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390736390736B00139ZPKMA32QC7ELT5MI3FDarcy4431288656000My dog is not impressedI really want to like this product because of the great things Newman's have done and the fact that all the proceeds go to charity. I like the fact that the ingredients are all top quality and organic. It looks and smells good too. Unfortunately, none of this matters to my dog Daisy. She just doesn't care for it. Usually she will sniff it and walk away. Once she realizes nothing else is coming her way she will usually eat it but I feel bad since she obviously doesn't care for it. Like I said, I really want to like this product, but my dog has the final say. Sadly, I don't think I will buy it again.
390737390737B00139ZPKMAPI5JLBRT6FINKNSudha4441210636800Allays my concerns over what I feed our first babyOur cocker spaniel is now nearly 10 years old, and the solid gold food I'd been feeding him suddenly changed its formulation over a year ago(with no notice on the packaging), and he became subject to unexplained stomach upsets. After the contaminated food scare even tho Solid Gold was not recalled, I decided to switch, and this formulation is perfect for him to not gain too much weight. Newman's own is a brand I totally trust and have bought snacks for my human baby as well for years. After a year on this food, my dog is doing fine, but I do notice a need to supplement with fish oil for a healthier coat. That may be age related as well. But the stomach upsets have stopped. And I feel better knowing I am not exposing him to additional pesticides and hormones by going mostly organic with this formula.
390738390738B00139ZPKMA1ZSZZP1CR2W1RShari3351308787200Newman's Own Organics Dog FoodI switched my mini-Schauzers over to Newman's Own Organics a month ago when they came off of their puppy chow. I've been looking for a good quality dog food (rated 4 stars by without going into debt purchasing it! I was feeding them a different brand that was "breed-specific" food, but was having trouble trying to find it in stock anywhere. A few places, if they carried it at all, only carried the very small bags (2.5 lbs) and with two dogs, one bag would last about 3 - 5 days. Plus these little 2.5 lb. bags cost more than half what the larger 10 lb. bag cost! I tried to make an arrangement to have one of the places order the larger bag for me, but they conveniently "forgot" to place the order, so I was stuck purchasing the ridiculously more expensive small bags. Then I heard about Newman's Own Organics, which is rated a better dog food than the "breed-specific" food I was using and cost $$$ less! And then I discovered that I could buy this food at, have it shipped on a regular basis to my home with no shipping costs and a discount on the food for signing up for the subscription plan delivery - no brainer!! No more running out of food, no more driving 50 miles or more to find it, no more hassels!

And best and most importantly of all, my little guys LOVE IT!! Their stools firmed up almost immediately after starting the switchover, they seem more active, more alert, more regular and they actually chew this food (they inhaled their puppy chow without chewing!) I can't say enough good things about both Newman's Own and Amazon's subscription delivery service!
390739390739B00139ZPKMA1QHTYKFV9G6IDRobin3351303257600This is the best dog food out there!!I have a dachshund. I have fed her Newman's Own Senior Formula for the past few years. I used to feed her Eukanuba, but then when there was that pet food scare with China, I started to investigate and found out that Eukanuba contained the same undesirable chicken parts as the cheaper dog foods. I wasn't happy. I contacted Newman's about whether the products in this food are sourced from the U.S. and I was told by one of their scientists that they are. Recently, I moved and was unable to get Newman's locally, so I tried a couple other organic brands. My dog didn't like them and she seemed to have a larger stool. I decided to go back to Newman's and order from Amazon, who I can always count on to carry everything. Now she's happy and so am I! And, we're supporting a great cause, because Newman's doesn't compromise on quality and also supports charitable endeavors. What more could you ask?

One important thing to consider - if you have a senior dog, it is important to feed them the senior formula so they can digest the food easier.
390740390740B00139ZPKMAKZNHQJO6700BMary Anne Kowalski "Gimbysgirl"3351299888000Great Dog FoodI had been buying all sorts of super-premium, super expensive foods. My local stores kept discontinuing them. So I did my research and found Newman's Own Organic.

It is certified organic with no hormones, antibiotics or chemical additives, corn or wheat.

And my dogs love it (of course they eat anything including grass and bird food and several unfit to post on line).
390741390741B00139ZPKMA2TUJEFRZU4H8EP. Krumpter3351285113600Blows away store-boughtThis food is a vast improvement over the store bought crap. My dog's coat got softer within days, his breath stopped stinking immediately and he smells a lot better. He is more active and seems healthier and happier. No more rendering plant floor sweepings for my dog! $20 a month is a small sacrifice to make for my dog's health and well being. I honestly don't know why everyone isn't more concerned about what kind of inedible junk they put in regular store bought dog food.
390742390742B00139ZPKMA6X4YAVFJ5EUOA. Gray3351284595200Newman's Dog Food is the best!One of my dogs had irritable bowel syndrome which we tried to address with food from the vet, raw food, and every kind of dog food in a pet store. A friend told me about Newmans and how it cleared up her dog's stomach problems. One day later - firm stools, no gas, happy dog, ecstatic dog parents! My other dog is 10 and is often mistaken for a puppy due to her good energy and coat. I am so glad we found this food!
390743390743B00139ZPKMA1XZXP34HZGW8ZTerese A. Towey "Irish Dreamtime"3321263168000I won't purchase again.Both of my dogs had trouble with this formula, allergy wise. It took me a couple of days to realize that their itching was related to the food. Needless to say I won't buy this product again.
390721390721B00139ZPKMA39H1WPTI8EPUASWestlake0611333238400Not organinc so dont be fooled by the ORGANICS in the nameThe number one ingredient is chicken... not organic chicken just the hormone pumped junk you wouldn't eat yourself. I will stick to Natural Balance which is sold here on Amazon as well.
390744390744B00139ZPKMA31D5HQ8EQZ293bobbysgirl3351261353600Best dog food on the market!I have given my dogs every expensive dog food there is, Orijin, Blu, name it, and even though they were good this one is the best. No upset tummies during the switch to this dog food either. Even my senior dog who always has loose stool now has a firm healthy stool. Plus, Newman's Own gives all their profits to charity so it really is the best as far as I'm concerned.
390745390745B00139ZPKMA2UCNQ82DAFPEFM. Lucky3321257638400I agree with the previous reviewer, the name is deceptive.When one purchases a product that is called Newman's Organics, one would expect organic food. Not just the vegetables, which are much less expensive to be organic than the meat or chicken. I was very, very disappointed to find out that the chicken is not organic. For a couple of dollars more, just buy real organic dog food. This dog food isn't exactly cheap, so you expect that they will provide what they are advertising. This whole "greenwashing" thing needs to be regulated better. If someone uses the word organic in their description, it better be organic. Otherwise the consumer is being deceived which is unfortunate. Newmans has a great reputation, I buy a lot of their products, but this was intentionally deceptive and it makes me reconsider buying anything from them in the future.

On the positive side, my dog loved it, she would lick the bowl around the room for 20 minutes after the last morsel was consumed. I have no idea what they put in it that tasted so good, it's like the crack cocaine of dog food. She has never been a finicky eater, she'll pretty much eat anything voraciously, but this stuff really rocked her epicurean world. Too bad she isn't getting any more of it.
390722390722B00139ZPKMATGAKZ7VZBMUDBrandon O. Hamson31351261094400A laser light show of awesomness for your dog!!!!I put this in my dogs bowl and the first time, my dog,Bob Saget, just licked the bowl clean same ol same ol. Then! I put in some Uranium Ore and bamy waowi HE TURNED GREEN!!! Good results. The next day his eyes startes to glow and, when I took him for his daily stroll he looked at the neighbors cat and it levitated and exploded Good results.
I think I'll try some my I have a few people that the world dosen't need :-)
390746390746B00139ZPKMA2Y4BF1S8EK7URcheshiregrrrl "diva in training"3351251676800Nice Organic, Cage-Free Option for Sensitive StomachMy foster dog, Rex, came to me severely underweight with nutrient defficiencies and digestive issues. After a few weeks of prescription food, I phased him into Newman's Own Advanced Formula. Not only does he love it, but he's gaining weight marvelously and digests it easily. It was recommended by many, and has minimal to no fillers.

Personally, I enjoy the product because as a life-long vegetarian, it was important to find a food with strict animal compassion practices, and Newman's Own apparently has those. It's affordable as well. Sticking with it!
390747390747B00139ZPKMA9N1IKT7B2KQ2P. J. Hughes "Sandal Lover"3351249516800Best Dog Food EverThis is a great dog food product - healthy, organic and great for sensitive tummies!

Our Lhasa Apso is nine years old, is a picky eater and has a very sensitive stomach. We started feeding him Newman's Own Organics dog food about 4 years ago and are really, really satified with this product. He rarely gets sick, eats almost every meal we give him, though sometimes he makes us wait for him to finish his breakfast but that's okay! With other dog food products he would stop eating them completely or get sick frequently - even the expensive brands we tried from the animal hospital.

At first the only place we could buy Newman's Own was from a local, privately owned pet store which was very expensive but worth it since he stopped getting sick so frequently. I was delighted to buy it on Amazon. The price for the 12.5 lb bag is slightly more than what we were paying for the 7 lb bag locally. I am a Prime member so was able to get this without paying for shipping. I will certainly order it again when we get close to running out.

Thank you Amazon!!
390748390748B00139ZPKMA2EZW502SEA2N9Linda Freitag3351236556800Best Dog Food Ever!My dogs love this food. I have fed my 11 year old German Shepard and my three year old American Pit Bull Terrier for almost three years. They have thrived so well on this food, my shepard no longer has stomach problems ... both their coats are beautiful and I am completely satisfied. When I decided to switch foods, I did alot of research on what good, healthy, mostly organic food to switch them to. I chose Newman's Own, not because I could purchase it easily at a local store .. because I can not do so, I have to order it and have it delivered, but because of the ingredients, how it is made, and because most of the proceeds go to charities. I found the best price at Amazon, and will always order it this way. I truly recommend this dog food to everyone.
390749390749B00139ZPKMA1HL33NK68KNZDABLong3351225152000Dog loves itI have not tried this product personally, but my dog has, and he loves it, and is aging well. He's getting a bit grey, but is as bouncy as he ever was 10 years ago.
390750390750B00139ZPKMA2NX8JBHDCDLIAVega2251318809600Just what my dog needed!Have two cocker spaniels.
It was a challenge to find the right dog food for
the older one, as he would get very gassy. I tried
at least 5-6 different brands with no success. Then
another cocker spaniel owner recommended me this one.
Both of them love it. Their coat is looking so much
shinier and healthier. And they now shed very less.
I would'nt feed my dogs anything else now.
Very highly recommended!
And the price and service from Amazon is unbeatable!!
390723390723B00139ZPKMA1S0EW0NLMFVABAmanda "ace61502"31511299542400Grains don't belong in dog foodI will never again even CONSIDER a dog food with corn, wheat or soy in it. Grain has no place in a dog's diet!
390725390725B00139ZPKMA2EZW502SEA2N9Linda Freitag888951226448000Newman's Own Organics Dog FoodI cannot express enough how pleased I am with this dog food. I feed my 11 year old German Shepard, and my two year old Pittie Girl this food every day, and the benefits are astounding. For most of my Shepards life I fed her a well known, vet recommended food, and yet she always had stomach problems. Trying many things, it was not until I rescued, and I should really say she rescued me, and the dog food recall, that I began doing research on brands of food. After a long investigation, I decided on Newman's Own, not only because there had been no recall on the food, but because of the ingredients, and that the proceeds going to charity. Now, choosing this brand, would mean that I would have to order it online, because my local stores did not carry it, but that was all right with me, because not only do I enjoy online ordering, but I am an older, disabled woman, and getting to the store and hauling in packages is very hard for me. Well, I want to tell you, My 11 year old thrives on this food, with no more digestive issues, and a beautiful white coat, and she loves eating it with vigor. My two year old American Pit Bull Terrier, another love of my life, also thrives on this food, has the most beautiful shiny coat ever, and people say all the time how beautiful her coat is. I do spoil my fur kids, but their health and well being is my number one priority. I have just recently switched over feeding my 4 cats Newman's Own cat food, both dry and canned food, and since then, I have noticed the difference in the elimination of hair balls. I know that I am truly a pet lover, but I believe that if you love your pets and want only the best well being for them, unnecessary medical issues, and all around good health, a good balanced, safe, natural food is the way to go. I highly recommend Newman's Own dog and cat food. I also feed my two dogs Newman's Own biscuits as treats.
390726390726B00139ZPKMA2KWAK0GAA8IBWD. Ricker "Journeywoman"353551235865600Give it timeI adopted a dog that was raised by a bunch of frat age boys. You can imagine the diet she had; Burgers, fries, ice-cream, and the cheapest dog foods on the market.

No, she wasn't crazy about Newman's dog food when I switched her to it. But if you think about how people react to a healthy diet in the beginning it makes sense. It takes time for the taste buds to adjust and not want the artificial ingredients put into most of the food out there.

It has been almost a year. My dog, Molly, is bouncy and healthy and almost allergy free. She gets dry Newman's fed free style, and 4 ounces of Newman's canned every day. Her weight stays stable at 65 pounds which is perfect for her. Her treats are real meat jerky strips a few times a week.

On another note, this diet has made doggy duty much easier. She never vomits anymore. Her scat is always firm, making her easy to clean up after. She is regular as clock-work. All these plusses make it more enjoyable to be a dog owner.
390727390727B00139ZPKMA21998ZN294K2QBusyB252551227571200Newman's Own Organics Dog foodOur dog is 13 years old and for the last couple of years, his stomach has become particularly sensitive. We tried various brands of dog food before settling on Newman's Own. Our dog loves it and has not had any more trouble with his stomach. It is hard to find though. I was buying it from a small local organic grocery store but they only carried it in the smallest size and I was paying almost twice as much as on Amazon. Now I have it set up on Amazon to ship monthly.
390728390728B00139ZPKMA3JEO703YA9U2HColeen R. Kyser "Colleen R. Kyser"384321262995200Something has changed. Quality control must have slipped as far as being organic goes.We have been using Newman's organic dry dog food for over 5 was a Godsend when we discovered it. Our little Jack had such severe allergies she was tormented day and night with unrelieved itching...after trying endless other avenues to find relief for her we were to the point we thought we might have to have her put down for her to find relief. Then the idea came up that maybe she had chemical we decided to go organic...all her deals miraculously cleared up once we started the Newman's. However after giving glowing reviews for many years, we now have to concede something has changed...our little Jack's itching returned to the point of drawing blood. It is clear something changed and I believe it clearly is no longer as organic as it once was...we are on the hunt again. I am not saying it does not have good quality ingredients...but if you have a dog that is highly chemical sensitive...this likely is not for you. Too once was a superior product.
390729390729B00139ZPKMA2KWAK0GAA8IBWD. Ricker "Journeywoman"171841231804800Good product, but...I've yet to find any of the dogs I know that love it. I still have my allergic dog eating it, but she has to be hungry to eat this without doctoring. My vet doesn't want me feeding her people food so I add some of Newman's or Happy Hips canned to it.

I've talked to a couple of vets about prescription diet and they all push the big company brand names. The common objection appears to be the soy used in Newman's to increase the protein count.

I am willing to put a little flavor in this to feed may dog high quality, social responsible food.

I may be the only person who has made the following mistake but, assuming you catch the Amazon sales, make sure you are ordering the bag size you want. I thought I was getting a good price on one order until the food came and it was the seven instead of twelve pound bag.
390730390730B00139ZPKMA2TLLRAWHNFV9YJustin Evan Lowe121251296345600Great dog food for dogs with digestive problemsI originally bought this as a replacement for Science Diet's I/D as it was always much more expensive than anything else out there. I/D was also more expensive than Newman's at my local vet's office. I have had a ton of issues getting my dog to accept other dog foods in the past. We tried pretty much every brand that you can buy in pet shops and always had problems with my dog scratching or having her ears get bright red. We found out the problem after one of the cases where she almost went into renal failure after eating her Milkbone treats. We needed something organic without a lot of beef in it. While this one does have some bi-product for protein, it doesn't seem to bother my dog at all. She also has normal stools every time which wasn't the case even with the I/D. My dog hated the I/D. She would often leave a good portion of it on the ground or in the bowl and rarely ate it in its entirety. With the Newman's own it is night and day. She scarfs it down in less than a couple minutes and usually eats a bowl in one sitting. It seems like she loves it from the way she eats it.

A couple of the reports from reviewers originally scared me about the reports of scratching which was exactly the problem I had with other dog foods. I gave it a try and my husky has never had a problem since and she has been on it for almost three months now. My husky has always had problems with digestive issues and this seems to be one dog food that she likes and does not have problems with.

On a side note, I wish Newman's offered a bigger size bag. I have to order these all the time due to the 12.5 pound bag. My husky kills a bag in roughly two weeks due to her size. It still works out being cheaper than the $50 bag of 17 pound I/D I was ordering so I'm still happy with it. Science diet was sending me to the poor house.
390731390731B00139ZPKMA2COWD06RSO159Ambivalent Human121251258070400Great product! No hormones or antibiotics in the meat!I adopted my dog about 6 months ago and he had digestive problems that the vet could find no cause for. He would get diarrhea with mucous in stools regularly. His stools would vary from constipated to unformed soft stool. I decided to switch him to a better quality food and did a lot of research. Newman's Own had all the qualities I was looking for, so I switched him to it gradually - 1/2 Purina One and 1/2 Newman's Own at first and gradually more Newmans' Own in the mix until finally 100% N.O. Ever since switching about six weeks ago, he has not had constipation or loose stools. I also don't hear his tummy roiling after meals like before. And despite what a few reviewers have written, the chicken and beef used in the pet food, while not "organic", is "natural" and raised without hormones and antibiotics.

According to [...] ingredients list: "Natural Chicken - Raised without growth hormones and antibiotics and fed only a 100% natural, all-vegetable diet, the chicken meat provides amino acids essential for muscles, hormones, enzymes, antibodies and structural and protective tissues." Also, the beef is free-range anad range fed w/ no hormones & antibiotics.

For me the evidence is clear - this is good quality food, my dog loves it and I love that when I buy Newman's Own products, the royalties go to charity!
390732390732B00139ZPKMA2LKOJDXLW4219Liza7751294704000Helped our dog's skin issuesI subscribe to the 12.5 lb bag of Advanced Dog Formula for Active or Senior Dogs - it's a great value. We have a small border collie mix and she absolutely loves this food. I feed it to her in a Buster Food Cube Large Size (Colors May Vary) and she can't wait for mealtime every day!

We got her from the shelter where she was on Science Diet. She had a ton of skin issues (formerly had fleas, patches of bare skin, itchy dry skin, and dandruff flakes). Since we changed over to Newman's, the skin problems have almost gone away. It's been about 2 months and she has her fur growing back in the problem areas, she has less dandruff and I've noticed a lot less scratching from her in general. Our dog trainer said it was most likely due to the change in diet.

Her BMs are solid and very regular. They are also not particularly smelly. I have never smelled any gas from her since putting her on the food. These are all signs that she is on a great diet!

Also, I love the subscribe feature because I don't have to lug heavy bags of dog food from my car to my 3rd floor apartment!
390733390733B00139ZPKMA3L1TWR2X3CHYFBarbara W.91011316995200Bad batch made my dog sickWe've been feeding this food to our wheaten terrier for a year, with happy results - until last Tuesday, when my latest subscribe-and-save bag was opened: my dog started throwing up during the night after eating from this new bag. On the first night, I figured she'd eaten something bad off the street. On the second night, I figured it was the lingering effects of eating something bad off the street. On the third night, I started looking for other causes for the nighttime retching, and I realized that the vomiting had started on the same day as we'd started the new bag. I stopped feeding the dog the Newman's Own and the vomiting stopped for 2 nights. Last night, I fed her the food again, and sure enough, she threw up in the night.

I trusted and liked this food - and all things under the Newman's Own brand - but i'll never buy their products again. They clearly have a dangerous quality control problem.
390734390734B00139ZPKMA3IKJSWU2V2BJERobert R. Raper "DJRobX"6651252800000This food is working shockingly well for our allergy prone pug.We have a pug that suffers from chronic ear infections and skin problems. We've consistently kept him on expensive brands that are well known for having good ingredients like California Natural, Chicken Soup for the dog lover's soul, Royal Canin, and a couple others that I can't remember off the top of my head.

My Mom picked up this Newman's food because it was available at the grocery store. They love the food, but what really surprises me is that his ears and skin have improved dramatically. His stools are also much firmer and way less stinky than before. This food seems like a real winner for us.
390735390735B00139ZPKMA6L6ADVQQIFLLL. Chicarell141751214179200the best organic food you can feed your fur babiesince we began using this several years ago our senior dogs raely need to visit the vet. When we were feeding a well know premium petstore brand we were there at least 1 time every six weeks. they love the taste of newmans it keeps their tummy in tip top shape. NO more food alergies. No more vomiting, Made with bells & evans chicken the same chicken sold at whole foods & other organic food sellers. If its good enough for you, it's good enough for them. All Mr Newmans profits go to animal shelter and rescue organization. Give this food 12 weeks see the improvememnt yourself.

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