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389911389911B001FYZ0VOA1PU4RV8JOE94YLinda Eaton2251326067200Booda Bone Dog Treats, 9 PackMy dog loves Booda Bones. They are a bit pricy so I only give him a couple a week as a special treat. I'll continue buying them from Amazon for the best price.
389912389912B001FYZ0VOA2CFDMS1GDTZC4D. Germain2251318377600Very Healthy!We have a dog with a liver shunt - so she can't have a lot of protein / can't digest protein. Booda Bones are the BEST treat for her (and our other dog loves them as well!). The only 'downside' whatsoever is that they're a tad expensive - but they're worth it!
389913389913B001FYZ0VOA13NSUJ2BDIFACMike P2241312070400More of a treat then something to keep your dog busy.Let me start by saying our dogs love these. As soon as they see the bag they stop whatever they're doing and run to their crates (where we typically give these to them). However, for our dogs these are definitely more of a treat then an activity. I have one dog who is an aggressive chewer who finishes these in under five minutes. He doesn't chew them as much as bite of chunks of it. My other dog isn't quite as strong of a chewer but it usually takes her just around fifteen minutes to eat the whole thing (this review is specific to the Biggest Boodas). So for my dogs this is less of a chewing experience and more of a treat. And when the eat them this quickly, they do get expensive quick.
389914389914B001FYZ0VOATU5A4CLX74ZHAleesha Burgess2231285804800Dog is not a fanMy dog loves the chicken, steak, and peanut butter booda bones, but he's not as fond of the spearmint/peppermint variety. My dog will eat it if offered, but my dad's dog who I often sit for will not even touch these. I wouldn't recommend for a dog who prefers meat.
389915389915B001FYZ0VOA30D9J34037TPELindann Hamilton1151336003200My dogs have rated Booda Bones 5 Stars!I have three King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and they are picky, picky eaters even when it comes to Treats. They love the peanut flavored Booda Bones and have one every day. They insisted I write this review on Amazon so their opinions could be known. They're pushy that way...
389916389916B001FYZ0VOA38GQZIJ9511I9Andrew1121331251200NOT long lastingI was very disappointed by the product. They are NOT long lasting as I was lead to believe. I was going to buy Chewlotta's which take my dog about 2 hrs to go through 1, but I thought it was too pricey at $3 a pop. My dog could eat this whole bag in less than 2 hours. He does enjoy them though.
389917389917B001FYZ0VOA2XAKGRUHIE2ZAP. Stein "Bengals Fan"1141328054400Dog really likes, but they go fast.I have an 11 pound Couton De Tulear. Small sharp teeth.

Dog loves them.

These don't last long. From a value standpoint, I prefer "Checkups," when Costco has them in stock.
389918389918B001FYZ0VOAUOB0CQI9YJV7luvamazon1151322179200love that these are yogurt flavor! my dog loves booda bones!I have no problem w/my dog eating these. He loves these booda bones. I had never seen the yogurt ones
389919389919B001FYZ0VOA2S4PKWVONFAQNDan Hartmann1151315699200Dog TreatOur dog, a Siberian Husky, just loves Booda Bones.
We give her one for lunch most everyday and she
pesters us till we give it to her.
389920389920B001FYZ0VOABTPZ8XWI7GSZWilliam S. Wolston1151307836800Chloe loves them!Our Boston Terrier loves these bones - we give them to her as a treat or to keep her busy when we have company. For a 16 lbs. dog she's a mighty chewer and these last her a couple of hours, with breaks to investigate if she's missing anything! We'll buy more of these!
389921389921B001FYZ0VOA3QRYMPR0ADQ2Jgardenia871151287014400My dog goes crazy for these!My chihuahua loves these, especially the peanut butter, chicken, and bacon varities. They have become increasingly hard to find at pet stores so I was happy to find them on amazon. I like that they are safer than rawhide bones and easy to digest and she really seems to enjoy them more than other bones I've bought for her. I tried a few other brands when I stopped being able to find the booda bones at pet stores and she would not even eat some of them. You can't go wrong with these, they are reasonibly priced, safe, help reduce tartar, and dogs seem to love them.
389922389922B001FYZ0VOA2H3RTMXP23Y5DM. Shady "chelle1076"1151286150400my dog loves theseMy 3 year old miniature schnauzer loves these bones. I'm really glad that they started making them wheat-free because he has food allergies.
389923389923B001FYZ0VOA27SNFI60AS92MMary C. Collins "Fiction lover"1141285372800Awesome bonesMy dogs beg for these treats every night after dinner. I always make sure I have plenty of supply at hand.
389924389924B001FYZ0VOA37AC3MTIW40CDLefebvres1151278028800great prices, fast delivery!My dog is addicted to these and they're actually fully digestible and don't hurt anything. I've purchased them from everywhere on the planet and will buy from here from now on!
389925389925B001FYZ0VOA37BNU9KEYV2UCStacey3411298332800My dogs do not like the flavorRegular flavor Budda Bones are great for my dogs but they apparently do not care for the minty flavor on these.
389926389926B001FYZ0VOAEI8RBVD9S3SLS. Dotty0051349481600Dog loves themThe dog really loved these bones and it seemed to freshen her breath. It was a good treat for a dog with tummy troubles.
389927389927B001FYZ0VOA2PHKBUVKWDN2FVern's Mom0051346889600Booda bonesMy dog really enjoys the Booda bones. I was very pleased with the price I received and also the fact that they arrived earlier than expected.
389928389928B001FYZ0VOA3GC53B932W1WGRoyce Nelson0051342742400YUM YUMOUR BEAGLE JUST LOVES THIS PRODUCT
389929389929B001FYZ0VOA5YO6D3KN7GDRthenautigal0051336694400YUMMMMM!!!!We have three darling Shitzus. All of them adore Booda Bones and look forward to this wonderful treat. Thank you Amazon!!
389930389930B001FYZ0VOAJTR3W7GOYV0IDDTJ "DDTJ"0051304380800THE BEST!I have a dog who until we adopted her never had oral care,so her teeth were in bad shape. We brush her teeth every 3 weeks and give her 1 booda bone weekly . Not only are her teeth cleaner but some of the staining has gone away. Our vet told us that these are the best thing for her because they digest easily and do not contain plastics.
389931389931B001FYZ0VOA136VAVDIU9DOUM "sth"1251252713600greatThese are great, but my dog likes to augment them with other types of bones
389932389932B001FYZ0VOA2DBQWLG9HU8N5Beau1311310601600disappointedThese took FOREVER to ship and when they did arrive they were not as durable as advertized. Was looking for a bone to keep our dogs busy, these were more like a snack.
389933389933B000BVQ9TYA1WIB2FZHJE0BVS. Thompson "MKs are OK"1151167523200Best panettone I've ever tasted!I grew up in South America, where it is a tradition to eat panettone every holiday season. My family has continued this tradition, so as you can imagine, I have sampled my share of panettone. This is hands down the best I've ever tasted. I will be buying Perugina panettone exclusively in the future (I just hope I can continue to find it!).
389934389934B000BVQ9TYA31CV5QVM4PQKenneth H. Kingston Sr.1151137283200Absolutely positiveThis panettone is incredible!!! Having eaten numerous examples of this wonderful cake, I am qualified to judge that this one is as good as any I have found, and better than most.
389935389935B000BVQ9TYA1DZLUQYCJJDAMJBob0011307664000Not so goodWe were not happy with this Panettone at all. It was extremely dry and not what we have had from other brands in the past. We have had much better from less expensive breads. Would not purchase again.
389936389936B0027ID92EA1N3YHGQDPEGLMgarden hoe "djs38"101021281312000Has Ghiradelli changed their formula?We have enjoyed the 60% as an after dinner snack too for several years. And I think they do well in baking. BUT - as of a month ago,they started to taste different! More like the cheaper store brands made with chocolate liqueur. I noticed a different packaging in some of the stores as well. The look is the same but the packaging material is slightly different. Has Ghiradelli changed its formula? Yuck. Anyone have any insight?
389937389937B0027ID92EAG18YOAT03J34Charles Barnard "Time taken planning SAVES TI...4451299888000Taste is a very personal matterI quite buying any chocolate which doesn't state the cacao percentage on the label some time ago--and have been lobbying the FDA to make such labeling a requirement.

I settled on the Ghirardelli 72% chips a couple years ago as my optimal balance between quality, flavor and cost--chips are always considerably less expensive than bar candy.

I sit with a bag of the 60% cacao bittersweet on my desk as I write. I was forced to switch to this from the 72% when it became impossible to find the 72% locally (on my income, price is always important!)

These are smooth, melt evenly and have a nice chocolate flavor without any significant other notes I can detect (your tastes may vary!)

Americans have a problem with 'bitter' flavors--few US dishes use the bitter taste at all, and most Americans seem to feel that bitter equates to bad. Well, unsweetened cocoa is bitter, and it stays that way until you get to a fairly high level of added sweet.

This means that high cocoa content chocolate is a taste that must be cultivated to some extent--how many coffee drinkers out there truly enjoyed their first cup? (Regular drinkers are addicted...enjoyment may come second to getting their fix.)

My cookie recipe is based upon the Joy Of Cooking recipe, which I double everything EXCEPT the chocolate ships, and add 1/8 tsp red pepper (ground) and 1/4 tsp orange or lemon extract. These chips work quite well (though short of burning them, it's pretty hard to make a chocolate based dessert which I'd not eat...I even carried the infamous 'desert bars' for a few months in my car--slightly chocolate flavored wax is better than no chocolate at all....)

For several months I went through 4-5 bags of these a week as snacks.

The best chocolate is the one you personally like best. After that, it comes down to the recipe it is being used to make.

These are better than average bittersweet chips which can be found in grocery stores at a considerable savings compared with any online vendor I've managed to find.
389938389938B0027ID92EA10ZFE6YE0UHW8C. MacPhail2251293494400So...Excellent, but Shop AroundWarning: you will never go back to Nestle or any other so called chocolate after getting used to these. Very chocolaty and not too sweet.

Costco carries the very similar Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Bittersweet chips for way less then here. (3.5 lb bag for under [...].) But only during "baking season" (Nov through early January). (Must we adhere to "baking season"?)

The food faddists are saying chocolate is good for you. Enjoy now before it all changes again.
389939389939B0027ID92EA2KX0EQK4JY9B2Allforthree "Mom"1151301443200Delicious!These are the best grocery store chocolate chips out there. If you are a true chocoholic, I have no doubt that you'll love Ghiradelli's chocolate chips, in all their flavors, especially if you like to nibble on them straight from the bag. Someone mentioned that they had trouble with their baking when using these. All I have to say is this, I've used them and won county fair baking competitions. I don't think they negatively influence my baking; they enhance it! If you think of the difference between milk chocolate chips and semisweet, it's about the same difference between semisweet and bittersweet. (To me, anyway.) :) Enjoy!
389940389940B0027ID92EA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"0051343952000great chocolate fix16 chips for 80 calories is not bad when you are really craving chocolate and don't want the guilt of a 250+ calorie candy bar. I also like to bag them with a handful of Members Mark Premium Quality Whole Almonds (California grown) - 3 LBS and Ocean Spray Sweetened Dried Cranberries, 48-Ounce Bag (Pack of 2) for easy trail mix.

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