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389701389701B0008IT4OMA1YLU9NT0Q9H1VMJC0041332633600Chocolaty truffes dusted with cocoa powderThese are luscious, chocolaty truffles. Each piece is a pyramidal dollop, ~ 1cm diameter, of dark chocolate dusted with cocoa powder. It is rich but not overly sweet, which makes one or two pieces perfect after a meal or with a cup of espresso. Yes, during the holidays Costco sells them for half the price for a 2-box pack. However, if you want these luscious morsels throughout the year, Amazon is a good place to get them.
389702389702B0008IT4OMA35PNYJCDNUH6FTrish Martin "BIGTIME FELINE LOVER"0051332460800Chocolate Lvrs' AlertThese truffles are delicious and a great value; even more with free shipping [with additional purchase]! Not being individually wrapped saves waste; and one...or two...etc., certainly isn't enough! I didn't realize that the chocolate was covered with cocoa powder [and would've preferred without-which should be in big print]; but, as they say,'that is neither here nor there'[and, admittedly, once I saw 'truffles' I was totally distracted and filled with anticipation. They arrived within the timespan given, in fine shape and as delicious as anticipated. Vive La France! In my previous review re: Kirkland Chocolates where I pointed out the ridiculous rise in price [despite the extraordinary deliciousness of the product]; I noticed that the price has been reduced somewhat. But it is still high...going from $19.99 to $49.99 within a few months! I will keep an eye on this item; it being another exceptionally delicious treat, with variety and wonderful tastes, within.
389703389703B0008IT4OMA1UUZCJ4K6B77EBarbara Klose "auntbarbie"0051332288000Chocolicious!Platinum Sellers delivers! These, by far are the
very best Dark Chocolate Truffles I've ever tasted!

Description states these are only available on Holidays
I'm hoping I'll be able to order once more before Summer!

Thumbs up, Chocolate Lovers ... = )
389704389704B0008IT4OMA2ONKHJE0YKDALgte806w0021332115200The problem of sellerThe chocolate is delicious. But this seller sent melt chocolate to me! They are melt! I guess it expires. I didn't find the expiration date on the box.
389705389705B0008IT4OMAA1JJNJ5VYI97Angel0051332028800Very good!At first I wasn't sure about ordering these, but decided to give it a try. The weather here is getting warmer and I did not want a chocolate blob arriving, thankfully these are on prime and I was able to get them in 2 days. These arrived nicely packaged, there are 2 bags inside the box shown here. I was happy to see this is a nice amount of truffles for the price and they are pretty good. Its hard to just eat one, or two, so thankfully there are 2 bags because in my house one bag already "walked off". I have these ready when company comes to visit and for those occasions when I am craving chocolate. The taste is of dark chocolate, and the consistency is like someone else said, a little oily when the truffle is all done. Overall I do like these and so do my family members! I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys a piece of dark chocolate every now and then.
389706389706B0008IT4OMA1IKLXA9L377HJjas0051331942400chocolate trufflesI like this product by taste
and packing.Value is great for the product like this.
I would recomend it to anyone who likes good quality of chocholate.
Nice to be given as a giftTruffettes de France All Natural French Truffles Dusted with Cocoa Powder - 2.2 lbssent.
389707389707B0008IT4OMAUOQQO3MNL2SXT. Blanchette "Angelgurl1"0051331078400Chocolate Heaven!I received these yesterday as a gift from my son...
Amazed to see mixed reviews here. I am a HUGE chocolate lover &
have tried a very wide variety of truffles in my time ~
Dove, Godiva, Lindt ~ you name it.
These are by *FAR* the best truffles I have ever eaten in my life!
I was amazed at the low price for a 2.2 pound box &
they arrived in perfect condition.
Will *definitely* buy these again, for myself and for gifts.
389708389708B0008IT4OMA272W1ENSX8O2Thlg0041330905600i think its goodyes,i like this type of chocolate,its great,but 1kg is too much for me to eat,if has small package,it will perfect.
389709389709B0008IT4OMA2YE8TQQWDJ3TSWillow0051329868800So very rich..I realize this is your basic truffle, but you can't hardly eat more than 2 at at time, so very rich and so very good...huge box of them too...I hadn't looked at the fact that they are over 2 lbs of richness...arrived fast, well packaged and delicious...I can't keep everyone's grubby hands away from them...will have to order more..
389710389710B0008IT4OMA2W4RHS481MLIDMay0051327968000Delicious truffles!I bought this for my dad for Christmas and he loved it! It was rich and smooth. Will buy again when he wants more!
389711389711B0008IT4OMA1SR6WO3HPZFQSDog0041327622400pretty good!I bought these because I was trying to find some truffles that I had tried one time and wasn't sure if it was these ones or the Donchels truffles. They're pretty similar, but I'm pretty sure that the Donchels are the ones I had tried and really loved. These are definitely good, though, but the Donchel's has coconut oil in them which I think is a little higher quality and perhaps somewhat healthier. Anyways, they're good though.
389712389712B0008IT4OMAZOG0WMSOZ3BHCatfishchen0051325894400ExcellentThe item was the same as described. The shipment was really fast. I sent as a gift, and my friend enjoyed it.
389713389713B0008IT4OMA1914W6G9FPGKMLoveShopping "LoveShopping"0041324598400truffledterrificly tasty!
really nice, and i don't care if i'd get pimples afterwards.. so worth the money!
the only downfall, is the packaging i wish they have a more beautiful one especially made for christmas. so i can give it as a gift!
389714389714B0008IT4OMA2ZZAPED8DHL07The Best Out West0051323820800Wonderful!Last Christmas I was lucky enough to snag a box of these from work (no, I did not steal them, although they're that good). These are simply wonderful. I have never had a better treat. If you're looking to buy a little something for that chocolate lover in your house, this is it!
389715389715B0008IT4OMA3DA8HAPITL71SMichael Dixon "Composer"0051298937600incredible tasteI'm a serious chocoholic and had received some chocolate truffles as a gift for Christmas. They were from Europe but nothing was labeled as to the brand name or company that made them. They were incredibly good. I found these truffles and decided to try them. What luck! They had the same, supple flavor that I was looking for. The cocoa powder on the outside starts the taste out a bit bitter, but as you bite into them, the sweetness takes over. OMG. Just don't look at the side panel of nutritional info. Five of these little truffles will dominate your daily intake of saturated fat. Yes, only five.
389716389716B0008IT4OMA1T0YIL56C11D1sjulka0021297468800Waste of moneyAfter reading good reviews, I ordered the truffles during the holiday season. I am a chocolate lover and I was highly disappointed with the truffles. The taste as well as texture was not up to the mark. You'll be better off spending your money else where.
389717389717B0008IT4OMAEAMB0TVJV55XRhonda Kelley0041293753600Very GoodAlthough these aren't as good as the hype I'd heard about them, they are still quite delicious. They do melt in your mouth and the cocoa sprinkles on the outside add greatly to them. They would make a great gift as well as a treat for yourself.
389718389718B0008IT4OMA27S1RZ4JF0S3NQian0051272153600Best Chocolate ever!More worth than the price. Maybe that is why I cannot find the same price again.
389719389719B0008IT4OMAGOQW9TKBE1FTSteven R. Babos "S. B. Owba"0051265500800Wonderful! These Didn't Last LongVery happy with this one. They arrived on time and in good shape. They are the best-tasting chocolates my husband and I have ever had. I'm a choco-holic and I am very happy to recommend these truffles without reservation!
389720389720B0008IT4OMA3QE6PEJ9ITOJYTiffany D. White "Tiff"0051252281600Ahhhhhh Mmmmmmm Truffles!!!!*****This was a great delight to have such a large quantity of truffles. They came in perfect condition. They are covered in cocoa. They melt in your mouth! They are very strong chocolate flavored and sooooo good! Defnitely recommended for chocolate lovers everywhere! :) They arrive in two boxes as shown within one packing box. This keeps one box fresh while you have the other opened. They will melt in your mouth! The cocoa coating is not overwhelming either. Very good taste!

389721389721B0008IT4OMA2CQF0PR5E4BNKArchduke Menthos0051246320000Duh-Licious!I had these a while ago, and they had me at first bite! not too bitter, nor too sweet, and if you jst set it in your mouth it melts into a thick, creamy colloid. i thought of taking it further and use it as a sauce. for those of you who ever had nutella know what i'm talking about. i set a piece of bread and one truffle in the middle of said bread into a toaster oven. afterwards, i spread the now warm and gooey chocolate on half of the bread and fold it over. very good! try it, and this is definitely the best chocolate I have ever tasted!
389722389722B0008IT4OMA4VAISNKHO5IGL. Busch "LTB"0021244160000MeltedMy order came as 1 large blob. The wrappers were mix into a 2.2 pound chocolate turd. It looked like they had been melted and become solid several times. If it didn't go through this remelting process, I assume it would taste better.
389723389723B0008IT4OMAGZKJ1RCAT9Z9Amazonian Shopper0051241827200A delicious, and very appreciated giftI sent these as a holiday gift to someone, and they RAVED about them. The price was right, and I got the reaction I wanted. I also got to sample some myself when I came across them at a local warehouse store, and they are in fact super delicious. Messy, melty, extremely chocolatey and rich, but super delicious! I liked this product because it gives a lot of bang for the buck, which is always a plus when giving a present. As for the candy, they are smooth and creamy, but extremely chocolatey, so make sure whoever you buy them for is a true chocoholic!
389724389724B0008IT4OMA1IE171Q4U5VLQMsAtwill20051241395200Good ExperienceNot only were the chocolate truffles great, the company was easy, fast and great to deal with. Will buy from this seller again!!
389725389725B0008IT4OMAXPHQEZLHJJRSAnnie Oakley,0051237852800Wrong item shippedWe got a box of CEMOR DARK TRUFFES 1 lb 12.2oz not the 2.2Pound of French Truffles we ordered. they were good but did not have the same smooth melt in your mouth quality of the Truffles we ordered. They were a Birth Day gift for my 13 year old daughter who knew I had ordered Truffles for her, so when she saw the box delivered and opened it she did not know that they were the wrong type, and started eating and sharing with her friends.
389726389726B0008IT4OMA3QL4Z0XZC08ZQGolf Junky0031237766400No problem eating theseI've been buying these for myself and others for over a year. Price seems to be have become elastic from my previous orders (from about $8 to as much as $45, that I've seen). At $8, the price is good. At $45, I'd have serious reservations.

These are Not like "See's" or other high-end flavored truffles. These are basic (ganache-style?) smooth deep chocolate truffles, no frills. Not as sweet as others. Have plenty of chocolate punch; but, are not what I originally expected. Very nice at the end of a meal; a good chocolate 'hit' without breaking the bank (at least at previous pricing). It is a different chocolate experience which I now anticipate with a smile. I suspect that some will be disappointed at first; but, I will definitely continue to enjoy them (as well as other styles). If this is the French-style of chocolate truffle, I like it!

The posted prices I've seen on Amazon have confused me. If these are still at $8 or so, good to get. If at $45 (which has also come up), I wouldn't buy. Don't forget S&H.
389727389727B0008IT4OMA39E682CO7T0B7C. Turner "CAT watch"0041232236800TrufflesI will tell you what, I have had good truffles in Europe. These come very close. And for the price they are nothing short of miraculous. Very tastey!
389728389728B0008IT4OMA3S9B4HT1ZLDGOJill T. Marquard "Tester"0051231804800French trufflesI sent the truffles as Christmas gifts in 2007, and the reviews were top of the line. Everyone loved them, even those who said I shouldn't have sent them so many! I tasted them too, and they were delicious.
389729389729B0008IT4OMA1TVAVWPMR24DLS. Sharp0051229472000Best Chocolate Truffles!These are just like Trader Joe's seasonal truffles they put out at the holidays; the box is similiar but of course lacks the Trader Joe's logo; the maker must be the same, however, as the taste is distinctive.

The truffles are sweet but not too sweet--silky smooth solid chocolate truffles with a light dusting of cocoa powder--i put them in mini muffin papers and they look very festive.

I often get headaches from chocolate but not from these; i bought 4 boxes to give as gifts. Note, there are two pouches in the 2.2 lb box so you could get 2 gifts from one box. They are very rich so a few go a long way.

Wouldn't be the holidays without these truffles.
389730389730B0008IT4OMA3C337T1YVN9I7S. Alwarith0051229212800Delicious trufflesI purchased these truffles last year for my family and we enjoyed them so much that I was eager to purchase another order this year and gift it to a friend. Excellent price for a superior product.

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