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390511390511B004YU707IA26IAUUWFBXX8Jmjw0041347148800Shepherd loves themMy German shepherd loves these. She gets one for a nighttime treat; keeps her occupied for 5-10 minutes while I watch TV in peace! I gave the product 4 stars because it is pretty pricy.

Just checked Petco. Today they're selling an 18-pack for $15.99. I got two for $31.98 with $5.99 shipping. Even with tax, a much better deal.
390512390512B004YU707IAN3SW7ZA7EB1HD. Hyatt "Doc"0051340755200pet suppliesMy Boxer loves these duck flavor chews. She chews them until they eventually unravel and are merely husks. then she will bring me the old one to "trade", for a new one LOL.
390513390513B004YU707IA3GGKLPAXF570OLovinTN0051316304000my dog loves themMy Mountain Cur dog Chloe really loves these treats. She first eats off the duck wrapping then gradually chews the pork skin. It takes her about 15 minutes to devore the treat which is pretty good.
390514390514B004YU707IANPXUOBA8I15ADonna2611339200000Warning: These treats are made in China. FDA is investigating a link between these products and nearly a thousand deaths asThe FDA has issued a third warning about chicken treats made in China. Nearly a thousand unexplained illnesses and deaths associated with the treats have been reported to the FDA. See Facebook's site Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made in China and [...] for more information
390515390515B001HTN4HOAZQV7MHNCL1WYMatthew Gilbert "mattchicago"4431240272000Love BTN Grahams, But At What Price?This product is widely available in my area at local grocery stores for a little less than $3.40 per 8 oz. box. I love Back To Nature Honey Graham Sticks, and it would be nice to be able to order in quantity, save money and have it delivered, but I would have to be living the Ted Kaczynski deep-in-the-woods lifestyle and want this product reee-ally badly before I would consider paying $6.13 per box for it.
390516390516B0067YTE0AA265PCQZA1Y1WFJeffrey A "Jeff"0051350864000A great tasting snack that's good for you and contains no sulfur dioxide (E220)Crunchy N Yummy banana, like their Mango, Papaya and Pineapple is certainly in keeping with the Crunchy N Yummy brand name - it is deliciously crunchy.

The banana snack pieces are attractive. They look like naturally glazed rounded slices of the fruit. I find Crunchy N Yummy banana to be the most visually appealing of their 'tropical fruit' snacks.

Banana is a rich source of magnesium which is used for muscle tone of the heart and assists in controlling blood pressure. In general, magnesium is used to relax the muscles. I call Crunchy N Yummy banana my 'relax snack' :))

At only 110 calories per 1 ounce serving, you get the great taste and nutrition of a full serving of banana in packs that I can have on the go! I also use Crunchy N Yummy bananas in my cold cereals, yogurt and ice cream toppings. The kids love them too! ... that's a plus!

These banana snacks are 100% natural and certified USDA organic - just sun ripened and freeze dried banana with no additives.

Crunchy N Yummy snacks contain no sulfur dioxide (E220), a food preservative commonly used in dried fruit. (Some individuals may be sensitive to sulfur dioxide especially in large amounts).

Check around ... the price varies on Amazon.

Hope my review was helpful ... Jeffrey A. (Jeff)
390517390517B003DXGN70A3LC1H56PQNVQEginger lover "ginger lover"7851277164800Never tried pho before. Addicted nowI had never had pho before, it doesn't seem to be on most Vietnamese restaurant menus. I was interested to try this new product, Happy Pho Zesty Ginger since I am a
ginger addict, and love star anise. Mama mia, this thick noodly soup is really a new taste realm for me (already an asian food addict.) I doubled the ginger since I like more ginger than less, making it with chicken or with tofu (you could also combine.) I haven't had a lime around yet to use, but did use lemon instead and that was excellent. This product is healthy, and when used with tofu, vegan I believe. I think it's really going to take off with people who care about their nutrition but don't want to sacrifice taste. I give it two thumbs up!
390518390518B003DXGN70A37NT9E99AL05FJeannine East4451285113600Healthy, Delicious Alternative to RamenI made the Zesty Ginger noodles with Chicken for dinner last night. I followed the recipe and directions exactly (though I added some fresh spinach, too), and it was delicious!! My 10 year old daughter and I loved it. You know when you eat a meal that's good for you, and it makes your whole body feel good afterwards? That's exactly how we felt after eating Happy Pho. The portions are very generous (2 dinners + leftovers for lunch today) so along with being tasty and healthy, Happy Pho is also a good value. We tried this as an alternative to grocery store ramen noodles, and we'll never buy ramen again. Happy Pho is our new noodle.
390519390519B003DXGN70A8CL2KU86RT0MMax O. Martin4451284336000Great Product!I am very pleased with Happy Pho. A few years ago I had heart by-pass surgery and now have to watch my fat and sodium intake. I love soup, especially Pho, but it has been impossible to find, both in the supermarket and restaurants, that is not full of salt and msg. Your product has solved that problem for me. Happy Pho is a very remarkable soup. It is so full of flavor, but still healthy. You guys must be magic.
390520390520B003DXGN70A1WW1A9SD2LFEMBen3351307491200Delicious, Natural & EasyThese noodles are quick, simple to make and taste fantastic! I just threw in whatever meat and veggies I have in my fridge, and they came out tasting great. I just used ground beef -- cooked it in water with the spice packet -- threw in the noodles, some cilantro and some spinach and it tasted awesome. If you don't have meat or don't want to use meat, you can use Rapunzel bouillon cubes as a soup base too. I've done it that way too (for one person just combine one cube of Rapunzel, 2-3 cups of water and half
the spice packet, bring to a boil, add a noodle square and a bit of tofu and whatever vegetables you happen to have in your fridge). It's a really healthy, nutritious meal.

I'm really happy I found these soups. They're convenient and the ingredients are simple and nothing that I react to - basically just brown rice and spices - I know I can eat them all the time. Now I can just keep a few boxes of Happy Pho in my pantry for a quick healthy meal any time, especially on nights when I get home and don't want to cook or have to resort to greasy take-out.
390521390521B003DXGN70A3CMF68MCDAX3OJ. Lawson3351294272000Delicious Pho Noodles!Our family loves noodles, and I think we're fairly picky about our noodles. I was skeptical at first because I didn't really believe that brown rice pho noodles would be as good as the regular white rice noodles, but these are honestly delicious! My kids - 7, 4 and 1 1/2 loved them. Some noodles become mushy if you cook them for just a minute too long. When I cooked these the first time, I threw them in, and forgot about them, but they retained their shape and taste well, and were even still perfect as leftovers the next day. We've used them in a variety of different soups, in addition to pho - thai soup, japanese hot pot. We're running low now, but I will definitely be buying more.
390522390522B003DXGN70A27WCV9AVRBJX7bookstore sue3351287792000Quick and deliciousI have purchased the basic noodles, zesty ginger and shiitake mushroom and have really enjoyed them all. The noodles are quick and easy to make and we've had fun playing around with adding in different fresh ingredients to the different noodles. I sometimes find brown rice noodles a little heavy but the happy pho noodles are light and delicious.
390523390523B003DXGN70A3CHBE92I7EEQ4A.G Elmira3351282262400Ginger GreatnessWhat a great new food choice! Happy Pho Zesty Ginger Noodle Soup is both delicious and nutritious and makes for a very satisfying "real" food dish. I liked the opportunity to be creative by varying the vegetables one could add to the packaged noodles made of brown rice and organic green tea. The wonderful combination of spices brought the whole dish alive with great flavor and fragrance. The ginger and lime, although listed as optional, enhance the flavors. It's nice that it is a one pot or even one wok meal. I am especially pleased that the product is free of preservatives and artificial ingredients which I try to avoid for health reasons. I am looking forward to trying the other Happy Pho products.
390524390524B003DXGN70AF6C9G6HSSHWCAimee5651275350400healthy AND delicious!Growing up in a healthy home, low sodium foods were part of every meal - but they always tasted so bland. I am so excited to discover happy pho - it has low sodium, is gluten free AND manages to have SO MUCH FLAVOR. I don't know how you do it, I almost feel guilty chowing down on my noodles - they taste so good, I do a double take on the nutrition information every time. And talk about healthy: brown rice noodles - BONUS! Happy Pho has become a staple for me - it's healthy AND delicious - who could ask for more?
390525390525B003DXGN70A347G7MFRDGMPQamy nemson2251284336000Pho Sure the best PHO!!!!Very awesome fresh healthy and yummy! Thank you for bringing this superior product to market!
390526390526B003DXGN70AT41BKEW3O7WZNikki4551291507200DELICIOUS!!!!!Happy Pho is addictive! I prefer not to use the flavor packets and create my own dishes. One of my favorites is a spicy noodle soup. We use organic chicken stock, add ponzu, asian fish sauce and soy sauce, put shrimp, pork or chicken as the meat (or all 3) then add green onion and top with Bean sprouts and slivers of serano chilis (once cooked as a garnish). It is so good! I may add some chili oil for more spice but the overall flavor is excellent. The texture of the noodles are one of the most delicious attributes to Happy Pho.

We have created several unique dishes over the noodles. One standout is a fresh sea bass that was pan seared then placed over the noodles. The noodles were flavored with chicken stock, chili oil and a touch of white pepper. A medley of veggies were garnished and this was a huge hit with my family.

I love this product so much that I am giving Happy Pho to my friends and family for the holidays!
390527390527B003DXGN70A3E510E8JTN55DGreen Cook1151332633600My Dream ProductI came across this product on Amazon while scouting for healthy Asian products for my cooking show.
I was so thrilled to find and tried Happy Pho. Happy Pho is my "dream Vietnamese product". What makes Happy Pho my dream kitchen product/condiment? Firstly, because our family loves eating Pho, we don't mind eating Pho every few days (especially when it's chilly outside). Pho is the stable food in our home and I believe it is in most Vietnamese homes too. Secondly, Happy Pho is my "dream comes true product" because not only it made with the best ingredients for its kind (i.e. gluten free, brown rice noodles, organic spices, low sodium, and no MSG), but it's also tasty and easy to make. Lastly, Happy Pho is very low in calories per serving and it's even "printed on 100% recycled paperboard" :). If you want a more fancy Pho, I would recommend adding your favorite vegetables, baked tofu, or grilled chicken for more nutritious nutrients.

I am a Registered Dietitian, therefore I know the great benefits of eating complex carbohydrate/high fiber foods such as Happy Pho, especially something that you eat on a regular basis.
I hope that Happy Pho will continue to make more similar Asian products as Happy Pho that are tasty, healthy and are quick and easy to make.

I'm planning to buy more Happy Pho for myself and for my friends and family to try as well.
390528390528B003DXGN70A3HZTCDYS66SSLMac1141328054400helps to satisfy my pho cravingFor a number of years I lived in Arlington TX and ate Pho several times a week at the numerous Vietnamese restaurants there. But, now I'm about two hours away from any place that serves it. So, I bought this to hopefully get my Pho fix. I had to experiment a bit, rather than exactly follow the recipe on the box, but you can achieve a reasonable substitute for restaurant Pho with this product.

Different people will have different preferences, but here's how I've been using Happy Pho. Since I like beef better than chicken, and more broth than noodles, my stock is made from 6 cups of water with 3 chicken and 2 beef bouillon cubes per Pho spice packet (instead of the suggested 4 cups of chicken broth). Then, I only use 1/2 to 2/3 of a package of the brown rice noodles. For meat, I toss in about 8 pre-cooked frozen beef meatballs and several beef cold cuts.

I do follow the recipe on the amount of cilantro and ginger, but also add a couple of chopped up green onions. After that's all combined and cooked, serve it with spinach leaves, bean sprouts, and chopped up fresh serrano peppers on the side. I always add quite a lot of sriracha sauce, because I like the soup hot and spicy. (This also helps if you think you used too much broth for the amount of Pho flavoring provided.) Some hoisin sauce can be good, too.

This works pretty well for me until I can travel somewhere a more authentic version of the dish is served. I have also tried VV Foods Vietnamese Beef Pho Noodle Soup Spice, 1-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 10), which is another decent variation on the Pho spices - you get 3 spice packets per box. The same recipe above seems good with this product, as well, other than you may need an extra cup or more of broth.
390529390529B003DXGN70AQWE8L24PD48YADRI1151316304000DELICIOUS FOOD FOR GLUTEN-INTOLERANCEI have Celiac Disease so finding an easy menu to eat daily, that I would enjoy, easily digestive, and easy to carry was not easy, until I found happy pho.
I travel to London twice a month every month, and I cook it on the microwave. 4 minutes, turn it and one more minute. I add natural ginger, tofu and cook with gluten-free vegetable broth mixture.
At home in NYC, I mix it with rice, ginger and hot smoked paprika. And, I also eat it with Salmon.
I love it every way.

HAPPY PHO - Garlic Goodness, GLUTEN FREE Vietnamese Brown Rice Pho Noodle Soup, 4.5 oz, 2-SERVINGS Per Box (Pack of 6)
390530390530B003DXGN70A2J8I1HP264IPCBarragan1141310428800Pretty good soupI thought this was a tasty soup, definitely needs to have vegetables added of course but the gluten free factor was a big plus. I'd probably order it more if not for the price, but the ingredients are better than most packaged soups so I didn't feel too bad about paying more.
390531390531B003DXGN70A12V6DKXVEHIU2M. Mora "Miss M"11512843360005 STAR product!Just delish! Perfect! no MSG nor yucky unpronouncable ingredients. This soup is great!
390532390532B003DXGN70A2432MFY8MAYHESeattlegal5721284163200Not so good.My family lovees to eat pho and since we are on a gluten free diet, we decided to try Happy Pho since it got rave reviews. We were so excited when the box came on our front porch but our excitement was short-lived. The spice packet was awful. It tasted old and bitter (alot of cardamon). I don't mind cardamon, but it tasted off. On the plus side, the noodles were good, but it is awfully expensive to buy it just for the noodles. We bought fresh ingredients as suggested and squeezed alot of lime, but it didn't help any. We ended up throwing away the spice packets and used the noodles to make other things.
390533390533B003DXGN70A11IE7SO7T0J95S. Schoolcraft "Bordhd"0051310947200Great soup!I love pho, but have never tried to cook it at home. This soup tastes great and is super easy to make. I highly recommend it and plan to try the other flavor combos.
390534390534B003DXGN70A2HP05JRLMYFI8Eric1241286409600Not Very EasyI want to amend this review a bit by saying that the maker of this product did e-mail me some tips on how to make the most out of the food on limited supplies after I originally posted my review. I appreciate that.

I'm constantly looking for easy to cook, healthy meals. For some reason I thought that this would be as easy as cooking Ramen. I suppose it's my fault that I missed the part where it mentioned "fresh ingredients" on the product's amazon page. However, I did see where they referred to it as "easy." This is basically a starter kit that requires you to have a lot more ingredients (bok choy, spring onion, tofu or chicken, cilantro, broth, etc.) in order to get the full pho experience. If you're willing to put in the effort, I bet it tastes pretty good with all the ingredients that don't come in the box. It's pretty good on its own too.
390535390535B005EVAYLKAANGBFWRNV028frommiami970041324252800a bit nuttyconsistency not as homogeneous as I would have liked and tastes a bit nuttier than i'm accustomed to, but all in all, good price for organcic tahini
390536390536B001EQ5Q58A23K931JOWEFS6Julia Larson "Jueila"2251329091200Got a lot of complimentsI gave this to my in-laws along with custom ceramic mugs for Christmas. My mother in law LOVES coffee and we're always bringing her some back from wherever we vacation. She LOVES this coffee. We have two coffee shops in town (Austin, TX) called The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, so she thought I bought them locally. I sure hope my purchase supported the same company, but I'm not sure. Either way, she LOVES this coffee, said it was perfectly balanced strong flavor with smoothness. I had a cup the other day and have to agree. She loves it equally in the coffee pot and in the French press. It arrived quickly and was packed very well. I'm thinking about buying some for myself when we run out. I don't drink coffee at home all the time, but when I do I only drink the good stuff and always French press. Not sure I need two bags of it but at this price it's easy to buy two and give one away, share the love. :)
390537390537B001EQ5Q58A28ACFRPHFVVS2IB1151325116800Good coffee!When we lived in calif we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf all the time for our coffee. But since we moved out of state we'd been trying different coffee places without finding one we liked as much as Coffee Bean. So I ordered their French Roast on line and we were both thrilled to find it was even better than the House Blend coffee we'd always gotten from Coffee Bean. I make it with one scoop per every cup of water and it's great! It's strong but not too strong and tastes good with just cream. So this is our new morning coffee now.
390538390538B001EQ5Q58A279XGYU9FUQUBG. S. Bond2351313625600Great flavorI had never tried this brand but my friends in CA said it is really good and they were right.
390539390539B001EQ5Q58A3IYSIAKYOMKTORenter0051350432000Excellent coffee, great dealI had never tried Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf before, as that chain is not local to me, but I had heard good things about it. This looked like a good deal and I'm so glad I took the chance because it's great coffee. This roast is a nice dark roast with some depth and a hint of sweet smoke, very easy drinking. I take mine with honey and it's fabulous that way. I think anyone who takes their coffee without cream would enjoy this. As a French Roast it's not as intense as some other brands out there. The closest I've tasted to actual French Roast in France (yes I have been there) is Joffrey's. Coffee Bean & Tea is not that smoky but I don't mind because it's delicious in its own right. This deal gets you a two pack of 12 ounces per pack. Highly recommended.
390540390540B001EQ5Q58A3UPL3D5JBJYTPJ. Michael Polich0051349913600Good coffeeNot a coffee snob so this one does the job for me. Well packed, fresh and great in the morning. I get it shipped on schedule.

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