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389641389641B0051OLOAKA2GPIFSNT7VXPWMartha Weiner0111341964800HorribleTerrible tasting. Just to lazy to send back? Would like a refund. Not like other Tea Forte Products. Can I get my money back?
389642389642B0049MFQ1SASKQC46LSLH6ZSuperShopper0051348963200Excellent rehydrating sports drinkI LOVE this product! No dyes or horrible stuff in it (such as high-fructose corn syrup), and it tastes great! It's very refreshing and provides all the electrolytes you need. I wish I could still find this in my local stores instead of having to order it online, but I'll put up with the inconvenience.
389643389643B004XYQW0GA32W84N8DI120GBig Jack2251339372800Delicious, A Staple In My HomeThese raisin biscuits go well with a cup of tea. They are light in calories and are satisfying. I think that they are more flavorful than any other raisin biscuit and, while they seem to have less raisins, are crisp, not soggy, with a deeper raisin flavor.
389644389644B004XYQW0GA2844FUDCBLUMZR. B. Briggs1141334620800Sorta like Sunshine Golden Fruit...I have been looking for a Sunshine (Keebler) Golden Fruit Raisin Biscuit alternative, and these were listed on a Facebook page dealing with Golden Fruit.

They are Golden Fruitish; definitely not what I was hoping for. However, they are good in their own special way, and their consistency makes them perfect for a coffee/tea accompaniment. They are crispier, dryer, and have a hint of graham cracker flavor...with raisins! I found myself eating one after the other...but then I am a Golden Fruit lover. I have no idea what the calorie count is of what I am consuming as there is no info on the label.

At this price, these biscuits are a bargain. The ingredients are somewhat healthful and they aren't laden with a bunch of unpronounceable chemicals. Using subscribe and save makes them even more of a deal! I say TRY THEM! I am sticking with my subscription, and looking forward to my next delivery.
389645389645B004XYQW0GABZO1U217S86XNatalie Rasumoff1151333065600Khong Guan Sultana biscutsWonderful low calorie biscut to have with coffee or tea. Taste great and have loved these biscuts since I was a kid. Hard to find and so glad that found them on Amazon.
389646389646B004XYQW0GA2CMPIG43T1UHTFred Bacon1151330992000Poor packaging of a good product!The product is excellent. I give the biscuits 5 stars. Four of the Sultana Biscuit packs had the majority broken almost
to crumbs. There has to be a better way of shipping. I will continue to order because they are the most
reasonable cost wise even with the broken ones.
389647389647B004XYQW0GA3ADXBT3IZBBBINick Gaglio0031350518400Dry biscuitsArrive is good time and order. We got these because we like Garibaldi biswuits. These Khong Guan Sultana biscuits were very dry, I would say a bit overcooked.
389648389648B004W19VE4A2762R407Z5GLJChris B5541306108800Nutty Marshmallow rocksI just tried the nutty marshmallow and it is awesome.
I have problems with some bars due to acid reflux and also gallbladder problems, but this hasn't bothered me yet. Plus at 150 calories it is a pretty lightweight snack, though a little small. Vegan too for those who want vegan treats. It's not made from real marshmallow root (which I was hoping for), but then almost no marshmallow snacks are.
389649389649B004W19VE4ADGUQM6A5AJDJObserver2241309132800So deliciousThis tastes so delicious. It's about the size and texture of a Larabar--maybe a little bit bigger. Especially if you enjoy other PROBAR bars, you will like this taste and blend of goodies. There are big chocolate chunks in it and marshmallow patches, too. I just wish the ingredients were all organic and that the marshmallows did not contain "soy protein" (AKA hexane-rinsed soy protein concentrate/isolate). However, it is really, really good.
389650389650B004W19VE4ATM6XGABTNQH0Dealsmom0011330560000Halo Smores BarsMy 15 year old lives on bars and so when I saw a deal for the Halo S'mores Bars I jumped on it. She loves all sorts of bars but hates this one. It has an odd texture and an odder flavor. I tried it also and it is unappealing. Sorry ProBar.
389651389651B004W19VE4A28YV07R2VUJNUKelly A Riser0021318636800can't taste the "smore's"I eat a lot of nutrition bars and I like this style of chewy whole food bar, but I think the packaging and name of this bar is very misleading. It tastes exactly like every other ProBar and I cannot taste any of the "Smore" elements. It also is smaller than the Fruition bars which have the same number of calories. I was very disappointed because I thought this would have more of a dessert-y flavor.
389652389652B004W19VE4A2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0121345075200I like that it is vegan, but hate that it has a boring flavorI tried the Rocky Road flavor and while it is not awful, it is nothing to rave over. When something is described as a "sinfully healthy snack", I expect it to taste magical and leave me in awe that it only has 140 calories. These small bars are not decadent or sinfully healthy. They taste like unsweetened no-bake cookies to an extent and have a slight vitamin aftertaste that frequently accompanies protein and nutrition bars. Inside the bar, I found a couple of nuts but everything else melded together and if it were a blind taste test, I would never guess them to be rocky road inspired. Nutritionally, I don't think this bar is great. For a small 140 calorie bar, it has a good deal of fat (8g) and sugar (9g).

If you insist on trying these and they are out of stock here, you can get your halo bar fix on You can use code LEK375 for a discount.

This product is made in the United States.
389653389653B004W19VE4A302KKXM0GHZWMJames C. Phillips "christian"0131339286400taste only okI only tried the honey graham flavor, because I don't like the other flavors as a rule. They taste like graham crackers that are loosely smashed together. I would not put these in your backpack for a hike, you would probably end up with crumbs. They are a very light snack, but they are flaky and some what bland.
389654389654B004W19VE4A1X1COKZV9Z47HN. Kusuma "No2"0151339113600Healthy/healthier desertI have tried many healthy bars and this is probably the one that I would never get sick of it. All the infredients used does not leave any over-powering taste. I also like Lara bar which I also eat everyday, but I some time got sick of Lara bar specific flavor . Lara bar though is healthier due to the raw ingredients with no sugar or other processed food. Based on the taste and the ingredient, I some time treat the rocky road bar as healthy desert. Try eating it with vanilla or chocolate ice cream..... Yummy!
389655389655B004W19VE4A33BMBIWJMMDDPVegas Slim0151318809600honey graham is excellentThis review is for the honey graham flavor. I have not yet tried the other flavors. These small bars are very tasty and not overly sweet (even though rice syrup is the first ingredient). The nutrition profile is as good or better than most bars although a single bar does have 8% RDA of sodium which means this is not a low sodium snack. These bars are small, compared for instance to kashi go lean bars and cliff bars, but very satisfying. I find these bars are great for overcoming a craving between meals when fruit or veg is not available or won't satisfy. I would not rely on these bars for performance events or in a post-apocalypse survival kit, but the Halo honey graham bars are a nice alternative, especially if you're burnt-out on other bars.
389656389656B004W19VE4A16OMJ59K9IIV2???0151316995200Like this productI really like the Probars, except the calorie count was too high. The Halo bars have few calories and I like the flavors.
389657389657B004W19VE4A18RKY3UFAE2R7katyru110151315440000YUM!I'm a such sucker for sweets. So when I saw these "candy bar alternatives" at REI during their labor day weekend sale, I just couldn't resist! I snatched up a few flavors (honey graham, smores, and rocky road) along with some other bars to try out. I couldn't believe how delicious and low in sugar these bars were. The fact that almost all their ingredients are organic and recognizable ingredients (no crazy chemical names) was a major plus. It's also vegan and dairy-free, but does have peanuts and wheat.

These are definitely a great little afternoon snack that's between 150-160 calories each. Now, I'm on Amazon searching for a cheaper way to get more of them!
389658389658B004W19VE4AAPLRHU0NXSORKM0611308096000Totally vileI was shocked by how bad this tasted. Wow. I actually took one bite and spit it out, something that has never, ever happened to me before.
389659389659B006HVDBPWA2AX9C569CKHOJkristin0051339027200Light, refreshing perfect.I love this. I love cosmos but they are caloric and sometimes bitter, or too sweet. I love this, it is light tasting but with flavor of white cranberry, which is not too tart and sweeter than cranberry. It is sweet without being sicky, sweet or diety sweet. It is wonderful. My only complaint is the should be $10, all of the Skinny Girl drinks should be less in price. But I love to keep one of these in my house at all times. It is wonderful.
389660389660B004AB59D8A3TKBJP6FHFOGUArla M. Gaines0051341619200Chocolate Coconut Zing Bars are Fantastic!I bought my first Chocolate Coconut Zing Bar at a Whole Foods Store while on vacation in New York City. I absolutely loved it! It tasted great, and best of all, it is Gluten Free and has the exact amount of protein to balance out the carbs that it contains. This is very important to me, because I am gluten intolerant, and because I am following a carb-counting food plan to lose weight and to prevent myself from developing type-two diabetes. These bars make a great quick breakfast if you are in a hurry; they are also good whenever you need a quick pick-me-up during a hectic day or while traveling. When I came home from NYC, I tried to find Zing bars in my local Whole Foods Store, but it doesn't carry them! Thank goodness for!
389661389661B001V65KA2A2JCNVXT7K29JBRose DesRochers "Founder of Today's Woman"0041329696000Flavor is a little unpleasantIn all honesty this is not the best tasting tea. The licorice is very prominent in this, but the tea does help coat and sooth the throat.
389662389662B0002ZFP58ATHUN0PJ0MG0PR. Cross "LVWolfman"1151300147200Our dogs love themWe've been buying hooves at Costco (when they had them) and Petsmart.

The problem with the Petsmart ones we bought the last two times is that when the dogs were chewing on them, the hooves admitted a horrible stench. We thought that the dogs were passing gas.

No such problem with these. In fact, the only problem with these hooves are the same with any hooves we've bought. Give one to each of four dogs and one dog ends up with four, chewing on one and guarding the rest. LOL

I believe I paid a whole lot less for this box of 30 than I paid for a few at Petsmart.
389663389663B0002ZFP58A3GSTWRM0DOU86Scott E. High0051340236800We Choose Choo HoovesWe have tried several types of chewing treats for our four dogs. Our dogs lose interest in the Nyla products, rawhide treats make them puke, and cow hooves available in bulk are brittle and reappear from one end or the other in sharp pieces. The first time we bought Pet Carousel Choo Hooves from Petco we noticed a big difference. Our dogs keep working at them until they're almost gone. Instead of being brittle and reappearing later, they seem to break apart efficiently with no digestive problems. They also help keep our dogs' teeth clean, although they are a bit stinky.

All hooves seem to smell, but these have proven to be the best all around chew treat out there. Be careful when shopping for these. Make sure that they are "Pet Carousel Choo Hooves". Many other brands have similar names but are very different products.
389664389664B0002ZFP58A1D5U6YSCO6CEERuth Carson0051298505600Great productI have Boston Terriers and have given the Choo Hooves to them for years. Chewing on the hooves keep their teeth clean and keeps them occupied for hours.
389665389665B0002ZFP58A34U6NJAOKXX7EA. Sonntag0051285200000Dogs love themI bought these for my 2 dogs and they love them. They continue to chew on them all day. I have purchased others from the pet store and they chew on them for a bit then they are done with them. Great product - especially for my 9 month old puppy.
389666389666B000Q61HH8A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"1151189987200Great Green Tea Experience, Tazo's Best*****
Tazo's China Green Tips Green Tea is a slightly stronger green tea than Tazo's Zen, and I liked that it doesn't contain Tazo's omnipresent "natural flavors" that almost all of their other teas contain, which to me is not an advantage. I like a natural, real taste with real ingredients sans vague "natural flavors" and sans flavorings, sans essences, etc. China Green Tips delivers this in a cleaner, purer way than Tazo's other teas. I liked this green tea!

The ingredients in China Green Tips are simply spring-harvested green teas from China. It contains caffeine.

Tazo is an interesting company that makes only super premium teas. They are socially responsible, based in Portland, and have the motto, "The Reincarnation of Tea". Tazo is owned by Starbucks. Their web site is fun and quirky, with a Zen-type focus, definitely worth checking out. It is unclear, though, from their web site, how many of their ingredients are organic or kosher, and they do use some "natural flavors" in their teas--this wording seems a little vague and unnecessary for a super premium tea. China Green Tips has none of these "natural flavors" and it shows in the quality and cleanliness of the tea experience.

On the paper tea packet, Tazo writes, "a traditional Chinese green tea with a delicate fresh taste and a light green liquor." This is the perfect way to describe this tea! On their web site, Tazo describes the flavor profile of China Green Tips as "grassy, vegetative, sweet, ricey". Tazo describes the aroma as "vegetative, popcorn".

I would rate this tea, and Tazo in general, as very good---better than premium teas like Stash or Celestial Seasonings---but not as good as Numi or Aspen. Still, this tea is excellent, so I'm breaking my tradition with Tazo teas and giving it five stars. If you enjoy super premium teas, and are stuck with Tazo for some reason, choose China Green Tips and you will be quite satisfied. I can't honestly say that about any other Tazo tea.
389667389667B0015D62C6AHSBAAACG0Q77Nick Name0111350000000Highly DeceptiveThis nice pretty picture sets the expectation, will arrive in a nice/plastic box.
Mine arrived without even a plastic back. Someone just dumped (edible product)--into the box.
I ordered the Orange as well (which arrived as expected--nicely packaged)--However, I'm positive the 1lb of Beans were simply dumped into the box (vs being packed)--as the box was no larger than a Shoe box (ie. not a lot of items in the box)--there was no busted open bag to be found.

Had there been a busted open Bag, thought "eh--UPS, things happen"---but NOPE--someone just dumped them in a Card Board Box, shipped that and my Orange (protected ones) together .

I would think twice when ordering an Edible Product from Bice.
389668389668B0015D62C6A3A92R31QDY40GBovine "RIP Anna"0151346112000Jelly Belly - Who needs a review?Jelly belly beans are great. They are one of the tasiest items in the universe. These beans arrived on time, and when weighed actually came in at OVER one pound.

Can't go wrong here.
389669389669B000UXOGNOA3H9ZOIRKG07YBZhara um NIkko "Haflacrat"0051307750400Well, I know they are supposed to be salty, but this is a bit muchBeautiful, perfectly tight little capers arrive in clear glass jars when you purchase the Roland Organic Nonpareil Capers. For all their beauty tho, these are some of the saltiest capers I've ever had, and that's of course allowing for the fact that capers are indeed supposed to be briney. Will try other varieties next time, perhaps the Roland organic capers in sherry vinegar. In the meantime, these are quite serviceable when rinsed thoroughly before use, but the subtle flower flavor noticeable in other caper brands is just a bit obscured by the salt, salt, and salt.
389670389670B008ADQOTUA2DKVL26ZX0WGSSil0041349740800Bold Berries!Another hit for me from Red Leaf! Red Leaf is a great vendor that supplies a premium product at reasonable prices. This is a delicious matcha that goes incredibly well in my morning smoothies! This is a great sweet matcha that is enjoyable both cold and hot! If you're looking for a matcha that will add some fruity kick to your day - this is it :)

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