11-Ounce Units (Pack of 8)
389256389256B000FDDEV4A36GW402HRAEUTM. Fanelli "mwfanelli"0051344816000As AdvertisedExcellent quality couscous that costs much less on Amazon than at the local supermarket. Cooked up perfectly following the instructions. I use couscous added to vegetables and soups to give the meal some zest. Recommended.

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