Amazon Fine Food Reviews

389431389431B000HTJH58A244K9CBEUYZSNtwilight0051180483200This is wonderful snack food!Just received my Amazon order of Bakery on Main Street Nutty Cranberry Granola. It's absolutely delicious! The clumps of cereal and nuts are very flavorful and remind me of some other cereal I used to eat, long ago - I can't place the flavor, but it's yummy. I think this would be great mixed in with some other GF cereal, like Nature's Path Gorilla Munch, or you'd eat the whole bag in one sitting. I bought this for my son's breakfast but I am going to use the cereal for snacks instead - it's only got 13 g. of sugar. Highly recommend this!
389432389432B000HTJH58AF476TWL8BP1LDavid A. Karlin "DAK"0121298332800This is a children's cereal.I am sorry I tried this product. I do not know why the other reviewers have rated this cereal so highly. This is a children's cereal. This a mediocre product that has nothing in common with a homemade style granola. I've been using "Oat Cuisine" gourmet granola ([...]) for years. It is the closest to a homemade granola that I've found.
389433389433B000HTJH58A1I5UK7MQ5JBUMMasud Karim1311335312000Tastes badSimply put, this just doesn't taste good. I'm surprised it got ratings this high, because it really doesn't deserve them.

Edit: I should have figured; it's gluten free. So the people reviewing this are probably used to eating bad-tasting things.
389434389434B000HTJH58A2WPS8N578WLC9NDM3711260144000Overpriced...Try Trader Joes BrandMy wife has been on a GF diet for a few years now, and recently our son was diagnosed as well. She found and ordered this product to try out and we all loved the taste right away. I was a little dismayed at the price per bag, but I soon found out that pretty much all GF specialty foods were on the pricey side and I needed to get used to it, especially b/c she had to order most of it online (add S&H).

But then they opened up a Trader Joe's right down the street from us this past year and we discovered a near-identical cereal product for half the price!!! Same flavor, same ingredients, same GF assurance...but only $2.99 a bag.

They even started carrying this product in our local Kroger grocery stores recently, but it's still $6.99 per bag!!! So no S&H, but you're still paying crazy $$$ for cereal.

No contest for us...TJ all the way.
389435389435B000KDPGNIA2UN0Z2KLAFRILJ. Armour "dreadfullone"1251188172800malabar bubble gumethe product was as advertised. My wife and children loved it.

they did ship it USPS and it took 2 weeks to get it from Milcreek Washington to Tacoma Washington. Approximatly 45 miles.
389436389436B004AW9VPYA332M02B2QUAYZPerry E. Camp "PC"1151298678400Best Decaf K CupI have tried ten or more of the decaf offerings for K-Cup coffee makers and the Tully's French Roast Decaf is by far the richest and most flavorful. It is worth the extra $.
389437389437B004AW9VPYA1FKMHJMBTZOYLJames G. Ciaravino0051350950400tullys French roast decafAn excellent decaf that has all the flavor of a full bodied regular cup of coffee, rich, bold and completely satisfying.
389438389438B004AW9VPYA2THPGIXJOH41KJudith S. Mcallaster "MOMMAVETCH"0041349913600NICE BOLD COFFEEThis is a very nice bold coffee. We are not big on strong coffees because they are often bitter. This one is smooth, not bitter but has great flavor leaning towards strong coffee.
389439389439B004AW9VPYA3PJGUY5DGS3INDonna M. Hight0051335830400French Roast K-KupsThis is my husbands most favorite coffee. He drinks about 6 cups a day, or I should say Mugs. Since the Dr. put him on Decaf he has only found the French Roast to be drikable and satisfing.
389440389440B00283A9H6A1ZTNZ2QU0WTWZEvangeline Reed7751260662400Best Tasting Organic Crackers Ever!We LOVE these crackers! They have a lot of flavor and no harmful ingredients. We've tried just about every organic cracker out there, and these are by far our favorite. All 6 boxes arrived in great shape--and this was in the middle of the busy holiday shipping season. So perhaps the other reviewer's experience was not the norm. No problems with crushed crackers here!
389441389441B00283A9H6A3CYVA0H5BAE7JC. Hook "Char1979"4451271980800good for snacksI found this at a local grocery store and decided to order it in bulk since I know I'll be eating it more on a regular basis. Good flavor, even my 14 month old eats this. Goes well with peanut butter, I like the PB spread with dark chocolate for a quick snack and chocolate fix!
389442389442B00283A9H6A37AO20OXS51QARoderic Rinehart "Roderic"2251279411200My favorite cracker, organic or not.We love these crackers, and prefer them to any others. The fact that they are natural and organic, is just amazing considering the taste.
389443389443B00283A9H6A29DNZCMDW1UFWSilver_diamond20771111351036800MADE BY KRAFTThese are owned by kraft. What really gets me is they don't put their name on the box because they want people into natural or organic food to buy their product. If you have been following prop 37 in cal you will know that kraft is fighting your right to know if gmos are in your food.

I was tricked by the lack of the name kraft on the box and bought a box last night.

It's time we take a stand to these big corporations who are poisoning us and stop buying their products!!!
389444389444B00283A9H6A2B25BGEREHW9XMakuahine1141348704000Tasty Organic CrackersMy family really enjoys these crackers and the Amazon price for the pack of 6 is the lowest I've seen anywhere. They are just right for snacking with almond butter, peanut butter, or cheese. I wish they didn't contain any white flour, i.e. the first ingredient, listed as "wheat flour". However, they do contain a lot of whole grains and are organic. We are pleased that they don't have preservatives or artifical flavors/colors. So, we will continue to order these, and hold out hope for a truly whole grain organic cracker that tastes good! These have always arrived fresh and with very few broken crackers. Thanks Amazon!
389445389445B00283A9H6A2LFVX3EDD9CKXSam1151313539200Great FindBack to Nature is my favorite choice for a cracker and this is my favorite version. Organic, all-natural, full of flavor. Just served them at a dinner party with some hummus over the week-end and more guests asked about the crackers than the hummus. I think that says something!
389446389446B00283A9H6A3PMN22KAQ3B1Matthew1151304380800Great for a picky eaterIn an attempt to find snack food for trip I bought a box of these gems. These specific crackers do not contain egg, dairy, or peanut, and they taste great. It is rare for my food allergic child to ask for anything twice, but these were such a big hit we had to stock up.
389447389447B00283A9H6A26I93UQP6H7HQPearl06fe1151295222400Great tasting organic wheat crackersI bought these at Whole Foods as a snack alternative to potato chips, and I wasn't expecting much, but they were organic and wheat so I figured that they would be at least better for me than just junk. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they were. I love that these are on Amazon, so I can save and buy in bulk.
389448389448B00283A9H6A1WRER20SW50P6Morenike Carter "MoZeke"1141275350400Product quality and nutritionBack to Nature's organic stoneground wheat crackers taste very good. Although I prefer whole wheat flour to be the first ingredient, they are still okay as a healthy product. The nutritional content is reasonable as well. Moreover, they are much less expensive to buy via (particularly with free shipping on orders that are at least $25 in value) than in-store purchase.
389449389449B00283A9H6AWBMGLP57SAGKCobe "Cobe"5711330646400Nothing natural about these.I bought these crackers and I did not find anything "natural" about them. What is "natural" about "enriched unbleached flour"? Some manufacturers think we the buyers are too ignorant to tell the difference. When I read the list of ingredients (that the manufacturers conveniently hide from the online buyer) I was appalled. I will never buy these UNnatural, WHITE flour crackers with a little amoung of added vitamins of those that were removed when the flour was refined. On top of the poor quality and the misleading information provided, 70% of them were smashed to pieces. If you are really looking for natural, healthy crackers, look somewhere else.
389450389450B00283A9H6A2JDDCULJXSBU8M. Lacey "MLacy"0031349481600nutrition facts pleaseso bad there is no nutrition label much is the sodium content per cracker? thanks.
only 3 starts because no ingredients listed. I will review later.
389451389451B00283A9H6A2962SUPTU1US6linda in texas0051349222400back to nature organic stone ground wheat crackersI love these crackers, they are wonderful. maybe a bit expensive but worth it to me, i can hardly wait till the next shipment.
389452389452B00283A9H6A36DVRTEHDJKNPSteve0051347235200Good crackerNice cracker, good price, quick ship. This is a crispy, flavorful, whole grain organic product that I have no complaints about except, as with all of these online food products, they may or may not make it to you without breaking some of the crackers. Still, you'll break 'em when you eat 'em so what's the problem????
389453389453B00283A9H6A1O229NVVDJUX2Anthony Pantliano "The Photo Guy"0051346112000Tasty, Crunchy, HealthyBack to Nature Organic Wheat crackers are a great snack. They are crunchy, and have a light buttery / salty taste to them. I like the eat them by themselves but I'm sure they'd taste great with cheese or dip as well.

The ingredients list consists of primarily all natural organic ingredients, and a serving of 5 crackers is only 70 calories. 5 crackers doesn't sound like much, but they are the perfect little snack.

The packages arrived in good condition and had about 6 months before they expire.

All in all... a healthy and tasty snack.
389454389454B00283A9H6ARQDTS6U4HHRECDA0031343433600Anyone know of a 100 percent whole grain "Ritz" like cracker?My wife and I are giving up on the over processed crackers, even the ones that call themselves "natural", when using white flours (organic or otherwise) and omega 6 oils (that definitely aren't healthy).

We're looking for a replacement for a "Ritz" like cracker from 100 percent whole grains, where the oils would be palm or coconut. Anyone have an ideas out there? If so, please leave a comment to my "comment".

Thank you.
389455389455B00283A9H6A2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0051342742400Can I give 10 stars? These are REALLY good !!I'm gradually buying organic/non-GMO foods, and wanted some sort of crackers. These are extraordinarily good- crispy and light, but with a lot of flavor. I will definitely buy these again. For those who care- 5 crackers = 70 calories. Great crackers !
389456389456B00283A9H6AGYSJX7F5AP8DRegina R. Busch "Gina"0051342137600YummyI love these crackers - they are very tasty especially considering they are good for you! My 8 yr. old daughter loves them too - great alone or w/ cheese. Yum.
389457389457B00283A9H6A22Y3D5BI0QYC6Ann H. Wollaeger1241314748800Good crackersIt is getting almost impossible to find stone ground crackers. If I find them they are too expensive, more than I will pay. Back to Nature Organic Stone Ground Wheat Crackers are good AND come from Amazon at very reasonable price. I also like the fact that these crackers are pretty nutritious as crackers go.
389458389458B00283A9H6A2JOXNB0LZV9HVA. Godfrey "Drink Raw Cow Milk"1251289865600Back to Nature Organic CrackersI have these on auto order and have to say that they are some of the best crackers I have ever eaten. The price is satisfactory, the product is excellent.
389459389459B00283A9H6ARPD63Z1SHEO4Problemuser (KCMO) "problemuser"0151297036800Great tasting crackersWe love these crackers. Everyone who tries them, asks where we get them. I gave these as a gift to my mom, who was thrilled and said they tasted like the crackers she had when she was growing up. If you get a chance, give these a try. If we bring these and a box of crackers from one of the larger companies, these always are gone long before the ones from the larger company.
389460389460B00283A9H6A3EP76G51TAKVCSTEPHEN W. DAVIS2721257292800Crumbled CrackersAt least 1/3 of every box came in bits and pieces. Appears that shipping them this way is more damaging the when you buy them in a store like Whole Foods

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