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390751390751B00139ZPKMA2IA51TBLBWFLEJ. Zulli2251317427200You can see a positive difference in your dog's quality of life.Our dog has always been a little on the lazy side, and his coat has been fairly unhealthy-looking relative to other dogs we've had in the past. When he began to start smelling on top of it, we decided to change his dog food to see if perhaps his stomach was becoming upset by his current food.

After about a week on the new food, he had noticeably more energy and his coat started to become much healthier. On top of that, the odor that he emitted started to subside until it was no longer there.

We really didn't expect it to be so drastic. We're very happy with Newman's Own dog food.
390752390752B00139ZPKMA1K2HB56JX1MCQcanoncity2251316217600they are not sick anymoreI have three dog friends. Maggie, my 14 year old Aussie had some problems($2,000.00) worth of problems and she was so sick I thought of putting her down. As it turns out there were several issues that the Colo Springs Emergi Vet and Dr Jaime Gaynor fixed and one of them one food allergies that had caused severe problems. After trying several foods and making all my own dog food we tried Paul Newman and all was well, Maggie and her friends thrived. Well Our grocery stores did not always have it in stock and it ranged from 13 to 17 dollars for 7 pounds, also at Wal Mart is was past its expiration date and rancid. Thank you Amazon, it comes fresh!It is so reasonably priced and it gets delivered on schedule which I can change at anytime as far as amount and delivery date. I cannot thank you enough for carrying this food nor recommend it enough for other dogs.Our lives are busy, I am a nurse and anything that is dependable, easy, reasonable, comes with excellent customer service, and my friends Maggie, Lucy, and Honey stay healthy on it a gift for every day, Thank you
390753390753B00139ZPKMA3HZYNGMX9Y5E7Edgar Lee2251314489600So far so good!I was a little skeptical about switching over to this brand but I'm happy to say, my dog loves this stuff. I don't even need to add leftover meat scraps or gravy sauce like I did to his old food. This stuff is way better than the crap they sell at those chain stores. Can't beat the price with S&S! Also love that they come in smaller resealable bags which keeps the food fresh. Better to open up a brand new bag every couple weeks than to leave a huge opened bag of kibble in the pantry for months.
390754390754B00139ZPKMA1ZPKS7M3U17XXHYUNJEONG BAEK2251306195200Paul Newman saved my dog!Prior to switching to Newman's Own Organics Dog food, my 4 year old shih-tzu was crunching on Iams. Which was fine, except that every 2-3 months or so he'd have stomach problems. After switching, his poops have been firmer, no stomach issues in sight, AND his coat has gotten glossier (and much less flaky). Duncan likes his new food and so do I!
390755390755B00139ZPKMA3CU3YMUNKV0BOM. Rade "ocean"2251298764800THE BESTMy cocker puppy 4 mos threw up castor and poullex and Natural balance and had loose motions. SO i tried this and he did great ! even the red streaking from his eyes have almost cleared up after a month along with similasan eye drops. which is great.
390756390756B00139ZPKMANJ0Z8D61FT0LSandra Brody2251293062400Dog Loves Food - We Like ConvenienceI like Newman's Own for my family due to its consistent quality and good ingredients
390757390757B00139ZPKMAG51WT5FBQKJSophia's mom2251290902400scared sophia had terrible diarheaMy new Yorkie came from a puppy mill. She was clean and well groomed. She was not ever in a house. When I got her home she was so scared and nervous from the strange surroundings. She would not eat or drink and had horrible watery mucous bowel movements. After a visit to the vet that showed no parasites we put on the bland diet. I researched organic dog food and was very impressed with the reviews of this food. No one in my area, Lancaster PA. has this product. I sent for it and weaned her off the bland diet. After only two days on this food her poops are solid small and firm. I am so thankful. She is really doing well and she is a very sweet girl and looks at me with grateful brown eyes.
390758390758B00139ZPKMA1950GGRPV7F1JDiana L. Bell2251289779200Quality organic ethical dog foodDogs love the taste and I love the company. Especially convenient to have it delivered rather than me lugging it home.
390759390759B00139ZPKMAOH7GK7HYGVPrkwpark2251287273600newmans does it again.We switched up from nutro chicken and rice to newmans own and chip's bowel movements are so much more dense and compact. our vet says its a sign of good food. nuff said.
390760390760B00139ZPKMA32SNLHW7PE1CZMopinion2241284681600Premium dog foodMy 3 dogs love this food and are thriving on it. Ingredients are high quality and Amazon price is better than anywhere I can get it except on sale.
390761390761B00139ZPKMA37V1O8GZQBIEVDebiDubya2251282608000Yummy - Even for Finicky DogI have been feeding this to my Standard Poodle for quite some time. It was recommended by a local dog day care/grooming/training center called Great Dog Shoppe in Seattle. They are VERY specific about which foods they suggest and sell. It must meet certain standards of nutrition or it's no-go. My poodle loves it, but even better, I offered some to my cousin's finicky poodle who "just doesn't eat when she's away from home". She gobbled it right up and asked for more. When I compared the contents of Newman's to her brand (which was suggested by a breeder) there was NO comparison. Newman's Own is far superior. I get it via "subscribe and save" so I never run out, I save over the store price and it's delivered right to my door. What could be easier?
390762390762B00139ZPKMA2V9VV9A6TC1UZD. Pozdol "traveler"2251280966400Dogs like it. I love that Amazon carries it...I used to buy this at a local health food store and then they stopped carrying it. Then I was thrilled when I found it Wal-Mart, but then they stopped stocking the dry kibble and now only carry the Newman's doggie mush in cans. So, I couldn't believe it when I found it here - Amazon really does sell just about everything! My Shih Tzus like it and they do not get sick at all like they did periodically on the non-organic but still expensive, "vet-recommended", brands.
390763390763B00139ZPKMA3ESDB1EU9TWCVKirstjen B. Lorenz2251280793600organic dog foodHuman-grade chicken, all organic dog food. The food is delivered to me monthly on schedule via the Subscribe & Save program. The profits benefit pet charities.
What's not to like?
390764390764B00139ZPKMA1UN5Q1FKH1ZT7BJ2231273104000Good news and bad newsI like that this is a reasonably priced organic dog food that is readily available. I switched to this when the brand I had been feeding my dogs for years began to upset the tummy of my senior. However, neither of my dogs (even my "chowhound") is crazy about it. They eventually did eat it, but it took a lot of coaxing. But the tummy problems did clear up.
390765390765B00139ZPKMA2YGSEWS2O6E0Qaristagon2251260230400Great Dog Food!Our dog LOVES this food! He was having serious gastrointestinal problems that weren't clearing up -- until we started him on Newman's Own. Since then, he has been regular, happy, and healthy.
390766390766B00139ZPKMA3PSJY9HHVC3SKGina Mann "amazoniangrl"2251251072000My dog thrives on thisI have a 10 year old Aussie shep/heeler mix with chronic skin allergies -- I tried him on every premium dog food including grain free protein only formulas -- and none helped. Other organic dog food also make him itch miserably. But on the Newman's Own he's stopped the itching and shedding, and he absolutely devours this stuff. LOVE IT!!!!
390767390767B00139ZPKMA1NJXFN4V5AUOLKaren Delgrosso2251237507200No Worries-Good Stuff in hereI am very happy I switched from a very popular dog food, sold in a lot of vets offices to Newmans about 3 years ago after a bout of stomach distress. All has been well with my fur baby ever since ;-) And to have it brought right to my front door for cheaper than I can get it at the local store, how can you beat that?
390768390768B00139ZPKMA3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"2251211587200this is the oneI, like most people, switched to organic after the dog food scare and after trying a lot of different foods, settled on this one. My dogs like it and I feel good about it feeding it to them.
390769390769B00139ZPKMA1UYKK9HTOUWS3Ryan McMickle4511326067200Not what I thoughtAs other viewers have pointed out, this dog food contains pesticides and grains, among other questionable ingredients. The experience with this brand has been disappointing. I appreciate Newman's Own brand but I no longer trust them with dog food and have questioned some other products from them.

I have since switched to Blue Buffalo, as they seem to have the best reputation.

"Stacey"'s review sold me on it:

"Dog food has changed ALOT over the past few years. As pet owners were willing to spend more money feeding their pets, larger corporations bought out the smaller dog food companies and changed the ingredients without notifying the customers. This was particularly true of the more expensive brands that contained the higher quality ingredients. Real meat and rice were substituted with "meat by-product" and cheap imported grains (particularly CORN) that were determined to be "unfit for human consumption". They are taking ingredients that used to be considered "waste" and packaging it up as "healthy & nutritious" food for your beloved pet. Our once healthy pets are contracting debilitating diseases and dying because of the toxic waste materials that are currently being marketed as pet food.

Blue Buffalo is one of the few remaining companies that, at least to my knowledge, has not "sold-out" yet. The food really is nutritious and still contains real meat with no by-products, fillers, corn or soy. We switched our dogs over this past summer after having lost one to an autopsy/toxicology verified case of "aflatoxin poisoning" from the "healthy & nutritious" dog food we were buying and feeding him. This was NOT cheap food folks. This was a well-known brand, highly marketed as "Natural", that we were paying $60/bag for. The FDA analysis of this food verified that it contained toxins, but NOTHING was done to the dog food manufacturer. They are still producing their "high priced waste" and heavily marketing it as "natural".

My advice to pet owners: Read the ingredients labels thoroughly and often! Blue Buffalo a great product that you can still feed your pets with confidence. Because it doesn't contain any cheap fillers, it's more satisfying to your dog so you don't need to feed as much of it thus making it still relatively economical. Don't wait until it's too late for your beloved pet. "
390770390770B00139ZPKMA2J5CQFCB11VKJ3rdGen "Middle-aged dude"1131344902400Are my three dogs too pickey?I have three dogs. Two of the three would normally eat just about anything that you put in their bowls. The third one (a Yorkie), has always been pickey. For the past couple years I had been buying those expensive brands of food that promise "natural ingredients and better health". I decided to try Newman's Own. None of my dogs seem to be crazy about this food (no disrespect to the late Mr. Newman). If I mix Newman's Own with another brand, the dogs make an effort to pick out (eat) the "other" food and they will tend to leave Newman's Own in the bowl. If they are hungry and nothing else is available, they will eat the Newman's Own. I am not here to "knock" Newman's Own. I am simply telling you my experience. BTW: The food is not old. It does not smell stale or old.
390771390771B00139ZPKMA2QV98MKFH116VCM91151342051200How you can tell it is great...The dogs had been eating Purina for a long, long time. I switched to Newman's Own and I noticed something only a dog owner would be conscious of...the waste. They no longer expel foul odorous waste, which Purina seemed to do to them regularly. Since they've been on Newman's, their waste is almost odorless and, is easy to pick up. You can tell it's nutritious by what comes out, and if you have to pick up after your dog daily, like myself, you'll appreciate the cleaner output.
390772390772B00139ZPKMA2ZI9P5J5BWGBHnomdeplume1151340841600Still the Best!My goldendoodle is picky and likes to change up his food once in a while. So I decided to try two other brands....what a mistake.
Newman's own is really the best: my dog looks better, feels better, and the quality of food is very good. Do not do like I did and experiment poor dogs stomach....stick with Newmans.
390773390773B00139ZPKMA2D16E26FWFZWDJ. Gallo1151337212800Great food.I switched to this food from Blue Buffalo. I hate to say it, but around the time Blue started doing tv commercials the food started upsetting my dog's stomach. Perhaps that's a coincidence, but it was a reason to switch regardless of the timing. The Newman's food has been great. My dog loves the food. He has been energetic and in great health. Not much more that you could ask. The bag of treats that comes in the 12.5 lb bag is a fantastic bonus to every bag.
390774390774B00139ZPKMA39QZSVEUY9UHXMJ1151336262400Great dog food!I rescued my dog a year ago. Ever since then, I've been feeding him Newman's. I like that the main ingredient is a form of meat and there isn't a lot of grain type of ingredients. All of the ingredients are organic, so it's really good for my dog. I've tried several other brands with my dog. But I don't think he's really allergic to anything or has a distaste for anything in particular. And since this is one of the cheaper brands out there that is still nutritious, I decided to stick to this brand. Ordering it on Amazon is very convenient because I can use the Subscribe & Save feature and set the schedule of when I want the dog food delivered. I never have to worry about running out of dog food!
390775390775B00139ZPKMAJLMB4MDICVTOsggall1131328486400Not as good as it used to beThis solved my pups dog food allergy problems when I started purchasing it (I have a husky and a german shepherd), but several months ago the itching started again; the color and size of the kibble even noticeably changed. I wrote a letter of inquiry to Newman's, with batch numbers from the bags, but have received no answer. Since then, I've purchased both Solid Gold Wolf King and Royal Canine 24 German Shepherd and the dogs are doing okay again.
390776390776B00139ZPKMA1PDKCMLQNPU61Jack Black1151325030400Great for my Miniature SchnauzerI bought this for my miniature schnauzer who is about 17 pounds and I feed her a heaping cup everyday. Also sprinkled on top is glucosamine pills Nutramax Cosequin Regular Strength Capsules - 180 Count, to help with joint health. I purchased this brand of dog food for my 7 year old mini schnauzer based on the reviews alone. She never has had any digestive problems or issues and also isn't a very picky eater so I cannot attest to these two things. Her stool is firm is easy to pick up from eating this dog food and I have not had any issues with her having diarrhea or runny stool. She has been on Newman's Own Organic dog food for about 6 months and I plan to keep feeding her this.

If you want your dog to have a healthy and long life, you will want to feed them the best like this organic dog food. Try avoiding feeding table scraps and make sure they have plenty of exercise.

Make sure you sign up for Subscribe and Save for that extra 15% off.

****EDIT 04/10/2012

Edited to say that Amazon now only has 5% off for Subscribe and Save. Also the latest bag I received also came with a full size sample bag of treats Newman's Own Organics Lamb and Barley New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Treats, 10-Ounce (Pack of 6). It sells for $23 for 6 on Amazon!
390777390777B00139ZPKMA2VMWFFMKHP6UKQuirkymama231151324512000GREAT for my little guy, HUGE difference over store brandMy Chiweenie was having issues with dandruff, constipation and a dull coat. We researched different dog foods and bought Newmans Own for Active or Senior dogs. In about 3 weeks, its like having a brand new dog. He is so soft, dandruff free, having healthy 'movements' ;) and he loves the food. I can give him a piece of it as a treat and he really thinks it is, ha ha. Moral of the story, we will never go back to bargain brand. For just a little bit more our dog is healthier, softer, happier and its worth it.
390778390778B00139ZPKMANC83QTWJYK3CTracy Greentree1151323388800Great Dog FoodMy dog's love it. Made from excellent ingredients and a great price at My Chihuahua has allergies and I've noticed she isn't scratching or chewing on her paws anymore.
390779390779B00139ZPKMAMUV9HFIO61ACJA1151322697600Newman's Own Organic Dog FoodIt's all organic and it's on PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) list of "CRUELTY-FREE" brands. Did you know that the leading brands of dog foods conduct horrible and cruel tests on laboratory dogs? Plus it is delivered to my door and no shipping charge (Super Saver Shipping), and costs less than the product I used to buy, saving me time and money. Oh yeah, and my dogs love it!

Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula, 12.5-Pound Bag
390780390780B00139ZPKMA1WSGPYSE90YFVStef1151320451200Dog loves this food!I have a two-year old Jack Russell Terrier and she loves Newman's Own Dog Food! She ate Beneful for a year before switching. This goes down much easier. She doesn't each eat it "just because she's hungry"; she actually likes it! I highly recommend this product and would consider giving any dog nothing less!

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