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390284390284B002KEJYGAA2W79UYN1A94NDSean A. Roberts0111325808000CheapYou can get this same product at many local grocery stores. Look around, maybe find a local store.

This costs 3X the amount I would pay at any store.
390285390285B005HIXQ4MA36UTBJJKB89R8Robbie's Momma1151329350400Amazing!These cookies are simply amazing! They taste absolutely delcious, and they really did help me increase my milk supply for my son in only a matter of days! They are one of a kind, worth every penny, and I highly recommend them to anyone struggling with milk supply, or just looking for a delicious treat!
390286390286B005HIXQ4MAQPI7M90W57C2R. Lamparter "Raych"0051349308800I was skeptical, but yes they work!My background: I'm a working mom who exclusively breastfeeds. I know my infant is receiving plenty of breastmilk when he nurses at home. My downfall is pumping at work. I only get 3 pump sessions with less than 15 minutes for each one. I usually pump at work before I start, during my lunch break (and eat lunch at my desk) and about 2 hours before I drive home. My commute is a bit more than an hour each way. I was struggling hard to fill four bottles of 4 oz of breastmilk a day that my son drinks. Three for the daycare and one at home for my husband to use until I can make it home. We had just wiped out my barely there frozen supply and I was spending the weekends pumping like mad when my infant wasn't nursing to build that extra supply back up. I had been trying the Mother's Milk Herbal tea, which seemed to only give me the runs and cause massive gas in my infant. I didn't appreciate running to the bathroom all the time, but my infant got a kick out of tooting all day with the tea.

I can't remember where I read about the lactation cookies before, but I was getting at wits end, especially when I started to pump even LESS. I guess since my son is at the 6 month mark, or my body might be trying to kick start ovulation, I don't know and it was driving me crazy. I tried extending my sessions at work and taking hits on annual leave to pump enough. My infant doesn't tolerate formula well and we didn't want to supplement him with the expensive formula, so I figured these cookies would be work a try.

What to expect: I started by eating two cookies a day. Don't expect to eat one of these cookies and double your pump amount that evening. I tried eating two cookies a day and by the end of the third day I had the 'man, my boobs really hurt' kinda sensation. I was at home, not at work, so I let my son nursing and then successfully pumped an extra ounce after he was done. I thought to myself 'damn, that was awesome'. It was. I now had some extra milk. When work started, I noticed a slight increase. I usually pump anywhere from 3-5oz a session. When I ordered milkmakers cookies, I was leaning more towards pumping 3 oz a session and spending about 20 min with a Lactina double pump to do so. It's now been almost a full week since I started having two cookies a day and now I'll be sitting at work and I know it's time to pump because I have the slight engorgement feeling, something I haven't had since the first few weeks of initially breastfeeding. And, how do I say this without sounding crass....when I pump, more comes out instead of taking 20 minutes to just get 4 oz, in about 10 minutes I'm pretty much done pumping, even though I keep on going. My supply while pumping at work has gone from around 3 oz lately to just about 4 oz, and sometimes topping 5 oz again.

The extra bonus is first thing in the morning when my infant falls back asleep after feeding I can manage to pump an additional 1-3 oz depending on how hungry he was when he nursed.

Overall, I'm pretty darn impressed. My husband even agrees the money toward the milkmaker cookies is worth it, and yes, he's tried a bite of a cookie and it's pretty tasty too. We're not big fan of formula, so we figure the cost of a 1 month supply of cookies would cost the same as one and half canisters of the speciality formula we'd have to buy IF we went the formula route.

I'm happy I can continue to breastfeed my son and I can pump enough at work each day to have bottles ready for him at daycare and when my husband picks him up. I DO try and get my son to 'top up' before I drop him off in the morning.

The only downside is the oatmeal and brewers yeast in these cookies gives me gas, but I'd rather have mild gas than the runs like the Herbal tea gave me.
390287390287B005HIXQ4MA1Q62S1E5H3Q2ALisa A. Rupertus0051347408000Tasty way to increase milk!First off these cookies are very tasty! I like that you can store them in your freezer and just take one out as needed. I think the only problem is just eating one a day!! Of course I did that but I thought about my next cookie lol!! So the real question is did they work for me. Let me give you a little back story. I've been nursing for about 21 months and my supply was really dwindling. My little one wasn't happy about that though. So I gave them a try and I was impressed with the increase! Definitely noticeable after about 3 days. This was an easy way to boost supply rather than taking many supplements and such. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed a boost.

**Disclaimer - I received a sample for review purposes. As always my thoughts are my own. You can read the full review on (just search for Milkmakers in the search box)***
390288390288B004ENHZVQA1VHK3SDIVH7CRBob W6641329609600English Licorice Allsorts via AmazonI purchased this item similtaneously with a buy of Bassett's All-sorts, a similar product of the UK. This item proved to be superior in guality and vastly better in cost. I'll probably buy this one again, epecially if available locally, to dodge the delivery costs--which typically exceed the cost of the item.
390289390289B004ENHZVQA3BOV5DWSAWUMDanimal lover 256651315094400authentic and sooooo goodI am an English Licorice Allsorts junkie. I only like the authentic, not the American fake crap. This is gooooood stuff. Just have to stop yourself from sitting down and eating the whole 2 pounds. They are that yummy.
390290390290B004ENHZVQAQTKAPWXG0N7Xaudge2243351310688000licorice reviewThis stuff is amazing...i got it for my dad because it's his favorite there quick and made his father's day
390291390291B004ENHZVQA36D607EDN2664Tenaj2221341100800Disappointed with stale licorice allsortsSometimes when my husband talks about his childhood and things he liked way back then - he mentions licorice allsorts. So I was excited to be able to buy him some of these treats from Amazon. Unfortunately, we were extremely disappointed in the quality of the product. The candy was stale and looked and tasted "old". We picked out a few edible pieces and kept the rest in a tin for a while but then ended up throwing it out because we knew it would not be eaten. Shortly afterwards I was in Home Goods and found very fresh and nicely packaged licorice allsorts for a great price. We love Amazon and buy almost everything from this site - but the licorice allsorts were not a success.
390292390292B004ENHZVQA2YJBMVKE7TJUPCoffeeCoffeeCoffee "michdof"1141340323200Quite spendy but deliciousthe bag that i received had a dime sized hole in it, but the product was still much fresher than what i normally get at the one store near me that carries allsorts. wish the price was a little less as i would be much more likely to purchase again.
390293390293B004ENHZVQA2MPCTEPLZRWENMarilyn Keeton1151335657600Excellent licoriceIt was sent in a timely fashion, the smell overpowered me when it arrived. Wow! Licorice is not
only healthy for you but the taste was scrumptious. First I bought a 2 pounder then a 5 pounder.
Loved it and shared it. thank you
390294390294B004ENHZVQA2KMQIB41DEQQ0hisWahini1151331424000allsortsordered for my hubby, these candy are not available in hawaii so always ned to have shipped in. very impressed with how quickly they nade it here and also they are very fresh. will order more
390295390295B004ENHZVQA21N57HQVPH5GValacarte1013411332288000Stale contents, virtually inedibleWe ordered and shortly thereafter, received the container of "English Licorice Allsorts," expecting an enticing, fresh package. Unfortunately, the enclosed licorice were anything but fresh. In fact, they felt and tasted like they were left overs from a year -- or more -- ago.
Consumers like myself, rely on Amazon to check, at least periodically, the age and quality of what they are sending to otherwise unknowing customers such as myself. Sending food is quite different from offering a choice of books for example like "new" vs. "used" or "date expired"
Please in future, do check -- at least on a random basis -- the quality of what you are shipping.
390296390296B004ENHZVQA125PN0NWGQFM1Barbara0051347840000Yummy Candy made great gift
390297390297B002CMPE0UA2ALVSM0ZIQLQUR. Cott1231265328000Taffy, some stale some notThere was a mix up on the quantity shipped but seller quickly corrected. Of the 9 boxws (Christmas gifts, two were hard and somewhat stale. Pleased overall, minus a couple of glitches.
390298390298B000FFILAGA18FTONUEYY0O3Diverse Interests0051202428800LOVE THIS TEA,This tea and it's sister products from Numi give a whole new meaning to green tea. The flavors are nuanced and sweet. We drink a lot of it.
390299390299B002Q7XT76A1EODKOIGPZ4K4D. Unzeitig "Dederama"0051283040000Love this teaI was very happy to find this tea at such a great price. I had received some as a gift and loved it but couldn't buy it where I live. I had tried buying other brands with the same flavor but they were too strong. When I run out I will buy more as it has a nice light flavor.
390300390300B004AH8XIKA2RYD1GMW7DM1QS. Crager "Crochet Mama"0051329436800Don't Get Any Better than Dutch GoldThis has got to be best honey I've ever tasted! It is so sweet and light, fantastic in foods but I like it best right out of the bottle!
390271390271B000K6VP9YA2E7XIUQEXY6C8Shelly Kurhajec "pug girl"0051294790400great saltThis salt is just awesome and I would recommend it to anyone. Try
some of the other ones like the black lava salt on steaks it awesome!
390272390272B002KEJYGAA1A4KZRWJ2D6JZUltraman 2000101051285372800"The Real Thing"... Alive and well and living in Mexico!You know, I've been drinking Coke my entire life (50years), so when I first heard that you could still find original 1960's formula Coca Cola made with pure cane sugar vs. high fructose corn syrup, I was doubtful. I had wondered if Coke was planning such an item after the success Pepsi has had with its "Throwback" line (As an aside, their Throwback Mountain Dew is amazing). After discovering this product already existed south of the border, I immediately ordered a six-pack just to see if there was any difference. The executives at CocaCola state there is no difference whatsoever in the taste of the two, and, well, while the great Coke taste is very similiar, the Mexican version has a much lighter, less syrupy aftertaste, which I would definitely prefer and could easily tell the difference in a blind taste test. In conclusion, simply, if you love Coca Cola, do yourself a favor and order this version. Now. You won't be sorry.
390273390273B002KEJYGAAJWBU88HV78UBJennifer Baier "Jenni"9911315699200It's actually 16.99 PER BOTTLE!!!!This purchase was an extreme disappointment to me. The item description states that it is a package of SIX bottles. I ordered two of this listing -- which means I should have received TWELVE bottles. I received two single twelve ounce bottles.

Sent feedback, but no response from the seller. Stay away from these guys.
390274390274B002KEJYGAAM2PMCRJI3WA7mexi-coke-less3311326758400terrible - only sent me some of what i orderedI ordered 3 6 packs and only received 14. Complete waste. Since it's a reseller, amazon was only able to provide an email address for them. I would've bought and sent them myself, but thought it'd be better to use a vendor to insure they'd be well packed etc. Would never order from this vendor unless you want to receive only a portion of what you ordered.
390275390275B002KEJYGAA20NFIHBSSF0Z1S. Berg "sb"4551292371200Is the price right? Yes!My first inclination was that Mexican Coca-Cola costs too much money. I changed my mind one day when noticed what I was charged for a glass of coke with my lunch, $2.99.

When you factor in tax and tip, you are looking at close to $4 for a drink of coke that came from a soda fountain and in no way compares to the taste of an ice-cold bottle of coke made with pure cane sugar produces.

If you are (or know someone that is) a Coca-Cola lover, then you will find this a fine treat (or gift) that is well worth the price. Best savored when chilled slowly with fresh ice (if you can wait).

390276390276B002KEJYGAAUXCL1WOEDY9BJoel D. Lucoff "Lawyerboy7"1121330041600$19.99 for a case at Home DepotYou can purchase a case of this for $19.99 plus sales tax at Home Depot. They also have Fanta Orange for the same price. I have also seen individual bottles at Publix Supermarket for $1.39. Publix also has Mexican Sprite.

The difference is sugar instead of corn syrup. Sugar is better. The US and Japan are the only countries in the world that use corn syrup instead of sugar.

Many grocery items on Amazon aren't worth it for one simple reason. They are not directly sold by Amazon. They are sold by a third-party who also charges shipping. People are looking to make a buck off of people who don't pay attention or don't research. Many people don't know you can buy Mexican Coke at Home Depot or other local retailers. Publix will order you as much Mexican Coke as you want and you may get a volume discount.

I gave this two stars only because the price is absurd and because there are no other two star items. The product is fine for sugar water.
390277390277B002KEJYGAA18OUQEK7IZ2F2Jason Kirkfield "The Pride and Sorrow of chil...3451297814400Takes me back to when I was a young Mexican boy working on the granjaOf course, back then everyone drank the good stuff. This was before the U.S. Government-sponsored sugar wars of the 1970s, leading the soft drink manufacturers to use cheaper high-fructose corn syrup instead. (+ History Lesson included below)

It was never a taste or health decision, purely cost. Of course we now know there are other (long term) costs: HFCS probably has plenty to do with the frightening increase in obesity and diabetes in this country. (* recent Princeton study; see link in Comments)

Coke's current U.S. offering isn't just bad FOR you. It tastes horrible, too. And despite official Coca-Cola comments to the contrary ("All of our consumer research indicates that from a taste standpoint, the difference is imperceptible"), anyone who has tasted both knows the difference. The suits in Atlanta have a vested interest in protecting their bottling partners on this side of the border. Their apparent failure at the taste test table thus becomes understandable if not acceptable.

On the other side of the border, however, Mexican Coke still uses cane sugar, which translates to pure sweetness not to mention less aftertaste. Nice heavy glass bottles add to the appeal. Find these at your local carniceria or bodega, or even by the case at some Costco or Sam's Club locations.

REFRESCO indeed!!!

P.S. If you are unable to find Mexican Coke locally and unwilling to pay the shipping premium here, just keep your eyes open this Spring for the special Passover Coke, which also forgoes the corn syrup for good old fashioned (and Kosher!) sugar.

[+ History Lesson follows]

By the late 1970s, increasing tariffs on imported sugar forced U.S. food manufacturers to develop alternative sweeteners. The answer quickly became high-fructose corn syrup, the price of which continues to be kept low through government subsidies for corn growers. Damn the taste, we know what fat Americans with dead taste buds want!
390278390278B002KEJYGAA29QJFY6KZRUMSS. A. Lokke "Silky Widdershins"0021343692800With this Price ,Are you Kidding??I was on Amazon looking for a 'Natural Soda', one with a sweetener that wasn't white sugar and no phosphoric acid,when I saw the Mexican Coca Cola. First off if you loved Coke in the 60's & early 70's ,you will LOVE this coke. I know I do. But the REASON I gave it 2 stars is not for the taste of the Product- well that would be the reason for the taste . BUT WHOEVER is BUYNG at this price is seriously getting RIPPED OFF !!! Especially when you can go into your favourite Target store and buy it for $1.19 to $1.25 a bottle. And there are grocery stores here in the San Joaquin & Sacramento Valleys of California that sell it for those prices too. Such as SaveMart, S Mart, Food Maxx, It's not usually in the soda aisle either, all these guys make you look for it too, including Target. But it's worth it in taste. And I personally think that McDonald's burger joints also use this formulation in their taps, because it sure as heck doesn't taste the same as the coke in a Carl's burger place. Egads , now I'm taste testing for burger joint colas??!!!
390279390279B002KEJYGAA38TUTSDEMIVWLRoyT0011339977600Rip OffAre you kidding me? At least in my area, Fairfax County, Virginia, there are plenty of places you can go to buy Mexican Coke for a dollar a bottle. Try places like Shoppers Food Warehouse, any number of ethnic grocers, even some gas stations. Just beware- Coke is bottling the "'merican" coke in small bottles, so make sure it is Mexican coke you're buying.


Oh by the way, this seller is a huge rip-off.
390280390280B002KEJYGAA1CLAI0MWUHUIKd2g from eBay0021334707200Over-priced Coca-ColaThis is a far over-priced rip-off! These full bottles were sold at WalMart for 99 cents each back at Christmas time 2011.
390281390281B002KEJYGAA13VSE7GONMIXOVeve0051323302400Great tasting!These sodas taste so good and refreshing! I did a taste test with an American cola and these are way better! Nothing like a cold Mexican soda!
390282390282B002KEJYGAA94H0RQW2W4AAKevin Brearey "nivek2112"0031307318400Great product...STEEP priceThere's nothing like a Coca-Cola with REAL sugar. I live for Passover time when I can get Kosher Coke at the local supermarket, which also has real sugar. For the in between times, I like to grab some Mexi-Coke. It's so much better than the regular Coke that is readily available at my local supermarket. If I didn't have a place close to my home where I could get it, I might consider paying the $21 here on Amazon. But since I can go to Wegman's and get a whole case (24 bottles) for $1 LESS than it costs for the 6 bottles here, I'll pass. 5 Star product - 1 Star price. (I split the difference with 3 stars for the review.) If you don't have Wegman's near you, consider taking advantage of this offer. If there's a Wegman's close to you, just go there and get a case.
390283390283B002KEJYGAA3TXJ103OQPRHSAndrew Chaplowitz0041301443200IMPORTANT UPDATE--CHANGE IN ORIGIN OF COUNTRYMarch, 2011--the 12oz. coke in the glass bottles that was bottled in Mexico, has been replaced on my grocers shelf as "made in the Honduras". It still is sweetened with cane sugar. Does it taste any different? Haven't tried yet, this is not a regular part of my cuisine. Will keep you loyalists posted. In the meantime, anyone who has input, plz contribute!

p.s. price is now $1.39@. Freight and food costs continue to escalate. Zaro' Penn Station has a sign, explaining how they could not hold prices. Coffee +115%, Wheat and corn +70%, etc.

UPDATE 3-31-2011 ShopRite in NJ is stocking this item for .99@ It does not state the country of origin but it is the 12oz retro glass bottle listed herein.

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