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390211390211B0007SNZ66A3H96JUFUTPSDPC. L. Compton Jr.1151315526400chocolatevery good chocolate and more convenient then eating it from teh bars can be put into pancakes and cookies and eaten right out of the bag no mess and easy to take on trips
390212390212B004V6A3CEA5GVRV7YFV85UL. Haiss "girly girl"2251341446400Excellent cereal!This cereal is FAR superior than Special K Red Berries. The strawberries in Special K Red Berries get very slimy and disintegrate in milk in no time. It took effort to actually finish a single bowl.

In stark contrast, Newman's Own Flakes 'n Strawberries was delicious. The berries held up to the last spoonful, and it really is Sweet Enough. My local grocery stores used to carry it, but I can't find it anywhere anymore. Seriously disappointed. So I'll just order it on Amazon. Yes, it's that good!
390213390213B004V6A3CEA2SH37VAWUAXBLL. Galway "Celtic Grammie"2251312070400Newman's Own Flakes 'n Strawberries - YUM!This product used to be available at our local, large grocery store chains -- primarily Shaw's and Hannaford. Within the past year or so, I have been unable to purchase this particular variety, although they still carried others such as the Vanilla Almond and the Flax version. Not sure if there was pressure from Special K, which offers a similar but not-quite-as-good product, or not.

Nevertheless, because I already get regular shipments of my husband's favorite cereal (McCann's Instant Irish Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar, also previously available locally but no longer), I searched Amazon to find out if Newman's Own Flakes 'n Strawberries would be available. After a few months, I was notified it had been added and got right on it. The shipment comes in a 5-box pack. As soon as I get down to my last box (It won't be long.) I will sign up for the automatic shipments and save even more money.

The cereal itself has a nicely crunchy, slightly sweetened (Remember, it says "Sweet Enough" on the box.) flake, larger and crunchier than the competition's version, and there are more and larger pieces of strawberries. It is, hands down, my favorite dry cereal. Because I always like "more" sweetness, I add some Splenda, but that's only my preference, and it certainly is "sweet enough" for the average cereal eater. I also like the fact that the profits go to charity.Newman's Own Flakes'n Strawberries Rice and Wheat Cereal, 12-Ounce (Pack of 5)
390214390214B004V6A3CEA19GZ1GFM1ME6BH11151343260800Real Strawberry TasteAll other cereals should be ashamed of themselves. Unless you're going to cut up fresh strawberries, nothing else comes close.
390215390215B004V6A3CEA3569H91QE8FMJDonna0051347667200Newman's OwnThis cereal is great. Substantial strawberry flavor, the right crunch and not too sweet. A portion of the sales earned is to be donated to many causes.
390216390216B000GZUFKEA1QGO6SNT6X1VUiLoveWinnie0021321660800Neither hot nor sourI enjoy spicy food a lot so I bought a cup of this from Fiesta.
It turned out to be not tasty at all. I could not believe it was "Hot&Sour" flavor.
The "Lemon Grass And Chili" flavor of the same brand is much better.
390217390217B000GZUFKEA2FV5YQV866PVFA. C. Chitwood0031308787200MediocreI tried some of these from my local grocer, I haven't bought them from Amazon.

The flavor was mediocre, but the soup was filling. It was more spicy than sour, I would stay away if you can't handle spicy foods. If you like sour foods you may also be disappointed, as I didn't really taste any sour. It was more tart, like a citrus, than sour like traditional sour soups.

A word of caution, there are tags for "gluten free" on here but this contains WHEAT which is a source of gluten. It is right there in the ingredients list, at least at the time of this post. I thought I should mention it as well though.

The soup isn't bad, I don't especially recommend it, but that is because there is nothing exciting to recommend. I didn't find it flavorful enough to justify the cost of this versus alternative flavors and brands.
390218390218B0062PLUCYA2YOSGV8YE3NJ8Adam0051348444800Best store bought BBQ sauce I've ever hadThis is the best store bought sweet style BBQ sauce I've ever had. I use it primarily on baby backs. It's hard to find locally, so I order it online and I always have a few jars in my pantry. When I have people over for ribs, they rave about the sauce, and I'll usually end up giving a couple of jars away. It's good on chicken too, though I mostly prefer these thick sweet style sauces for ribs.
390238390238B000JJLXXKA2ZT6C7X6A07KPQ0051348444800This has now become a stapple at my workplaceI am a software engineer, but the worst kind, an extrovert! Well, in comparison with my co-workers, at least. Seeing the world from both sides, I know that a quick way to get an IT person to come out of their shell is with treats. Over the years I've tried many, and this candy has proven itself as the most successful and appreciated.

If your co-workers (or whomever the recipient is) cares about their junk food consumption, which my co-workers do, this is a pretty light snack for the amount of flavor it brings. They are called "soft", only in comparison with candy canes. They are solid, but dissolved quickly in the mouth, with tons of flavour.

Highly recommended.
390239390239B000SSQXNWA3UXFI8RTOCRS4O. Kikin7731225411200½ pounds, not 1.5The tea is good, but the description is misleading. It's only ½ lb (227 grams).
390240390240B000SSQXNWA115RWZMJKD8B4Spinktec5511303430400Wrong quantity listed not 1/2 lb actually 1/4 lb (120 gm)I buy this tea often (it is very good) and am aware of three quantities it is sold in: 120 gm (0.25 lb), 227 gm (0.5 lb), 454 gram (1 lb). The description of this item says 1.5 lbs which I have never seen before, so thought it was a typo and was probably 0.5 lb. This was substantiated by another reviewer's experience where they received 0.5 lb instead of 1.5 lbs. The price for 0.5 lb was a good, not great, but I still opted to buy a quantity of two 0.5 lb tins instead of one 1.0 lb tin from another Amazon vendor. My rational? The price was nearly the same $8.50 for each 0.5 lb tin from this vendor or 17.50 for one 1 lb tin from another vendor. I thought having two tins would preserve the freshness of my 1 lb total Jasmine Tea for a longer time. How surprised was I when this item arrived in the even smaller quantity of 120 grams (1/4 lb). I tried to return it, but the I got stuck in an Amazon do loop. After filling out the return form I was given the message that this product required special handling and must be returned through customer service (link provided). I clicked the link, filled out the form, but at the end it referred me back to the return processing center (link provided). I clicked the link and it took me back to where I started. I've already proved I'm gullible so it's not unexpected that I thought that some switch was now flipped by the visit to the customer service area that would allow me to use the return processing center... nope. It again required customer service involvement. I decided not to waste any more time and wrote this review instead. I'll drink the tea and enjoy it, but I paid more than I needed to. Oh yeah, the packaging was terrible too.
390219390219B0062PLUCYAKC2MRMNY874HRick J0051344729600GREAT BbqGreat bbq out of the bottle,great on ribs,chicken. You can use it as a base and make it your own. GREAT BBQ
390220390220B001EPQT50A1YBO09B5UVV2IAnthony "Trendsetter 4u2nv"1141252713600Too Much Peanuts I think !I think for mixed nuts there's too much of peanuts in the jar, but if you just want to have some nuts and notpaying too much to the type of nuts then its a good buy.
390221390221B001EPQT50AK07JHTK0VVD1M.E.R "Texan"1121245801600Mixed Peanuts and AlmondsThis product boasts less than 50% peanuts. Ok fine.
Buy this if you like a lot of almonds and peanuts. There
are hardly any of the other nuts in this mix.
390222390222B000BXX39QA885NJR1PP5I4Reiver "G. Douglas"121251179619200Newman's is hard to find!Newman's is hard to find because everybody has discovered organic. They have also discovered that buying from a company that makes it's own food is safer than a company that just labels whatever another company makes for them.

Newman's and a few others make and distribute their own food.

Therefore, they are very careful what they put in each bag and can.

I have been using Newman's Own for several years because it is organic for the most part and the rest of the ingredients are "human quality". They also do not use wheat gluten or rice protein. They do use flaxseed, kelp and sea salt among other healthful, tasty ingredients.

The price is reasonable for organic food, and my two girls love it.
390223390223B000BXX39QA3DQUL6SGQVGG9Lori7751186617600Great productI received my order quickly and my dog loves the food. I've already ordered more of the same product.
390224390224B000BXX39QA2BIZYCZ9I63NOAntoinette Rose "Antoinette Rose"6651178928000excellent productThis is an excellent product. My dog loves it and I feel better feeding her organic. The delivery was quick and the customer service is excellent.
390225390225B000BXX39QA206IXR21LV32IPatricia B. Rantkowski2251286496000Newmans OwnOnly food my dog will eat. All natural, you can actually see the vegetables in the food. Best way to ensure your dog is getting the best food. And, of course, you know the money is all for charity.
390226390226B000BXX39QA3MDWD2RS2SCC3kokosmom0011334016000Damaged cansCans were badly dented making opening them very difficult, labels were damaged or completely off of cans, and the product was too "soupy". Koko refused to eat it. Not what was expected from a Newman product.
390228390228B0049YMB5UA1VUAAIORM813SSarah Lynn Kerr4451307404800Great product, great price!This buckwheat flour is a great value and the quality is excellent. I received promt answers to my questions from the company and found the customer service to be excellent. I'll definitly be purchasing this flour again.
390229390229B0049YMB5UAFVE87Z80MOP0E. Vaught "GF/CF Mom"2251331424000Great River buckwheat flourGreat price, fast shipping. Good product, love adding it to my gf baking. We also cook it like a hot cereal, we always like cheese grit, but can't have corn anymore - we make our favorite - cheesy buckwheat (cooks very quickly, so too long makes a goo). Worth experimenting with. Mild nutty flavor and bakes up smooth, not gritty like some flours.
390230390230B0049YMB5UA7I2F4052CDLRV. Manin2251326931200Fresh and Wonderful FlourWas it risky ordering 25lb bag? Yes! Was it worth it? 100% This is the best buckwheat flour I've tried so far. We divided this bag between 3 families and I'm wondering if we'll have to order more soon. This flour added fresh nutty flavor to our pancakes, bread, and muffins. Even people normally unfamiliar with buckwheat liked the taste of it. Great product!
390231390231B0049YMB5UA2F5P16ODGVVA2mrbill1151346976000really good,, really!!!!!!!My wife has health problems so we bought this to help with carbs. I really like the things she has been making with it. We use it for everything using flour. I know I couldn't have bought it here for this price,can't beat amazon
390232390232B0049YMB5UA2HR46RXO7JZNHandnk1151326326400Great qualityI'm using this flour for my crepes at my creperie, I love it (and my customers love it too). I tried different other brands and I found the taste of this flour more mild.
390233390233B0049YMB5UA39EHHWIUND7ALKrystyna0051349568000Excellent product - You won't find a better price than thisBeing gluten free isn't cheap, but this company makes it a lot more affordable. I have not found a cheaper price on buckwheat than this, nevermind it is organic too! We just went through our first 25 lb bag - it cooks & tastes wonderful. You won't be let down. I'm buying another 2 bags today!
390234390234B004EAO5C6A3RHTZ6FYUW3FVLoriJane0031350864000seems okayMy baby seems to like it okay. It is grainy but I imagine most powder formulas are. We have only tried one other Organic formula and it went bad before we were half way through with the canister. This one I could buy at Target for a fairly reasonable price, seems like I can find it cheaper there than on Amazon. The smell is mild compared to the other brand we tried. I have no complaints so far.
390235390235B004EAO5C6A3FJFB0Q21VKYOextra-lazy "vergissmeinnicht1984"11611332374400my baby had to be rushed to ERMY lo had to be rushed to the ER!!! Allergic Reaction after this Formula. Her entire Body was swollen. Never had any problems with any other Formula....PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!
390236390236B000JJLXXKA21XGF9IMR5UB6Take no prisoners1151326240000Ready yourself.These mints are addictive. Sinfully delicious. They melt so fast in your mouth, eating 2 quickly becomes 20, and 20 the whole tub.
390237390237B000JJLXXKAGW8V6K1SUF3INinea Bidness "Reading takes me on great adve...1151273795200Addictive!We got some soft peppermints over the holidays and when they were gone, I went looking for more. These aren't exactly the same, but they're very good, and it's very hard to eat just one!

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