Amazon Fine Food Reviews

389523389523B000EDBPO8A3S1V29XOTJSOVkrys0051332806400Must have for GF bakingI bought this because I found out recently that I have a gluten intolerance. Now I have to make all of my bread related foods. I also try to buy organic when possible. I was happy to find the rice flour available in bulk for a good price on the subscribe and save program. I typically blend this with other flours or nut meals since I also have adopted a low carb lifestyle. The product seems to be good quality and is one of the better substitutes for wheat flours in my experience so far. It has a mild taste compared to some bean flours I have tried and the consistency is decent in the finished product though it seems to have a bit of a crumbly texture. This will definitely be a staple in my pantry and I will buy this product again.
389524389524B000EDBPO8ATJ22NADXNLD9Cardona "Cosmopolitana"0051330300800Great productThis flour should be a staple on the gluten-free arsenal, since a lot of recipes call for it. Its very mild flavored and accepts other flours quite well. I'm so happy that it is organic, since I'm trying to use mostly organic products in our home.
389525389525B000EDBPO8A311FRP5Y7Q5D5ZanderMom0051328140800smooth, not gritty!Great white rice flour! Very smooth, no gritty like most. Works well for making gluten free flour mixes. This white rice flour like most of Bob Red Mill Products is a keeper!
389526389526B000EDBPO8A2TCL5DE4I4YBGT. Brannen "TLB333"0041318896000Great productBought this for my gluten free baking. works well. nice if you want to go organic, as the organic version isn't readily available in stores.
389527389527B000EDBPO8A3A9JY5V924771My Penny's Worth0041318291200Nice baking flourThis flour is a good substitute for wheat when baking cornbread, muffins, etc. for the gluten sensitive or otherwise. It comes in a nice sturdy box, and I like the cellophane packaging.
389528389528B000EDBPO8A2TQ30JPBO6PMRGazania0051300233600My new staple for baking GFMy having to give up gluten has been a challenge, especially finding GF replacements for baked goods at a reasonable price. I can now make my own using a combination of Bob's white rice flour along with other GF ingredients. I've made cookies, bread, and muffins and they turn out great. I don't feel so deprived now that I've discovered Bob's products at a great price.
389529389529B000EDBPO8A3CO7FPTEIFHLZRose M. MOORE0051284681600GREAT AND MONEY SAVER !I have to buy all gluten free flours to make all gluten free goodies !
Only purchase the best Bob Red Mills, gluten free faculity and high quality !
Money saver buy purchasing from Amazon as you get free shipping if you spend
$25.00 or more and price of bulk is cheaper than any stores ! I use lock and
lock storage containers for all of my gluten free items and they are the best !
Good luck and happy baking !
389530389530B000EDBPO8A1GR72IC8EEMV8Busy Baker "Sandi"0041277596800Great Gluten Free FlourI love Bob's Red Mill Organic White Rice Flour. It is very finely ground and does not taste gritty like some other brands. It makes great baked good, pie crusts, etc. I use it in my favorite gluten free flour mix.
389521389521B000EDBPO8A3O28W281QXPNECeesMom1151338940800Smooth and suitable!I use this for GF baking, I enjoy making a lot of recipes from Easy Gluten-Free Bakingby Elizabeth Barbone, and the recipes typically depend on multiple rice flours as well as cornstarch, tapioca starch, and other products, most of which I get from Bob's Red Mill through Amazon. I have found that all of the rice flours are of excellent quality, with no grittiness that you can sometimes see with rice products, have a long shelf life when stored in an airtight container and/or in the fridge, and I have never had any shipping problems through Amazon. All the products have arrived well packaged and completely sealed in the box. These flours produce high quality GF baked goods and savory meals when used in well-designed recipes and I've been really pleased with the results. The price here is also consistently better than I've seen at my local Whole Foods and Sprouts Market, so I'm a pretty happy customer.
389531389531B000EDBPO8AG3A97WGVSLA4J. Johnson0051276387200Best White Rice Flour AvailableBob's Red Mill Gluten Free Rice Flour is the best! It is fine grain and makes your baked goods a finer texture.
389532389532B000EDBPO8A1Y6YLMUA88TV7J. Shaath0051264204800good qualityThis white rice flour is fine instead of coarse like some. Great for baked goods. My gluten free sugar cookies and shortbread cookies turn out excellent.
389533389533B000EDBPO8A2DEC2O2WZ95JKG. Davis0051236211200Thanks BobI was very pleased to find rice flour at a better price than I could find it locally. THANKS
389534389534B000EDBPO8A1ZK5P0EOE727FDenise M. Everett "writergirl"0341304467200Organic Rice flour.I have not used this product yet, but hope to soon. I bought it because I am allergic to regular white and wheat flours and want to have something to bake with, I am hoping it will work for that purpose. I am glad that I can purchase things like this since I have food allergies.
389535389535B0049M3J4OA1CYFO4AFXJGDHnetlander3341323129600Taste good. Balance of salty and sweet.Taste great, balance of sweet and salty. Artificial sugar in product, since "real" sugar doesn't do well in microwave, but it does contain palm oil. For those watching calories, a bag contains 2.5 servings. Each serving has 170 calories, and 110 from fat. Order from amazon in Nov 2011, product expiration date Sept 2012,

Good for weekly treats.
389536389536B0049M3J4OA1TR5X8DTH4BFPVillanova1151326240000Nice packaging and taste goodOrdered on Jan 1st, received Jan 12th. Coming with 3 boxes, each box contains 10 packages. Expiration date until Sep 2012. $14.64 for all. The best price I could found on the internet.
389537389537B0049M3J4OA37XHYTSJ4TEQDNesa1151324684800Exactly what I wantedI was unsure by the description about how many I would actually receive. I got 3 boxes with 10 packets of kettlecorn in each box. And the popcorn got to me a week happy.
389538389538B0049M3J4OA3TBTAX85OYRKPHappy Crafter1151322956800Yummy!We love this popcorn! It is yummy. I bought this for my husband as he loves Kettle Korn. Easy to fix just pop into the microwave for a few minutes. Sometimes we mix it with our regular pop corn to give it a little more flavor.
389539389539B0049M3J4OANH0FSBQ3S6XYHar81151321228800Orville Redenbacher Kettle Korn Popcorn, 10-Count (Pack of 3)The popcorn is excellent. The only real issue is that the bags are quite a bit greasy on the outside.
389540389540B0049M3J4OA2T4WR29EG7O7Gwootiegirl0051350864000Wow! What a great deal on this popcorn! Large bags!I will assume if you are purchasing 30 bags of popcorn you already know the nutritional value and what it tastes like.

I wasn't sure if this was going to be the snack-sized bags or the full-sized bags. It is the full sized bags.

For some reason, this tastes better than the Reddenbacher Pop Up bowls - less greasy and more tender. I split a bag with a co-worker everyday and we have saved a lot of money with this purchase.
389541389541B0049M3J4OAPUTLJGJA93NQCindy Leung0021347321600Very Oily...I had ordered this product based on a previous purchase of Orville Kettle Corn popcorn. I had thought this was the same product... but after opening this box, I noticed the packaging and the contents were very oily. Not the same as what I recalled with my previous purchase. Not very happy with this product right now.
389542389542B0049M3J4OA2RI55RCC1OCQNA. Roberts "Avid Reader"0051344816000Great PurchaseLove Orville Redenbacher's popcorn. It got to where we could not find this particular one in the grocery store so was happy to find it on Amazon. This is the best popcorn we have had in awhile-kernels are tender and pops well.
389543389543B0049M3J4OASWJNB9KTCULAD. Arias0051341360000Great priceI couldn't find kettle corn popcorn in any stores other than three small bags in a box. I am very pleased to be able to buy a large batch and for such a good price. I have bought three different orders of this and will continue to do so.
389544389544B0049M3J4OAA1UUB79XCR6GSapperCS0041340323200Excellent dealMy daughter eats popcorn by the bucket, and I was glad to find this quantity of microwave popcorn at a great price point per bag. 3 boxes of popcorn will last her a week or two, will be re-ordering soon.
389545389545B0049M3J4OA3UF4K552BJ1VCHappy Rafters0051337904000The best kettle KornOrville Redenbacher Kettle Korn is the best microwave popcorn. One of my favorites, and the price is great here on Amazon. Will be re-ordering often.
389546389546B0049M3J4OA3IE3UPR1XIO0OD. Hallett "Fair Reader"0031317945600Not What I ExpectedI absolutely LOVE Orville Redenbacher Kettle Korn. It hasn't been available locally for over a month, with no idea when it will be in stock again. I tried making my own, but it was awful. Finally, I find that Amazon will actually ship this (it's hit and miss for us overseas military folks). So, I ordered 3 of these (that's a total of 90 bags). I figured this would be more than enough to tide over my craving until it's available again locally.

Well, I got two different batches and they are both awful. Kettle Korn is buttery, slightly salty and slightly sweet. A great 3-way combo. Well, this stuff I got is just sweet and way, way TOO sweet. They are bad batches. I eat enough of this stuff to be able to tell the difference between a good and bad batch. The two batches I got were the WORST batches I've ever had.

I don't know if Amazon got these for a low price because they are "off" or what, but I will definitely not be buying any more. As for the huge stock I have now, I have to add my own butter and salt to make it even slightly edible. If I liked sweet, instead of salty, snacks, these would fit the bill. As it is, it's disgusting.
389547389547B0049M3J4OA18TST0YO1NN2M. Copeland "puddykat"0011310774400Astounded by price increase!I have regularly been buying this and the product is excellent. I would like to know how the price has increased by $5 in one week?!!! Unbelievable. Guess I'll be getting this at the grocery now. This was written
389522389522B000EDBPO8AYGJ96W5KQMUJSJP1151263168000Good value for the moneyWhile this rice flour isn't as fine as some, it's fine enough for most cooking. At Christmas time I used it to make half a dozen different types of gluten-free cookies that family members not on a gluten-free diet said they couldn't tell had been made with rice flour - no grittiness at all.
389548389548B0043ZL0UWA1UE7HKR6R0RUCChrispy0051338422400This stuff is good, and CHEAPWow, this stuff is my new addiction for quick dinners and work lunches. These packets of curry have the perfect level of spice and sweetness, very mild- not at all spicy. As described, pouch contains sauce and smallish pieces of various vegetables. The ingredients appear to be completely vegetarian and very nearly vegan.

In fact, this curry sauce is pretty much as good or better than japanese curry rice dishes ive had in restaurants.

At 12.00 bucks (at time of purchase) for a box of 10 curry pouches, you're getting an excellent deal. I hope the seller keeps these in stock, I could be a repeat buyer.
389549389549B000JMBE6IANR0APUJAURXBNiteen Nigam2211209254400Nestle European v/s Neslte Indian versionIf you have used Nestle Cerelac (Stage 3 - Mixed Veg and Mixed Fruits) from India, you will be disppointed by this Nestle Cerelac European version. This is becuase the Indian version contains small fragments of fruits and vegetables in the wheat flour suspension. That maks an interesting blend for the baby to eat and try new feeling for the food. But this European Cerelac is just a powdery mix and produces a blend paste like result.
389550389550B000JMBE6IA1LH9G2M92WJBXRaggie1151269648000Tasty!This product is really good. My baby loves it every time!!! He can eat it by itself as breakfast, lunch or dinner! I also sometimes mix it with my homemade food when I need to improve its texture or flavor (too spicy, too lumpy e.t.c). Great healthy option no matter how you want to offer it to your baby or toddler.

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