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390451390451B000E158ESAXM49VKU4FNTRR. Johnston2251218153600Delicious!I bought these crackers for my three year old son's lunches, but I have to admit I've eaten about half of them myself. They're great for portion control (because I really could eat a whole BOX in one sitting) and they're healthy. No trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, and they're delicious!
390452390452B000E158ESA1WE8KTC20NY65Denise1151309910400Delicious snackThese are a great alternative to the usual cheese/cracker snacks. I feel as though we're being healthier and the taste seems so much fresher. It doesn't have that chemical after taste. These would be great for smaller children as the cracker sizes are so small.
390453390453B000E158ESAPP8XWYYV4PAADebra Chong "ECommerceMaven"1151211760000Tasty little snackA bit small in portion but great tasting. Good for an afternoon pick me up.
390454390454B000E158ESA3W4Z3KAD1TH3MK. Kelly1151206316800DeliciousOur whole family loves these crackers. I am not under some sort of illusion that they are super healthy or anything but I do feel better about the fact that they are organic and don't contain a bunch of ingredients that I've never heard of. These are easy to pack in the diaper bag. I always try to keep some on hand because you never know when they will come in handy.
390455390455B000E158ESA3ULCBUW6M71WObizzymom1151195171200Great Travel FoodThese crackers are great "on the road" food. My kids love them, they are "grab-and-go", and they are a better alternative to the Cheese Nips and similar snacks we had as kids.
390456390456B000E158ESA34P733P0R7L7Qkhristal23 "khristal23"1151193961600These are wonderful!I love these crackers, and so does my 17 month old son. They taste better to me than other brands who make a similar product, and I don't have to feel as nervous about myself or my son eating them because they are made with all natural, all organic ingredients. I will never, ever buy the other big brands again!
390457390457B000E158ESA1OABR9CRD06NSlynnht1151178755200tasty!It seems like a lot, but they're great... especially if you have kids. I know consumer waste isn't a good thing with individual packaging, etc., but I REALLY like these individually packaged snacks. I usually buy a normal box at the store, but this has been so nice. We always keep a bag handy for trips & snack time. It's so convenient.
390458390458B000E158ESA2T4NGK4KHMB0OAdrienne Herbertson1151176422400Wholesome goodness and great tasteMy daughter can not stay away from these tasty cheese crackers.
390459390459B000E158ESAJGHA5JNKG1LOJackie1151174003200Taste great!These are great for packing lunches or snacks on the go without all of the bad stuff you get in the other commercially available products. Great price with the free shipping over $25 too. Will definitely buy again.
390460390460B000E158ESAH8NYD41MAT61Michael Kozlowski1151172620800Much better than Ritz BitsSo these are basically Ritz Bits, but with three differences:

1. The crackers are better; they taste more buttery and flavorful.

2. The cheese is better; it actually tastes like something that's met cheese in passing, and maybe even shaken its hand.

3. They're all organic 'n' stuff, so make you feel ever so slightly virtuous, and less like a slave to Big Food.

If you're packing lunches for kids (or snacks for yourself), these are great.
390461390461B000E158ESA299IGRBXYEH68Mom2Three2351216080000YUM!!We were running to the park last night and I stopped in the grocery store for a few snacks to bring along. I bought a 5-oz box of these crackers for $3.99. My son has autism and is *extremely* picky about what he will eat, it is almost impossible to get him to try something new. But I was hoping he'd give these a try.

I was amazed that he took a bite of these...and LOVED them! He hate half the box at the park! My 2-year-old and 11-month-old also enjoyed them, and I had to stop myself from stealing the box.

I am not a big fan of Ritz bits...I don't like the processed, "fake cheese" taste of them. The cheese on these tastes so much better.
390462390462B000E158ESA23INBAT3XAWYETankt900051288828800kids love it better than the peanut butter onesI ordered both the peanut butter and cheese flavors. Kids love the cheese flavor better than the peanut butter one, which they said has too little fillings and not much flavor.
390463390463B000E158ESA4B9AH9PV8MWOPatricia Gray0051287964800Yummy, low-cal and cheaper with the subscription!My toddler loves these crackers and I do too! They are the best snack now that I am pregnant again in my first trimester. They are only 120 calories per bag and are just the right salty, cheesy, cracker combo. They are a little salty, but not too bad (15%). My son likes them so much that he immediately learned to say 'crackers' after I bought them.
I subscribed and got the discounted price, but when I don't need them right away, I can adjust the shipment so I am not drowning in crackers, which is nice! Yummy!!
390464390464B000E158ESA1Z5YZ7S30GUOYHealthy Snacks Inc.0051255046400great snack!These are in convenient size packages for my daughter's school snack. Its just the right portion and its wholesome.
390465390465B000E158ESA1QEPRYXEAT4PNKatharine P. Johnson "kparkerj"0051254700800super good snackersthese are soooo good. when the price is right, they are a great snack to have on hand for long car rides or school lunches. they are better by far than the ritz - and way better for you.
390466390466B000E158ESACQFOW6SDPHRGbeachgirl850051246579200Best crackers ever!!I found a box of these at a local grocery store and they are so good! After eating Kashi crackers which tasted like sawdust I was skeptical to try these. When I got home and tired them I was impressed, the crackers are crunchy and the cheese tastes great. These are the best crackers I have ever had and I LOVE that they are organic. I would recommend these to anybody. Its like when you eat one you just cant stop thats how good they are!
390467390467B000E158ESAI6BZMZIATIR2Mom of 20051235347200Yummy!Our family loves these little crackers but couldn't find the pouches in the stores so it is nice to be able to find them here...and a great price too! Great for lunches and to stash in my purse for a snack!
390468390468B000E158ESA3PMR7RI2XOA44S. Swientek "Steph.The.Baker"0051224460800Yay!!!I love these crackers!! They don't sell them in individual packets anywhere near me!! Only the PB ones!! And these are so much cheaper!! Thanks Amazon!!!
390469390469B000E158ESA16D5NSC84VNQ7Rachel Wise "mom of three"0151235865600Super YummyI bought these for an after school snack for my kiddos, but after I tried them and realized they were so tasty, I kept stealing them for myself.
390470390470B000E158ESA1BW85SOG08RQ3Joy Battey0151227398400Very yummy!Our whole family loves these little crackers. The crackers are very rich and buttery and the cheese filling is delicious. They are a perfect snack for my 3rd grader and I like the small pouches because if I bought them by the box I think I might eat the whole thing! We highly recommend these!
390471390471B000E158ESA2XOFIS1IIZWYCS. Perry0141177459200Light and buttery crackers meet processed cheese filling.I bought these for my 18 month old twins for easily portable snacks. The package is the perfect size for them to share at snack time. The individual pouches make it easy for me to grab a healthy snack to go. My daughters love them and I like them.

The crackers are to die for. They are the lightest and the most buttery crackers I have every had. I plan on buying their plain crackers as well.

The cheese filling is ok. It is on par with other cheese filled crackers.
390472390472B005OPQF2IAA0YPCLUF78B4Elizabeth1141328140800Great food, high price on AmazonI just bought this at my local grocery this morning for a cat who has not been eating. She gobbled down two containers! I'm thrilled of course, and went on Amazon to order it in quantity...only to find Amazon's price is higher than my local grocery, which charges $1.29 per 2 oz pack and Amazon is $1.40. That's 10% higher. Of course, if I want to sign up for a montly subscription delivery, it brings the price down, but I have found that items sent regular 5 day mail wind up arriving damaged. The last case of another cat food I ordered through Amazon arrived with three cans crushed and split open. I had to throw them out. And that's not the first time that damaged goods have arrived by subscription/regular mail instead of Prime.
390473390473B005OPQF2IA38ORYSMOPFIFLS. Dalrymple "Mario appreciation"1151325548800Fancy Feast from Amazon is bestMy little darlings, and I use the word advisedly, absolutely love this. And for me, their obediant gourmet container opener, this is really convenient. I have a standing order so my precious pusses will not be without their very favorites for even one day. Thanks Amazon!
390474390474B005OPQF2IA2HE7AYQEMGDHXCherylY "CYG"0041346976000My cats like itMy cats like this cat food but darn, it's difficult to take the foil tops off the little tubs. I can't imagine how anyone who has arthritis could use this product.
390475390475B005OPQF2IAODZZSP2TBI25predbird0051341014400fancy feast appetizers for catsI have been purchasing this for I believe 6months. My two cats enjoy a treat before they go to bed they sleep better and are happy in the morning. I take one 2 ounce tub and devide it in two. I am using Wild Alaska salmon. They start asking for it around 11:30pm. They clean the bowls completely.
390476390476B0010Y137EA2NW205XABYPMNWalter L. Riggs "weirdwalter"0151238198400orchard choice mission figsI have been eating these figs for years, about one tray a week. They are a great & very healthy snack.
390477390477B007S9RMSOA2QZJ5R2BCYU4Itexan0031341014400not lime just greenCame super fast and good amount of sprinkles but they look like just regular green sprinkles not lime green at all. Will have to just use en anyway..
390478390478B001XPPT3EARTV4V8AB0LIUDaisy2251327363200Wonderful productI am so pleased that there is finally a prouct to help my loyal best friend. She has
issues with arthritis in her hips, and a dic problem in her neck. The Hip Flex with
the tart cherry juice has worked wonders. Thank you Overby, excellent service too.
390479390479B001XPPT3EA1Y4GAJBHLVD5XMelanie1131333497600My dogs don't really care for these treatsMy pups usually eat these reluctantly and sometimes spit treats back on the ground after they put them in their mouth. They typically get very excited when presented with a treat.
390480390480B001XPPT3EA1RFUI12SXX4GUL. Torok1241301356800overby dog cookiesThe cookies are good but I made the mistake in the size.I wanted the medium cookies.Next time I will read the small print.

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