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389586389586B0013QRY18AMPGRXQMO89X9Faye L. Bowring0041337731200Thanks for trial-size packaging!Like many pet owners, our 7-month-old Lhasa pup suddenly is getting picky, picky about her food. The Now Dry Puppy Food is the eighth brand (wet and dry) I have tried and I am holding my breath because she actually ate a helping of it and why I gave it a 4 star rating. It is also wonderful to be able to buy it in smaller quantities than 6, 10 or 15 pound bags only to find out she will not eat it and we donate bag after bag of dog food to our neighbors. I don't believe she is allergic to any of the brands but I think she is holding out for a human food menu. I have high hopes for the Now Puppy Formula and will update this review when there is a change-positive or negative.

Update: Once again I thought our picky eater pup was going to turn her nose up at NOW on the third day but when I laid some kibble on the floor, she gobbled it up. She likes wet food and pieces of meat in her bowl and dry food on the floor. This is our third Lhasa and this adorable pup provides us with so many first experiences. The hunt for the perfect food for our picky eater is over. I feed her Redbarn Premium Variety Pack Food Rolls cut up in treat-size pieces for all day treats and lay NOW dry food and extra supplement cubes (all combined to equal her daily allowance) on the floor in her exercise pen for her to eat at her leisure until just after her last meal of the day and what is left is taken away and all food and treats are suspended until breakfast the next morning.
389587389587B000VJX8QIAXCNGPU7W5OGFMaeven7711294185600Not truly raw--made me illI'm a raw food person and have used macadamias with no problems for years. This brand, however, is not truly raw. It made me sick eating them. They are hard or stale, and not slightly soft and buttery as macs are when truly raw. And they don't accept refunds, so I'm out the money.

If you are seeking truly raw macs, you should look elsewhere. I'm still feeling sick and I tried them yesterday.
389588389588B000VJX8QIAB3T5SRHH7MNGJeffrey M. Barber "Effie"0051321488000Best deal for raw macadamia nuts!This is the best deal for raw macadamia nuts on Amazon if you're not looking to purchase them in bulk(an entire 5-10 pounds). I get these all the time and love them!
389589389589B000VJX8QIA3B3W68QDT6GS7audiek0131313884800A little blandYou should really love macadamia nuts to order these. They are rather bland, but healthy :)I didn't enjoy them enough to eat all my packages.
389590389590B000UZTTEIA1GKQ01EM9257Michael J. Micklus3341265932800The best tempura mixThe best commercial tempura mix I tried. Easy to use. My seafood tempura came out light and not greasy.
389591389591B000UZTTEIA3047BTVK3JN80Joan A. Vastola "Joan Penn"1151283817600Roland Tempura Batter MixIn my opinion this is the best tempura batter I have used. The flavor enhances whatever you are deep frying. It is the best batter for squash blossom flowers. I have tried many recipes and batter mixes and none come close to this one.
389592389592B000UZTTEIAWF1S24QNZSYDJ. Stegall "narpup"0041328140800TastyThe Tempura was a gift for a host. They reported great taste. There really isn't much else to say about it. I would order again based on taste and service.
389593389593B000UZTTEIA1ZN4IM9UFPBV8Randy Parker0051318982400best everwould not use anything else. Best batter for shrimp to pork just try it and you will love. It is so simple you would wonder why didn't I use it along time ago. Just try it you will love it.
389594389594B003ASN34YA2QDP1VMY7QZJ1AuntMaggieRocks0051340928000Love, love, love this!This was absolutely top notch. I loved the roasted garlic flavor of this base when I used it in my favorite recipe. We're huge garlic lovers so this will be a mainstay in our home!!!! Love, love, love it.
389595389595B0053U9QTSA1AQD2JIMNWABRGidget1151329177600Great sprout mix!I use a Victorio VKP1014 4-Tray Kitchen Seed Sprouter to sprout these seeds and so far its been wonderful and tasty! I do soak them over night before putting them in my sprouter, and it only takes a day or two to sprout enough to eat though how many days really depends on your sprout growth preference. The amount of seeds that you get is definitely enough to last a bit even if you sprout everyday. So far all of my seeds have sprouted with no duds yet!
389596389596B0053U9QTSA1KZPU3FEQNLM8GiGi0051324252800Tasty Mix!This is a tasty mix in a nice little container that I will be able to reuse with other mixes that come in bags.
389597389597B0027E88EWA3S3R24PXJQA8E12453351290902400Pecan Oil - the answer to cooking cleanI had my first experience with Pecan Oil just recently. It burns hotter, has totally no after-taste and performs better than any oil I have used in my cooking experiences.
389598389598B0027E88EWAHFU8GS12FRCIRene1151328659200LOVE this oil!I absolutely love this oil. I use it often for many things including stove-top cooking and salad dressings. Though it says that the burning point is hotter than several other oils, I do not find that this oil does well in the oven. It burns quickly in the oven for me. BUT for everything else, the flavor is light and great. I especially love searing scallops in this oil, as they pick up the flavor very well. In addition, the saturated fat content is lower than even olive oil. Great product!
389599389599B002O1EESMA3NILGR03DB562HayMakr5551279929600Great GF Ice Cream Cones!!!!These are great gluten free ice cream cones. You cannot really tell the difference between these and regular cones.

There is more breakage than regular cones, but you can always put the broken ones in a bowl. My daughter will sometimes eat the broken ones without any ice cream.
389600389600B002O1EESMA3LSNBTAM48U34S J R "vegan donut maker"5551271980800I'm vegan and gluten intollerant and I'm eating ice cream cones!!Finally, there's something I can eat that reminds me of being childlike and carefree. Lately I have been so pre-occupied with reading ingredients I think I've forgotten how to enjoy food. These are soooooo delicious and taste just like I remember.
389601389601B002O1EESMA358KH4NIWDN8EH. Fisher "homeschooler"4451290556800Taste great!These are great! Very much like normal cones. And they are fairly low carb (3g). I wasn't able to find them in the store, but they have a good shelf life! (You have to buy a lot here).
389602389602B002O1EESMA35BKYZ8RLIG9TPilgrim3351282867200You wouldn't know the difference!This is an excellent product, and I'm so happy it exists! I never thought I'd ever see my child eat an ice cream cone the way regular people do, and now she can! But it gets even better because these cones taste exactly like regular ice cream cones. They are wonderful! The cone stays crispy and doesn't leak. My daughter also likes to eat them alone. I do hope they come out with an organic version - I'd definitely buy those!
389603389603B002O1EESMAFXN6EBKPRXLCLee A. Evans "mtn granma"2251324252800Grandchildren love these!We have a gluten free home due to both of us grandparents are celiacs. Even though our grandchildren are not gluten intolerant, they enjoy this gluten free treat which tastes like the wheat variety. We cannot tell the difference in quality or taste. Neither can the kids! It is nice to have 'normal' products to enjoy for the gluten free diet.
389604389604B002O1EESMA1N5I4EWSVH0JTTracy2251315526400AMAZING!!I received these as a gift. I could not wait to try them as I love ice cream and have desired a cone for a while. They met and exceeded my expectations! Great cone, great crunch and 10 calories! WONDERFUL PRODUCT and I can't wait to try more of their products!
389605389605B002O1EESMA33X33EYN8X3JYM. Retherford2251281657600Ice Cream ConesTastes like I remember. I haven't had the "normal" cones in 8 years. I bought a case of these.
389606389606B002O1EESMA2TBVU3W8B477GeLMo "Leanne"0051346803200Love these!Yes there is a slight difference between these and regular cones - but no one seems to mind. Everyone int he house seems to eat them no problem. Even baked gluten free cupcakes in them. Great price and good product.
389607389607B002O1EESMA2672RPTD8GUKUanon0011343865600Bad batch? DisappointedI've been ordering these cones for over a year and usually love them. However, I just got what must be a bad batch. They are overcooked and I'm really disappointed. Over $30 wasted and now I'm hesitant to order these again... A shame as I'm signed up for the subscribe & save, that's how often I order them!
389608389608B002O1EESMA3S1ADPPNJDGK7Heather M0051340236800Just like the regular ones!My little boy and I have celiac. We were thrilled to get these cones and find that they are just like the gluten ones! They hold up well, don't crumble and taste great. Only about 12 calories per cone too, so with a nice fruit sorbet they make a great healthy treat.
389609389609B008ADQNZAA3CGRDJWL5TUX3D. Hart0051342137600Magnificent Matcha!I am a new tea drinker and I am certainly new to the world of Matcha tea. But oh, what a wonderful world it is! After reading all the rave reviews for Red Leaf Tea's amazing flavor assortment of Matcha teas on Steepster, I took the plunge and ordered their "2 in 1" Custom Matcha Tea. I chose Caramel and Madagascar Vanilla for my flavors and I am so glad I did! I am not sure I can adequately describe how much I love this tea and these flavors.
I had been a little apprehensive prior to ordering mainly because I had never heard of it before and it was so green. Even after it arrived, I didn't dive right into it. After a couple days I decided to make some and see what all the hype was about. One taste and I am hooked. The flavor is amazing! I had it hot and then I made some cold. They were both awesome! I mixed up a tumbler full for my daughter for her morning tea at work and she absolutely loved it. She said she thought it would also taste great in cupcakes and I agree! Now my wheels are turning about all the awesome ways I can incorporate this flavorful Matcha into recipes. On Red Leaf Tea's website they have some delicious recipes for smoothies, frappes etc that I can not wait to try. I love that there are so many possibilities of ways to use this tea besides drinking it (which is awesome in itself!).
I have been trying to diet but have a bit of a sweet tooth. Drinking this Caramel & Madagascar Vanilla was like having a dessert. I was totally satisfied. With a bit of sweetener added to these already uniquely superb flavors, this was like drinking a high calorie fattening dessert but was actually guilt free and healthy.
Finally, I definitely need to comment on the amount of energy I feel after drinking this tea. It is a really good energy not like a coffee or sugar rush. My whole transition from coffee and soft drinks to tea was to reap the vast health benefits associated with tea. I was pleasantly surprised when I read the various and significant health benefits of Matcha tea. Besides the antioxidants & cancer fighting properties, it also aids in weight loss and mood enhancement!
Great taste, health benefits and lots of ways to use it. It doesn't get better than that!
I highly recommend this brand of Matcha tea.
389610389610B006U9DF2KA2SZ2YPMB6WI9Drachelg0111349049600not impressedthe chips tasted all right, but everything else about them was very disappointing. Each package (which works out to $2.25 per bag) was less than half full - there were about 19 chips in the bag - MAYBE. when I add together the unreasonable cost of the chips plus the shipping charges, plus the inconvenience of not being able to have them shipped to canada, so i had to drive to US to get them - i swore i'd never buy this product again.
389581389581B0013QRY18API6P8W9GXELKRufous1151295654400Great foodI have decided that I want to provide the best quality food to my animals. My dog loves this food, and hasn't had any digestive problems since moving to it. Also does wonders for her coat. Love this product.
389582389582B0013QRY18A21KJPQ5ZHDPOMiuki1151293580800Moved out of state and couldn't find a retailer for this dog food.Our Bichon has a very sensitive stomach, so this is the only dog food we buy for her. When we moved to another state, we had difficulty finding a retailer that carried this particular brand of dog food. Ordering from makes it easy, and it is delivered to our door within a few days.
389583389583B0013QRY18A1HQ8BTFQBEWQMH. R. Marin "Cool Gadget Buyer"2311315526400Product is great but the seller stinksThe food deserves 5 stars, but the seller (1800PetMeds) deserves zero stars, if that could be assigned. My dog has allergies, but does well on this brand of non-grain dog food. I thought it would be smart to order through Amazon, since it is difficult to find in stores, but that was a mistake. It has been 14 days since I ordered, and the product has not yet arrive. Nine days after the order, it had not even shipped. And while it was shipped via Fedex, the Fedex tracking says the order will take about 6 to 7 days to deliver. The seller must have asked for special slow delivery... Never again will I buy from this seller.
389584389584B0013QRY18A18V316U2HXALEJ. Hallan "Shamrock"2351311206400Working great for my girlsI purchased Now! Senior/Light last week in an effort to get one of my Bichon girl's very high triglycerides down.
IT's been a week feeding this food and her triglycerides are back to normal! Also, a bonus is she likes it plain with nothing mixed in, and stool is firm and nearly no smell!

Thanks for a great product!
389585389585B0013QRY18A2DRD4UI6PGKZHredrobin2351288656000One of the few dry kibble with NO Meal byproducts!!I have searched really hard for dry kibble with out meal byproducts. Dogs eat bones, but not ground to a sandy material!

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