Amazon Fine Food Reviews

389341389341B001E50USMAVTVB57WQM6N0sarunNJ0021304553600Very Bad QualityThe boxes sold by Amazon seem to be of inferior quality. They taste completely different from what you might bet from stores like Pathmark or wegmans. They are also very flat compared to the ones from retail stores. It was a mistake buying this product from amazon.
389342389342B001E50USMA2K6AX8YCUBUGJClaudia Boyer0051304467200Life cerealI had forgotten how much I liked Life cereal and was pleasantly reminded when my family and I ate this for breakfast and snacks.
389343389343B001E50USMA3LYBC8VA5S02EJohn0051302048000Good cereal! Fairly healthy as wellA lot heathier than other sugary cereals. I prefer cinnamon life over regular life, but for the price, you can't beat it
389344389344B001E50USMAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0031301961600It's okay... not great thoughI will eat all of this cereal that I purchased because I wanted to try it out. The cereal is very thin, light, and fragile squares of cereal with a little sweetness to it. There are quite a few crumbs in the bag. There are much better cereals around than this one. The subscribe price was great but I won't be buying this cereal for myself. Many people like this cereal. You might like it too.
389345389345B001E50USMA11CWDESWMDCQKXtX1XtY0051301702400tasty and good pricesubscribed & saved at $11.87 (pack of 6); pretty happy with the price
the cereal is tasty and low in sodium, fat, and sugar
389346389346B001E50USMA1JNFJMG4AR35WCole Brodine0151291334400Good Price, Good CerealWith the subscribe & save it is slightly less then $2 a box at the current price. With Amazon Prime this makes it a pretty good deal. The local grocery store doesn't carry this cereal so I order it here.

Good price, tasty cereal. 5 stars.
389347389347B001E50USMA10ZMNTVYBOZNRTech Coordinator "gamer"1751245715200it's life cerealMy name is Mike and I like them as well as the rest of my family
389348389348B001E50USMA2EH0HHDQQR6TLBookWorm12340621261094400Over $8/box?!Is that correct or am I missing something?! WalMart sells it for around $3/box!
389349389349B000HBC8O8AEFBZVQKQ2O7LEngineer Mom0051281571200Very high quality dog foodMy poor old guy is a large breed and we are coming to accept that he's probably not going to be around too much longer. He's been eating less and less dry food, so I thought I'd try some high quality wet food to get more calories in him.

This food is great, his demeanor has improved, he's stopped losing weight, and it looks and smells like real food (not goopy slop). I also tried a can of the Pro Plan senior/sensitive stomach in salmon flavor and that was actually his favorite. I didn't see it here on amazon though (which is okay with me, because I'm not a fish fan).
389350389350B000UGIQ4QA2BYTMGGKRKAISS. Feldman0051270252800Dingo dog chewsThe only kind of chews my Jack Russell Terrier will have anything to do with!
389351389351B000NPEP7GA38ADYDRZN170AJohn E. Norris2311313452800norjonI suppose this product will do if you have nothing else, but I think they do not taste very good. Also, they contain sodium caseinate, which I did not know and was trying to avoid. Not suitable for my purposes. I dumped mine in the trash.
389352389352B000NPEP7GA1OKACWZLDAJ3Cbecca0041350345600goodwas very good and they did a very good job with getting it to my house i might even buy it again some day to try with my coffee again.
389353389353B000NPEP7GA2L8J7NQ1THGZXRubisunset0241336694400Good value for our condo in Rocky point MexicoGood value for our condo in Rocky point Mexico

Good taste and usage for our guests. We provide creamers and coffee at our condo in Mexico (rubisunset com) and the guests appreciate it.
389354389354B0014GNSBMA106ZCP7RSXMRULil MamaKitty "lilbit565"3351252886400Flavorful and satisfying healthier-choice soupI tried this soup because it has no MSG. This soup tastes great. The clams are tender and the creamy soup has a good texture. No can opener needed to open! Makes a very satisfying lunch on a cold day. Add a handful of shredded cheddar cheese, and it is perfect.
389355389355B0014GNSBMACL99Q8EHCK6MA. Stribling0011349308800Chowder only a German dictator would love.Vapid, flavorless paste served with chunks of potato and the sauce that clams died in. "Select Harvest" indeed. They must have "selected" the most flavorless ingredients on the planet. If Elmer's Glue made a chowder, it would be better than this.
389356389356B0014GNSBMA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"1251259280000Campbell's Select New England Clam ChowderThis is a wonderfully flavorful soup. The broth is creamy and there are lots of pieces of clam. I love it with some oyster crackers on a rainy or cold day.
389357389357B0014GNSBMA1AX3H0AM1IWXEE. Ivanovich3611274140800Did not likeYUCK! This is the worst tasting soup I have ever had the misfortune to try. Took one bite and couldn't believe how bland and off tasting this was...took one more just to make sure I wasn't imagining it. The rest of the can went down the disposal.
389358389358B001HTIF64APT85D4DP1G0IMamanez0051350345600Good price, well packagedWe have used Thai Kitchen Peanut sauce many times - love it on chicken, and on shrimp. It's hard to find here so I started looking online - this is the best price, and the packing was VERY well done (glass jars - I was a little worried). I also worried about expiration dates because it is food, but these jars are good well into next year, so no worries there either! All in all, a good experience.
389359389359B000FO955WAF5ISXHR1A819John Hamlyn "John"0051327017600Gums are greatFruit gums..absolutely one of the best sweets (candies) made in the UK. Sort of like gummy bears on steroids...but much more chewy and fruity. Also great fruit taste without the chemicals. Once I open a tube I have to eat them all.
389360389360B000FO955WA2FDM50WNLO69TFreeFlyFreak "FreeFlyFreak"0051291420800Rowntrees Fruit Gums - My favorite.Chewy, with real fruit flavor these cannot be beat.
My favorite.
A close runner up is Lion Midget Gems, a better size and texture IMO, but the flavor is not as good as the gums.
389361389361B000FO955WA2HHAO2N1WR99XRachel K. Noah "Momma Rachel"0051290556800Best candy gum EVER!I've loved these since I was little...

Not for those with dental issues though, they are pretty sticky.
389362389362B000FO955WA32VI09B6TESXYDora W Wintor0051283472000EXCELLENT!This has been my favorite candy since I was a kid in Hong Kong. SO HAPPY to find it on Amazon!
389363389363B000FO955WA20X5TESYLZBGNNurturer690051267056000AddictiveSo glad these are available in the US. My English relatives used to send these over as Christmas gifts back in the day. That was how I got 'hooked'. Simply delicious and one is simply not enough. That includes the box.
389364389364B000FO955WA2W7PJRYCVRRJP. J. Dragoo0051210377600FantasticMy mother-in-law grew up eating these candies in London and has not been able to find them anywhere in the U.S. until now. My wife and I have become huge fans of the candy as well. Delicious, fruity and not overly sweet. They are a great treat and arrived fresh and on time.
389365389365B000FO955WAUKK48F2DCLKDI <0051169424000There's nothing better...
389366389366B000FO955WA1E5STDJMAPXQTRami Abumusallam0051165795200Very tasty fruit gumsFirst time when I was 13 years, I like the taste of this real fruit candies, but I don't know it still exists, found it 1 month ago.. now at the age of 32 I still like this fruit candies.. very tasty gums. YUMMY!
389367389367B00028HN7IA1UHV9ENAJ4RBZPiano Lil0051323734400A great and healthy treat for your petMy little Cavalier has just finished eating this treat, Dr. Harvey's Le Dogue Fish Bits and absolutely wants more and more of them. It is perfect for her as she is 13yrs and 6 months and has lost many of her teeth. The bits are small and easy for older dogs who have few teeth which makes it hard for her to chew anything that is tough or hard. After giving her her morning treat she sat on her mat and waited for some more - actually begging for more. I will be ordering more of these Fish bits as they fit my pet's requirements. I thank Dr. Harvey for having these healthy and much loved treats.
389368389368B005GXG384A1J2SCN4KIL8WGEZ in CA0011345420800why so expensive -- and what's with the texture?I usually buy wheat berries in bulk but had no other choices yesterday and bought the only brand (Nature's Earthly Choice, packaged) carried in my local market. Not only is Nature's Earthly Choice about FIVE times as expensive as buying in bulk (even from the high-end national chain store), but Nature's Earthly Choice is also more expensive than virtually all other brands. And after cooking, Nature's Earthly Choice Wheat Berries looked awful - as if they'd been totally overcooked and every kernal had exploded. (Perhaps that's because they've been turned into a "cooks in 15 minutes" processed grain.) Cooking instructions on the package are almost non-existant -- no mention of medium or low flame, covered or uncovered, whether all the water was all supposed to be absorbed or what. The salad recipe on the package made it sound like there should've been no excess water, so after 20 minutes on an uncovered simmer I figured I was supposed to drain the berries. I know I'll end up feeling like I should apologize to fans (of my usual apple salad with wheat berries) about how it looks. Very disappointing and a ripoff.
389369389369B000HTJH58A3MJ5CFOLK0RBHR. Donlin7751169769600The best gluten free granola I've foundThis granola is delicious. Being that it's gluten free is a bonus since it's so hard to find acceptable healthy foods within that diet. But my family can eat whatever they want, and they couldn't stop eating it! The cranberries bring a wonderful touch of sweetness to the nuts and crunchies. This is a great treat to keep with you when you want a more substantial snack.
389370389370B000HTJH58A1G6Q2NQMJ2C3XARealAVFan6651181001600Holy cow!!I love this product!! It's gluten-free, very tasty, and healthy. My only complaint is that it's messing up my budget, as I can't buy enough of it to keep up with my craving for it! :-)

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