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390031390031B0002268R0A2GBO0K95NSZXEMedora1151304899200Childhood memoriesI had been looking for this candy for years! It used to be sold in mom and pop stores and Longs Drug in Hawaii while I was growing up, but then over the years began to disappear. It was amazing to find it still existed and when I received the order, my first bite brought back so many memories. A bit pricey, but worth it. I will order it again when I can.
390032390032B0002268R0A2V1J3JT5OOZFODragonwort Castle1151217203200YummyExcellent candy bar that I remember from about 40+ years ago. Order a case and eat them slow. When you start feeling guilty hand them out.
390033390033B0002268R0A2P6Q1O8608ZS1Monica G. Shore1151199923200Best Candy bar EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tis is the best candybar ever to be delicious!! The whole candybar is perfect, except for the costly price. If you let the crunch bar sit in your mouth, it will melt!
390034390034B0002268R0A3J4IM04W99U3OKevin Meade0051341532800my favorite candy, not available is US anymore, bummerI used to get these from my local Stop and Shop. Then one day they just did not carry them any more. Turns out Nestle decided not to make and distribute these in the US. In any event, if you read all the reviews on this bar you will see that no one has said they did not like the bar (even the 1 star reviews). The low rated reviews only complain about the shipping cost. I don't blame them of course. You will pay significant shipping to get them from overseas. It is all just a question of how badly you want them. As it turns out... I want them badly.

These bars have an excellent chocolate covering. Not thick but just right. You can taste the quality of the chocolate readily as it melts on your tounge. It is a very high quality milk chocolate. It is not in any way like a Hershey chocolate.

These bars have what is called a "sponge" candy center. Indeed, this is the bar; one six inch long sponge candy bar covered in wonderful milk chocolate. I love the way it breaks up under my teeth, and then melts in my mouth. Wonderful texture and flavor.

As I get on in years, and after two glimpses at death (though all is fine), I have concluded that I no longer need to anguish so much over spending money and that as long as I remember how my fellow man is suffering elsewhere and do something about it, it is OK for me to enjoy the things I like. So I order them and pay the shipping and relish the fact that my favorite candy costs 6$/bar and I am royalty, for a moment.

Hail Flavius!
390035390035B0002268R0A268Z3DYMMEBJWowlpaca0051331337600YumOrdered these for a friend of mine since she remembered them from her childhood. She was awesomely impressed and loved the gift. We ALL shared one of them and it was very good. I really wish these were available locally, I would buy them on a regular basis!
390036390036B0002268R0A14YKNIRMOQ4NIshay6710041294617600I Like The Candy Bar I Do,Its The Shipping Rate I Dont LikeIt was A Good Candy Bar I will Admit But The Price And Shipping WAS A bit Much..21 Dollars For 6 Bars,In GUAM It was .75 Cents For One Bar..15 Dollars for a pound to Ship somethings wrong But It is A good Candy Bar...I Guess Ill be Sticking With Twix,Snicker,Or M&M's For Awhile...Violet Crumble Your A Good CAndy Bar THo..haha
390037390037B0002268R0A72K0MQ754RJAAmanda King "it mercenary"0021283385600Seller review, not item review$12.95 for shipping in 3-5 days via usps.

...but priority mail is only $9 for 2 days via usps.

price gouging. I'll buy elsewhere next time. :(
390038390038B0002268R0A1GGB5PEMFJQGWTrotter0131298160000Way too has crumbles for much less. Violet crumbles are very good. If you don't want to look elsewhere buy them here
390039390039B0002268R0A2NKZN3H4NGOQ5J. Rieke "ladyhawklaw"0111288656000Wow...$15.95 to ship 6 candy bars? Seriously??? I hope they're coming direct from Australia for that price!
390040390040B0002268R0ALYOQ8324079YMaddi Hausmann Sojourner "madhaus"61531086912000The only thing violet is the wrapperCrunchy, chewy, and a nice flavor, but only a homesick expat would pay a that much for a case of this stuff. For someone like me who tried it as an adult and liked it, but not enough to buy another one at a buck and a quarter, I can't quite see the excitement.

I suppose if I had to live somewhere without my favorite candies I'd understand better and would be ordering something vile like Good 'n Plenty for a taste of home. mad-haus 11 June 2004.

390041390041B00136WYDGAYL9YUOBCDG5IM P Guess141551251504000Good Gift for Coffee FanaticsI bought this sampler for my Mother and she loved it. This is a woman who does not function without two or three pots of coffee a day so she knows her coffee. As for me, I am not much of a coffee drinker but I tried most of the flavors and thought that they were very good without being overly strong. We got about two pots (8 to 12 cups) per bag without the coffee being too watered down. Definitely a hit with any coffee drinkers in your life. I sprung for the gift wrapping and was not disappointed. Be warned though, the box it is shipped in will have the name of the company and what is inside of it, so if you are trying to surprise someone maybe have it shipped to a friends house first. Otherwise very happy with the product.
390042390042B00136WYDGA35X4OMBTH6T54Loren Ver1151309564800Wonderful giftI bought this gift for my Mother's birthday. I live in Indiana and she lives in Florida so I was not going to have the ability to wrap it. When it came it looked like a ready to go present and she said the taste was fantastic. Great buy!
390043390043B00136WYDGA18QDN77U9F3XHRobert Thomas James1141292457600Nice but smallI recieved this item the other day and while the packaging looks really nice, It was much smaller than expected, although the "brews 60 cups" is right, only if you use the super tiny 6oz cups that are on your coffee maker or like your coffee pretty weak.

I would say that these bags are pretty small and you "might" get 3 coffee maker uses per bag if you're lucky, probably more like 2 uses per bag as they are much smaller than expected. The quality of the product is VERY good however and I'm sure my brother in law will love this gift since he usually drinks awful folgers!

Shipped fast and I would order from them again for gift purposes!
390044390044B00136WYDGA2OJQDH12SOUT9twills6170051310342400Father's Day GiftI ordered this for my step-children to give to their father for Father's Day. It arrived exactly when it was supposed to, in a plain brown cardboard box so he had no idea what it was when he brought it in from the front steps.
It has been a huge hit! He loves trying the different kinds of coffee each day.
While it was a little pricey for the size of the packets received, he has loved everyone of them so it was well worth the cost.
390045390045B00136WYDGA251G9O3M734KLMamieJ "MamieJ"0051294099200lovely giftI gave this to my boss and his wife for Hanukkah and they truly seemed to enjoy it. Perfect gift for anyone.
390046390046B00136WYDGA3QR7DAPXQK7XWM. Iler0051265328000very goodKona coffee is hard to find around our area, so I was so happy to find this. It was beautifully packaged and I was able to taste the product also and it was very good.
390047390047B00136WYDGA3QAYBEUP5EZYFRobert S. Cox "Hill_side_dweller"1231261526400Smaller than expectedProduct arrived quickly but was smaller than it looked as pictured on the web site.
390048390048B00136WYDGAZAV8CL5GVZ9MNellie A. Fedee "N Fedee"0811263081600Great GiftThis was a great gift for my son & his wife - they have had many sleepless nights with a new baby. After New Years Day dinner we brewed one of the blends and had it with pie. The aroma and taste was excellent!
390049390049B005ZFUA28A2D145PXYGZMFQcarrabassettyeti0021337817600Petit FoursI was disappointed with the quality of the cakes. They were stale and had an odd underlying taste. They all had a strange fruit flavor which was gross.
390050390050B005ZFUA28ARE11X11MQJZDC. J. Gasser1251329091200Nephew and his family loved theseMy nephew's little girls loved these pretty cakes. They arrived just after Christmas, which was an extra treat for the family.
390051390051B000BGMKU6A1ILOXDAZI7FMXAndrew Leyden ""4451136851200Not as sweetI got hooked on these in Hong Kong where my American candy choices were Starburst and Skittles, both sugar rushes of the extreme sort. This candy is not as sweet as those, but a bit sweeter than most Asian candy (many of my Chinese friends find it too sweet for their taste, but many of my American friends say it is not sweet enough). I kind of like the middle ground, trying to cut back on my sugars.
390052390052B000BGMKU6A30SL0BJTO38WKWaxmaker3351124496000Good StuffExtremely tasty candy with a texture unlike anything on the candy shelves in America. Imagine, if you will, popping a piece of soft strawberry gum into your mouth and beginning to chew--the first few seconds are always the best, when you get a blast of intense strawberry flavor along with a firm, enjoyable chew, right? Then imagine that gum melting away gradually on your tongue, without losing any of its flavor, rather than enduring and just becoming stringy and bland. Very nice indeed.
390053390053B000BGMKU6A1E898Z3BYZA22L. Deering2251129766400YUMThe first time I tasted hi-chew, I fell in love with the unique texture! There's nothing more satistfying that chewing a piece of hi-chew, which is unlike any American candy that I have ever eaten. It is softer than most American taffys, and comes in lots of delicious flavors! I suggest grape, lychee, and strawberry!
390054390054B002ZARKXSA29QSASBNTXA1ILocalRevolution2211286928000NOT really what I would consider Natural!Ingredients in order: Pure cane or beet sugar, cocoa, coconut oil, whey, maltodextrin, natural flavour, non-fat dry milk, salt, sodium casinate, mono and di-glycerides (emulsifier), guar gum (thickener), dipotassium phosphate (buffering agent), soy lecithin. I know there's disagreement over the natural label, but this was not what I was looking for. If I'd wanted all the processed stuff and chemicals, I'd have saved some money and bought Swiss Miss.
390055390055B006J7GJQWA23TAPRDQD09HUSherry Cashin1151339027200AWESOME almonds!!I've tried the chocolate covered ones of these but I think these are even better. Love getting them in a multi-pack option.
390056390056B006J7GJQWA1RA68NKGP5LK6Margarita Man1131331769600great product... ridiculous priceI LOVE both these and the Cocoa Roast Almonds, so from a product stand point a total thumbs up! But to pay almost $33 for 3 packs is a total rip off. That's $11 each, about double what you can get them for at Wal-Mart for! Don't waste your money!
390057390057B006J7GJQWA2LCE1D0TW2XY0D. Alexander0051334793600A delicious and healthy snack, but buy elsewhereThese really are delightful. I made the mistake of trying to replace them with some slightly less expensive cinnamon almonds from a chain drugstore. Never again. These are fresh, mildly flavored, mildly sugared, and to me, preferable to the other Emerald nut variants. Few better snack foods exist. They're high-protein, fill you up, and keep you going.

But don't pay $11 a can. Target has them, as does Publix, for about half that. Publix in particular often puts them on sale for $3 or so. Stock up when that happens; they last a good while in the cupboard.
390058390058B006J7GJQWA3ETHWT9S9IATRHolly K. "Amazon is so awesome! :D"0051330128000Highly Addictive...These are fabulous... better, even, than Emerald's Cocoa Roast Almonds. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find them readily at any of our local stores. I was happy to have found them online, but wish they were somewhat less expensive. The product is 5 stars, no doubt about it. The price is... probably 3 or 4.
390059390059B0051WBR9KA2JCOS6DSM3PINJennifer MacGregor2341339977600Didn't notice anything with the butter flavorThe oil worked very well; however, the supposed butter flavor was not noticeable as we still added melted butter. I switched to using regular coconut oil and the melted butter and it is fine. I also didn't care for the fact that there wasn't a way to reseal the pack except to fold it over and put a paper clip on it, but then you better use it soon. We very rarely made a full pot of popcorn. I find using the jar of coconut oil more flexible.
390060390060B0051WBR9KA3S387QFTWXPSHjgibbo "jgibbo"0051347235200Theater popcorn at homeThis product tastes like theater popcorn. There is another brand, I wont mention the name, that doesn't come close to this popcorn. Try it, you wont be let down.

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