Amazon Fine Food Reviews

390331390331B001THW7AOAXUR5KZVBBF70Kita0051325548800Fantastic! SausageI have been searching for over two years, because all brands in my stores were discontinued, I found these best ever Pickled Sausages. The products I previously found in my local stores were ok but not nearly as good as these. I love to make appetizers out of them cut in half inch pieces with cheddar cheese and grape tomatoes on toothpicks. My guest love them too. We also love to eat them as a snack plain with crackers. I only wish they were available in smaller jars. I am worried they may go bad before we can finish the open jar of sausages.
390332390332B001THW7AOA3QZKZRFEJ0PMPRSB "RSB"0051310601600OutstandingPricey, but well worth it. Best pickled sausages you will get anywhere I think. Generous portions in this 2 jar deal as well. I will be a life long customer as long as they don't screw with the price too much in the future.
390333390333B001THW7AOA1L2FKLE1E22IMPatrick19480051278892800An old favoriteI haven't been able to get these since i moved out to the east coast and i was really surprised and happy that i was able to find them on amazon. A great spicy snack from the great minds of Lakeside foods.
390335390335B003X1A05IA3JXZ4I5QKNJZECindy L. Carter "Cindy Lou Carter"0051341100800Great snack bags of cashews.These 1.25 ounce bags of cashews are the perfect size snack to enjoy with a cold beer or other beverage of your choice.
390337390337B001EQ5L94A1SO7IHSQR4QCleah g.0051278892800Great product, company made goodMy Dad has loved these figs for years--they're wonderful.

My first order hadn't be well-packed and the cans arrived dented, but the company immediately sent a better-packed replacement (no charge). Good folks to deal with.
390338390338B001EQ5L94A1HLPE2AQV34JES. Beattie1311271116800very disappointedThe figs arrived today. EVERY can was damaged. Some had two significant dents while others had one dent. If I saw cans like this at the supermarket, I would not consider buying them. I do not recommend buying these figs.
390339390339B001LQTUOYA1WWIGADZ2B7OTHarish N. Sangani0031339804800Decent coffee, oversized podsThese Mega Pods are 1.5x the size of a normal pod. As such, they don't fit in a single pod holder, and you can't put two in a double pod holder. Only option is to put a single pod in a double pod holder and then manually control your brewing time to get the flavor you want. Either run a single pod cycle and get strong coffee, run a double pod cycle to get OK coffee, or press the OFF button at approximately 1.5x brewing time to get good coffee.

Another problem I encountered is that the pod paper seems to be somewhat resistant to getting wet. Since the pod fits loosely in a double pod holder, the hot water has an opportunity to bypass the pod for several seconds before finally wetting the paper and then getting into contact with the coffee. When this happens, you get foamy white water for a while and lousy coffee. I was able to overcome this problem by first wetting both sides of the pod with tap water and then pressing the pod into the holder. By doing so, I was able to get a good looking stream of dark foamy coffee coming out at the start of the brew cycle, as it is supposed to be.

The flavor is decent, but it is easy to get better flavor by making my own pods with the Perfect Pod unit and pod filter papers. I only use these Baronet pods as a backup option when I have run out of my home-made pods. Since these pods are individually wrapped, I don't have to worry about the other pods losing their flavor once the box has been opened.
390340390340B00193KE9YA3EL6T51IPLFM8Joyce L. Damico "Biltmore09"0051279670400DeliciousI bought this not knowing what to expect, was I glad I did. Delicious and healthy. A snack with a good protein/carb/fat ratio.
390341390341B00193KE9YA26ZF2UNT7AYCVS. M. Hayenger0051241136000Delicious!I bought this product thinking it would be something like a trail mix. However, the tastes of chili and spices made this an absolutely delicious treat- I was suprised at the difference and I would definitely recommend this tasty snack to anyone. Usually when I eat regular trail mix, I get a slight tummyache from the sweetened dehydrated fruits, but this product had my tummy smiling all night. :) Yum!!
390342390342B001M1V302A2ZJSLWT0IINU8D. Smothers "Customer2"3341291420800Taste fineNothing special about this honey, taste like regular store bought honey. I was buying this every month or so, but due to the price increase I went to another product that is a lot cheaper and has a subscribe and save option. Plus, the box this thing comes in is unnecessarily huge.
390343390343B005IDW1AGA1FF5NFZIK2SLGKelly0051341964800Freezy PupsDogs love them! They are sticky when handling them though so be prepared to wash your hands, or let your dogs lick them clean!
390344390344B000H7GSDYA12KWI62AASJVJK. Foster "krankedyann"5641155427200Incredibly tasty but crumblyThese cookies have incredible flavor. They're so good the flavor is addicting. But the cookies are crisp so they're crumbly to the point that you need a plate to eat one without getting crumbs all over yourself. One bite and the cookie disentegrates all over the place. If you don't have a soy, egg, milk or peanut allergy, these would be the ultimate cookie if it weren't for the crumbles.
390345390345B000H7GSDYAOHDETG6CJYH4Lousy Cook2231182816000Usual Great Pamela's TasteThese cookies have the same old great Pamela's taste, however the box that I received contained 50 packets of broken and smashed cookies. The cookies are packed two in a foil pouch, 50 pouches in a cardboard shipping box. Every last one of the pouches was damaged (I assume during shipping) with damage ranging from both cookies broken into two pieces to the more common extreme of opening a pouchful of crumbs. Still edible, but oh, so annoying. Had the cookies been packed or shipped to avoid damage I would have given this product 5 stars for their excellent flavor (mild peanut butter, good chocolate wallop) and sweet tooth satisfaction.
390346390346B000H7GSDYAQZK1E5KO225ZArlene M. Turney "AMT"1141231632000AMTThe peanut butter cookies are very good but some of the packages the cookies were all broken up. I had gotten the other cookies by "Pamela" and on the whole they were not broken up like the peanut butter ones. They are very good so I will buy them again.
390347390347B000H7GSDYA3QGWQWVMRMWWVSandra from WA1151182816000Sandra from WAIf you like cookies, you may have problems stopping at just a couple. These are gluten and wheat free. Great taste and texture.
390348390348B000H7GSDYA2JPIEMQR59YZ5Julia1151178755200Simply the BEST gluten-free cookie EVER!!When you eat these, you will forget they're gluten-free because they are the best tasting cookie ever!!!! I dont know about the other cookies that Pamela's Products offers, but this peanut butter choco chip is the best!
390349390349B000H7GSDYA2FTODU6YGP4DGK. Nolan "Gluten Free Babe"1151170201600Love Peanut Butter Cookies?If you do not eat gluten, and you love peanut butter cookies, you HAVE to try these cookies! They are so superly delicious! They are somewhat crumbly in the box, and at least one cookie in every box will be broken into pieces. But they are so good you will not even care! Definitely try them, you'll love them.
390350390350B000H7GSDYA2IFYWQ4RC21NEL. Shively0041337731200Tasty but DryI enjoyed the flavor of these but they were a bit dry and therefore very crumbly. The flavor reminds me of the peanut butter cookies my mom used to make with the Hershey's Kiss on top. I have a whole package so I may try microwaving the cookie for a few seconds to see if the crumbliness and dryness disappear. Will report back when I do.
390351390351B000H7GSDYA3CCNVQNHQ9HB9JBlock0041336089600How the cookie crumbles.These cookies are gluten and wheat free, but do contain dairy products. They are very good for the kind of snack that they are. I find them a little dry and out of three boxes, (they come as 12 packs of two cookies in a box,) only the first came with the cookies intact. A lot of them were almost all crumble with very little cookie. But if you need to stay gluten free, then you would probably enjoy them anyhow.
390352390352B000H7GSDYA32BB93M3NU59KSarah Thompson "Particular about products!"0011330992000Crummy.As others have noted, these don't arrive as cookies. They arrive as crumbs. And, on top of that, the crumbs I received tasted stale. Customer lost.
390353390353B000H7GSDYA34R9HBZGB0I1MDiana Podmazko0051318032000Best crumbs everYes, it is usually comes in crumbs form. Like 40% of it. But it is really good gluten free dairy free crumbs. Probably the best.
390354390354B000H7GSDYA3P20BVS6Y1LPRMichelle M. Hansen0021316476800Crumbs - Product was not as orderedI ordered cookies, but I received crumbs. I don't enjoy eating my cookies with a spoon. I'm never buying these online again, just local. I enjoy Pamela's Products, but I am gravely disappointed with the shipping/handling methods for this product.
390355390355B000H7GSDYAPJFQN4KTXUHRMr230031314403200Was: Whole Cookies! Now: Still arrive as mostly crumbsUpdate 5/19/12: Enough of the crumbs already. Guess Pamela's has no interest in fixing the production. I'm canceling, there are better cookies.

Update 3/20/12: My latest shipment arrived with no damage to the box, but some of the cookies were completely reduced to crumbs. Odd thing is in some cases a single 2-pack would have a whole or nearly whole cookie, and the other was totally crumbs. The manufacturer's production quality must be inconsistent, and it just takes a certain amount of shipment vibration to crumble the 'weaker' cookies. Odd thing is this is the first batch I've had that were so thoroughly reduced to tiny crumbs. Pamela's needs to tweak their manufacturing.

Update 11/7/11: Ditto. Great product arrives intact. Keep shipping them in the display pack via USPS.

Update 10/9/11: Ordered the 12 pack of 2 packs again, arrived in the same shelf display package, with intact cookies. Keep it up Amazon, this is working.

Update 10/1/11: I took a chance and ordered another package. This one came in a long 'shelf display package', which was shipped USPS. If they stick to this packaging and shipping, I'll order these cookies regularly. So far every 2-pack has had whole complete cookies with minimal crumbs. Way to go, Amazon! I'll attach a picture under the 'customer pics'.

Update 9/26/11: a second attempt resulted in larger cookie pieces, and one of the packages contained two whole complete cookies

Original review: The 12 pack of 2-packs was delivered in a plastic bag. They must travel around Amazon in this fashion, and are reduced to crumbles as handled by Amazon. The bag was packaged in a large box along with a 6-pack of cereal boxes; there could have been more filler around the cookies bag, but I doubt it would help much if the cookie bag is tumbling around Amazon before shipment packaging.

The cookies themselves were okay, not as good as nutter-butters. Can't really judge them as cookies when most all of them were broken. There were a few almost 'halves', but they were coated in crumbs. Some of the packages had melted chocolate. Basically you have to pour the packages out into a bowl and eat them with a spoon. I agree with the last reviewer, except, I'm willing to reorder in the future if Amazon can send a replacement shipment that arrives mostly or all intact.
390356390356B000H7GSDYA3ULHE7FARKPUMLisa Hughes "cincyceliac1"0021312416000Cookies taste great, IF you like CRUMBS!I LOVE these cookies, but I have ordered them several times from Amazon, and EVERY time I get them, 80-95% of the cookies are broken. They are not just broken in half, many are mostly just large crumbs ! Since they are a bit costly, and appear not to ever arrive intact, I will not be ordering them anymore. :(
390357390357B000H7GSDYA3AC0FFZOHAXMRtealeaf0021302739200oily and richThese cookies are very rich, oily and smell so strong that you can smell them through a ziplock bag. We won't buy these again. They didn't taste very good.
390358390358B000H7GSDYA11K26H5MTNP0CJenn of Albion0051287100800Good but CrumbyThe cookies are delicious, but they did not survive their shipment well. At least two-thirds of the cookies had been reduced to crumbs by the time I received them.
390359390359B000H7GSDYA2HRRKNNZN255JAA0051284681600Pamela's Delicious CookiesPamela's Products Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies are tastier than their gluten counterpart. The flavor is spot on and the dough is lighter than regular wheat products. Shipping did break a few of the cookies. But I ate the pieces all the same.
390360390360B000H7GSDYA1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell0051284681600Great Cookie, But Buy It LocalAs everyone has noted, these cookies do not travel well. They will arrive as crumbs no matter what. I highly suggest buying them locally, not online. They have a great nutty flavor, balanced well with the chocolate and a slightly salty dough. Really good combo of flavors.

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