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389461389461B001J2NVHWA1Q4SF95EKS4P7Rebecca A. Bellanca "Rebecca A. Bellanca"0021340150400Less than satisfiedWas disappointed in the product for the price. Plus both containers were opened slightly when they arrived. I would have thought the containers would have been sealed with plastic but they were not. I would never purchase from this vendor again.
389462389462B001J2NVHWA25Z6JU0M599PNDean0051329091200Just like at the fair!I was shopping at Big Lots just before Christmas when my son spotted this Funnel Cake kit. He begged me and, well, it was Christmas, so I picked it up and it sat in our pantry till this weekend. I surprised the kids with these funnel cakes on Saturday night and they were a big hit! They were extremely easy to make (just add water) and the included yellow pourer worked flawlessly. It says to fry them for 30 seconds but I found that too mushy. 1 minute on one side, 30 seconds on the other gave me a crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Sprinkle with a little powdered sugar and it's just like being at the fair.
389463389463B009EF4UYEA1G76WAZQQFZZJKathy and Frank0051348444800Smokin' Hot Wing Rub!Kramer's Gourmet Rubs are excellent! They've gotten my husband to cooking again! Good on wings, chicken, pork chops, vegetables, you name it! I'm ordering lots of bottles for my hubby to give at Christmas time to all the people he works with at the office. My girlfriends are getting some "Easy Pickin'," too! Enjoy!
389464389464B009EF4UYEA2IPPIS5S63BYCGary Eubank0051348185600Kramer's Wing RubMake no mistake, you must try this delicious Kramer Wing Rub! I have used all three spices liberally on my chicken and also a wide variety of other meats and vegetables. It provides a succulent taste without any of the vinegary tastes of many wing rubs or sauces. I cook mine on the grill and they always provide an excellent dish for any party or sporting event!!
389465389465B009EF4UYEA3Z5NXM2J2GK5MartiniMe0051348099200The only way to goKramer's 3 Pack Wing Rub is the best deal! We use them for wings, ribs, and marinades. We like to toss Easy Pickin' onto some salmon and onto the grill. Mmmm. Kramer's Wing Rub (Easy Pickin')
389466389466B009EF4UYEA1U9PMDPXS2YQYPen Name0051348099200Yummy!Kramer's easy pickins' are absolutely yummy! I use them in everything including salsa, guacamole, chili, soups, and especially meat rubs. Order extra because you'll run out fast!
389467389467B009EF4UYEA24J2BAY2EQG0TCCVC0051348099200The Rub You CraveI was given the 3-pack by a friend of mine and I have to say that this person is definitely my best friend for life. I should begin by stating that I LOVE chicken wings - I try them everytime I see them on a menu. Since trying these rubs, however, especially the Finger Lickin', I just can't bring myself to try them any place else. The rub is perfectly spicy, perfectly smoky and leaves you craving more. We grill up these bad boys at least once a week in our household, but I have also marinated whole chickens, spiced up some grilled shrimp and even added to popcorn. AMAZING. The levels of heat are, shall we say, pretty extreme. The Easy Pickin' is for those of you that like a teeny-tiny amount of heat in your dishes (think poblano), Finger Lickin' for those a little more adventuresome (think jalapeno) and for those of you that ski the Black Diamonds, well, you really should try What Was I Thinkin' (think Ghost Pepper, times 4). The first bite I took made me kinda giggle like, hey, I got this. I defeat you Ghost Pepper. I have never sweated, cried and guffawed all at the same time. It was, truly, an unreal experience and I'm ever so grateful I tried it.

I sure hope you give these a shot. You will truly be impressed with the flavor sensations!!!
389468389468B009EF4UYEA1EJTPKCH6PJR4Jonathan J. Reed0051348099200Versatile, Delicious, and Flavor Packed!Kramer's Wing Rubs are great for wings and much more. I used "What Was I Thinkin" to spice up my olive oil to create a spicy seasoning for all purposes. I also use it on Pork Shoulder which I slow smoke for a tasty pulled pork. Wings are great with this rub and you can grill them, get the same great hot wing taste without all the calories. Highly recommended.
389469389469B009EF4UYEA37X08XWHUX03ACarlen Gilseth0051348099200Kramer's Wing Rub is terrific!!!Kramer's Wing Rub is incredible. I love all three flavors, but my favorite is still, "What Was I Thinkin'!" I put it on chicken wings, chicken breasts, and pork chops too! I haven't tried the other Kramer products, but my friends say they are terrific. As Melvin says, "Keep on Rubbin'!"
389470389470B009EF4UYEA1MPKSLMRV0XI6CaMcL0051348099200Amazing!Although it says "Wing Rub" don't be confused, I put this on everything! Everything!! One of the best on the market!! I have ordered many for family and friends (the three pack) and they all love it! Can't get enough of Kramers! You have to try it for yourself. The website has amazing recipes as well. It's the gift that keeps on giving, until you have to order more!
389471389471B0000YVCIAA17CG7YT46DLD5E. Skolnick1151274745600Awesome snackAll the French Twist Flavors are great. A Dieter's heaven. The perfect snack. Great even if you are not on a diet
389472389472B0000YVCIAA19JO4QWMGSTATOlivia Guadalupe de la Garza "Olivia Guadalup...0051261785600Absolutely Love Them!Got this dessert without paying real attention to it, it looked good so I bought them!
but once home the curiosity got the best of me and had to try my surprise they're awesome
and the best of things is that is approved for the POINTS program by Weight Watchers. they're the perfect size for dessert and good to quench the "sweet tooth" cravings that drive me mad sometimes...overall this product is one of the best POINTS alternatives ever tasted(been in the program before) anyway, it serves as finger food in a tea party or gathering, best of not expensive!
389473389473B0000CNU6QAV1OGHWEUKDKCJ. Howard "J.Howard"0051224460800Love It!!I have a difficult time finding this sauce anywhere so I was thrilled to find it at Amazon. After purchase the sauce was delivered to my home super fast and packed well . I will definately purchase from them again.

389474389474B005LURCNCA1IQBR6JXFIFLMthumper0051347840000healthy punch reviewAs our society continues to BULGE (overweight) or simply don't care, many are turning from sweet drinks to more healthy choices as Hawaiian Punch offers. Great flavors, good for all of us, especially those who care about a healthy lifestyle.
Try it for 60 days and see for yourself.
389475389475B0034JXUQ0A1R3CC3CBCZ504Patricia J. Rardon0051337385600Delightful!Last October, I sampled this tea at a B&B in Eagles Mere, PA. It was delicious! It seemed, however, that I got the last tea bag and they didn't have any more! After exhausting all the local grocery stores and tea shops, I was ecstatic to find out that I could get it through! It's a delicious, fruity tea! I put it on my Christmas list and received 7 boxes of it! Color me happy!
389476389476B0034JXUQ0A2XBJAVOGL3E82Jim Lonsdale0051172016000Delightfully fruityThis tea has such a delightful fruity taste without being too strong. Delicious and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a hot cup of tea with a sweet, tangy kick.
389477389477B0088UIBDWA24SM9F1078NURSuestc2251347148800Screaming Yellow Zonkers!Screaming Yellow Zonkers are a treat from way back! Everything about them is fun.. including the box! And the snack itself.. popcorn covered in a buttery sweet glase omigosh...what's not to like? I've missed them.. and I sincerely hope that this is a sign that they are coming back!
389478389478B0088UIBDWAZ7FETN65MHQ9C. Cheney "Mellowwine"2351345593600I adore Screaming Yellow Zonkers!I wish they would bring these back again! I missed them when they came out in May 2012 at Walgreen's or I would've gotten a case! Used to eat them all the time back in the late 60s and early 70s. My husband and I named our black Lab-Rhodesian Ridgeback-mix dog "Zonker" because he was black on the outside and sweet on the inside, just like SYZs. These are the perfect nostalgia food.Screaming Yellow Zonkers! Limited Edition
389479389479B00078N97GA1O1OQ5VS0OCNIEni Lane0051322265600Fenugreek without the middleman markup sold by the poundSpices from Butcher and Packer are always a pleasant event.
Whom does not want to get ripped off from buying spices from a middleman grocery chain whom jacks up the prices through the roof.
Instead, by from the source as i have always done.
One pound of spice is too much? Go find your family to split the spice order and buy in bulk. Next time you are walking down the grocery aisle LOOK at the price of one of those 4 ounce spice containers and instead envision yourself buying four times that much for about the price of that jacked up spice sold at that store.
Review their complete Amazon posted website store and add to your order anything and everything you would normally buy at the grocery store.
Then, when those one pound purchases arrive, they are in sealed plastic bags so you will need in advance spice holding containers to transfer that spice via funnel.
Buy extra of peppers cause you know you are already using pepper and determine whether ground versus whole is best for you.
Place a massive order versus small orders since the shipping fees by ratio become cheaper with the larger the order. Arrives packaged well.
Now, that Christmas holiday is soon arriving check out all their spices like nutmeg,etc and start your baking in bulk.
enough said, check out their amazon website and review your order per pounds.
Remember, one pound of spice is alot of spice too.
Enjoy and save some of your hard earned cash.
389480389480B0007OVWKGARZIB4O4G1UBRamazonalto0041296604800Met all expectationsI ordered this as a retro-memory-fun times gift for my sister for Christmas. It was just as we remembered when we were 8.
389481389481B006CH75P8A1VJXT4TC5D7WXKurt Robinson1151330300800Best Pinot Noir For My TasteI was recently introduced to this Pinot Noir. I've had 2009 & 2010. EXCELLENT!!! This wine is fullbodied and fruity. If you don't like the bitter dark types, then this one will bring you in. Have to buy from the east coast. No problem though...worth every penny.
389482389482B004TUMGE0A3CMB8R75DZQIFwalkyria0141336867200a good seasoningI havent use this product but my grandmother loves it :) She said that is good for everything from rices to all kind of meat :)
389483389483B0074M3PQ8A3FSFI1AZRT0NCjacob j teitelbaum2351333497600Yes, Sugar Free...Yes it is syrup, but is is also sugar-free. I thought it tasted quite good for a sugar-free product and the bottle reminds me of the one at IHOP.
389484389484B0074M3PQ8A25G01TKE3AURQVeronica T Ulloa0051347148800Wow! Surprisingly good for sugar free!This syrup is awesome.

First off, yes, you can tell it's sugar free. There's no major aftertaste or weird flavor to it. It's just a little subtly different from regular.
It is also very, very liquid-y compared to regular syrup. It's quite runny.

However, do I really care if my syrup is kinda watery?? NOPE.
This stuff can't be perfect, but if the only thing wrong with it is the fact that's it a little thinner than regular syrup, then bring it on. I can deal with that. If you simply must have super-thick consistency to your syrup, then you might find this off-putting.

It tastes extremely close to regular ol' maple syrup from the restaurant. It's delicious and amazingly low calorie, so in my opinion it is definitely worth the minimal sacrifice of having "thick" syrup, so I can plunk down another pancake or two onto my plate instead.
389486389486B001M072FIAA48AFIWU80VFTox grad1151292371200Tasty oatmeal with no added sugars!I wanted a plain wholesome, but fast oatmeal and this is it! I have it every morning and you can mix it with whatever you want. The plus side is there are no added sugars like most instant oatmeals.
389487389487B003TQY0GWAVZ1N6FEBAIOUTammy Vanland1151329350400Don't Consider The One Star Re-viewer This is a great Product!!Just opened a jar. Amazing artisan product. It looks like a competitor posted awful reviews and it pissed me off enough to write how I feel about the Harissa.
I love this stuff and I'm pretty sophisticated when it comes to all things culinary. This is a special product.
389488389488B003TQY0GWA1GMUUUSK8T4UNOCD Foodie0051323302400The Absolute Best HarissaI've had many harissas in my life and have often made my own. Now, I rely on Moulin Mahjoub solely. It's an additional boost that the ingredients are organic too!
389489389489B003TQY0GWA3QNX95J51LYDVan opinion about everything0051311638400I want to make this in my kitchenThis was sent to me as an after surgery gift to help make food taste good to me again.
And it is wonderful! Adds savor without a lot of calories to so many things.
I ate it on poached eggs.
I dressed simmered new crop white beans with it and olive oil.
I made a garbanzo/pumpkin spread with it and oil cured olives as seasoning.
And the jar is only half gone.

I have to figure out where to get the sun dried peppers it's made with so I can keep my new addiction.
It is a little spendy but it goes a very long way.
389490389490B000LKVSR8APCDN1JK6B81PManeki Neko "M.N."111151200960000Perfect for the Gluten-free, Vegan or Vegetarian ChefI've been using these boullion cubes since I lived in Japan and had to buy all my health food online. They are made in Switzerland, are vegan and gluten-free, and are perfect for the gluten-free chef's kitchen. I like the flavor much better than packaged stocks, and although of course making your own stock or broth from fresh veggies is better, it is really convenient to have these cubes on hand for adding a little flavor to recipes. I use them in Chinese dishes, for risotto, and of course for soups or stews. I like the fact that they are convenient to store, don't go bad (within reason), and don't have to be stored in the refrigerator. They also have a low-sodium variety which unfortunately does not seem to be offered by Amazon. Also, love that these are available for Prime/free shipping. They run around $3.70 per package in California so this bulk offer is a good deal, if you don't mind storing a box. They are also soy free, but are not corn-free, if you have a corn intolerance.

Happy cooking!
-gluten-free chef in California

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