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389611389611B001E5DYIUA31BD4RXCON7QOMichael A. Duvernois3341257465600Good espresso podsI use these with my Briel espresso machine. I like both the Espressione Classic (traditional espresso blend of arabica and robusta beans) and these 100% arabica. They taste slightly different, but I don't have a preference really. Good crema!

Watch the prices though, the 150 pack boxes are much cheaper per pod and are sometimes on sale. Be aware of the expiration date on them, but I've found a few pods that were expired for years and were just fine (I wouldn't swear that they were as good as they would have been earlier, but they were perfectly acceptable).
389612389612B001E5DYIUA1RB25H2OU6JQLD. Bacon0051327795200Smooth flavor and good aromaI'm not a gourmet, just someone who looks forward to her morning latte. I typically make a 12-oz latte with a single shot. I like saving money by making my own lattes, but don't want to take the time or deal with the mess of grinding beans. These pods smell fresh when opened and are easy to clean up. I recently bought a De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, and was inspired to expand my horizons beyond Starbucks espresso pods. I tried a few different brands, and these are my favorite. I find the flavor to be smooth and not bitter, and I get a good pull from my machine. These are E.S.E espresso pods, made for espresso machines with E.S.E pod adapters. They are not for Senseo or K-cups machines.
389613389613B001E5DYIUA3SRX4XBTR2PYHL.D.Peartree0031327276800Espressione pods VS Illy podsI have an old Krups Espresso machine, close to 25 years old, still works fine, and have used Illy pods since I bought the machine. Recently I tried Espressione pods and found them a little overpowering for my taste. I still prefer Illy Dark roast pods.
389614389614B001E5DYIUA3W0RXURISCAHHAnia0051297987200very goodi bought the packs as a gift - they are a good price and work really well with our espresso machine
389615389615B004N5KUO4AHD5GQILBJ4QXSheri Phillips141451318896000Great SelectionThis is a nice variety of minature Hershey products. It is a huge bag (3lbs5oz)and arrived ahead of schedule and fresh. Will probably end up eating it and ordering more for Trick or Treaters.
389616389616B004N5KUO4A1BHRLZ1DJ9BPVWestern Mass.7851319241600excellent dealBought three bags for Halloween. Got free shipping. Tried the candy and very fresh. I saved a ton of money this year on candy through Amazon instead of a regular store, and wish I bought these bags sooner.
389617389617B004N5KUO4A1PXCQE4ZKMKE42004Rhino4451322438400Great for HalloweenThe product arrived on time and was in good shape. No melted chocolate. Saved me some money and gave me the best candy on the block for Halloween.
389618389618B004N5KUO4AC57A1QMUXK10Pam Smith "Pam"2251322438400A very good mix.I like this mix and the value was good. I just didn't count on a heat wave here in Arizona when I ordered it. They were a little soft. But once inside they were perfect.
389619389619B004N5KUO4A3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"1151350777600Great For College Dorms - Highly RecommendedThese Hershey's "Halloween Snack Size Candy Assortment" came in fresh tasting and are perfect for my daughter's college dorm room for Halloween visitors.

The bag contains 125 "snack-size" pieces of Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars, Cookies N' Crème bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Almond Joy bars, and almond chocolate bars.

This is a good selection of good quality candy that is just the size for snacking.

Highly Recommended!

389620389620B0073I282UA3VSA64KDKWIA0Coffee Luvr2251325548800Delightful, High Quality ExtractThe previous reviewer is clearly confused. An "extract" is the essence of the plant or fruit (orange, in this case), mixed with alcohol. No alcohol, no extract.

That said, this extract is excellent and an astonishing bargain at its current price of $6.99.

The aroma is pleasant and, not surprisingly, smells just like oranges.

It adds delightful orange flavor to any dish. I made lemon poppy seed bread for Christmas and, instead of putting all lemon extract, put half lemon and half orange extract. Every single person who ate the bread said it was the best they ever had.

Don't be fooled by the confused and uninformed reviewer, this orange extract is excellent.
389621389621B0073I282UAZG3HY4YMNDBBabc12301211229817600MisleadingHalf alcohol - half extract. It would have been nice if the seller had stated the ingredients in the web information.
389622389622B00061MV14A2DZ8D42JIFK4Tmakeup maven0051328140800My dog *loooooves* these...I buy mine from my local pet store and have also bought the petco brand bag of 5 for $10 (in store only). My dog is 8lbs it takes him maybe 5 times @ 30 mins before there's nothing on the bone anymore, and even after the stuff is gone he gnaws on it a bit. I'm very happy my local pet place turned me on to these. I get them for him only every so often as a super special treat. : ). I'm really happy these exist. There is one drawback and that is the oily substance on them, if you have a long-haired dog, makes their facial hair kinda gross.
389623389623B00061MV14A225V5YHDACMELsing "bluedog"0051266624000My dogs love these!I have 5 dogs; one large, one medium and 3 small dogs. They all love these knee caps. They will take them to their favorite spots and gnaw away for hours! Then they will rotate and exchange and gnaw for a couple more hours!
389624389624B00061MV14AJV2QY96IVPVMSuperFids0131247443200Eh - you can do better for the moneyThis treat has very little meat. :-(

You're better off investing in the Jones Company's Lamb Trotter Bones or cow gullet (I forgot what they call them), which are much meatier and long-lasting.
389625389625B006WWFNCAA1A67Q3EZHZEMUVeasna0041337817600The best product Jelly Belly has ever madeThese beans represent Jelly Belly's finest work, period. My only caveat is that the beans ship directly in the box, no plastic bag or the like. This is not a deal breaker for me, but something to be aware of when purchasing.
389626389626B001Q4THC6AP448FMCNTM4ZBevin Duston "Bevinita"3341284681600Sugar free margarita mixThis item takes a little adjustment, as it is pretty tart, however after the first glass, you will not have a problem drinking more!
389627389627B001Q4THC6A3ONG5ZRDBJ42Donna R. Rasmussen2251282608000OleIt was so fun to have Margaritas again. They are a tad more tart than I would prefer, but overall very satisfying.
389628389628B001Q4THC6A31BYM5ZK17M0VGene Thompson1151275091200Great flavorIt's hard to get liquid product in the mail were I live at. I was not sure if the mix would taste good but gave it a try. The taste is great for a mix and I will keep buying the mix.
389629389629B001Q4THC6A26GVKHFQHG2XVMary Ann0051329436800Love theseTook on a cruise to mix margarita's in my cabin. Worked great. Will definitely buy more next time I cruise.
389630389630B000VLVDU4AJPT2A5D1T1AYShawn M. Vallery1151321574400California: 6 years old: Friends, fun and Japanese Rice Candy!Those were the days, 50 years ago and I still remember that delightful not too sweet jelly candy with the meltaway wrapper. It was time to share it with my granddaughters. They loved it too and won't forget it either. It was a treat that I enjoy once a year or so when I'm craving my childhood and the fond memories that went with it. Now if I could only find Helms Bakery Cream Puffs, I'd be in heaven.
389631389631B000VLVDU4A1CH34RL110J1RIrene M. Hale1141239148800Great candythis candy is really good---it's different because the rice paper wrapped on the candy is edible. Kids get a kick out of it when you tell them they can eat it.
389632389632B000VLVDU4A2OOZTXV7PM8X9Georgia Harris1151238889600Rice candyI remember this candy as a child and when I found it online I jumped at it to give to my granddaughters. Fun and simple.
389633389633B000VLVDU4A86WBXTO9Y5LUjewelry gal 10750051349481600exactly what i wanted.This candy is something my boss said could,"...only be purchased at disney in orlando, but it is my favorite candy..."
So was lucky and found them here ordered the candy for him for his birthday.
He loved the gift.
I love that i could find something unique for him-that he could only find in florida!
389634389634B000VLVDU4A852I21I0KLM0chinagirl33430041337817600Yummy candyThis candy is fantastic! It's a generic fruity flavor with a hint of citrus. I love it. It's chewy (not hard at all) and a great treat to share!
389635389635B000VLVDU4A2WFJMW73E6DO7B. Wylie "(proud father)"0051331942400candy from my youth in HawaiiThis brought back the fond memories I have of growing up in Ewa Beach, Oahu, HI! Delicious, and it brought back times I spent in movie theatres watching samurai films eating this and crack seed.
389636389636B000VLVDU4A109L9DSRPKFCDAngel LaJaunie0051305158400Botan rice candyGreat little snack. Fell in love with this candy in China Town
389637389637B000VLVDU4A2QHK9ZN8MVJTKAquaFae2451309478400I recommend.It arrived quickly and all the candy was there, undamaged/unmelted. I was able to honor my girlfriend's memory by eating her favorite candy on the day of her passing. Thank you.
389638389638B000VLVDU4A3LUBHORQYR68QMelanie Fleming0151326153600Yummy! Yummy!My co-worker who is Japanese and Black gave me these as a tasty treat and unfortunately I've been hooked since! I'm sure she's happy I've found a reliable source to fill my cravings instead of harassing her to death for more
389639389639B000NQ6TU6A2UE8F5YURRRJXKay3351284163200Heinz Sloppy Joe SauceHeinz Sloppy Joe Sauce had been a family favorite for years, but can no longer find it on our grocer's shelf. I discovered that it could be ordered from and that is what I'm doing. Haven't found another sloppy joe mix that even comes close to Heinz Sloppy Joe Sauce for me. Why did it leave the selves of the Target and Cub stores? Thank you. Kay K.
389640389640B000IC4ME0A3QJB1P8V7IC94Mike Passamondi0051213488000teaAlmost taste like black tea. Very nice tea, but what is better than other tea is that this Pu-erh tea doesn't upset your stomach like black or green tea does to me. I am glad to have found this tea.

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