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389851389851B003A7LDXSA2X0RTINMO4NKLCarrie O. "Oggy"252641284336000Probably my favorite combo pack...First off, you won't find "tasting notes" in this as I don't have the developed palate of a wine connoiser. My take on coffee/wine is - I just know what I like.

I happen to love Tully's coffee. This pack is a staple in my house for personal use and for guests. You get four flavors (French, Italian, House, Kona) of K-cups. All are on the bolder side of the spectrum, but I wouldn't say they were extra-bold.

I like coffee with a punch in the morning as I often only have time for one cup before I leave. The Italian or French are good for that. They are the boldest of the four flavors included. Nice flavor, strong, clean coffee taste without a an odd/burned aftertaste.

Kona has a typical (to me) Kona flavor. Nothing super special, but a good cup of coffee! I do tend to reserve these for my sister as she loves them. :)

House is probably the mildest of the bunch. A good cup for evening use (or second cup of the day) when you don't need that big coffee BANG.

I was worried that when Green Mountain took over Tully's K-cup business that I would have have to find another "go to" K-cup. I've been quite pleasantly surprised that the coffee hasn't seemed to change.
389852389852B003A7LDXSA1KRO2O1BWI5ZNAnthony M. Mutti252751277337600The best variety pack on amazon.If you like Tully's coffee (I think it is the best k-Kup coffee) and also like variety this is a great deal. Unlike other variety packs you don't get unwanted teas or other slow moving weird flavors. Every coffee in the collection is delicious.
389853389853B003A7LDXSA3P2QJKJKA6O2JKellie9951281139200Tully's is wonderful coffeeI have been buying my coffee this way for a few months now, Tully's coffee house collection is one of my favorite in the K-Cup... All flavors are rich and bold; but not too strong. They are all nice blends of a medium coffee brews..
389854389854B003A7LDXSA390H9MY5HXCTDJacob3351287273600BEST BOLD K-CUPS ON AMAZON.COM PERIOD!!! (NOT BURNT)Do you like full bodied but smooth cup of Joe? Missing that smooth rich taste from your old coffee maker? Try this; all of the roasts are superb, will order again! Like more than a 10 ounce? I make a 16 ounce cup Using two k- cups. Can use one twice, still has a great full bodied flavor, but I love strong smooth cup.
389855389855B003A7LDXSA1EN5P2WZKWER8Fiat Lux2241332028800The best part of waking up may not be Folgers in your cup....Four different Tully's coffee blends as K-cups, which is a good introduction to the Tullys brand if you are looking for a sampler selection. If you are a devotee of Tullys coffee and enjoy varying your coffee experience with a variety of blends, you will probably enjoy this collection too.

As always, a haiku is worth a thousand words, or alternately seventeen syllables.

Four styles of Tullys
Each with its own unique taste
Coffee best when warm
389856389856B003A7LDXSASDYXS80RUUO0Struggling771151332460800All Extra Bold 2 Medium
389857389857B003A7LDXSAYCQP85UWZNHAMsc611151322438400PerfectEverything was just as expected. Actually It arrived faster than they said it would. Very happy with experience. Would by again.
389858389858B003A7LDXSA3GNZMZZ9UYNR2Becky1141305590400Yum!I love these blends of Extra Bold k-cups from Tully's. The only one I'm not so hot on is the Kona blend, but I don't dislike it enough to not drink. I will very likely buy this variety pack again.
389859389859B003A7LDXSA3LEZMWJRLKIR5Mima "mima4nyc"1151289088000the best k-cup coffeeI like strong coffee and have tried severak kinds so far, but this one has been the best.
Donut Shop Extra Bold is not as strong as this one, so if you like strong coffee I suggest this kind.
I also buy this decaf.
389860389860B003A7LDXSA3E1HU3QRVSDUVH.M. Frank1141286928000TullysOverall excellent coffee. I am not however a fan of the French roast as it is a little burnt and smoky tasting for me.
389861389861B003A7LDXSAI0Z3G710KTV1Shilly1151285977600Tully's K-Cup Variety Pack is an Excellent ChoiceThis variety pack isnt filled with k-cups you will never use. If you like bold coffee, this is the variety pack for you. Then pick your favorite and buy just that one or buy both. I buy my favorite, Tullys Kona, and this variety pack so I can mix it up a little.
389862389862B003A7LDXSA2CQXS5NNCEZYLJ. Boyer1141284681600coffeeKeurig Coffee drinkers this is a great way to try the coffees that amazon offers.. GREAT coffee!!
389863389863B003A7LDXSA27L0PIQ76IDP8Haygirl "J.Manning"1151282348800LOVE the Tully's coffeeTully's coffee is the best. It's smooth but still robust and full of flavor. I always have some on hand.
389864389864B003A7LDXSA3J7R74WAM4WGSA. Cook "Seeker"3411317945600Not as advertisedThis would have been great had it been the right is advertised as French, Kona, Italian, and House Blend. It is actually French, Italian, House, and Breakfast blend.....unfortunate because I don't like Breakfast Blend.
389865389865B003A7LDXSA3VRL5SM3W9Y2LLin KY0051349827200great productThis group of coffee samples were exactly what I like about the K cup Kuerig coffees in that the selection was very good and the taste is excellent.
389866389866B003A7LDXSA3P84TZX9X1B3XKIMBUYS "kimbuys"0051334361600Tulley's exceeds my expectatiosn again!Simply great coffee. I shop for k-cups and buy whenever they are 50 cents or less per cup. These are delish - bold but not burnt tasting.
389867389867B003A7LDXSA2LKXAJAMR7TU6psychreader0051331856000Great taste & great wake-me-up!Tully's coffee never fails to stimulate your senses in the early morning. Very strong coffee, not for the faint-hearted.
389868389868B003A7LDXSA1DZ4LE7RUD9JFp "paula"0051299974400favorite coffeeTulleys is my favorite brand even though it is a bit more costly. As always, it arrived quickly, perfectly packed and ready to pop into my keurig!
389869389869B003A7LDXSA14TLF15JF85SSKindra0051298505600Good coffeeIt's cheaper to buy coffee for our machine on Amazon than in the store. I really like that they come in a double pack. Will definitely be buying more online in the future.
389870389870B003A7LDXSA8QITLG6J5WP7jkthomas0041296432000Great giftBought this as a gift for a new Keurig owner and it was a hit. They liked the variety and said the quality was good. The price was reasonable and the recipient was happy, what more could you ask for.
389871389871B003A7LDXSA3OR8UVV7R58GSGrampa0051295913600Great coffeeGreat coffee for a great price. My wife got a Keurig Brewer for Christmas & Tully's brand is really good. This was a good price for this coffee.
389872389872B003A7LDXSA740KUBAB2GXLQueen Bee0051293580800This is a Cuppa Coffee!This assortment has great choices for real coffee lovers. This is not a selection for coffee wimps! If you adore the smell and taste of European coffees, try this assortment.
389873389873B003A7LDXSA1Y6VQ7JM9DJH1hazelnut0051293235200the best collection of BOLD coffeesIf you like bold coffee this collection is for you, they are all so good I can't choose a favorite. AT
389874389874B003A7LDXSA3TXULWSOH3JRCMarvgarden "Marv"0041291420800Tully's K-Cup House CollectionI placed an order at Amazon for a combination of Tully K-Cups. I found it to be one of the best tasting collections I have tried. The coffee seems to be more robust and stronger than many. The Italian K-Cups were among the best Italian K-Cups I have tried.
389875389875B003A7LDXSA2K80USTAVI0AQW. Cole0041290124800Tully's is One of the Best for K-CupsTully's is without a doubt one of my favorite K-Cups. I'd say my top two are Tully's House Blend and Newman's Own.

This particular package comes with House, Kona, Italian and French Roast. I'm not a fan of the French Roast myself, but I like the other three (and my girlfriend like the French), so it work's out well. None of the blends are too strong.

If you buy this package though, make sure you realize there are four different coffee-types included here. In my haste to get my K-Cups I accidentally purchased this collection instead of just a box of House Blend. It wasn't too bad of a mistake since the collection is good, but since the House is my favorite, I prefer to stick with it.
389876389876B003A7LDXSA33WEFYIOG7AJGPenny3521318464000Did Not Include Kona as shownMy husband loves the Kona and I am always looking for a little variety. I thought this would be perfect, except that when I opened the box, there was no Kona. Instead there was Tullys Breakfast Blend. Yes, there was the French Roast. Yes, there was the Italian Roast. Yes, there was Tully's special House Blend. But the 4th variety was NOT Kona, it was Breakfast Blend. I purchased this from Amazon, and believed the photo. I should have read the details a little better. We are very disappointed.
389877389877B003A7LDXSA3HDH2TU08WGZ7DLA4721324425600DisappointedI love the coffee, the price is great, but the product I received was not what was advertised. In the 4 variety boxes there were NO Kona coffees. The substitute was the Breakfast Blend. This is not what I ordered. I am very disappointed.
389878389878B003A7LDXSA2CQV7J1PF0E5YBook Appetite2411326240000Not as describeThis product was totally different from the description. Boy was I disappointed in Amazon. I am a big fan of the Kona, Italian Roast, and French Roast was excited to get them package together for a reasonable price. The description was very clear listing the flavors and how many of each was included. I purchased two so I would get four boxes total. They were totally different. I received boxes of mainly housse and breaksfast blend with a few italian and french roast thrown in. There was no Kona at all.
389879389879B003A7LDXSAEOL05TIUY01VAmaro770131332115200Not what I was expectingI do enjoy Tully's coffee and think they provide an excellent product, however they do not tell you the blends in this box. I purchased this 2 pack based on another customer review and with the impression I was getting some Kona in the box. Big disappointment when I opened box and there were none. I received House, Breakfast, Italian and French roasts. I will have to say please let customers know what is in box being shipped.
389880389880B003A7LDXSA2ED5FA94BL2P1brwnigrl0131292630400Too much of a good thingIt seems that every time I reached for a K-cup from this variety pack, it was a French Roast. This coffee is truly an Extra Bold - a bit too much for me.
I prefer the Diedrich French Roast any day.

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