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390361390361B000H7GSDYAET2BRH3JRW7JPhillip Banks0031284681600Tasty but Crumbly - Eat them with a spoon!Like many have said, these cookies are really tasty. I love the flavor. I'm only rating 3 stars because I got six boxes and every box had approximately 75% of the cookies broken/crumbled. The recipe abviously needs to be tweaked. That being said, I too find it difficult to not eat a whole box in one sitting. I eat them with a spoon! They'd probably be very good sprinkled over vanilla ice cream - gotta try that. I love the flavor of these cookies, but hope that Pamela's fixes the recipe so they don't crumble in transit (or upon the first bite if you are lucky enough to get a cookie that is completely intact). I've tried several of Pamela's cookies and this is the only one that was COA (crumbs on arrival) :-)
390362390362B000H7GSDYA3U2PY7C9KN1RUKirkland WA0031281830400cookie crumbsThese cookies taste good but were in pieces so it was just eating coookie crumbs not a whole cookie.
390363390363B000H7GSDYA30VW5U99E33UPAll Natural M0051265500800Heavenly Taste..OMG
These cookies are perfection. They're healthy and taste better than any other cookie (healthy or not) out there. So goooooood with a cold glass of any milk.
It's a shame I can't get these shipped internationally since stores are always out of them.... No other cookie comes close.
390364390364B000H7GSDYA2E27PODYFZBGCDonna0051258070400Gluten Free delightA crunchy delicious peanut butter cookie with chunks of chocolate buried throughout. Slightly crumbly but not dry. Perfect for the gluten free diet, kid or kid within. Enjoy
390365390365B000H7GSDYAZ4559S8F5J4FGuy Stewart0051247961600YUM... My FavoriteThis is my favorite store bought cookie. Crumbly texture, great flavor and gluten free. The only problems are not eating a whole box at a time, and sometimes they arrive somewhat crumbled from shipping.
390366390366B000H7GSDYA2VY6PIZHB12QKgarnet100051243987200Delicious cookies--DON'T BUY ONLINE!These cookies were a real gluten-free surprise; however, although we are used to gluten free cookies breaking apart easily, the pack of 6 was so poorly wrapped by Amazon that every cookie arrived crumbled in pieces. Try to find these cookies in a store instead.
390367390367B000H7GSDYA2A51EX01XIOULLexi Marie Mayhem0051238544000YUMMY : )I got this pack of cookies for my mom she cant have gluten she loves them so much she will buy more and she says she can tell they honestly are gluten free. It can be hard for people want to eat well or have special diet needs to have treats so I am happy I found these.
390368390368B000H7GSDYA1J0RTP8KK7WWHRobert Brejla0051220572800Chocolate Heaven!For all you Gluten Free people out there, this is the best buy for the money. Excellent product.
390369390369B000H7GSDYA1BKE63TJW70KTnrhp "ATC"0051218931200gluten free at its best!Pamela's products are incredible! These cookies, specifically, taste great! Kids and adults alike will love them Celiac or not!
390370390370B000H7GSDYA3RSBKFBOOZZG5R. Billings0051213574400Surprisingly Yummy CookiesTo be fair, I should say that I haven't ordered these cookies from yet, so I can't speak for the condition they arrive in. I sampled them recently and was looking for an online source for family in another state.

In any case, the cookies I tried were surprisingly delicious! I picked up a sample packet at a local health food store, and didn't have high expectations. I bake the vast majority of my own goodies, I'm a very experienced baker, and I don't normally eat gluten-free products. I was happily surprised to find that these had a good peanutty flavor, pleasantly crumbly texture, and lots of little chocolate chips. Unfortunately, I think that the crumbly texture is probably what makes these less than ideal for loose shipping.
390371390371B000H7GSDYA1Z43NQ2QZPLHFAlpine Spirit1221233187200Broken but DeliciousMy husband is gluten/casein free and misses yummy sweets. I ordered these cookies for him for Christmas thinking they would be fabulous. They came in handy individual packets full of completely crushed but delicious cookies. I should have called for my money back, but I don't want Amazon to discontinue the product, I just want the shipping problem fixed.
390373390373B000H7GSDYA5FGP8DJ0KNEVWilliam L. Stokes "BillS"0111235692800Pam Cookies:I will never buy Cookies OL again. What I got was 5 boxed of cookie crumbs.Not one full cookie in the shipment.
390374390374B000H7GSDYA3UG1KBRLW3WMEEleanor H. Ferri "buddy's mom"0111186099200too crumblyI love the taste of these cookies but they were mostly just crumbs. I bought the dark chocolate as well and thet hold together like a normal cookie. I got a second box of the PB and they were still just crumbs and flour rather than cookies.
390375390375B000H7GSDYA2BIG8S2F7N3KHLady Soul "book worm"1311236038400The worst cookie ever!!!!!I ordered these cookies recently. When they got to my home every single cookie was crumbled in a million pieces. And they tasted awful. The worst cookie ever!! :(
390376390376B001D3NXHAA2UEX9B7BYWL07J. Gorman0051323388800Love this gumThis is my favorite brand and flavor. I know it's a popular one, which is why I thought it was weird that my local stores had stopped carrying the 3 pack versions.

Finally decided to bite the bullet and bulk order. Glad I did, as it's great to have this many packs at my disposal.
390377390377B001D3NXHAA39OGZGZK7TT04PurplePancakeLady0051323129600Great flavorThis flavor is getting increasingly hard to find here in SoCal. I don't care for Peppermint or Spearmint, and those other newer gums are way too strong - I just want to freshen my breath not kill it! This gum is sugar-free and it stays soft both in the box and in your mouth until you throw it out. Thanks to Amazon for making it available!
390378390378B001D3NXHAA34Y6AS1QDP3GWAndre D. Parris0031315958400Better Prices at SAMS CLUB (NJ) - $14.75Buying from Amazon is convenient and often times a thrifty option. However this product can be purchased for about 25% less at SAMS CLUB (NJ). Nevertheless, I'll probably continue with this option rather than face the check-out lines!

The gum is standard fare. Great to keep at the office.
390379390379B001D3NXHAA3KPI7PYPXEILYS. Jerard "natsteve"0051276041600The Best Gum!OK, I know gum is pretty mundane, but this Extra Winterfresh has been my favorite gum for 5 - 6 years now. It tastes great and lasts forever. It doesn't get hard after chewing for a while like many gums do. It always seems to retain a little bit of flavor no matter how long you chew it too! I used to buy bulk amounts like this from Costco, but they stopped carrying it and Amazon is the only place I could find it in bulk. At last I can stock up!
390380390380B0019FR23SARVQ4KDMT0FS9Memento Mori5551302739200Beautifully Handcrafted PieceThis bowl arrived quickly, but it was safely packed inside an attractive box. The glaze is a very reflective black with a single, subtle cloud-like accent mark for character. I was drying the bowl upside down today and noticed a seashell-like design at the bottom which may indicate who made the piece or it may just be a nice flourish. It's really amazing the quality that went into the piece for this price, my bowl is just as perfectly crafted as the one in the picture. If you zoom in on the picture you can really see the quality of the glaze, it's especially evident in the blue-cream accent mark but also the perfectly smooth piece as a whole. A handmade piece like this never depreciates in price and would cost much more if purchased at a retail store, that's why it would make an excellent gift for anyone interested in tea, Japan, pottery, or just quality housewares.
390381390381B0019FR23SA3V8UUBNUE392RC. Cox4451291766400You get what you pay forIt's an all-around solid Matcha bowl. I really like that the bottom has a rough surface that helps reduce slipping when handling it.

What the description does not mention is the actual size of the bowl: It holds exactly 16oz of liquid, which makes for a lot of room for whisking your Matcha powder of choice.
390382390382B0019FR23SAOJYWCPS98GHJB. Bartz1141266192000greatMuch better than the matcha bowl I got from Teavana, which cracked in just a few weeks use. Of course it's different material, and it was way cheaper ($10), but there's more room in the DoMatcha bowl and has already outlasted it.
390383390383B0019FR23SA1SWN568W5HMV3Nome de Plume81251254873600No, it's goodThis is a tea bowl. I doubt the Japanese eat "cereal" (American fake-breakfast sugary junk food swimming in cow's fat). Many cultures, such as say, Japan (and even France) drink tea from bowls. It is black, not brown. I love it--it's beautiful, and elsewhere handcrafted Japanese tea bowls cost about $60.
390384390384B0019FR23SA2R9ZTKUMRZ48KBookworm "Bev"0051280620800Nice Matcha BowlMatcha bowl is as handsome as I thought it would be. Looks handmade but elegant. I've been using it for awhile. I like it.
390385390385B0019FR23SAJFWXWW6SZ8ITTherapist3551255737600Great Matcha Tea Bowl for the price!This bowl is perfect for "Summer" use of Matcha. The tea does cool faster because it is a Summer bowl. The colors are Black, Brown, with a flash of Blue and Yellow.
I have made matcha daily in this bowl since I've received it. It is easy to wisk the tea because the interior is smooth without seams to "trap" the tea. It would be useful for a small bowl of oatmeal, grits, rice, or miso soup -- if someone was so inclined. It arrived very well packed and protected. Nice design, handling ability, and price. It appears to be made in Japan evidenced by the package (box) and the wrapping paper inside the box. All my Japanese made items come wrapped in this type of paper.
390386390386B0019FR23SA2BH025YKVKI2Corganic girl1221334361600Pretty to look at , not all that I expectedMy first bowl arrived in March, well packaged and I was very excited to open the box. To my surprise, the DoMatcha Handcrafted Bowl was smaller than I had anticipated. I have seen others that hold more, making the whisking process easier, which avoids spills over the side. It would have been helpful to have the capacity available, before ordering.The bowl is very pretty and does look exactly like the photo. My only concern was with the lack of smooth glazing around the top edge of the bowl. Running my finger along the edge gave me concern about drinking from a surface that appeared sharp to the touch. I checked to see if the bowl could be returned. Unfortunately it could not, so I called Amazon customer service for assistance. They confirmed that the bowl could not be returned however they would send me another as a replacement. The second bowl arrived promptly within the week. I am very sad to report that the second bowl is exactly the same as the first. Same feel to the top edge of the bowl. This makes me wonder how mass produced these bowls are. So now I have two bowls which I will most likely use for mixing and not drinking. I guess I expected better quality for the price of this bowl.
390387390387B0019FR23SA1MWAWCVJJ19YOsantiago0151316476800PerfectoNo solo es hermoso sino que conserva la temperatura interna pero con un aislante externo que permite manipularlo sin quemarse.
390388390388B0019FR23SAZMOM619PTO5BCarryit0241265760000i like my green tea bowlit does what its supposed to do.... i make and whisk match green tea in it... it is kinduh pretty.

although its a bowl it is not much larger than a cup.

it looses a star for the price but i would still buy it again.
390389390389B0073I2596A3VSA64KDKWIA0Coffee Luvr2251325548800Delightful, High Quality ExtractThe previous reviewer is clearly confused. An "extract" is the essence of the plant or fruit (orange, in this case), mixed with alcohol. No alcohol, no extract.

That said, this extract is excellent and an astonishing bargain at its current price of $6.99.

The aroma is pleasant and, not surprisingly, smells just like oranges.

It adds delightful orange flavor to any dish. I made lemon poppy seed bread for Christmas and, instead of putting all lemon extract, put half lemon and half orange extract. Every single person who ate the bread said it was the best they ever had.

Don't be fooled by the confused and uninformed reviewer, this orange extract is excellent.
390390390390B0073I2596AZG3HY4YMNDBBabc12301211229817600MisleadingHalf alcohol - half extract. It would have been nice if the seller had stated the ingredients in the web information.

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