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389387389387B000HTJH58A3ICD2EY5YPOQCM. Mersman1131300665600Tasty, but VERY sweetI enjoy the flavors in this cereal a great deal. I like the crunchiness and the fruit flavors and the maple flavor as well. Unfortunately I find it to be way too sweet. Four of the ingredients are sweeteners including evaporated cane juice, raisin juice, honey, and cranberry sugar. At least there is no high fructose corn syrup, but there are a total of 13 grams of sugar in each 3/4 cup serving. A bit much for my taste.

I don't think I will buy it again, but to help me get through the six bags I purchased, I mix it with an equal share of plain, unsweetened rice cereal.
389388389388B000HTJH58ANQT62LQHB4SHDonna1151261958400Fabulous!Finally a gluten free breakfast that doesn't taste like cardboard. I even like a wee bit for that after dinner snack.Wonderful for travel too. Try it, you'll like it!LOL
389389389389B000HTJH58A1J87P15HH42Z0Jo0051348963200Bakery On Main Gluten Free GranolaWe are on a gluten-free diet and use the gluten free Nutty Cranberry maple granola as a breakfast cereal, and we love it. This product arrived in a timely manner and was just as advertised.
389390389390B000HTJH58A1CWER040DDAVEReadervirg0051348790400Bakery on Main Gluten free granola Nutty Cranberry MapleI searched the world over (just a song) to find a gluten free, tasty, crunchy breakfast cereal that doesn't taste like cardboard. This cereal was so delicious I have been ordering it by the case automatically delivered every 2 months! I love it with rice drink (as I can not have dairy products, either)
389391389391B000HTJH58A188FL1P49QW2STerry "tleah444"0051346803200We both enjoy its sweet crunchI have to be watching for gluten and my husband leaves most of my gluten free stuff alone, but he eats this one all the time. We both enjoy it's sweet and crunchy bites full of lots of sesame and flax seeds. Yummy!
389392389392B000HTJH58A2VWGQAWSHRM78Gluten Free Man0011345248000High in SugarTastes great because it's high in sugar. The third ingredient after corn flower and water is "evaporated cane juice" . That's chemically equivant to sugar.
389393389393B000HTJH58A2N2R4MIQ9ZRH6JENNY HOOVER0051344988800The Best Snack Food AroundAfter being diagnosed with Celiac disease, I looked for food that was gluten free. I found the Bakery On Main's Gluten Free Granola at my local Walmart. I was desperate for something to snack on during the day, so I bought a bag. That was three years ago and I am addicted to the product. There are several flavors and I enjoy them all but my favorite is Nutty Cranberry Maple. Read the label on the front--It is so good for you.

Because the store doesn't stock a large supply and runs out quickly, I always buy all they have every time I shop. Finally I broke down and went to the website and found that I could order it from the source at a much lower cost that charged at the supermarket. I order 6 bags every month and love it so much that I run out before the next shipment arrives. I may have to increase my order!
389394389394B000HTJH58A1O9F7VMP1T9SZlaura patlove0051344902400Bakery on Main gluten free granolaFor the most part this was a very good product. It does have little seeds in it and one of the packages that I used had a large percentage of the seeds while the 2nd bag that I opened did not. The best part of the cereal are the small round crunchy things , the nuts and cranberries. The seeds just get stuck between your teeth! I do like the taste and consistency though and it is a good deal compared to buying it in the supermarket.
389395389395B000HTJH58A2WNBFLPJFV5FWA. Allen "Toa-T"0051344902400Add 1/2cup to your oatmealI love my oatmeal, but mostly because I get to add this tasty granola mix to it. I eat this nearly every morning and see noticeable differences in my energy levels throughout the day. I've tried all sorts of various products for adding to oatmeal over the years and this one is definitely my favorite.
389396389396B000HTJH58A3TXNKTAHFTD4OParrot 40051339804800This stuff is crazy good!Absolutely love this granola, crunchy, not overly sweet, just perfect! Even my Parrots insist I share this granola with them.
389397389397B000HTJH58A229APEEU5HCSLlindlelee0051334448000ConvenientI absolutely love this brand & the different granola products. My daughter & I are both gluten-free & find this so delicious. It can be great as a cereal or even just on-the-go snack. I have mine for breakfast & she puts hers in a bag to eat dry as a snack at work. Even my non-celiac son eats it on us..
389398389398B000HTJH58A3NLX0R82XBO51ethom0110051332979200Great FlavorGreat flavor, my 5 year old with celiac disease loves this one. Good mix of crunch and chew, love this.
389399389399B000HTJH58A3746OL8THBTHUSound Sleeper0051332892800Yum!This granola tastes like pancakes and syrup! It it delicious if you love sweets. It is much sweeter than normal granola. I would consider it more of a super sweet cereal.
389400389400B000HTJH58A3LZWYQ2XP9N0MN. Moose0051332892800Natural GoodnessThis cereal is sooo good. It isn't overly sweet, but has natural sweetness to it. The chunks of dried fruit and nuts are delicious. I originally bought this for my son who is on a gluten free diet and tried it myself and prefer it to other cereals. The grains are whole and in tact.
389371389371B000HTJH58A28C6L6BEV9UG2Ryan T5551174435200Mmmmm. Finally something crunchy and tastyI have been purchasing Bakery on Main products from the health food store for a while now and find they are the best gluten free granola I have found. Have shared them with coworkers who have no idea they are gluten free. Would purchase again from Amazon because the price is much lower than the health food shops.
389372389372B000HTJH58A1HG50S3CREQXOAnna K.3351176595200Soo Good!!Wow, this granola is amazing. It's so crunchy with lots of flavor and texture. A must for anyone looking for the best gluten-free granola out there. You won't be disappointed!
389373389373B000HTJH58A3JI2PY1C37GN4T. Rice3351175558400a good granola, for onceThis is a good granola. I like that it has lots of seeds with the grainy things, and a few nuts tossed in. Nice taste. Thanks to Amazon for carrying so many gluten free items! Makes like so much easier!!
389374389374B000HTJH58A12I4M8WSDNDPFtea lover2251244592000Yum!I have this GF granola every morning over my fruit and yogurt. It tastes great!
389375389375B000HTJH58A19JSGBR32N8AAAnna James2251243296000Serving SizesH. Mitchell, I suspect you're joking about the granola providing you only 2 servings, but the back of the package suggests 3/4 cup per serving for a total of 6 servings. I love the taste and texture of the ingredients, the delicate flavor, the gratification I get from knowing it will keep me satisfied until lunchtime. Good job, whoever designed the granola.
389376389376B000HTJH58AKY1HGHJYUQE8H. Mitchell2251196640000The best of Bakery on Main granolaIt's a bit pricey but it is absolutely fantastic. The maple cranberry is the best, you will not be disappointed. I only wish you could get more than 2 bowls of cereal out of one package!
389377389377B000HTJH58A21LU0YXHRSNY8P. SWIDERSKI2251192579200Great as a snack or cereal.I purchased this product in hopes of finding a gluten free granola to replace the gluten variety I use to eat. It's not what I expected because I miss the oats, however it's great. I really enjoy the flavor, crunch and way it holds up in soy milk - something rare for a GF cereal.
It has also been a lifesaver on road trips where I couldn't find GF restaurants to stop at.
389378389378B000HTJH58A349T3U8Y2A6H. Lawson2241180915200Very goodThis tastes very good. I love the different kinds of nuts. It is defintely not the same old boring granola! The bags are on the small side, so it doesn't last very long.
389379389379B000HTJH58A34U8UOJOPR0DQK. Dvorak2251179964800Excellent - Would definitely buy again!!The flavor is a maple sugar and taste really really good. It is nice to find something that taste so good when other gluten free products have little or bland taste. The only downfall I see is the calories but I guess you need to eat in moderation.
389380389380B000HTJH58A9S40CYLBWJJCKristen D2251178928000Fabulous!I love, love, love this stuff- its so delicious that I don't even care that its kind of high in calories! Best gluten free granola I've ever had!!!
389381389381B000HTJH58A3B6FOHAAOL7G3Silvia Bridger "Publisher of The Truth About ...2251178582400Crunchy, But Gluten-FreeThis granola is crunchy and full of texture. You won't even be able to tell this product is gluten-free.
389382389382B000HTJH58A2SUQEEEMN2H17Joanne Iburg2251178409600gluten free and deliciousThis gluten free granola is absolutely delicious. Everyone who has tried it (gluten intolerant or not) has enjoyed it tremendously. It comes highly recommended.
389383389383B000HTJH58A99Z8MWUC07PHrchicago1151310515200I love cereal!Cereal is one of my favorite things in life, so going gluten-free was not my favorite decision. I LOVE this cereal! It doesn't feel like a substitute for anything - that's the biggest compliment I can give.
389384389384B000HTJH58A38GWSCQU7Y5YQLRA "LRA"1151309910400Yummy!This is excellent and the cost is a little less than locally
389385389385B000HTJH58A15RNFYS42ZNZAPatrice1151305590400Bakery On MainThis is such an excellent product; good tasting, crunchy and totally gluten free - so no worries. Makes a perfect breakfast with yogurt and fresh fruit or a snack instead of unhealthy chips!

amazon .com got my order to me fast and effortlessly! My supermarket kept running out and was very slow to reorder, restock. So good news all around! I recommend highly.
389386389386B000HTJH58A2R4FDQUSQM17FMINPIN-MOM1151303344000Great gluten free granolaThis is great gluten free granola. I react to gluten free oats so this is the only good quality gluten free granola I can eat. I have tried others that were basically ground up nuts and raisins--that's not granola to me. This one has some gluten free grains to give it some added interest and texture. It is very sweet so I sprinkle it onto my plain GF cereal to jazz it up a bit. It is too sweet for me to eat all by itself.

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