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390001390001B0084B8Z90A1A97CBY4L4R8IQuetzal090051344729600Great Taste!!!This hot sauce taste just great on anything, its not too overwhelming for me but it still has a bit of a kick to it. Taste is like Ghost peppers, kinda fruity spicy delicious flavor.
390002390002B0084B8Z90A3P2Y86EVCE563Adam0041341532800Plain Taste, High HeatThis sauce is very hot for not containing pepper extract, but to me it tastes the same as eating raw habaneros. It would probably be good mixed with other sauces or salsa, but on its own it doesn't taste very good.

-Edit: After more experience with this sauce I can say that the unobtrusive taste makes it very good to put on things that you just want to make hotter. I put it on sandwiches and it is good.
390003390003B003PEKJK4A3J7EBLF494UCUChristine M. Kunkle111151314057600DeliciousWonderful value - less than half the price of the McCormick "Gourmet Collection" I had been using and tastes just as delicious. Has a kick to it that reminds me of Hot Tamales candy...sweet but spicy and completely different than 'traditional' cinnamon. I can't even enjoy regular cinnamon any longer. I use this on my daily apples and in oatmeal to help with fat burning (a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!) and it is a simply delightful way of 'dieting'!

Highly recommended!!
390004390004B003PEKJK4A3QODWMRMV3XNEJoy O. Williams9951317600000Best. Cinnamon. Ever.Though Kirkland's is not as good as some other Vietnamese cinnamon I've had, it's by far the best compared to anything from McCormick or any other spice company that sells cinnamon from other countries in terms of price. And I totally disagree with the review that it's not good for baking, it's superlative. The best you can use.

Vietnamese cinnamon is literally dreamy. I use it for my homemade home grown apple chutney and it's absolutely the best cinnamon ever for pies, cinnamon rolls, etc. Kirkland has a great price on a very pricey spice. For the money, it's totally worth it. There are a few companies that have even better Vietnamese cinnamon, but they are a lot pricier. For the price, Kirkland is the best.
390005390005B003PEKJK4A18ZHLQGHGCWIJBill172331336608000This is NOT "real" cinnamon and is potentially dangerous!The "real" cinnamon is Ceylon cinnamon. This stuff is the same, cheap knockoff that the USDA allows them to call cinnamon. In fact, this is Cassia, not even the same plant! This stuff is not what you want to use for health benefits because it has up to 1000x more Coumarin than Ceylon cinnamon. Coumarin has been linked to several health problems, even taken in very small amounts. Granted, when used in baking or cooking, this is not a problem, but if used for health benefits, where you take a tsp. or more at a time, it can be dangerous!
390006390006B003PEKJK4A3LILAO00LNNP0chiquitalinda2251340496000Rediscovering cinnamonThe smell of this cinnamon is incredible, and it says everything about its taste: hot, spicy, very cinnamon!!! As its a big jar, I gave some to my friends (I'm pastry chef) and they loved it to.
390007390007B003PEKJK4ARD5QEE0HJ4WQEpicurious2251338508800Coffee and cinnamonI selected this cinnamon to use with my coffee. Adding it to the ground coffeee with approximately 2 Tbls of brown suger make an excellent cup. Offers the health benefits of cinnamon as well.
390008390008B003PEKJK4A2W2YV3TN8BVUUDani Woods2251334275200Best cinnamon for the priceI like the taste of cinnamon and if I only bought it for taste I'd get the cheap stuff from the grocery store. The reason I get cinnamon in the first place isn't for taste but because it helps to increase insulin sensitivity. Research is showing that cinnamon is an effective way to combat or reduce your chances of getting diabetes. To me that's worth spending a little extra. I sprinkle it two times a day on my meals. If you're wondering, no, it doesn't taste weird on foods such as meats, eggs, or other foods. There is only a hint of cinnamon and you get used to it.
390009390009B003PEKJK4ASHJAZC9OA9NSStephen4521311552000Not enough cinnamon tasteI'm a big cinnamon fan. I am a Costco member and have purchased this product at the local store. It is not very spicy and has a flat tasting quality. I can'd add enough while cooking to get the flavor I'd like. McCormick's is far superior to this product in my opinion
390010390010B003PEKJK4A2RWXUL0PK028OReen1141331424000Good valueMuch better flavor than buying name brands from the local chain grocery stores and less expensive. I believe what is available in the grocery stores is not a fresh as this. It does have a hit of the Hot Tamale candy flavor.
390011390011B003PEKJK4A42YFIY23FZVASharon3451338249600Great cinnamonI have purchased different brands of Saigon or Vietnamese cinnamon and found the Kirkland brand meets up to the quality of much more expensive brands. I store mine in the freezer and it's as fresh and aromatic as the day I opened it. I highly recommend it!
390012390012B003PEKJK4AQETMVLUZUSNWJase Michel "@ZacHansonFan"3441335052800Good stuff, and a LOT of it, but I don't think it's SAIGON cinnamonI eat cinnamon straight; plain; by itself. I know cinnamon. This is not Saigon cinnamon; this is the same, plain old cinnamon you buy in the store for cheap and in bulk (which may be cheap Saigon cinnamon...). Anyway, real Saigon cinnamon is darker, and has a sweeter and more complex flavor.

This stuff is still good; good flavor, nice heat. Not a bad buy.
390013390013B003PEKJK4A2YVT6FN08YT0VChad124200051350604800TasteyDefinitely has more heat, smell, and taste than the store bought stuff we were using. Taste great on oatmeal. We also used it for a homemade apple pie with some Muscovado sugar, turned out very nice.
390014390014B003PEKJK4A3B4T3WQ67BE1NDavid W. Laplante0051349827200Rich and WonderfulFor a reasonable price and in a great size for the active baker, the ground Saigon
Cinnamon is high quality, aromatic, and rich in its depth of flavor. When I'm baking cookies or muffins using this cinnamon, everyone in the house knows it.
390015390015B003PEKJK4A3KMQBL7559Q94Mary Frain0051349308800comparison winnerI did a side by side comparison between this and a store brand cinnamon. Kirkland's was a clear winner. Its aroma was what I would call a 'true' cinnamon odor as compared to the store brand which smelled like tree bark. It also had more of the real cinnamon flavor. This is a very large container of cinnamon that I don't think I will use up within a year so I'm sharing with family and friends.
390016390016B003PEKJK4AHOXK15HIY6KGtohearwell0051349222400Excellent and SPICYI was really looking forward to trying this product based on the description and reviews. I was NOT disappointed! Intense flavor, with just a hint of hotness. Works well in recipes; tends to kick them up a notch. I liked this so much, I had an order sent to my daughter, who's a chef. She was quite happy with the product, also.
390017390017B003PEKJK4A1CZ5KBWV6XVM*****0051347408000high qualityFast delivery and excellent quality. You can use the cinnamon in traditional recipes, on cereal, vebetables, etc. It naturally has a somewhat sweet taste to it.
390018390018B003PEKJK4A38CHSS1ZAE51BHandy0051346630400This is really good CinnamonI was a little leery about what kind of Cinnamon to get as there are many comments going many ways. But in the end I wanted something that was strong in flavor as it is being used for baking. I'm glad I did. My raisin nut fig bread is super yummy. And with this size I won't have to worry about running out soon. Good Buy.
390019390019B003PEKJK4A3CJGCQI6RKRNJWiz Dood "Wiz Dood"71131311811200Less than $3 at my local CostCoThe price was less than $3 at my local Costco.

Saigon Cinnamon is good in tiny amounts for Vietnamese Pho broth or other hearty broths. Maybe as a meat preservative. That's about it.

Do not use this species of Cinnamon to flavor coffee or deserts - it is the WRONG cinnamon. For those, you need True Cinnamon (Ceylon Cinnamon).

This stuff bites the tongue is good for sprinkling into hearty broths or to use as cheap ant repellent.
390020390020B003PEKJK4A1GMMOLVHXH13Tcrafty92951303344000Good cinnamon but...This cinnamon is delicious. Would I buy it again? Never. This is Saigon (cassia) cinnamon and it naturally contains coumarin (a blood thinner). You don't want this variety.

You want Ceylon cinnamon.
390021390021B0007O911SA1AL7EO7QDF8FDviper88880051332288000DAVE'S Gourmet Organic Roasted Garlic & Sweet Basil Pasta Sauce.a friend recommended me to this item, he bought the same item at Gelson's, but since the closest Gelson's a bit
of a stretch i just decided to order here on Amazon, i've just become accustom to ordering HERE, it's so easy and
simple to do, but OK, back to , Dave's Pasta Sauce, i ordered 3 different version's of Dave's, sauce's, so far the very
first one i opened the Garlic and Sweet Basil, was just incredible, obviously my friend steered me Right, i can't wait
to jump into the other 2 sauces i have, highly recommended,...don't need to add anything, it's that simple !!!!!!!
390022390022B0002268R0A2YEV3UKO8QDB2N. cain121251117411200At last!Finally, after years of searching, I've found a dependable source of the best candy on Earth! I first had a Violet Crumble while visiting Austin, TX. (They have the best groceries there.) Here in Nashville, the closest thing I've found is the Cadbury Crunchie bar, which is similar and good, but I felt I was missing something. I am not Australian, and do not have an Australia obsession, I just really like this candy bar.

The center is a matrix of crunchy honeycomb-like stuff, and is covered with really good milk chocolate. Many popular American chocolate candies are made with Hershey milk chocolate, which uses sour milk as their 'secret ingredient.' The Violet Crumble does not, which I think is an improvement (definatly a change) over the local stuff. The chocolate of the VC is really good in quality, not waxy, and not too thin. This is a really great candy bar. You should try it.
390023390023B0002268R0A2OWD8YTOKT5OMSean McGahee6651103932800My favorite candy bar ever.This candy bar is fantastic! I live in the United States, and there is not really anything else like it here, although the Cadbury Crunchie bar in the UK and Canada is similar. What really makes this candy bar special is the light, firm yet spungie middle. When you bite into it the texture is definately unique. It tastes really great too: sort of a light toffee/honey taste with smooth milk chocolate on the outside. I cannot recommend this candy bar enough.
390024390024B0002268R0A1FS8B91NI4J3YKearney J. Taaffe4441294963200Amazing productSo I've never had this before. But my girlfriend kept on going on and on and on about how delicious this is.

After a month of searching for a way to get it here in the US, I finally found a seller on Amazon.

So, it's very interesting. The inside consistency is that of malt balls, however, the taste is nothing like malt balls. It's a combination of honey and sweet nougat (like the inside of a snickers bar (minus the caramel, peanuts of course)).

I really like it. I'd recommend this to anyone. It's a shame it's not sold in stores here, I think it'd do quite well
390025390025B0002268R0A1IJ65LMBL71FPAllyson O4451294876800honeycomb chocolate awesomenessThey used to sell Violet Crumble in many stores here in Hawaii in the 80s, when I was a kid. It was always a treat to have one. Then, time went on and I sort of forgot about them since they disappeared from the shelves. And one day when I was really craving one, I realized I hadn't seen one anywhere in a long time. Then I got the crappy news that they aren't really easy to come by in the U.S. anymore. The chocolate is not too sweet, and the honeycomb middle is crunchy and light. It's unlike any other candy bar I've had (though I have not had the Crunchie bar people compare it to). Quite possibly my fave candy bar of all time. Of all time!!!
390026390026B0002268R0A2VUD4SPJO4V33Theo2241291593600Honeycomb Coated with Milk ChocolateViolet Crumbles are a classic Australian candy bar: they've been around forever and are very popular over here. They consist of a fairly hard, but brittle bar of honeycomb coated in milk chocolate. And yes, they are delicious!

They're also a lot like the (internationally) better known "Crunchie" bar. The main differences are that:

1. Violet Crumbles have a slightly thicker outer layer of milk chocolate.

2. The honeycomb in a Violet Crumble is slightly harder and more solid, so it tends to shatter rather than crumble when you bite down on it.

3. The honeycomb in a Violet Crumble has a stronger honey flavor, with significantly more "bite" to it, so to speak.

Note that Violet Crumbles can also be purchased here on Amazon in packs of three.

390027390027B0002268R0A2L73YNRJ1BC35Caligirl2251283817600Finally found them and worth the price since the bars are bigger!I was not sure I wanted to spend the money for the shipping but the bars came in perfect condition other than a couple broken in half inside the wrapper itself. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bars are large, much bigger than the standard ones I use to buy here in the US. I've never seen a 50g bar, so 6 of them at about $3 a bar isn't too bad if you crave these things. They charged around 1.99 for them when they had them at Cost Plus World Market. You can't find them anywhere in the US so it felt like X-mas opening the box. Very happy! Yes it's a lot for shipping but they are coming from Australia and they got here quite fast (5 days).
390029390029B0002268R0A2WQ264RM8D6D8Evan Haruta4511283472000Violet CrumbleThe Violet Crumble bar is quite delicious. However, for the ridiculous price being asked, it is not worth it, unfortunately.
390030390030B0002268R0A3FCL4APUQPOKFR. Johnson "Billionaire"4551198627200One of the very best candies everI found Violet Crumble in a shop about 25 miles from home one time. I always look for new taste treats, and this one looked interesting. They charged $1 per par, so I only bought one. If I had known how great it is, I would've bought five. It tastes amazing and the way it feels in your mouth and the way it crunches is also amazing. It's somewhat similar to a malted milk ball in consistency, but far far better tasting. It's pretty special. The flavor is kind of like coffee. I think everyone should try these at least once. I will definitely order a case of 24 of them sometime. They don't sell these in any stores near me as far as I know, and I would hate to drive 25 miles and go through some nightmare parking hassles just to get a candy bar. I really need to find a good candy shop near me if there is one, because I'm really tired of the same old ordinary, boring, low grade American candies at the supermarket. So if you want something different and amazing, then I'd definitely recommend Violet Crumble. It's worth the price.

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