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390101390101B002ATOUVYA148VESEA0CTSYJoann Niccolls1151325721600Best Almond butter on the marketJustin's almond butter is the best tasting on the market. Wow! It is amazingly smooth and so yummy. This is a healthy nut butter as well. Try it, you WILL like it!
390102390102B002ATOUVYA367XVP77TBU06Sharon1151298764800AmazingThe Maple Almond Butter is absolutely delicious. I can't imagine a day going by without having a packet. I like to eat it with a sliced Granny Smith apple. Really, really good stuff.
390103390103B002ATOUVYA1YLUBVKVI3RCTJacquelyn E. McCoy "Bookie Monster"1151298419200The best Almond Butter out there!My personal trainer wanted me to switch from peanut butter to almond butter because it is healthier. I tried almond butter and didn't really like it. Over a couple months I tried 4-5 different brands. One day when I was at whole foods I saw the single serving Justin's Maple Almond Butter and decided to try again. WOW! This Almond butter is the first one that I didn't just like, I loved it. And now I crave it more than peanut butter which used to be my favorite. The taste is a perfect blend of almonds, salt and a touch of sweetness from the maple. So delicious! I love buying on amazon as it is much cheaper than Whole Foods. Yum!!
390091390091B002ATOUVYA32I7C95MJBTP8RC "dbpaddler"6611305158400Beware: Bad batches, tastes burnt. Dark reddish brown in colorI've been ordering Justin's from Amazon for well over a year now and the past month I've gotten bad batches of Honey and Maple Sugar Almond butter. It taste like the almonds are burnt, and the color of it is brownish red, much darker than normal. Kind of like comparing the outer skin of an almond and the inner nut colors. Best Buy dates are 3/8/12. Be on the lookout. I sent my product back to Justin's to check out.
390104390104B002ATOUVYA3434W2YF66DYGAmerAussie1151297987200Bliss in a jarJustin's nut butters are amazing, and the Maple Almond Butter is my personal favorite. It's also my husband's favorite. So much so that I'm reduced to selfish hiding and hoarding! Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not far from the truth of my desire. Second to the blissful taste is the fact that it is surprisingly low on sugar grams. You would think you were eating almost candy, though it isn't over sweet. And it tastes great on just about anything you would want to put it on. But then again, go ahead and eat it straight from the jar! The chocolate variety is my second favorite for similar reasons.
390105390105B002ATOUVYAD62T4EZGP56RAnahi1151283644800Amazing!AMAZING!! I tried making my own almond butter but it didn't taste anything like the real stuff so I bought this and am hooked. I love this stuff and will continue to purchase as long as its available.
390092390092B002ATOUVYAJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse3321319587200Got this for $18.77 & I still wasn't impressedThere's simply not much maple flavor. Even after combining the separated oily, what results is just speckled & oily almond butter. I assume this 'subtle' (to put it kindly) mapley-ness is due to maple sugar rather than maple syrup being used. They really copped out cost-wise with regards to the additives, as there IS palm oil yet separation does occur; sure, this consequently means you don't need to refrigerate it, but this stuff shouldn't be so expensive. Next time I'll just mix real maple syrup into my homemade almond butter for cheaper & superior flavor; really regretting I bought 3, even at the reduced promo price.
390106390106B002ATOUVYAOQT2JCYZ1UWPC. Murphy1151271376000Just the right amount of sweet!This is the creamiest nut butter I have had to date (it is very creamy, but not runny). The maple doesn't impart a strong maple flavor, but does make this delicious spread as sweet as it is salty (making it ideal for both savory and sweet snacking). I've enjoyed almond butter before, but this is the fist time I have found myself eating it out of the jar...
390093390093B002ATOUVYA3K6WOZ8QRV0XEKiki2251304726400Yummy!Decided to try this on a whim and was completely delighted!! I love this stuff!! I was especially hesitant of the 'maple' flavor, but absolutely love it. It's delicious!
390107390107B002ATOUVYA30YRYZ0OXGGSWTom S. Lewis1151262131200simply the best!This is a masterful blend, that truly satisfies. No other nut butter comes close.
390108390108B002ATOUVYA2E1H1HXY0Y7HYJ. Gold1151262131200My favorite all-time snack!!I had no idea how good this stuff would taste until a friend brought over a few squeeze packs. I put spoon fulls in my oatmeal, smoothies, and usually take a few bites out of the jar. It is that good! The maple flavor isn't too strong and the consistency is different from other brands.
390094390094B002ATOUVYA20TW5BHFW36UFSteelersFrame2251304121600IT'S LIKE CRACK!This stuff is amazing. You'd think it would have a lot of sugar since it's maple, but it doesn't. In fact, it has very similar nutritional content to peanut butter, but it tastes 100 times better. It's all natural, too (only four tasty ingredients) so you don't have to worry about getting cancer or some weird disease from a bunch of synthetic crap. TRY THIS!

P.S. The combo of this and multi-grain bread is delicious.
390109390109B002ATOUVYAMQ9F8CHMFIGQGenny0051350864000Best Almond Butter out thereJustin's Maple Almond Butter is, hands down, the best almond butter on the market. It's a bit pricey, but worth every cent. Nut butters, outside of peanut butter, are expensive anyhow, and this one is reasonable by comparison. I have made my own almond butter, but it doesn't taste anywhere near as good as this stuff. Maranatha, another leading brand, tastes like Crisco...blech! Justin's has the perfect blend of flavors, not too much or too little of anything. I also find that my consumption doesn't get out of hand the way it tends to do with more processed brands. Just a great product all around. Try it!
390095390095B002ATOUVYA15YJQAU045X6VD. Zafiriou2251301788800Yum!I loved this stuff so much all I needed was the jar and a spoon. I will order more...again and again and again......
390110390110B002ATOUVYA131NQ0W55F141A. Link0021349568000Doesn't taste like maple at allI grew up in maple country and was so excited to see a non-artificially flavored maple nut butter. The problem is I can't detect even a hint of maple flavor. It might be good almond butter but I can get that a lot cheaper than this brand. Their chocolate varieties are to die for, I won't try the maple again.
390096390096B002ATOUVYA34DMQO5OY2ZLGBecca2251295395200Justin's Nut Butter!I absolutely LOVE this product! Justin's Maple Almond Butter is beyond delicious! The texture and flavor of the butter is absolutely delightful and its even better that it's made with all-natural, high quality ingredients! Man oh MAN do I love this nut butter! Definitely would highly reccommend it to anyone :)
390097390097B002ATOUVYA2215NPCKO78TQH. Kunkel1151344384000Buyer Beware! Highly addicting!I absolutely love Justin's Nut Butter Maple Almond! It is so good I eat it out of the jar (like an earlier reviewer stated). But don't take my word for's Justin's favorite too!!! As an FYI, it is not as smooth as peanut butter. There is an almost grainy consistency. This does not deter from it's flavor and it is still easy to spread.
390098390098B002ATOUVYA1K91DU46U0MIWJulia Park "Julia"1151337817600Best Almond Butter Ever!!Not only does the almond have 6-7 grams of protein, but its gluten free and kosher!! I cant get enough! I love Justins
390111390111B002ATOUVYA33L6K2HC7P6IXflatironsgirl0051339977600Great low-carb snackNever had Almond butter before, but this stuff is incredible. It's my favorite snack because it is extremely satisfying with just one serving, high in protein, and low-carb - but doesn't taste like it! They also sell individual squeeze packs that are great for when you're on the go.
390099390099B002ATOUVYA36N86YIEVN1IAM. LONG "momof6"1151337558400the BESTOut of all the Justin's we've tried this one is by far the best--it's like a dessert but not too sweet. I don't even like nut butters all that well but can lick this stuff by the spoonfulls. If you try no other Justin's products--try this one--it's dangerously addictive
390100390100B002ATOUVYA1AO7VB3FG2EZSMrs. Richardson1151327276800The bestA peanut allergy has made almond butter a frequent part of our family's diet. We tried a couple different brands but kept trying because none of them were that great, and some even tasted like the almonds they used were rancid, eeew (a brand that starts with the letter "M", ahem). When I tried Justin's I knew that almond butter could not possibly taste better than this. I don't know how they do it. And yes, the stuff is not cheap. Price is a frustrating part of going from peanut butter to almond butter but in this case, you really get what you pay for. The stuff is insane. It's so good. We eat it straight out of the jar. It's satisfying because all that good protein fills you up, and it's got the salty/sweet thing going, yummers!
390112390112B002ATOUVYA1DCNFIBUHVSTZR. Lehn0051330992000Best Almond Butter!I have tried a few different brands of almond butter, this is creamy, not gritty like some. I like the little bit of sweetness that maple has. This is a great product.
390113390113B002ATOUVYA2R25ZQXFO6HQallygmail0051330905600So deliciousThis stuff is amazing on sandwiches and in desserts, oatmeal etc. For as sweet as it tastes, it has a low sugar grams compared to other brands.
390114390114B002ATOUVYA1VBBDWWJ6K9ISElectrode "brian m"0041330646400Better than blue diamondI was a blue diamond almond butter fan for a few years unit the started bringing in there stringing salty home-style. now I have found Justins almond butter and its the best, not too thick not too runny, taste really good, I add it to all kinds of meals, mainly with sugar free low carb bread,, its the greatest

update: only problem I have now is the lids dont seal well during delivery, some of the containers are found oily when taking them out of the box, as a results the butter is a little more thick and dry due to the lack of the oil that has leaked out, Justin needs to find a better packing for there lids.
390115390115B002ATOUVYAMRJ3CWNO51BOKim0051328227200Hooked for lifeThis is my all time favorite nut butter. The touch of maple compliments the almonds so well but it's not too sweet. Perfection. The only problem is that I have to make sure I don't eat the whole jar in one sitting.
390116390116B002ATOUVYA37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"0051315353600Skeptical but tried it anyway ...I've had almond butters in the past ... nothing special and nothing to write home about. This one is different. Maybe because of the maple syrup added (I can't resist maple) that gives it an extra kick of goodness that regular almond butter doesn't have.

Since I'm into good health - this almond butter was like dessert/treat for me. I had 1 slice sourdough bread, topped it with this slightly toasted, slightly sweetened almond butter then topped it with the wheat sprouts I grow. It was wonderful and knocked my chocolate craving away. (since I haven't eaten chocolate in months I wasn't craving it too badly) I like this much better than Nutella and I'll switch to this for my treats. Tastes delicious right off your spoon. You do have to stir this up as there was an oil layer on top. (I'm in hot California)

I would love to try the regular almond butter...maybe next time...or not. I'm loving this one for now. I'm weaning off of peanuts so this one here is excellent when you are used to Skippy Chunky...although no chunks in may be a bit too sweet for you if you are sensitive to sugars. I can see kids taking a liking to this one if they can't eat peanut butter.
390117390117B002ATOUVYA1YQ83J5VANGS2Tony0051310947200lol better than nutella.I havent bought this on amazon yetbut I will. I bought this at Target and 2 dollars cheaper in Whole Foods, but its really cheaper on aamazon so my next buy would be here thru amazon.

This is so much better than Nutella. Nutella is so sweet and it has more unnecessary ingredients. It's cheap, abouit 4 bucks but I could only eat it twice a week if I tried. This is more expensive and I could eat it all day, everyday. But it's so expensive that I have to cut down on it, plus its fattening.. so i just use it pre-workout.

Maple almond butter is better. Chocolate is too bitter, and classic is just plain meh.

If you need to, buy the small packet and taste it from there before buying in bulk. This is my new obsession.
390118390118B002ATOUVYA36G9PDHFPWG5DG. ASH "A-OK"0051304812800Very good almond butterI've enjoyed this almond butter a lot. It tastes fresh, and it requires very little stirring. This product is also the cheapest I've found, while still having very high ratings.
390119390119B002ATOUVYA3D2XJB9C3Y4AWL. Seibert0051302220800I love this stuff!!!I can't eat peanut butter and thought I'd try this. It tastes so good!!!! And it's much cheaper at Amazon than in the store.
Thanks Amazon!!!
390120390120B002ATOUVYA1LE8A5ZIRQ1JIbumslie220051301702400best nut butter EVER!!!so up until about a week ago i was the worlds biggest organic peanut better addict... that was until i tried a sample of the maple almond butter. it is soooo good. i have lost 70lbs over the last year and work hard to keep it off. It was hard and i had to give up junk food and sweets, but i would rather have a maple almond butter sami with some organic blueberry jam or just on a sliced apple then a bar of chocolate or fast food burger anyday. thank you justin, for making healthy food just that much better, i love you!

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