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389281389281B004T3QE4UA6SPPHGNHIFGHA. G. Black "queenlex"00213258944004 Teaspoons my foot!I'm giving this product 2 stars because the label says that 4 teaspoons of the stuff is enough to enjoy the taste. However, all 4 teaspoons did was produce brown potty water. I had to dump nearly half of the container into my cup just to get any flavor at all and I only had a small coffee cup full of water it's not like I expected 4 teaspoons to flavor a giant mug. Don't waste your money, buy a better brand.
389282389282B004T3QE4UALVJNG12KREPEBubblicious0051322092800Love This Coffee!Have been drinking this coffee for many years. Best DECAF and SUGAR FREE instant international coffee I've found. Don't care for the Suisse Mocha of the same brand. Currently, impossible to locate this flavor on the shelves. New Maxwell House flavors have surfaced of late, and I suspect seasonal flavors are ruling due to lack of sufficient shelf space to include my favorite. If you can find it on the shelf, it'll probably be cheaper, though. Usually retails between $3-$4 apiece.
389283389283B0013A0BLYA2D9G4XIDK9H3GPeschau70311299628800Third Main Ingredient is Aspartame! Google the side effects! HORRIBLEThird Main Ingredient is Aspartame!Apparently aspartame does not digest and breake down properly in humans! Google the side effects! HORRIBLE [..]
389284389284B0039KERHKA12ENBT314RFXRP. Gray "The Gluten Free Assistant"0051315440000Not too salty, deliciously crunchy, perferct cracker!This excellent cracker just happens to be gluten free and I am obsessed with them! They are boxed in two trays wrapped in foil packaging that are a bit difficult to open. The crackers are a good size, and can easily fit a dollop of mustard, a piece of cheese, and a cherry tomato half or olive piece. I enjoy eating risotto with these crackers to add a touch of salt and crunch to the rice dish. These would be perfect party crackers, too, but I prefer to just keep some at my desk at work to munch on in my down time.
389285389285B002MZAJFCA4M0XT9EXH1Y7S. Lindsey1151267401600Creamiest, best tasting oatmeal on the planet!Flahavan's oats are delicious, nutritious, and come in several varieties. I discovered this product in Ireland, and am delighted to find it on Amazon! There is plenty of fruit in both this and the Sunrise Fruits version of Flahavan's oats. I make mine with half a cup of milk and half a cup of water for each half a cup of oatmeal (package directions), and it's just delicious. There is enough cinnamon to beautifully flavour the oats without being overpowering, and the apple flavour really complements it perfectly. Lovely oatmeal - best I've ever had.
389286389286B002MZAJFCAUNBCMVH0ZSCUdase "dase3"0051328832000The best oatmeal in the worldFlahavan's makes a top-quality product. It is the best oatmeal I have ever had. I have had both the oatmeal which contains fruit, and the plain. I am so thankful we are able to get it here in the USA!
389287389287B0048IAMCGA87VK8I3FOHC0Sandra L. Dwan0051349827200Best Organic Pasta Sauce EVER!!!After trying all of the organic pasta sauces out there and being truly disappointed, we were ecstatic to find this sauce. We were wanting to wean off of Prego which uses GMO's in their products and had really tried them all. I was so happy to find an organic gluten free sauce that tasted this good! It passed my kids taste test as well and they are super picky. I hope to never be without it!
Thanks OrganicVille ~ (and Amazon for carrying it!)
389288389288B0048IAMCGA3JEP8LHMGRMNHNonfiction0111346716800SaltySeriously, why on earth would you need 420 mg of salt in half a cup of pasta sauce? Also, kind of thin and runny.
389289389289B0000DYZCGA1U4PHVIQPBCD2Dan Murphy2451071187200Excellent quality and service!I received this as a gift. Great quality and on-time delivery. they have a bunch of clubs in wine, beer, fruit, flowers, coffee, cigars, chocolate and pizza! Very cool idea! They have a main web site at
389290389290B000EF3E5YA3JCOQAD5K1K5IEWD8851199404800Simply the BestThis is consistently the best tasting, cleanest, highest quality canned tuna I've found. It's worth the price.
389291389291B000EF3E5YANXQIS5XFA0FINumber 91151334016000Excellent product. Great taste. Good price.This is my very favorite tuna. I started purchasing this albacore tuna because the ingredients are albacore tuna, spring-water and sea salt, that's it. It does not contain any vegetable or soybean broth, pyrophosphate or any other ingredients.
Highly recommend this tuna. Have been receiving this tuna on subscribe and save for a long time now and it is always perfect and a highly consistent product.
389292389292B000EF3E5YA2LN592XDP9X0ETess Gerould "knitwit"0051346544000Great Tuna!Clean taste, wonderful texture. I bought a case. I like this size can. We eat tuna salad at about once a week in the summer. In the cooler months, we enjoy tuna casserole. YUM!
389293389293B000P54HZYAKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena141551212105600Oh, so very, very Good!First, let me say that I do NOT like regular Pop-Tarts. I've tried them, and they tasted like overly-sweetened cardboard with a definite strange aftertaste. I'd only eat one again if there was absolutely nothing else in the house.

I tried Nature's Path Organic Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pasteries simply because "he" threw it into the shopping cart, insisting it had to be good. Oh, well... whatever. At least, it's organic and actually has some real fruit in it.

OK, I weakened during a mid-morning slump and I needed something to go along with my mega-cup of coffee. To my absolute astonishment, it was not just good, but VERY, VERY GOOD!

This product tasted to me like something from a bakery. The crust was flaky, soft yet a bit crispy. There is absolutely no chemical after-taste. And, there is fruit inside. Yes, I was astonished. It was not like a slab of stale jello, but real, tasty strawberry with a nice, natural taste. Furthermore, it was not overly sweet.

Not only was I amazed, I will purchase this product over and over again.
Once you try it, you will as well!

Very highly recommended.
389294389294B000P54HZYAJYFA8X0SND0BE. Gordon4551217030400Warm, yummy & healthy (or at least not UNhealthy)My husband and I both strongly prefer to eat natural foods, avoiding as many artificial ingredients/additives/chemical concoctions as we can. Sometimes, though, this means forgoing the bad-for-you-yet-tasty treats we grew up eating and enjoying. However, these taste SO much better than Pop Tarts that there's absolutely no sacrifice involved. (Not to mention that the AROMA of these while they're heating up is incredible. In a matter of days, you may find yourself conditioned to drool at the mere sound of the toaster lever clicking into place...Pavlov would be proud.)

The only downside (and I hope Nature's Path pays attention to this) is that the pastries are packaged in PAIRS--making it altogether too tempting to eat both. Better if the box just had ONE re-sealable pack inside; that way, you could simply open it, take the one you want, and close the package back up. With the current packaging, re-sealing isn't a viable option, and so you're kind of "forced" to eat both pastries. (I mean, you wouldn't want to let one go stale...what a waste!)
389295389295B000P54HZYA12GOUX0P09UF3dmama1151327363200Delicious snack for kids and parents alike!When my husband became the stay-at-home parent, he also started grocery shopping more for our family. Problem is, he is not a label-checker and too often buys things high in sugar, HFCS and preservatives. My kids became accustomed to eating sugary cereals, toaster pastries and iced candy disguised as breakfast. When I saw these in our local coop, I thought they'd make an excellent alternative. I just tried my first one, thinking I would just have a bite and then pass off to one of my kids. Well, I ate the whole thing. Quickly. These are perfectly sweet; not too much, not too little. Much more palatable than the other, more mainstream brand. The filling tastes like real fruit! Imagine that. I have successfully moved my kids to healthy cereals and whole wheat toast, but these offer a nice "treat" for those days when we're in a rush or they are begging for a "toaster pastry." I also plan to bring some to work to keep in my desk for that midday snack. Highly recommend! My only complaint is that they come 2 per wrapper. Not sure how to keep the second one fresh? Other than that, I am a happy customer.
389296389296B000P54HZYA1MCC6JIT9F72TJ. Davidson2351247961600Yay! Kosher toaster pastries!I was so excited to see these toaster pastries at the store. I don't eat pork or pork-products, which includes gelatin. Since most leading brand toaster pastries have gelatin in them, I've gone a long time without them, and I missed them dearly. Suddenly, I spot these beauties, and I must say, they're even better than I remember toaster pastries being. The rest of my "non-kosher" family also had some, and it's all we buy. The crust tastes like pie-crust, and I'm absolutely in love.
389297389297B000P54HZYA1VAHNUSFZDCM2C. Burnette2321235952000Not Fresh - Made me think twice about buying bulk.I purchased this item after my children enjoyed this exact favor + blueberry purchased from Costco. But they said this item sent from Amazon tasted different - not fresh. Now I have four more boxed that I have no idea what to do with.
389298389298B000P54HZYAFEU9SW8OTF55Julianne "Julie"2351216080000Very tasty!The kids love these. They are very tasty and healthier than most toaster pastries.
389299389299B000P54HZYACS9QF9UA0V71D. Pruyn2351208217600Great alternative to poptarts!My kids and I love these for a quick breakfast. They are good warmed up or straight from the box, and better ingredients that traditional poptarts.
389300389300B000P54HZYA104E501HJWVF2KingInk2351203292800Yummy!These pastries taste great! As good as as Pop-Tarts. They're organic and whole wheat (And I'm NOT fond of whole wheat, so they've got to be good). Only problem: Some of the box bottoms weren't glued shut. No biggie, though, each two-pack is wrapped.
389301389301B000P54HZYA87HEU6U0GJ92Scott Mathes0031349395200Pretty BlandI have their brown sugar product and it is very good. I thought that the strawberry would be just as good. Boy was I wrong. First of all, they are very sweet but there is very little strawberry flavor unless you are really are paying attention, which in the final stages of swallowing, you get a slight hint of strawberries. The color of the filling looks like apples not strawberries.
389302389302B000P54HZYA3PS4V0JQ2003XPookieThePirate0041310601600Tastey, but very sugary. Not for those trying to lose weight type of snacks.It doesn't taste like it has loads of sugar. Then I checked the label and EACH pastry has 19 grams of sugar. If you sit there and eat the whole bag, it's 38 grams of sugar and 410 calories combined. That's meal worthy, not a snack. It tastes very good. I didn't buy this at amazon, but at my university because I needed a snack and saw this was organic and it was very cheap. It costs 99cents plus tax for 2 pastries. I was shocked since the university jacks up the price of everything.

I wouldn't consider buying these if you want to lose weight and get a snack in the mean time. Just too much sugar for something organic.

Though in a way it isn't meant to be a health food, it's just made out of organic things. But if you are trying to lose weight and want a healthy snack, this isn't it.

These tastes more fruitful than poptarts.
389303389303B000P54HZYA2LA2ZOGDK4ZRDVanessa "showthemlove"0041286150400Higher in sugars than Poptarts, NOT whole grainWell, let me start by saying that I DO like unfrosted strawberry PopTarts. These Toaster Pastries are almost as good, as PopTarts, and as far as the organic label, better for you if you like to support organic farming, have chemical allergies, etc. PopTarts DO have real fruit, unlike a previous review implies. However, Kellogg's uses DRIED fruit, which I think gives a FRUITIER, slightly more tart flavor. I have a hard time finding the fruity flavor, fruity enough in the Nature's Path. They need to try drying their fruit, too, to concentrate the flavor. I think that most people who are health/nutrition conscious would also be disappointed to find that Nature's Path frosted AND unfrosted (blueberry is the flavor that I have, since the unfrosted strawberry is 10 bucks more than the frosted ones on Amazon...go figure) has a higher sugar content, and zero whole grain, although the overall fiber is 1 gram per serving instead of "less than one gram" on the PopTarts. I will also state, that as of yet, I have never received anything stale from Amazon. I do prefer all of my Tarts toasted.
389304389304B000P54HZYA1CC3G24842BG6E. Willis0051277942400wonderful treatThese are great, they taste like real fruit, have a nice crust, and not-too-sweet icing. They are a treat around here since, although they are organic, they are still mostly white flour and sugar. They are way, way better than pop-tarts but more expensive and difficult to find. I had no problem with the freshness from amazon, they were nice and fresh with an expiration date months and months away. I just wish they were individually wrapped because it's so hard not to eat both at once!
389305389305B000P54HZYA36GEDLB5A5MJRevDorothyL "DorothyL"0041257724800A fast, sweet treat (with a tiny bit less guilt)I subscribed to these in the 6-count boxes (12 to a carton), rather than the 12-count boxes (6 to a carton, which cost $3 less at Amazon than the smaller boxes), but whichever packaging you buy them in, I'd recommend these organic frosted strawberry toaster pastries . . . IF you want something in your pantry that you can grab and eat (either hot or cold -- when I'm running REALLY late, I can just grab a packet of these to eat at my desk, no toaster required) for a slightly less guilt-inspiring sugary breakfast or snack.

I never cared much for the brand-name OR generic 'pop-tarts', but these organic toaster pastries seem to have more flavor and substance than the pop-tarts I used to despise (they're not just ALL refined sugars and bleached flour). The cherry-pomegranate are also good, though a little sweeter (sometimes a little TOO sweet for my taste, depending on my mood). These strawberry pastries with the plain, light frosting usually hit the spot just right, for a treat or a hasty way to break my fast.
389306389306B000P54HZYA2T1V4YC47MF9HErin A. Davy1251216857600YUMMy boys are junk food junkies, but we're trying to keep it more natural & organic these days - they love these!
389307389307B000P54HZYA12BDSWS8I13HKDenise1251214697600Mmmmmmm delicious!!I liked pop tarts okay, but hated that they were so processed and probably full of a lot of junk. I was shopping at Costco and saw this little slice of heaven and put it in the cart. I went through 3 boxes of these suckers in 2 weeks. Now, that probably wasn't the healthiest thing to do (they're a lot healthier than pop tarts mind you) but I literally had these sometimes for lunch and dinner but most definitely for breakfast! I had to take a break from getting these because I was in a word, addicted LOL. I recommend these to all!
389308389308B000P54HZYASKDT48QD6BPWJustin Staley1251205366400Attention-GetterI bought these for my husband and he loves them. When he makes them at work, people gravitate towards his office wondering what the amazing aroma is. Very tasty and good for you.
389309389309B000P54HZYA324FVIOYCWNSBEric BVD "Eric"2451214956800Great for veggie single guysThese Toaster Pastries are great. Easy to prepare and feed you well in a pinch. Subscribe to it and really simplify your eating aspects of life. Great for any time of day.
389310389310B000P54HZYA2NSC9A2TZT92WJennifer A. Thompson "jujube"3721218412800NO FLAVOR Not as good as Pop TartsI am surprised by all the positive reviews for these. We try to buy a lot of organic food so I thought these would be perfect. First off, it's hard to tell what flavor they are. They certainly dont taste like strawberry, maybe more like apple. And they are much harder than pop tarts. My kids wont eat them at all so now I have a huge case just sitting here.

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