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389671389671B00473ZFHEA2EURKMQ944FPFVicki Dodge0051337731200Love Green Mountain ColumbianGreen Mountain Coffee Columbian Fair Trade Select, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 12-Count (Pack of 3)Love Green Mountain Columbian!
389672389672B00473ZFHEAU81OR6P8E580Chelo0051324944000Great FlavorThis is a great tasting coffee,never bitter nor bold and Amazon is very prompt and efficient, I am never without it.
389673389673B00473ZFHEA16GO22LDGNOOOJerilyn L. Kozak0051323216000good mild coffeeThis has the columbian taste without a bitterness or overly strong flavor. It has the mild taste that I perfer. If someone wants a strong coffee flavor it would be best to try something else.
389674389674B00473ZFHEA3TSZH2FEH4L7TwoofNbark0051315958400Best CoffeeI've been using this coffee for several years ever since I got my Keurig coffee maker. Love this coffee and it's the only one I order.
389675389675B00473ZFHEA2PK6J8QH7UTUKeric jones0051309219200Good Coffee - better than Starbucks powerful roastsOther than pricing for the coffee which is all over the map ( anywhere from $.40 per cup to $.75) the coffee itself is excellent.. Just have to look around for the deals every two to four weeks, depending on how much I can buy at once... the only negative is I like big cups of coffee - 10 to 12 ounce cups - and there are very few blends or brands that sell cartridges designed to brew these larger sizes so I end up using two coffee cartridges to brew one cup of coffee.. it gets expensive and I haven't perfected using the generic cartridge to brew the perfect cup of coffee like the disposable cartridges produce...
389676389676B007K9YZ3WA1HPYSOI4RDRW2AngelCriesDevil1151345075200Oh so fruityThis product is outrageously, and guaranteed addictive! I was recently put on a gluten-free diet and can't eat sold fruits due to bleeding gums and mouth ulcers(that may in fact be due to gluten sensitivity) and found this fruit buddy. At first, it didn't look appareling, but WOW. ITS GREAT!
389677389677B002GWMA6CA2UR44HF5K9FE5A. Berger2241327968000weak taste good valuewhen comparing the cheap Ceylons on amazon, this tea is weaker and blander than the more malty full flavored Dilmah Tea, 100% Pure Ceylon Tea, Loose Leaf, 4.41-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) but this loose leaf is more visually appealing and less caulky than Ahmad 500g Loose Ceylon Tea, 1.23-Ounce Packet (Pack of 4). my advice is if you use a paper filter, get the Dilmah since it can be occasionally dusty, but if you use a pinhole or strainer steeper, then this Coffee Bean Direct Ceylon may serve you better if you use 50% more leaf than usual. for example I only need 1g of Dilmah leaf bits per 8oz cup, but to match the color and flavor with Coffee Bean Direct, I need to use 1.5g of this regular leaf.
389678389678B002GWMA6CA16H3JNMR9EWLAGaius Julius Ceasar1151316995200AwesomeHigh quality Ceylon Tea. Superior to anything else I have tried. It's very good as iced tea too. I add little honey and lemon juice. Plain, the best temperature is around 40-45f, when you can actually taste the flavor while it is still refreshingly cold. Once you try this, you will never buy bagged teas. If you need baggies, they can be purchased separately.
389679389679B002GWMA6CA2FQ67J0SSAPRWMike_N1151306368000Excellent tea, great priceMy wife is an avid tea junkie. She literally can not live without it for a day. The "bag" type they sell in supermarkets is completely useless for all intents and purposes, and brands like Lipton make her laugh. I can relate, I myself used to drink leaf tea back when we lived in Europe years ago, but have successfully kicked the habit since :), Well, we were forced to look for good loose tea, preferably Ceylon, after she moved here, and found Coffee Bean Direct. We've been purchasing from their website on and off since 2008, and the tea has been of consistently good quality and utterly enjoyable. The downside to it was the inconvenience of ordering from rather far away, the wait and the shipping charges. To my excitement, I recently stumbled upon the same product on Amazon, and immediately ordered, somewhat worried, as it's been a while since our last direct order. Well, the fast and free shipping, excellent packaging and superb product were our biggest reward. This tea in our opinion, supersedes the (still pretty good) Dilmah and Ahmad we've been able to find locally in the past year. You just need to see its leaves to believe it, and at this price, you just can't go wrong. Highly recommended.
389680389680B002GWMA6CA1JK4GTNO3GUDGR. Shuba0041343433600Good value for moneyIt makes decent tea. Brew for about five minutes for best results. You can get much better full leaf Ceylon tea in terms of the aroma, but probably not at this price. I am buying it regularly.
389681389681B002GWMA6CA2B8I4Z3HG49BEN. Hyman0051324080000Very good tea. Excellent value for moneyThe product is a huge bag of whole-leaf Ceylon tea. Ceylon is subtler than, say, Lipton's Brisk, and may seem weak until you get used to it. This is a big leaf tea. For a first class cuppa and you'll need at least a heaping teaspoon per cup. And steep it for five minutes. Not to worry, it won't over-extract and turn bitter. CBD's teas are middle-grade generics. If you're a tea snob who requires single-estate leaves, look elsewhere. If you want good varietal tea for not a lot of money, CBD is pretty hard to beat. I have enjoyed their Wulong and Orange Pekoe too. I was glad to find their tea here on Amazon where it's cheaper than on CBD's own website and qualifies for free shipping too.
389682389682B002GWMA6CA34KWQS2L2LVB8K. Lahti "musician"0041296691200Good stuff, good priceI am a tea-o-holic. I don't drink coffee and I prefer black teas. I have gotten Ceylon teas from a number of sources. The Coffee Bean Direct Ceylon is not the best I ever tasted but it is close. It brews up a rich brown-red and has enough "kick" to get me going a bit. It can be over-brewed and get a little bitter. As soon as a nice rich color forms during steeping, pour it off through a tea strainer.
2 pounds is a lot of tea, so I put it in well sealed glass jars in a cool dark place after opening.
For the price and quality, I will buy this Ceylon tea again. I have a number of the Coffee Bean Direct teas. I hope they continue to offer good teas in bulk and hope that Amazon continues to carry it!
389683389683B0085TXCG2ANP5ZZGG9U7KZCugel the Clever0051348185600Extremely delicious-- the best sweet barbecue sauce I've ever hadI am not a bona fide cook, nor am I a barbecue expert. Most of my sampling of authentic down-south barbecues has happened on business trips, and I've sampled most of the types of barbecue sauces available at the local grocery stores. I happened to luck on this one at the grocery store the other day when shopping for something that wouldn't be too spicy for the chillun. We brought it home that night and used it to dunk pieces of chicken, and I was blown away.

I am at a bit of a loss as to how to describe the flavor. It is sweet and tangy, and slightly spicy but just enough to be pleasant-- I don't think people with even sensitive palates would dislike this sauce. In a way, though of course they have some different ingredients, this is like a much more refined, more delicious version of the Sweet Chili chicken nugget sauce from McDonald's, which we also like. (No, this is not the creme de la creme of food connoisseur reviews, but you knew that going in.)

The ingredient list on my bottle includes these items in order: water, vinegar, sugar, tomato paste, molasses, and honey, with less than 2% of salt, aged cayenne pepper, natural smoke flavor, modified food starch, dextrose, spice, corn syrup, caramel color, garlic, xanthan gum, onion, sodium benzoate as a preservative, maltodextrin, tamarind, autolyzed yeast extract, and natural flavor. Ingredients may of course change over time, so make sure to read the ingredients on whatever you buy.

I've only used it for dipping, not actual barbecue. As a grilling sauce I'd say it's ever so slightly on the thinner side of normal, possibly due to vinegar content, but would still work for grilling, especially with extra basting.

ETA: During the writing of this review, I had to go heat up some chicken so I could have some of this sauce. Mmmmmm.
389684389684B004CH8EICA12I9AB8O11SUZIZZI1141301356800Great!Item shipped promptly.
Product was fresh and exactly what I expected.
The chewy sprees work great in my candy vending machine.
389685389685B004CH8EICA2V995T3ER2ACHJustin0051350777600SpreeThey tasted great! They came quickly and in a huge bag and I loved eating them. I shared them with class mates and loved them also.
389686389686B0014GH4U8A2FYIKY36H6IVALisa K. Brause "LKBrause"1151307145600Great Winter Sipping treat!!Originally found this Hot Chocolate at the LA County Fair. After we purchased it, we kept seeing it on various cooking shows. It's a wonderful winter treat and you can control the amount of coco powder per cup. Not to sweet, and really a special treat. We love to add Kahlua on a cold winter night!!!
389687389687B0014GH4U8A2MJ0B3PBH8AL1SJones "Eclectic individual"0051272240000Rich and smoothThe hot chocolate had a wonderful flavor; the only downfall is you are supposed to make the full container. I just used a "guesstimage" to make a single mug. Bought some for my sisters' family and they loved it. It looks and tastes expensive, but is reasonable in price.
389688389688B002VC22OCA1JHZE2WLUNXK5drbsqc "drb"6751286928000Great Coffe but better pricing atGreat coffee. It is hard to find but you can get a case of 12 for $63.00 at [...]

I bought the 6 can pack from Amazon several months ago and it was the same price as the 3 pack.
What happened Amazon? Instead of $5 something a can it is $10????

Too bad you have to charge double... Amazon should shop around and so should you.
Again Great coffee - not as good as the original that Maxwell put out but the best Vanilla coffee we can find out there.
Just shop around though.. Sorry Big A this time I cannot recommend you.
389689389689B002VC22OCA2OR7S2URWVWWIPMCAGG2251321747200Maxwell Vanilla CoffeeWhat happened to this coffee-it was the best and cannot find it anywhere-even Amazon. PLease help bring it back-I miss this coffee, drank it for years and cannot find a good alternative.
389690389690B002VC22OCA1IO08CLHSQMZBjoel rosmarin "joel"1151282176000Best cofee everSo hard to find. This is the best cofee I have ever had. Just the right blend of vanilla
389691389691B002VC22OCA3JS9ODJDNDJPUChrisonthedrums0051327017600YummyThis is some gooooooooood coffee. I'm not a coffee connoisseur but I definitely have my preferences. This is one of the few coffees that I can get away with only adding a little creamer or sometimes nothing. Good flavor and the vanilla is just right for the strength of the coffee. Recommended for those that like flavorful coffee that is not overwhelming.
389692389692B002VC22OCAVHQOJVSMHDGOJo Marie0051307145600Maxwell House VanillaMy favorite coffee. Have been drinking it for years, then the local supermarkets stopped carrying it. Amazon saved me! Arrived in good condition, have set up monthly deliveries.
389693389693B002VC22OCA2GVZSMW95M2G9Frank Mallahan "Frank in Boston"0051307059200Maxwell Flavored Coffees - the best!I have been buying these from for two years now when they disappeared from store shelves everywhere. The tastes is awesome, I am ddicted to the smooth taste and aroma, and Amazon always ships so quickly! Nom Nom Nom!
389694389694B002VC22OCA2V74SLN61NR7Rcoffee lover0051298851200Maxwell House Vanilla CoffeeWe absolutely love this coffee and up until now have been able to buy it at our local Dillon's store but they no longer carry it -- we can't understand why. Whenever we serve it, which is anytime we serve coffee, we always get the question "what kind of coffee is this?"

We think it's Maxwell House's best kept secret!

So happy we could get it through -- Thanks.
389695389695B002VC22OCARZVXWTE7FB8ZMW in MN0041289952000Great coffee to the last drop!We are unable to find this product in stock here on the frozen tundra. Amazon gets it to us with free shipping in about 3 days, and at a very competitive price. We have tried flavored coffees sold under other brands, but have found that we enjoy Maxwell House the best!
389696389696B002VC22OCA28T8JPG21NZ5Vruffnit0051288915200Great hard to find coffee.Grocery stores carry items you try and fall in love with...then soon after, they cease to stock the item. What's the deal?? Thank goodness I'm able to access Amazon and find those items again without wasting many hours and much gas traveling to every store withing 50 miles to locate an item every grocer used to carry. The price I was paying isn't much different from the Amazon cost thanks to super saver shipping. This is a smooth coffee with a perfect hint of vanilla.....just right. Glad I could find it again.
389697389697B0008IT4OMACT95AH4X5MQIRobin J. Halifax, Esq. "E=mc2 is a localized ...0011340582400In a word..........YUK!!!I'm only giving these 'truffles' a one star rating because there is no ZERO star rating... I am a lover of chocolates of all kinds, I am always looking for a tastier candy experience, which is why I tried these. If you judge by the majority of reviews, you'd think these are pretty darned good - but I ate one. Only one. I threw the entire pack in the trash - all 2+ pounds of it. I have never done that before, but these were just gross. They were all melted together into a brick, and the taste, once I got one free, was just, well... disgusting. I read the ingredients, and then I knew why I hated them - the number ONE ingredient in these 'chocolates' is vegetable oil. And Palm oil, at that. I HATE palm oil! It tastes greasy and unpleasant, even when it is NOT the primary ingredient in a snack. PLEASE save your money and buy Ferrer-Roche (sp) or Godiva, or even Linden - all of those are yummy, if overpriced, tasty treats. I wouldn't even give these to people I didn't like, let alone my own family. Save your money, just because they are 'French', it doesn't make them good - take it from me, I say 'C'est tres YUK!" Yuk-a-doodle-do!
389698389698B0008IT4OMA2QSN046XPYXDEpenpal0031337299200looks goodI bought these thinking they were something special but they are OK. It's made of cocoa powder, etc. but after a while, they were OK. I would not recommend buying more than one box if you are just trying it out for the first time. There are two smaller bags in the box.
389699389699B0008IT4OMA228CVPNVGAZ48chrisjweaver0051335312000Worth every pennyThese things are awesome. If you are a chocolate addict you should stay away from these. You won't be able to put them down and you will die of a chocolate overdose.
389700389700B0008IT4OMA3PC3HF6UCG3VNMaria E. Torres0051332806400A truffel to die for!!!!!When I first took a piece of a Chocmod Truffette, I just closed my eyes in pure ecstasy....It was absolutely obscene....

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