Amazon Fine Food Reviews

390571390571B002ZF43WEA3RKOL1C4LHSNQLinda "fairhero"5551293667200Wow!These are the best-built retriever rolls we've seen in years. They appear to be constructed all in one piece and are densely constructed. We have an 80-pound dog and a 105-pound dog, both avid chewers. The smaller dog will get only a few inches into one of these in a day -- she'll chew, nap, chew, look out the window, chew ... and the bigger dog, who is more food-motivated, will have one of these last him at least a day. If there is one criticism -- I wonder if the rawhide isn't a bit too thick, even for our large dogs. Time will tell.
390572390572B002ZF43WEAJRTYW71BXI6HA. Kowalik1121350172800Lost Quality After First OrderFirst batch were great.

Second batch reeked of bleach. Told amazon, no return available so stuck with a bad box. This one batch made me wonder how bad the quality control is for these Green Cow products. Decided not to take a chance again. Have never had these issues with the Chunky Chews brand.
390573390573B002ZF43WEAJWTYDGJ29GU9Jasper1151309910400Dog bones at a great price on Amazon!These bones are great! I have 2 black lab mixes and a great pyrenees. They all love bones. These bones last more then 5 mins and buying in bulk saves me so much money. Thanks so much for this great offer!
390574390574B002ZF43WEA1Z4XBFHW323XES. Albers1141309564800Terrific Deal for the price!My dogs have sensitive stomachs and it is hard to find a rawhide brand, that is well made consistently (right temp, no weird ingredients or preservatives, made in US or Argentina and not China) enough to buy in bulk amounts. The only thing I would complain about, but this company is amongst the most consistent, is that rolls when you look at them should be rolled entirely through to the middle... Again, this company is way better than most but I'd like to see 100% on this :)
390575390575B002ZF43WEA3EQWEQ6GZQZHWcynthiarose731151298073600FINALLY!I was so excited to get these chews today! My dogs are in heaven and so am I. This is a great quality product, and for the price I paid on Amazon to get it shipped directly to the house. It can't be beat!! I have tried other chews with my Lab that cost upwards of $3-4 EACH and she would have them gone in about an hour or 2. So far, the first one I have given her is still going strong and it's been well over an hour! Thank you so much for a great product! Happy Labs = Happy owners!
390576390576B002ZF43WEA2CA67TIR1BGAFS. Jones "Love to Read NonFiction"1151295740800The bestForget all the plastic chews, other rawhide that both retriever/hounds went through in hours. My only 'criticism' is that I am forever finding pieces of them, half eaten after days, or a quarter left in the strangest places... under the bed covers, in the couch cushions and definitely the occasional barefooted 'find'... ouch. But dogs never tire of them, never get sick on them, they play silly 'ownership' games... one will have two or three of them and the games begin as to who gets to steal who's! Really the best dog chew toy I've had and I've had many over the years!
390577390577B002ZF43WEA9L3XY9O8LD4UMiCoBa1151295222400long lastingI have a roughly one year old australian cattle dog and these bones keep him occupied for hours where other rawhide bones of the same size would last him about an hour. Very impressed. Also, there isn't a lot of extra shipping packaging which is nice if you want an overall eco-friendly experience.
390578390578B002ZF43WEA1FUJI4G0CEUEISharon "Sharon"1151295136000Great!Love being able to order this in quantity at a reasonable price, as my dog really loves them and goes through them quickly. They are just as good as the ones I was buying by ones and twos before, and the price per chew bone is much better.
390579390579B002ZF43WEA3VXEB32FUDCCLRuss0051349136000Nice bonesNice heavy box of bones. Dogs love them and they actually last a while. Good product for the money and would recommend to a friend.
390580390580B002ZF43WEAG52DCCRB5HK8Rebecca Kwilinski0051347667200Great product..Great bones for the price.. You always know you will get great quality.. we cut them in half so they last twice as long.
390581390581B002ZF43WEA2LLAW8E2XCSBBAlecia M.0041342310400Good bones, but possibility of small pieces breaking offMy 4 month old GSD puppy very much so enjoys chewing as she is teething, and these bones have saved my limbs from the wrath of her puppy teeth! That being said, she has been able to chew pieces of these bones off and get them semi- stuck on the roof of her mouth. Because of the possibility of having sharp small pieces, this is probably a product that is best used while you are near your dog so you can hear/see if they are breaking small pieces off. Other than that, this is a good product for the teething puppy (although probably not for a really small puppy).
390582390582B002ZF43WEA1RHPOA90UJYNSFreddy0011338422400Rwhide mess2 Labs chewed the raw hide. It was VERY Messy. little shavings fell apart and made mess all over floor. Would not reccomend.
390583390583B002ZF43WEA285GGG1JWX53UAna0051335139200great chews!We have two beagles, both of whom love to chew on things. We go through a lot of raw hides to keep them busy. Out of the dozen or so brands we've tried, none have lasted longer than a day, regardless of the manufacturer's claim. Our beagles can go through a raw hide in about 2 hrs, even the tough braided ones. These are the first raw hide bones that are lasting longer than one day. They're averaging one to two bones each per week. I think these raw hides are rolled A LOT tighter than other brands. Plus, we've noticed zero splintering. As a quick side note, the bones come packaged inside a cardboard box, from the manufacturer (which works for us as they are easy to store in the pantry.)
390584390584B002ZF43WEA3J435DYMJ6E15D. Richman0011332115200Look inside... These rolls are hollow!!When you pick these retriever rolls up, and hold them in your hand, they feel very lightweight. I didn't think much about it until today, when I decided to saw one in half so that my dog could have a quick chewy treat. The outside the roll looked perfect -- they appear to be densely rolled rawhides. But, upon looking inside the roll I discovered that THE ROLL WAS A HOLLOW TUBE!

These rolls are very deceptive. You could give hundreds of these to your dogs and not realize that there is very little rawhide in them.

Whoever rolled the hides simply rolled an external hide once around two thin strips of rawhides into the end of the rolls to make them look like a long length of hide had been rolled up tight (imagine a thin coil of rawhide neatly stuffed into each end of the roll). To make matters worse, there seems to be some kind of spray foam used as an adhesive to keep it all together.

Do yourself a favor and find a high quality US rawhide company that ships to your local pet store.
390585390585B002ZF43WEA21ZJY80N7T9EBJames T. Hubert0051330387200Best rawhide I've foundI have two Dogo Argentinos that are able to destroy ANYTHING. My dogs chew through the common store-bought rawhides in 10-15 minutes, whereas these can take over an hour. These are by far the best rawhides I've ever found. They are better quality and rolled tighter than the average rawhide, which requires much more dedication to consume.
390586390586B002ZF43WEA3C89WADVMXRNLA. L. Williamson0051329350400Super dog chewsI have a strong chewer who is just weening off her puppy years. We recently moved and were unable to find a place reasonably near us that had chew "bones" that were long enough, and thick enough to satisfy our strong chewer... We tried Petsmart on line and paid a lot and what we got were hollow bones with knots at the ends! Our dog went through them within half an hour and she was looking for more! I felt like it was a huge waste of money because it barely did what we needed it to do! (keep her happily chewing for hours) So, I kept looking on line... I saw these here on Amazon, they're more costly than what we're used to buying, but caved due to our dog's need for them. They're tightly rolled - some are ticker than others. She goes through one a day - they're lasting anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on how active she's been that day. There was one that was so thick she had trouble chewing it - she is still working on that one now and then - I am NOT displeased! hehe! We subscribed to them, then decided to get a second box (subscribed each month just until she calms down on the chewing enough where we feel like we're getting enough each month) because they're working out SO well!!! Both boxes were the same quality. Tightly rolled rawhide, the dogs are doing great on them (the older one just likes to hold it and have it near him... lol our younger one is the strong chewer)

Both of our dogs are mutts. Our older one is beagle/basset mix? and our younger one is redbone coonhound/boxer or American terrier mix? She's about 80lbs of doggie muscle and chew jaws; she's chewed on many things as a puppy (but she tries to be good lol) She's slowing down now that she's 2 years old. I include these details so you can see if her chew habits match your fuzzy friend :)

We're completely satisfied with these "bones"... all 4 of us :D
390587390587B002ZF43WEA13RMK5CNA79IYA. Buchanan0021326153600Inconsistent qualityAfter being pleased with my first order of these rawhides, I set up a recurring order for them. We received a box last week and were disappointed to find that the quality of these bones is not the same as the first order. The first order of bones contained rawhides that were tightly-rolled and long-lasting, but these have inner layers that are brittle and easily broken. One of our dogs actually cut her mouth or gums on the brittle shards--we didn't realize it until we saw blood on the bone itself. Amazon is refunding the purchase price. I may try one more time with this brand. If anyone has found a consistent quality brand at this kind of price, please let us know. Maybe my budget is the problem...
390588390588B002ZF43WEA2FO729H3V3GZAAutumn J. Sheridan0021323216000Messy, inconsistant productMy two big dogs love to chew on anything and if I don't have rawhide bones laying around my shoes will get eaten. I thought this was a great deal and I was very happy with my first shipment. However, my second and third shipments were disappointing. The bones seem to crumble when chewed on leaving a huge mess in the house, I'm having to vacuum twice a day just to be able to walk through the house. The third shipment of bones smells badly and my oldest dog who has never had problems with rawhide started throwing up after eating a partial one. Needless to say they aren't getting anymore of these bones and I will find another brand that is consistent in the quality of bones and a lot less messy!
390589390589B002ZF43WEA2XG97CGFGLPGVestar "estar"0041322179200Keeps my dog busyMy border collie came from the rescue with a lot of warnings about chewing, especially on soft things. I now get a box of these rawhides delivered as a subscription, because they seem to do a good job of soothing her chewing fixation (along with plenty of exercise and attention and a few other fun toys). It's nice to have a stack of them to reach into whenever I'm heading out the door and need to keep her busy.

I chose these mainly because they don't have knots on the edges that can come off small in bits, and I throw them away when they get small. I haven't had any problems with variations in the type or quality of the product with each order. However, my dog has gotten an upset stomach when she's eaten quite a bit of them on an empty stomach (usually when she's waiting for breakfast). I think this is something that happens with rawhide, and taking them away when there's going to be a longer-than-usual wait between meals seems to solve the problem.
390590390590B002ZF43WEA1EGFDDMLQYHKjbellie0051320537600Keeps dog busy for hours!Totally satisfies my puppy's chewing habit & takes him hours to finish one. I will definitely be ordering more when I run one.
390591390591B002ZF43WEA2C4WGH9B6LFK1Kim Zeitler0011319328000Worst rawhidesI have been looking for a thicket Rawhide Retriever bone for my lab that would last longer. I have been getting some from Sam's club-which are inconsistant in the thickness and have been on the thinner side for awhile.
I read a bunch of the reviews on these and it appeared that they were good. I received them last week and are very disappointed in the size/thickness. Not to mention these give my lab bad gas and diarrhea.

I won't be purchasing these bones again.
390592390592B002ZF43WEA1NCKS6L3I7IIVAlyssa Agee "NorthwestGirl"0051314489600Great product and timely deliveryVery well priced and our dog loves these bones. You can't purchase them for this price in stores.
Plus, they got to us in a timely manner. We would definitely place an order again.
390593390593B002ZF43WEA2EYQXB9N8ZWRWVirginia Davenport "Mountain Granny"0041296604800Terrific treat for a terrific dog.These great bones have been a staple for my dogs for a very long time and I had to drive 60 miles to get them at a decent price. With the price of fuel going sky high they became a very pricy item even for my wonderful pets. I found these on Amazon and although they are a few cents more when you deduct the price of gas they are really cheap. My dogs (I only have two now, the others have gone to puppy heaven)love these rawhyide bones and the vets says their teeth are skeaky clean. Even the one that was thirteen years old had teeth in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend these to anyone that doesn't live close to a Sam's or CostCo.
390594390594B000LKX0WYA2JDR4IACO52Q5Johanna3321282089600better to make your own...This seemed like a tasty way to add flavor to food without all the salt. The problem is that it is totally bland. I could barely detect a hint of roasted sesame flavor. Better to roast your own seeds if you want real sesame taste.
390595390595B00199CD88A3JZNCC3VX1AACSam G. Mubara "Darby"1151292284800Larry's Beans Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Mama Nile Ethiopia, Whole Bean, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)After testing all kinds of Lavazza, Illy, Somatra, Starbucks, Yammenese, and many other coffee beans. I settled on using Ethiopian coffee beans for both Espresso and French press. I use Trader's Joe organic Ethiopian which is roasted to the dark side. It is VELVETY and tasty. I tried Larry's beans because of medium roasting and the one year expiration date. Guess what? I found it is even better than Trader's Joe. Less burn after taste and and very VELVETY. It is also organic Ethiopian and costs the same as Trader's Joe beans. I subscribed to this coffee beans with Amazon until later notice. No more looking or testing coffee beans.
390596390596B00199CD88A1E9Y25I21672Zgrapegrl0051278633600Delicious Coffee!This coffee tastes wonderful and you get the added bonus of "warm fuzzies" by buying from an Earth-conscious company like Larry's Beans.
390597390597B00199CD88A31MSM19DZRSKZwildwood flower0051276041600Exccellent!Ethiopian is the only non-decaff'ed that I drink. I love this brand. The flavor is smooth and floral like it should be. I wouldn't agree with the description where it says "spicy." I don't think it's spicy at all, it's got a full flavor and a lovely aftertaste. No tart or sour flavor and no tummy burn. The aroma is gorgeous.

This brand is great because its organic fair trade, and you can buy in bulk here on Amazon.
390598390598B00199CD88A3148VTJBVQ6TYumiko Heyer "Steverams"1331281312000Disappointed, only because of the roast type.The favor is good, and I wanted to help poor famers, who need a break in life.
I would have prefered dark roast. I blame the web page not identifying what type of roast listed. If you expect a medium roast then you will think it is excellent.
The past reviewers should have noted this.
390599390599B005GYJUJCA30J8KM3H9TDBUClasina Gm Oneill "Maria"0051337904000GreatI add about 6 oz to a 2 liter bottle of seltzer water for a refreshing and fabulous tasting alternative to soda. Recommended.
390600390600B005GYJUJCA1EMG80LR1XQT0jar0051335484800goodI use this product in mine tea instead of sweetners. Also use sugarfree peach.Just as good as the rasberry tea they serve in restuartant.

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