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389978389978B000HDOPV0A1IEY3KF8I20IFLittle Sis0051346544000Perfect Wine PartnerWas a little concerned about purchasing a case of these crackers, but am so pleased to have a little something to share with a friend when invited over for a glass of wine. They are perfect for a little snack with your evening glass of wine! I especially enjoy them with a good merlot or cabernet. I was tempted to use a recipe I found online to make my own, but am so glad I didn't take the time, as I'm sure they couldn't top these tasty crackers! Don't think I'll have to worry about using them all by July, 2013!!!
389971389971B001PMCDK2A4MX5J20DCKDBTravelMod0051274400000even for a finicky cat!My cat has never been interested in either people food or in cat treats; she eats the same standard food, and seems to enjoy it. Well, these cat treats have succeeded in winning her interest, and she enjoys a few of them each day.
Luckily, she is not overweight.
389979389979B000HDOPV0A3HSJKU7GQM02NJ. Powers "fruitfulharvest1983"0051346112000That perfect little something extraI discovered these at a local winery and fell in love! They remind me a little of animal crackers in taste, but are heartier, with a big crunch. They are the perfect addition to a tasting to clean the palate, or just a nice side for an evening glass of wine. Love these things!
389980389980B000HDOPV0A3MOEKYEF2V9Xbgross0051331251200Wine CrackersWe loved the flavor and light texture of these crackers. We crunch them up on salads & use them as snacks. We have given them to friends and used them as hostess gifts with cheese or a bottle of wine. That's why we buy them by the case.
389981389981B000HDOPV0AZE9O89HH54K9williamk0051323907200Crackers untouchedI ordered the crackers which are excellent with my wines. I received them in a few days and not a 1 was crushed.
389972389972B001PMCDK2A1G2OABEXRCNL6Bonnie Hilton "Crafty Quilter"0051265414400Healthy Cat SnacksThese are a healthy cat snack. My cat loves these treats. It may cost a little more, but you give a little less, and know that your cat is getting something healthy. About to get six more.
389973389973B001PMCDK2AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0041252368000A Special Treat for the Little Dears.Our two cats are on a restricted diet because one of them came down with a urinary blockage problem. (The vet bill was about $700. Groan.) Now they dine almost exclusively on expensive prescription food, and they don't particularly care for it. Day after day. Also, their new diet has cut down their variety quite a bit. Well, the cats will probably do all right and, most certainly, they aren't starving.

My wife feels sorry for the little dears and picks up special snacks or treats for them, which we give them in small quantities now and then. They seem to enjoy these special items as a break from their dull regimen. They like Bench & Field Holistic Natural Feline Treats as well as any, and these treats have a long list of supposedly helpful additives. I tend to be somewhat skeptical about such things and think they're much too expensive, but I seem to be a minority voice.

Gary Peterson
389982389982B000HDOPV0A18E2KA10HDS3EKaris K. Fahrer "sami"0051319500800These crackers are awesomeThese little crackers/cookies are so good. The perfect snack or accompaniment to a glass of wine. With a hint of sweetness to make them different than a cracker
389974389974B001PMCDK2ADENMVKK9A7Z5gorge rambler0111262736000Bad Reaction from my catsI like natural products...gave some of this to my 3 cats. They all liked the taste. One threw it up (and continued to throw up) and the other had diarrhea (horrific smell) from it. The third might of had diarrhea as well but I'm not sure. It happened twice but I hadn't linked it to the treat yet. I stopped giving it to them and then started again. It happened again...both the vomit from one cat and diarrhea from the other. It was a definitive smell and I know for sure it was the product. In defense, my cats have sensitive systems and the one that vomits also tends to vomit greenies...she does keep down straight meat like canned tuna...cats are carnivores (more so than dogs) and do best strictly on meat. However, the smell and level of reaction from my cats from this product was not like anything else they have tried.
389975389975B000HDOPV0A4QT4K3R8JV66winecrackerlover1151317427200deliciously addicting!i fell in love with these crackers at a winery in door county, wi. i bought a whole case. i nearly eat a whole box every time i open a new one. the perfect complement to a glass of red wine. plus they're a great snack for kids--tastes a lot like animal crackers. my oldest daughter loves them.
389976389976B000HDOPV0A3CGXAAPDO8NJPM. Holtman1141188086400As good as I remember from The Biltmore Estate Winery in Asheville, NCWe first tasted these crackers at the Biltmore Estate Winery in Asheville, NC and loved their taste. I forgot to purchase them before leaving Asheville and was thrilled to see that Amazon had them for purchase at a reasonable price. Just be aware that in shipping the boxes may be smushed a bit (doesn't hurt crackers), but for gift giving - it does make a difference in the appearance of the box. And I ordered them in July and they expire in November, so be aware you have to eat them quickly! Have fun munching!
389977389977B000HDOPV0A2YS65MCKAI0HLmaalox0051349049600Yummy Wine CrackersWe were introduced to O.T.C. wine crackers while vacationing in Door County WI. Found them very yummy, especially when wine tasting. Come home and ordered a case.
389983389983B000HDOPV0AL68UR31HIIS8bluebirdy0041318032000Wine crackersWe love these wine crackers! They aren't quite as good as before they removed all trans-fats but are still tasty. Arrived in wonderful condition.
389984389984B000HDOPV0AI9WWEOJU8B8WPam in SC0051317427200Love these wine crackers!I was first served these crackers at Grandfather Vineyards Wine Tasting Room near Boone, NC during a vacation trip this year. However, couldn't find them to buy locally when I returned home. Thought I would try Amazon...and sure enough they had them!!! You have to buy a case of 12 but they are dated to be good for almost a year. The price for buying them by the case is $1.25 per box cheaper that what retail would cost and they will be a perfect compliment for my Christmas Gifts of Wine. Also, if you are going to host a wine tasting party, these are perfect to clear your palate between tastings....
389985389985B000HDOPV0AJR5T5RWN6IOQB. Weil0051309996800Wine crackersThis is a very delicate and slightly sweet cookie-like cracker that is good to put into a bowl and munch on them. I'm not a wine drinker so that is not why I eat them. I really enjoy the mild taste and they go well with any cheese and fruit. These are hard to find in Florida but are popular in the north where we used to live. I was able to find and order this through Amazon.
389986389986B000HDOPV0A18LWGCN1C5G29J. Cope0051306454400Best crackers for wine!We encountered these crackers at a few wineries we visited but could never seem to find them. We had to resort to buying online, no problem for Amazon of course. They are definitely the best crackers to eat while enjoying your wine, so since we were ordering online, we ordered a case! Enjoy!
389987389987B000HDOPV0A63G8SU77ZX9PPaul Partridge "New Business Development Expert"0051231286400wine crackersfar and away my favorite wine crackers -- everyone we share them with becomes addicted
389988389988B000HDOPV0A2JK07Z8VW2CL6Pinky1957 "Pinky1957"0051193184000Must Try TheseI, too, first ate these crackers at the Winery at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, N.C. in August 2007. They are delicious. Best of all, they enhances the flavor of fine wines. I highly recommend. Thanks Amazon for providing a means to purchase these great little treats.
389989389989B000HDOPV0A1RDVS1QV1EJSOCatherine Salkeld0131217376000wine crackersReally enjoy these wine crackers and have difficulty finding them unless I happen to be at a winery. So........I am delighted to be able to purchase them by the case and have them shipped. Shipping costs are a bit prohibitive but that is part of the pricing.
Thank you Cathy Salkeld
389990389990B000HDOPV0A124U1TNAOHZP6A. Nice0131213056000Too much flavor for a wine crackerAlthough these have great flavor - hint of vanilla & lemon, they are really not suited for wine tasting since a cracker should cleanse the palate. Probably too sweet. We've had mixed comments.
389991389991B004L075QMA15R2LGYEX3UY8Work In Progress101051329004800Good tasting, long storage life, good for camping or emergenciesThe reconstituted product is a pretty convincing substitute for fresh scrambled eggs, especially if you use it recipes such as pancakes. I used it with Panni Bavarian potato pancake mix and it worked fine. If you are taking it camping you might also bring along some dried onion for flavor. If you need eggs without refrigeration, this is the way to go. Much better than other powdered egg products I've tried. My only complaint is that while every recipe uses numbers measured in whole eggs, the scoop provided using a 3:2 egg to water ratio ends up giving you 1 and 1/2 eggs equivalent. It makes it a little difficult to measure, but that is a minor complaint. If you are stocking for emergency supplies, this (claims) a very long shelf life, which I have little reason to doubt, since freeze drying is a very reliable method of preservation. They specifically remove glucose from the eggs to avoid retardation of flavor, but I doubt most people could taste the difference. There are individual bags in the can if you don't need the full 6 dozen eggs. Once opened they still can be resealed for a few months (but I would use them quickly in any case).
389992389992B004L075QMA2HQL5JTLRCIT2Trouz7751322265600Great EggsI ordered these eggs as an MRE replacement while deployed and was very pleased. They mix up easy and have a real egg texture. If you want to take some eggs camping, hunting or just food storage these were great.
389993389993B004L075QMA2YNTPASU5EPDTCooksalot "Doone"6651327363200Great pantry itemThese powdered eggs are really good! I had to open 1 packet to try. After re-hydrating, I cooked them just like regular scrambled eggs, they tasted like fresh eggs. Great for use in baked products requiring eggs.
389994389994B004L075QMA3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse4451325808000Tastes like fresh eggsI've been using the OvaEasy powdered eggs to prepare bakery goods and the like. Purchased them for "just in case" as we live in earthquake country. I thought I ought to give them a try in daily cooking and so I've used these eggs to make scrambled eggs, omelets and this morning egg and biscuits sandwiches. Hubby didn't notice the difference in the taste between fresh or powdered eggs in his breakfast sandwich. In fact, he really liked the egg sandwiches the way they were prepared.

I made up the eggs as directed then used the Nordic Ware Microwave Eggs 'n Muffin Breakfast Pan to prepare the eggs for the sandwiches. This was really fast and easy as I used the microwave oven to cook the eggs. I then slipped the eggs between hot biscuits with bacon and cheese. Turned out yummy!

Highly recommend.
389995389995B004L075QMA3TZ7WC1MN5R70JBJ1151335916800Great Taste!I've tried several different brands and settled on one I thought was good. But when they were no longer available I tried OvaEasy Powdered Eggs. I must say, these are the best I've had so far. The taste is comparable to fresh eggs.

The cans do not contain loose powdered eggs as other brands seem to do. OvaEasy cans contain 6 sealed packets. That means no refrigeration for the rest and each stays fresh until you open them.

This is truly a 5-star product.
389996389996B004L075QMALESE6QMEYO7EWilliam R Bauer1141333756800OvaEasy Powderd Whole eggThese were easy to prepare and tasted like fresh scrambled eggs. I would recommend these to any one thinking of buying them.
389997389997B004L075QMA3BOOBEERUBMR2William P. Dezelick3451332460800OvaEasy Powdered Whole EggHaven't opened them to try them yet but they have several sealed packages inside the sealed can and it has a very long shelf life. I will be buying more.
389998389998B003UZ9ITQA64JTFPUUYQMYOnestNoinipo1131294444800What a PITA!This bonsai came very well packed I must say. However, almost immediately the leaves turned yellow and all started to fall off. We finally went to Google to read up on this particular type of bonsai and the maintenance on these is atrocious. There should be some kind of statement about the Gardenia bonsai and the care to put into it. The sheet of paper is basically general care instructions. Anyway, the good news is that it's still alive. If you order one of these and are not in a warm year-round climate, my suggestion is to place it under a grow light with a humidity tray beneath it. Water it daily and only move it and only to the side when you need to clean the humidity tray.
389999389999B004RKS8TOA3FOMG8UMXVWPWaerie4101151331856000Totally loved it!I am crazy fan of green tea products. So I decided to buy both the Dark Matcha Green tea Chocolate and the Matcha Latte Green Tea to give it a try. The taste was amazing! Can't keep my fingers from snacking! However, the size is smaller than I thought. I wish I had bought more. Personally, I like the Dark Matcha more due to its stronger green tea flavor. But hey, both green tea chocolate is to die for!
390000390000B0053HA6OAA2SIC5EST2QTCWDr. V0011340064000Dr. VAs many others who reviewed this provider have said, I would never buy from them again. The packaging was pathetic. A three year old could have packed better. Ordered 3 cases of canned food and at least 6 of the cans were smashed to the point that you could barely open them, some you could not. I gave them 1 star because I actually did receive an order. I will go back to Petfooddirect.

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