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389491389491B000LKVSR8A1S2B5ZVNP1V2Gloorpubs3351277424000Delicious!Makes delicious vegetable soup. Comes in large, soft foil-wrapped cubes. Very fresh. I also use it as a drink. I highly recommend it and will continue to buy this product. Thank you.
389492389492B000LKVSR8A2LLT3RGCRGRREElsa2251313452800Love this product...... best on the market and it's wonderful that I can get it from Amazon. Hard to find where I live.
389493389493B000LKVSR8A1YT9YS43KQFLAUta "organic gardener"2251272067200Lots of flavorI like to use this product in soups, stews, also in gravy for flavor and I don't have to ad salt. The boullion is also great for a quick broth when you are not feeling well. The product is organic and has no MSG, which is another reason why we use it.
389494389494B000LKVSR8A24WS30UYIS3BYakk4561151329696000Organic (mostly) and Delicious!!I use a lot of boullion. Until I found these little cubes of goodness, I used Better than Boullion, mostly chicken flavored which is great but I'm not so in love with some of the ingredients even though I use the organic version. The veggie boullion cubes from Gourmet Organic are absolutely delicious and I feel good about using them.
389495389495B000LKVSR8A1QXR1PJDFPV9FSo many books, so little time.1151297209600Great Tasting, no Soy or GlutenI love this product, much better tasting than most of the vegetarian broths on the market, it does not have the bitterness that some of them have. I use it for soups, sauces, stir fries, rice etc.
389496389496B000LKVSR8A3O0OF9R5ETLDBMarina0051348444800Wonderful tast and ingredientsWe all love this bouillon. It has a great taste and good, clean ingredients with no gluten or fillers. We use a ton of it and are never disappointed in the results.
389497389497B000LKVSR8A2DK4RIDZPG0ZBLaura J. Siegel0051338595200Great boullionBest boullion ever. Great flavor. I use it to cook rice and in stocks. Can even drink it plain. Very tasty and not too salty.
389498389498B00078N976A3G2GKDO4SWK10garym193351290643200I should invest in McCormick spicesFor years I've bought much fennel from McCormicks at my supermarket...paid as much as $3.50 for 3.0 oz of product...bought 1 lb for less that $10.00 !
you do the math...
389499389499B00078N976A34VQFJJ5C0UY4Gloria Cail2251278288000so pleasedIt was such a surprise to see the amount of seed that came - even with the cost for shipping - the item would still cost less than purchasing it at the super market. It came quickly and was of wonderful quality.
389500389500B00078N976A140T00ZK2D1BTPatricia Boucher "Nigerian Dwarf Goats"2251256256000Excellent Price, Excellent Quality, Excellent Company!Received my order in expected time-frame. The price is incredible, and my goats love the seeds! They also have other wonderful items at a reasonable price! Packed well, and expect to order again soon.

Thank you
389501389501B00078N976A3CR641CIJRJFKMark T.0041347408000Great ProductGreat Product wonderful company will buy again Product was of superior quality and taste. 10 times less expensive that in local stores.
389502389502B00078N976A3GG7RFQK9HKXKWisefool0021332806400not pure seedsYes, the seeds are good, but they're unfiltered, so there's a lot of debris mixed in, a lot of twigs and leaves. Me, I'd rather pay more for the filtered.
389503389503B00078N976AVQ7L08DHLWAPRobG0051329955200love thesegreat product and well worth the price then what you pay in the store they last a long time and they were very fresh. on time for shipment
389504389504B001FR94YUA3T1HDGXUWCKUPSansfx1151318723200Delicious! Vegetable Enhancer!I received my first bottle of this Viking Smoked Salt as a stocking stuffer. I like to cook and I started using it w/everything! I feel this really enhances the flavor of the veggies. It is especially delicious on roasted vegetables.

1. Turn oven on to broil.
2. Prepare a baking pan with foil.
3. Lay out my veggies (asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc) in a single layer.
4. Douse with extra virgin olive oil (evoo).
5. Sprinkle liberally with Viking Smoked Salt.
6. I sometimes add ground black pepper and ground garlic.
7. I leave the veggies in there till they start to get golden brown but I really like them kinda charred... About 8-14 mins.

I have also used in sauteing vegetables (mushrooms, green beans, brussel sprouts, etc)

1. Turn on stove to a medium high fire.
2. Prepare a large frying pan with evoo (just enough to cover the expanse of the pan).
3. When oil starts to separate, drop in vegetables.
4. Coat veggies w/oil from pan (add more if needed). I also sometimes add a few pats of butter for taste.
5. Sprinkle with Viking Smoked Salt.
6. Keep mixing the veggies.
7. I turn off the fire when the veggies are al dente(still a little bit crisp) but that is up to you...
389505389505B001FR94YUA1EKD56QNIBLIFNever Again1151229126400Wonderful to look at, Tastes good tooSalt is just salt? Not really. Few things this expensive are worth it. This is
389506389506B001FR94YUA1YDUQZIVYCNGHCorvus "corvus"0111304035200Not as described.This product is advertised as smoked salt. It is, indeed, smoked salt.

What the seller fails to tell us is that curry, onion, and black pepper are also ingredients.

It is more like onion salt and may be good for a rub, but it is definitely not what I thought I was purchasing.

I contacted the seller and their response was "The ingredients are indeed salt, curry, onion, and pepper, which is not an indication that this product is not smoked salt."

I cannot recommend this seller.
389507389507B000UVW59SA367OXCD2R6MC1Laurel "I love the internet."2251324252800Not bitterThis is a green yerba mate. It tastes much better then a brown yerba mate. The flavor is like a bowl of fresh fruit. They put tiny pieces of fruit inside the tea bag. It does not have a lot of caffine.
389509389509B000S6723EA1N85XJF1B0M47e-shopper0051320278400One of a kind!I am a pretzel addict and this has become my favorite kind after comparing various brands and kinds this seems to have the perfect balance between crunchiness, sesame and salt!
389510389510B000S6723EA2FCP78NP1IUAIR. Freed0051264896000Best pretzels everWhile I was away at college my friend's neighbors had brought these pretzels with them to her party. They were the best pretzels I had ever eaten. Since graduation I've been on a 3 year search looking for these pretzels, and here they are on Amazon. No kidding, best pretzels ever.
389511389511B000S6723EA3VWJ27KUKRI6OJeff Flamholz0051216252800Best pretzels, ever!These have to be the best pretzels ever. They're crunchy, bite-sized, have a little salt and a lot of sesame seeds. It may sound like an unusual combination, but they are incredibly delicious.
389512389512B003WSXV9YA30P5PRCVDWZPQNatalie2251304899200Seeing the light.When I brew coffee at home I like to make it very strong because I enjoy a bold tasting coffee. Until I bought the Paramount Fair Trade Organic Peru Bean I never thought twice about the burnt coffee taste produced by my former choice of the past six years (Starbucks Espresso Roast Coffee (Bold), Ground Coffee, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)) because I must have gotten used to it. This coffee is very delicious and regardless how strong a batch I brew it has never tasted "burnt." I feel as if I've seen the light and drinking coffee is a totally new experience with this fresh bean in my life.
Fun fact: the arabica bean featured by this coffee has substantially more caffeine than the Starbucks Espresso or French Roast because it was roasted for a shorter period of time and produces a better tasting coffee! (that is of course unless you throughly enjoy burnt coffee, in which case this is a judge free zone)
389513389513B007NIC6FEA2ED2WAN9T8HZ2Nottingham0051350518400product just as I expected, makes a really good cup of tea.Product arrived on time and in good condition. Yorkshire tea always makes a good cup of tea!Home from home when you're in the USA.
389514389514B007NIC6FEA3JJPBHIPRGKX4Hey Now0051349395200SuperbThis is a huge box of the finest tea money can buy. Sometimes I can't resist opening the box just for the heavenly aroma. One bag in 5 minutes brews a nice big 10 to 12 ounce mug. Other reviewers have basically said it all - a strong, dark blend which holds up to adding milk, sugar, etc. This is my first try with the Red label - before I had the Yorkshire Gold. After doing a side by side comparison of the two here is what I thought. As great as the Red is, the Gold is even better! The Gold is more refined & balanced, with a more lingering sweetness, and of course more expensive. Both are so smooth, with Red being a bit harsher though. Either one will titillate your senses with everything you love about tea, taking your enjoyment to the next level. Caution: you may get hooked on Yorkshire and never be able to go back to anything else. I've got about 100 perfectly good Dilmah ceylon bags sitting in the pantry, which is a great tea as well... but I keep reaching for the Gold... I mean, Red. Cheers!
389515389515B007NIC6FEA33K2TFQLM7VVJLinda0051347148800Best Tea Ever!I found this tea while living in North Yorkshire. It is the best tea, strong with a great flavor that lends itself to adding milk (as done in England). You can also use one teabag for two pots of tea and can't tell that it is watered down. This box is huge! Love it!
389516389516B007NIC6FEA19GLOIV1E7UQWHelen of Troy "Elaine" "book worm"0051343692800Best British tea!As an expat Brit (currently living in Mexico), tea is still an important part of my day. Being able to order Yorkshire Tea from Amazon & have visitors bring it down from the US for me is a real treat. Thanks, Amazon, for enabling me to keep in touch with my cultural roots!
389517389517B000EDBPO8AI7GYTB9EL0LJB. E. Parker171741188777600This stuff is great for muffinsThere's a recipe on the back of the package for rice flour muffins - I follow it to make the best banana-blueberry muffins that are light and fluffy - just as good as wheat! I usually mix the white rice flour with equal parts brown rice flour, and instead of 1/2 cup fruit juice, I use 3 overly ripe bananas - the recipe hasn't failed me yet! Even better: they freeze really well, so I can make a double batch and pop them into the freezer for later.

I've also tried the pie crust recipe - it's OK - instead of rolling it out and trying to get it into the pie pan (it breaks apart too much) I just mix into a ball and smoosh it into the pie pan.
389518389518B000EDBPO8A2DWNAHNLA7NK7V. Kneifl7851264204800A staple in my gluten-free kitchenBob's White Rice Flour is my most-used gluten-free flour. I use it for baking and also as a thickener for soups and gravies. When I use it to make cakes, I mix it with corn starch and my cakes are unfailingly light and moist. I use so much of Bob's white rice Flour that I decided to save money on it by subscribing to regular shipments in bulk. Thank you, Amazon, for being there for the gluten-intolerant!
389519389519B000EDBPO8A1ZP3V0G8K9BADianna G "Go FLY"7951226188800Gluten Free TortillasGluten-Free Flour Tortillas

1 cup white rice flour
1/3 cup potato starch
1/3 cup tapioca flour
1/3 cup fava bean flour
2 tsps xanthan gum
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp sugar
1 1/4 tsp salt
2 TBs vegetable or other shortening
3/4 to 1 cup warm water

Combine all of the dry ingredients, then cut in or work in the shortening using a pastry blender or two knives or your hand.
Add the warm water, starting with 3/4 cup and mix well.
Continue to add water until a soft, cohesive dough is formed.
Heat a comal, tapa or griddle to medium heat. Then, form a ball of dough into a flattened disk, cupping the outside edges a bit to form a round.
Using a bollilo or rolling pin, roll into a round disk about 1/8 inch thick and about 8 inches in diameter or to your preference.
Bake one at a time on a hot griddle until the surface bubbles. Turn only once, the first side should have brown flecks.
Bake until the second side has slightly browned - should brown in a very short time.
Keep warm in a tortilla keeper or wrapped in a cloth until served.
Note: Will freeze in a sealed plastic bag for up to three months.

Reprinted courtesy of The Jane Boutel Cooking School, Alberquerque, New Mexico.
389520389520B000EDBPO8A1EAPU0CS4IZNIJanet MV2251281571200Great PriceI use this flour to bake bread for my grandson who is on a gluten free diet. I like the fact that is has no additives and that it is organic. Can't beat the price!

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