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389731389731B0008IT4OMA106N4B4EG4DR8Monday "Pamela"0051210118400Full praise for these delicious morsals that melt in your mouth!Yummy is all you need to know. Simply delicious and what a value! A smash hit gift. And they are totally non-fat!
389732389732B0008IT4OMA3B54FY9XLWFEXL. Ward "lenw247"0051204502400OMG- a MUST BUYI've never fell in love with chocolate SO MUCH until I bought this particular brand of trouffles.....WOW....I presented this to friends and family as gifts for christmas and other occasions! GREAT BUY$$$$
389733389733B0008IT4OMA3VVWNNURL1IH9Michele Banz "Michele B"0051204416000delicious!These truffles are absolutely delicious! They melt in your mouth. They make fantastic gifts.
389734389734B0008IT4OMA3MUX4EKQ22PXOV. Wilson0051203897600Heavenly TrufflesDevinely Heaven is the only way to describe these Truffles. If youv'e never had them your in for a special treat. I will be purchasing them again for special occassions!
389735389735B0008IT4OMA2DJ6376R2D6S9Chocolate Fiend0041200960000French Chocolate TrufflesThese chocolate truffles were rich and mouth wateringly good. Delicate and flavorful, they just melted in your mouth. Between me, my spouse and two holiday guests the 2.2 lbs (1 kilogram) disappeared in about three days.
389736389736B0008IT4OMA358UXV3EXZLM4K. Robison0051198108800Awesome ValueGreat for the money, just make sure you give them away, 3 truffles = 80% DV saturated fat, wow.
389737389737B0008IT4OMA39HB2PFRYVBS0Peter Johnson0031197763200Nice with coffeeThese chocolate truffles were on a wonderful sale, and I love chocolate and could not resist. There was a bountiful number of dark chocolate 'kisses' coated with cocoa, and though I ordered them in October, I still have plenty left, and that's after sharing a pretty good sized baggie with a friend.

However, I only give it 3 stars because it's not by any means the best chocolate. I would have been very disappointed if I had paid full price for them. However, at the bargain price I paid, they are just fine, and very nice to let melt in the mouth while sipping good coffee.
389738389738B0008IT4OMA1XNXYLAGST8A8Star "Stella"0051197763200The Best Truffles In the world2.2 Pounds of Chocolate Truffles - French Truffles - Holiday Chocolates - Christmas Candy - 1 Box
I received these as a gift and loved them so much I ordered some for myself. I will order more and send to family and friends. I like the new ice packs to keep them cold since I live in a warm climate.
389739389739B0008IT4OMA36U8ZRXRBNPXTR. Mullin0051195603200OhhhhhhSupremely wonderful. Hint: store them in the refrigerator or freezer, but you MUST gently allow them to come to room temperature before you indulge. Incredible silky texture, perfect chocolate flavor.
389740389740B0008IT4OMA1NW8PWPGUKK1YR. V. Charleston0051193443200Chocolate TrufflesOh my gosh!!! Had to limit myself or I would eat all at one sitting! Unbelivable delicious!!!!! I did however, find these at Costco at Christmas season time and cost lest as not had to pay shipping cost.
Gave several of these as Christmas gifts and everyone raved about them!!!
389741389741B0008IT4OMA6B89S0PJIGAPJ. Wedel0051174780800THE GREAT REVIEWS ARE CORRECT!What more can I say??? Phenominal! Greta packing/shipping and fast!
389742389742B0008IT4OMA26MTUAR5LUDIOG. Grochau0051174176000Great Chocolate. Especially with Pinot NoirThese are the best pure chocolate truffels I have ever had. Just a bit of bitterness. Fantastic with red wine.
389743389743B0008IT4OMA3THGYRJN73VF9T. Youmans0041168300800Great ChocolateThese chocolates are as good as I have ever eaten. They need to be kept cool as they will melt in your hand if you hold them too long. I hope that they're available year round.
389744389744B0008IT4OMA85JKO0F540RRMama Dukes Contessa of Brooklyn "Walk in Beau...0051167868800They are so so good, I'm sure they must be illegalNever have I tasted truffles as rich and smooth as these. I love truffles, but I believe I have finally found THE BEST. My goodness, chocolates of the gods and dusted in pure cocoa. Oh my, oh my.
389745389745B0008IT4OMA2DJ2DQJY1GODDMC3521171584000Common truffle, just this, not worth the price.The only thing special is that they really melt in the mouth, but just this. Ordinary flavor. Could not finish even half bag.

Try Leonidas or Godiva instead.
389746389746B0008IT4OMA1PT7L75Z30O0ZGeneaolgy Nut "Charlie"1251171584000Yum-yum GoodA gift to my 96 year old aunt. Her and her daughter loved them. It made a great gift.
389747389747B0008IT4OMABLBS2Y973WKHTahia1231168473600Great product - Shipping could be improvedI ordered multiple packages for holiday client gifts and placed my order early because the estimated shipping time was 7 to 10 days if I recall correctly. Part of my order was shipped directly to the recipients and I grouped a dozen or so in one shipment to myself to be given personally. The whole order was shipped the next day, which was way too soon... When I received the one big box, I was very disappointed to see that due to insufficient padding inside the box the contents had shifted and every single individual package was damaged. Thank goodness, once you opened the package, and I made sure there was one for me too, you could slip into chocolate heaven. These are good!!!!!
389748389748B0008IT4OMA26O7K0YMIS564Kelby Phillips1251167696000Awesome!I love French truffles, and these are very good. The chocolate is so smooth and rich!
389749389749B0008IT4OMA3TEC61DBAPVMIcaliboy "theatregoer"61021216080000There is no accounting for taste!I don't mean to be disrespectful to the other reviewers - and we are all wired a bit differently, I know, especially the taste buds - but these truffles are substandard and quite nearly inedible.

You people are simply not chocolate connoisseurs or, simply put, you have never had "proper" truffles. How could ANYONE imagine that these are the best chocolates they have ever eaten? It staggers the mind.

Do yourselves a favor and try some real, well-made truffles - you will be surprised. These are NOT it - even though these are made in France - that was the reason I bought them! The person for whom I purchased these candies said "these things are a triumph of quantity over quality." How true, how true.

How can one champion a truffle that lists as its very first ingredient PALM OIL - followed by SUGAR and Reduced Fat Cocoa Powder and then WHEY? Palm Oil, Sugar and Whey do not, in this case, contribute to a quality product. These things taste as if a third-grader whipped them up - they are leaden, oily, and, yes, A TRIUMPH OF QUANTITY OVER QUALITY. Triste!
389750389750B0008IT4OMA1KQATXCQPOZ9Tyoung urban professional0141296086400Same brand ONE QUARTER the priceI can understand paying for the convenience of not having to leave my sofa when I want delicious truffles. But you can buy exactly this brand at Trader Joe's for $5. One quarter of the price! That's a bit much. You can also get one's that are very similar, but not the same exact brand, at Whole Food's for.... $6.50.

All of that said. I love these truffles, not so much for eating straight, but for cooking with. Add them to brownies or your chocolate cake recipe for a killer death by chocolate experience. If it's brownies you're making, add some good quality macadamia nuts, halved, and there's nothing better.

However, I will be getting these at Trader Joe's. I can drive 20 minutes and stock up.

Warning: store these in a COOL PLACE. A box once got put on top of the fridge and there was a solid block of truffle in the morning.
389751389751B0008IT4OMA3S15YGZ6W6EV2K. Varraso0131210636800Not sweet in the leastMaybe I'm different -- I expect candy to be sweet. These truffles were not sweet at all, weren't light like a chocolate ganache, and were dusted with cocoa that came off all over me. With all the amazing reviews here, I expected something that was tasty, at least. Instead I got two bitter bags of who-knows-what that I won't eat straight and can't use in anything else. Gee, thanks
389752389752B0008IT4OMA3A642HVMN85TCharlotte B-S0151199750400Sinfully wonderful!I bought two orders of these chocolates and planned to share them with holiday guests. After receiving them, I'm not sure I bought enough. I shared a few pieces.
The rest are squirreled away for safe keeping, for those days when personal therapy of the dark chocolate kind is called for. Such smooth and intense gourmet chocolate taste!
389753389753B0008IT4OMAYOFK5KPUKPB4B. Schwan0131196553600truffle reviewThese candies were not as small as I have previously bought...but not from this vendor. I will use as gifts but will not order again. Vendor service was excellent.
389754389754B0008IT4OMA2OLVP42AIX4PDClint Arthur "creator of the DVDs 'NEW S E X...0151170633600Amazing Gift TreatI got a box for Wifey and she absolutely loved them.

This is a wonderful gift or just plain self-indulgence.

Delicious, beautiful, easy.
389755389755B0008IT4OMA33ZI5SHCHEH1QC. Bass3651163721600IF THERE'S NO TRUFFETTES IN HEAVEN--I'M NOT GOING!My dentist, of all people, gave me a giant (35 oz) box of these wonderful chocolates after the completion of my root canal the other day. I told her she's a dental professional, she's not supposed to be giving me CANDY. She smiled knowingly, and said, "Here's to repeat business!" I guess she KNEW that no one would be able to resist these truffles!

Seriously, I have never tasted anything so absolutely amazing. These truffles are the richest/smoothest/creamiest chocolate I've ever tasted. I love European chocolate...but this one takes the cake. Well worth every penny you spend on these little bites of heaven.
389756389756B0008IT4OMA3FCWVBJE0UWF3bargainshopper111911165276800Ridiculous shipping charges!These chocolates may be fabulous -- I hope so, as I sent them as a gift. I thought that the shipping charges on my order looked high, but I was in a hurry so I ordered a bunch of gifts, including this one, without examining too closely. Anyway, the shipping charge for this product alone was over $11!! The same price as the product itself. I am giving 1 star because I think this is TACKY to make the product cost double what you think it will by tacking on a such a ridiculous "shipping and handling" charge. Beware!
389757389757B0008IT4OMAKGSB6ZLM57BTS. Smith "Meanie Redhead"4811171584000Better at TJ's...I am sorry to say I recv'd a box of these as a Christmas gift. They were simply awful and I tossd away. However, what saved the day was that my husband and I buy at "TJ's" Trader Joe and you can buy a truffle similar to this-- box looks kinda the same BUT ITS NOT!! texture taste and shelf life (they get eaten quick) are wonderful!! packaged as a lot (not individually)in a cellophane bag then the cardboard packaging-is fine. We serve them now at all our dinner parties and just for nibbles.. Go to TJ's.
389758389758B0008IT4OMA1A770IHWGA3ZYlectricblu0251299542400Some UPS driver had a sweet treatWe never received this item, company was very friendly and refunded money. Hubby would have loved them, but...they're lost in UPS land.
389759389759B0008IT4OMA2224LP1MY9THGJ. Casanova0251181174400Best tasting truffles around... YummieI gave these to a friend of mine for Valentine's day. They were delicious she said. This was a woman who loves to eat chocolate but I think the chocolate got to her big time she couldn't finish it all so she gave me 1/2 lb of it and darn... these things were delicious. Makes an excellent gift for any occassion, I'd say. I recommend these little guys.
389760389760B0008IT4OMA15FT0GKMREEMTNed Kost2751206316800Nanking SpecialsI have dealt with Amazon for most of my purchases. They have been very good to me in all respects. I believe their way of allowing purchases with me for other Buisnesses has been good as each is a gurantee I will not be mislead in anything I buy. .....Ned Kost

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