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389941389941B0027ID92EA3A90HMHKU7K6LDeb "Deb"0051341792000This chocoholics favoriteI am in love with these chocolate chips. Hands down the best chocolate chip on the market. I eat them out of bag, in oatmeal chocolate ships, as a dipping chocolate, in brownies... The list goes on and on. They are not too sweet, are creamy and smooth, and have an AMAZING chocolate taste. I used to buy them from the grocery store, but they recently stopped carrying them. I am so thankful that Amazon carries them so I won't have to go through withdrawals. ;)

Oh, and they arrive in PERFECT condition. Ghirardelli obviously knows chocolate. I ordered 5 bags and they came expertly packaged in a lined box, with frozen gel packs. The packs were still frozen and the chocolate was cool. Absolutely amazing. I stood there in awe for a minute before calling my boyfriend over to check out the packaging. We are both very impressed and will reuse the gel packs to keep our food cool when we hike.
389942389942B0027ID92EAIIFHJ8KU7YI4Truman2451276387200The new best after 51 yearsI grew up on Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies - my mother's recipe, a slight variation on the Nestlé Toll House recipe, and I thought nothing could ever beat them. But I made ATK's best chocolate chip cookie recipe with these Ghirardeli bittersweet chips and after the first cookie, I thought, what's so special about these? After the second, they WERE suddenly the best. I've made variations to the recipe since then; I make double batches and freeze them and am able to have them every day. It's the chip that makes the cookie and I'll never go back to Nestlé chips for baking chocolate chip cookies. I do prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate and the bad reviews are comparing semi-sweet to bittersweet so that could be a reason for not liking them.
389943389943B0027ID92EA2UUAGE232O7YBD. K. Wolfe "wolfe girl"2451275609600Best Chocolate chips I've ever used.I have used this great product, and nothing else ever since I first found it in the stores. It is far superior to Toll House Chocolate chips. The person who slammed the bittersweet chips apparently only likes sickly sweet chocolate and has a very closed mind. Please see my comments regarding the negative review.
389944389944B0027ID92EABA5WVLI6I7EGDawn Davis01111275696000just plain badAs others have already stated, Ghirardelli is incredibly substandard. I have used it on more than a couple of occasions and each time had disaster results. Besides the fact that the baked goods do not rise with this garbage the same as they do with regular chocolate the taste is just plain lousy. It is also grossly overpriced. And I don't know about you but I do not have any discretionary money set up to buy garbage.
389945389945B000V7NBIUA2EURMOVBTBHVLE. Duse "B & W movie lover"0051342483200Best gum ever!Trident Splash Peppermint Swirl is my favorite gum of all time! Everyone I've ever introduced this gum to has absolutely loved it! It's so much better than any other Trident gum and the flavor lasts and lasts! Another reviewer said she was disappointed because the package didn't look like the picture here. Don't know what that's about - I recently ordered it from Amazon and it came just as shown...and was like all the other packages I'd ever bought. Why focus on the package anyway??? Giving a two-star rating because the package didn't look like what you expected is very misleading...and unfair to the product. I think reviews exist to let people know whether you liked the product - not the packaging.
389946389946B000V7NBIUA1TQV7RJ1KZYHLA. Oughton1221214697600Incorrect PictureThe picture shown is not the same as the item that was delivered to me. Fast delivery though.
389947389947B003VPNGSYA28CKYCDCD81TRMary R. Capone ""1151279152000Bella Gluten-Free Multigrain Sandwich BreadOMG! This bread is fantastic. It slices and stays together beautifully without toasting. I pile it high with my favorite sandwich fixin's and it doesn't crumble. Really! It's whole grain slightly nutty taste is a big hit with the kids. Sandwiches are on the menu again!!!
389948389948B003VPNGSYA22ORE143F06BD0051351036800Beautiful BreadThis bread mix is really great. It is such an improvement over buying some petrified loaf at the store.
I've made a few loaves and learned a few things that are important.
I followed the instructions to the letter. It is easy to make. I used honey for the sweetener and I did carefully measure the temperature of the water before adding the yeast. The first time, I just greased a glass loaf pan and baked the bread. When I took it out and removed the loaf (possibly too soon) it broke in half. It stuck to the pan.

So next time, I lined the loaf pan with parchment paper. I sprayed the glass pan with nonstick spray and then put the parchment over it - helps to make it stick. My loaf came out beautiful. I do recommended taking it out of the loaf pan right away if you use the parchment paper. I think I left it in the pan too long which isn't optimal for letting it cool.

Now my next mistake, I sliced it and left it in a plastic container on my counter for two days. The slices were beautiful and the bread delicious. I went back into the container to freeze the bread and it had gotten all moldy. Big fuzzy mold! Boo hoo my beautiful bread had to go in the trash. This is all natural bread with no preservatives so in hindsight I should have put it in the refrigerator. This was my fault for sure.

So now I just made another loaf using the parchment, took it right out of the pan and it's cooling on a rack. I think the key is to slice it as soon as it is cool and freeze what you don't intend to use right away. The loaf is so pretty. This bread makes great sandwiches. I love it toasted. I also saved my broken loaf and froze it. Later I made breadcrumbs out of it. They were great. A good idea for end pieces if no one will eat them.

This mix feels like it is made with great attention to detail and love - I really like the Bella Gluten Free products.
389949389949B003VPNGSYA3OLM33R15E8G5Annette Trammell0051334534400Delicious!I've been searching for a good gluten free bread and here it is, yummy!! My house still smells good from it baking.
389950389950B001PMCDK2A8F3XIEXAE6ZTBeryl Schwartz "Private Person"3351295740800My 4 cats go crazy for these!I have four cats -- two kittens and two old cats -- and a friend brought me a bottle of these treats during a Christmas visit. I accepted them graciously but knew that my cats never seem to like these "treat" things. At least not the ones from the supermarket or pet stores.

I wanted something to help train the kittens, so I tried them and the kittens (8 months old now) went nuts for them, AND so did the older cats (14 & 12). I feed them Fancy Feast and fresh meat and fish, so it's not like they're starving for something tasty. They like them so much I tried one myself -- they taste like fish cookies. (I prefer chocolate chip.) No wonder the kitties love them.

I give the old kitties treats when I do something that makes them unhappy (like leave all day or take them to the vet), and the treats are helping me teach my kittens not to misbehave. They ARE expensive, however, so I ration them carefully.
I will certainly buy more.
389951389951B001PMCDK2A2N2KB4S5YA6M6bmccoy12342251342483200Great!! My cat used to love these!Please note that my cat died of old age, not from these treats.
My cat, Nikki, LOVED THESE TREATS! It made her last years great and she would do very cute things just to eat these treats. She would always eat them until she died from renal kidney failure and hypothyroidism ;-c
It is because of these treats that she had the time of her life at the end:(:
389952389952B001PMCDK2A1L1T1NNO509IArarad1151283472000great treatMy cat absolutely loves these treats/vitamens. He was having trouble with his liver and was on antibiotics, which decreased his appetite. Giving him these treats started him eating better. Now (he's better) he comes running when he hears me shake the bottle. They are filled with great ingredients. Glad Amazon has them, since I do not have a Trader Joe's in my area!
389953389953B001PMCDK2A3CR5SQICB9JWZDeborah Miller1141267401600Cat loves treats or at least half of themMy cat, Hobie, is 16 y.o. and a year ago was diagnosed with early renal failure. He was put on a renal prescription diet, which seems bland, so I looked for a healthy treat and found these at a Trader Joe's. Hobie loves them or at least half; He can discriminate the differences in fish shaped treats that look and smell the same to me. I give the left-overs to a feral cat that adopted us.
By the way I did show the bottle to Hobie's vet and he approved of them as a vitamin supplement which makes them very worth purchasing even though the Cat eats just over half.Bench & Field Holistic Natural Feline Treats, 3-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)
389954389954B001PMCDK2A1PTQZRD6YZKUILindsey A. Noe1151257292800The only treat my picky cat likesI picked some of these up at Trader Joe's while I was on a visit to Santa Fe. Over the last 10 years, I have found almost no treats that my cat likes. She loves these, though! She "begs" for them. I bought several bottles on my last trip because I can't find them anywhere in Denver. I hope that Amazon carries these again soon!!
389955389955B001PMCDK2A39GZRMTCVXEP2M. Menefee "slave to the kitties"1151252368000Healthy Kitty CrackThis is one of very few products out there that has both omega 3's and 6's in it. My Vet wanted me to add in the O 6's. The "kids" love them!!! At first I thought there was kitty crack in it but nothing in the ingredients to prove it!
389956389956B001PMCDK2A1E9VLLITETT8KElizabeth Norris1151250294400Just what my cat neededMy cat was diagnosed with Renal Lymphoma this week, and along with her other treatments I was advised to give her multivitamins, unfortunately all the cat multivitamins I've been able to find contain phosphates, which is bad for cats with kidney problems. This one doesn't have phosphates and was just what I needed. To be fair, two out of my three cats aren't much interested in the treats on their own (the other cat loved them right off the bat), but I soaked one in salmon juice and everyone liked them just fine after that.
389957389957B001PMCDK2A2DNTJYRT6XRU4CatMom0051351123200KITTIES SEEM TO LOVE THIS...Like to give the kitties treats and like this product as there seems to be NO junk or "by-products" in it. Good for teaching of just rewarding cats for being cats :)

389958389958B001PMCDK2A1PQEZ90ZWCC5FDiana0051348790400Feline treatsMy cats loose their minds when I open this jar of treats
I like the fact that they are holistic and that they love them
389959389959B001PMCDK2A3L9ZQOM6N1ZW0scripto21990051325548800Bench & Field Holistic feline treatsThis is now my cats favorite treat. He comes in the kitchen every morning to wait for me to get him his morning snack.
389960389960B001PMCDK2A26DSV45PNAPMJSue Carey0051324598400Glad I found these!I have a cat with dry skin on her back who's a VERY picky eater. After 2 trips to the vet @ $25 each I read a review from another owner and picked up a bottle of these at Trader Joe's. It's been less than 3 weeks and last night I brushed the last of the dry flaky fur off her back. Her coat is soft and shiny now and she LOVES these treats. I can't believe the difference, I give her 2 a day with a couple of her treats that I had been giving her. They're about double the price of her regular treats but well worth the $$.
389961389961B001PMCDK2A1YMNBK39KQLHWV. Ekman0051322697600HAS THIS PRODUCT CHANGED RECENTLY? Question answered - Yes and No!A week ago, I would have given this product 5 stars with no hesitation.

I've been giving these treats to my cat (and my dog who insists on being included) for a number of years. Both pets have loved them and have always begged for more, with no problems. This week, I bought a new supply at Trader Joe's and anticipated the customary excited response. Instead, the cat sniffed at several, but refused to eat them. The dog, a canine garbage disposal who will eat anything except the very expensive dog food her delicate digestive system functions well on, also refused them. I tried again later that day when both animals were hungrier. The cat literally spit them out, one after another. The dog, ever on the alert for a dropped crumb, also turned her little nose up at them.

The ingredient list looks the same, although I thought the treats themselves looked a bit darker. I don't have an old bottle to compare to, but I think the design of the label is a bit different. Has anyone else had the same recent experience? I'm really disappointed because this seemed like such a good product and one my pets liked. I hope my feral cat visitors will benefit from the rejects.

Any suggestions for a substitute would be very welcome. Thanks!

June 20, 2010 FOLLOW-UP REVIEW. I spoke with the company and was told that mine was the first (only?) question they had had regarding the possibility of an off-tasting batch. I decided to give the treats another try and checked the use-by date to be sure the next ones were from a different batch. They were. They were greeted with the same excitement as with the earlier ones. I've since purchased several more and all have been fine. Must have been a rotten fish in there somewhere!
389962389962B001PMCDK2A135LHWF25OESWf0011320364800Terrible Treats!We gave our cat these treats for a long time, she ate them ok..When we switched treats, she was noticeable more excited at treat time, with the other treats, PLUS her digestive system and cat box seemed & SMELLED A lot better. There is something wrong with these treats, STAY AWAY!!! do yourself & your cat a favor and buy other treats, and make sure your cat food is good quality (evo or better)
389963389963B001PMCDK2A7PFYX0S7PVOBmlmkvr0051318291200Softer FurI got these at the store because i saw that they had omega 3s. Then the next time i went to the vet they commented on how soft and shiny my cat's fur was. A few weeks later i noticed his fur was less soft and realized i hadn't been giving him his omega 3 treats. A week back on the treats and his fur is super soft again. I'm going to recommend them to everyone and see if they get the same results, was doing 3 treats a day.
389964389964B001PMCDK2A27SFTUQ7EKSDBCatherine A Snyder0051317600000Yummy treatsMy cats really like these treats...he is much more particular than she is and he cannot get enough of them.
389965389965B001PMCDK2A14TTMM0Z03Y2WLindsay S. Bradford0051310601600my cat goes crazy for these!Best cat treat ever. There isn't anything comparable to the love my cat has for these treats, he snubs away any other kind now.
I know he likes to manipulate me with his cattiness but these treats are my way of manipulating him to come sit on my lap and have some chill time. :)
389966389966B001PMCDK2A24Y560GZR4IK4db75oh0041309651200Good treats except for tiny pieces mixed inMy cat likes these treats as much or maybe more than the major brands. It's good to know that they are natural with no by-products and have more omega 6 oils... they have a potent fish smell. She has never got sick from them like previous reviewer's cat. My only complaint is that the container contains full-size treats, and particles of them. You can't just scoop a few treats into your hand, because there are tiny morsels mixed in. Kitty won't eat those tiny pieces, and they need to be cleaned up or first picked out from the larger pieces. Still, a good product.
389967389967B001PMCDK2AJTI22SRFCU2JIn the know0051308096000Who Loves you!I have a cat that got bored with the everyday brand of cat treats. (Temptations) and my sister sent some of these for me to see if they were liked. Well YES they are. He begs and stands up on hind legs and takes his paw to bring my hand with the piece into his mouth. It will eat 6 to 8 and then I put the lid back on and he stands up more but enough is enough. They are pretty pricey.
389968389968B001PMCDK2A1R4Y9EPVQ9W6NPen Name0051301356800Cats turn their noses up at all other treats nowI first picked these up at Trader Joe's on a whim. My three cats won't eat any other types of treats any longer. One of them will even shake in exchange for a delicious morsel! The price on Amazon is good and you can't beat the convenience! (It was also pretty funny watching the cats try to open the big box to get at their snacks.)
389969389969B001PMCDK2A2768LZXTA4PHLCindyW0051297468800Kitty treatsMy cat had dry skin and coat because she only gets dry food and wouldn't eat it if I put oil on it. Fortunately, she loves these treats and now gets the omegas she needs.
389970389970B001PMCDK2AWESLK1C83AA7Mary0041291248000Yummy for catsA friend gave me these cat treats as a little gift for our cat. He is such a picky eater always changing in what he likes and dislikes. He went crazy over these treats. When the container was empty I knew I had to find more for him. They are his favorite!

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