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390841390841B000P54HVSA3INN916E4VIONS. Kosloske1221181779200Just not a fanBetter than the non-frosted blueberry, but I'm just not a fan.
390842390842B000P54HVSA2R53RXDSR24RGhounddog61031191196800Tastes good, and organic but refined sugar and flour.Yes they are organic and no preservatives or high fructose crapola, but this product uses white flour. That means no hull on the wheat and no fiber... as was intended by nature. Also it has a lot of sugar and thus high calories.
They taste very good, like a dessert. It is easy to eat two at a time but with so much white flour and sugar they can add weight to you and raise blood sugar levels.
I recommend only eating on occasion and as a small treat or dessert in order to curb a sweet tooth. It is not a good choice for a breakfast item.
390843390843B000P54HVSA3QBKYANO0T7O0joe man.3621258848000Lots of Sugar!I saw this product in a local health foods store and had to buy it. I used to like "Pop Tarts" a long time ago, but have not been able to eat them because of all the artificial colors and flavors they contain. This organic version tastes great! And the pomegranate flavor is the best, in my opinion, compaired to the other flavors. However, the reason for me to give it two stars is that it has a ton of sugar! About 32 grams of sugar, if I recall correctly. Without a doubt, sugar is the worst part of any product, and I was hoping that an organic `pop tart' would be made with less sugar and more natural sugar-free sweeteners like Xylitol. I urge people to not eat such products that have so much sugar in them, because eating them will tax your pancreas and make you overweight. Please look for a more salubrious breakfast item.
390844390844B000P54HVSA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0321255132800Well, it's a toaster pastry, what can you say?I tried these, even though I haven't had a toaster "pastry" since I was a kid (and didn't much care for them then, either). For what they are, I suppose they are good, especially considering the healthy/organic angle. However, honestly, I wouldn't bother purchasing these again. They are a hard, piecrust-like wrap encasing a very thin smear of jam, with another very thin smear of "frosting" on the outside. The flavor honestly is pretty much "sweet cardboard". Just not really worth eating, in my opinion. A piece of toast with jam is more appealing.
390845390845B000P54HVSA1USNFQQG37BZ8LoveOfFood1611328659200Not Whole Grain...!Companies should be ashamed of themselves. These are far from Whole Grain...The 1st ingredient is Organic Wheat Flour...not whole grain! That is the 5th item listed and only provides 1 gram of fiber...Many companies are on the band wagon portraying their products as whole grain goodness and this is because the FDA has not come up with guide lines for whole grains...!

Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice Invert, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Whole Wheat Flour
390846390846B000P54HVSA3SVCW6LEUE9Q7jazzy j0531237680000very sweet & 5 grams of fat per pastryI was annoyed that I could not return these(did not know that when I bought them)they are very sweet & have 5 grams of fat each which is not very healthy in my opinion.
390847390847B000P54HVSA3KZCNV1N8R9GCdiljs161651176508800Awesome! Better than Pop Tarts!I stopped eating pop-tarts because of all the junk that was in them (hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, etc).

I tried these and - wow! They are actually better tasting than pop-tarts. They still have the rich buttery crust, but their filling is actual fruit, and tastes incredible.

These look exactly the same as pop-tarts, right down to the foil wrapper and little grooves on the back of the pastry. They have organic ingredients though, and no hydrogenated oils, white flour, or artificial colors.

This doesn't make them completely "healthy" (these are still over 1/3 sugar by weight), but for an occasional snack they are awesome.
390848390848B000P54HVSA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"111151149638400Still buying these...years later...The grocery store is saturated with products that are high in sugar and fat and frankly I've become weary reading labels. I've started to buy more and more organic products and find that many of them meet or exceed my expectations for flavor and quality.

Nature's Path Organic Blueberry Toaster Pastries are made organic wheat flour and they are absolutely delicious. They heat up fast in the toaster for breakfast with a cup of tea and are convenient for a snack. I'd go as far as to say these are better than cookies.

~The Rebecca Review
390849390849B000P54HVSADMWYMH11LD27Phillip Roncoroni ""101051168646400Delicious toaster pastries...All of the Nature's Path organic toaster pastries are delicious, and actually good for you, to the extent that a carb filled toaster pastry can be. The frosting amount is just right, not too little, and not too overpowering.

As for flavor preference, here's where I stand:

strawberry > apple cinnamon > blueberry
390850390850B000P54HVSABDQI3GI3UDTLA Person9951168473600Our new favorite breakfast food...These are our new favorite breakfast food. FANTASTIC!!!! We love them, and that's even after we're on our second set of 12 boxes. The strawberry flavoring tastes real, not fake like regular pop tarts. Overall, the taste is sweet but not overly so. This flavor is better than the apple cinnamon, which we have also tried. Definitely one of our best Amazon purchases ever.
390851390851B000P54HVSA3GO08RURRG0BKMark Lebowitz "Mar4k"8851198972800A tasty, kosher, healthier alternative to Pop TartsFirst and foremost, these toaster pastries taste great! You get light, crusty pastry and impressive chocolate flavor. So if you're worried about whether or not toaster pastries that are billed as organic and healthy can measure up favorably to the market leader, I suggest you try them - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

It would definitely be a stretch to call these toaster pastries health food, despite the organic, low sodium, zero trans fat and vegetarian claims. But the saturated fat percentage is only 15% of the USRDA 2,000 calorie reference diet, which is relatively low for a toaster pastry. The percent of total calories that come from fat is also relatively low. But you can do that much diet damage with just one or two of some kinds of cookies, and the portion size of these pastries - the nutrition information provided assumes that you're eating an entire pastry - is far more satisfying than a cookie or two. Many people might find just half a pastry to be satisfying. So if you're looking for something sweet to eat, I'd call this a good choice.

Kosher certification is provided by COR (Kashrus Council of Canada, based in Toronto, Ontario), and the product is dairy.
390852390852B000P54HVSA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"7751189641600The best flavor of all!I have tried all of the frosted flavors and by far, strawberry is the best.It has a strong strawberry flavor with a light frosting that has the perfect sweetness. And this is coming from a non-Pop Tart fan. My order of flavor preference is strawberry, maple sugar cinnamon, cherry/pomegranate, blueberry, apple cinnamon, and surprisingly last is chocolate which I thought would be my favorite.
390853390853B000P54HVSAT6D3Q62XXXSBL. Camp "SavyShopper"7751164326400Real StrawberryThese toaster pastries are very very good.These are filled with real strawberries and not that sugary sweet junk found in poptarts.You can feel good about letting your family have these for breakfast or a snack..
390854390854B000P54HVSA2RN5EQC3F75PJMichele Poche7751201910400Pop Tart ReplacementI never thought I would see the day!!!! This is an amazing product. Another excellent healthy junk food replacement, and they taste wonderful. To me the traditional Pop Tart taste like cardboard, these you can actually taste flavor. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND.
390855390855B000P54HVSA2JQ3SEXKF86TFLeeAnn Voisinet "L. Voisinet"7751199923200Guiltless TartsThese Frosted Wildberry Acai Toaster Pastries are very tasty. They have a strong berry flavor and a delicate crust that is slightly cruncy.

The pinky-purple frosting is a hit with the kids. They call them "Purple Flurp" tarts. (From Jimmy Neutron on Nikelodeon) And they like them!

Real fruit, whole grains, no high fructose corn syrup and reasonably priced. Guilt free treats for my kids (mom and dad too).
390856390856B000P54HVSA1U37D8Q1ZQGFCT. Adams5551197244800Just Tried The Cherry PomegranateI've tried the Apple, Strawberry, and now the Cherry Pomegranate. All of them are pretty good. The Cherry Pomegranate doesn't taste that much different than the strawberry. It might have more of a berry flavor to it. Compared to a pop tart they're not as flavorful, but they're a step in the healthy direction. They've got enough sweet to get the job done. Make sure whichever one you buy, that you get the frosted and not the plain. The plain is too dull without the frosting complimenting it. The only fruit flavor left for me to try now is the blueberry.
390857390857B000P54HVSAVH9SG3ZFYPZBMom of Five5541200614400Kids like themAlthough my kids prefer Pop Tarts, this is a healthy alternative. Believe it or not, the Apple without the frosting is pretty decent. There is cinnamon on the top of it which adds a bit of spice...I don't really like too much frosting on mine. The cherry pomengrante is the most preferred in my home. They don't last as long as opposed to the blueberry...Strawberry is delicious too. They travel pretty well too. Don't crumble too much...
390858390858B000P54HVSADMWYMH11LD27Phillip Roncoroni ""5541168646400Delicious toaster pastries...All of the Nature's Path organic toaster pastries are delicious, and actually good for you, to the extent that a carb filled toaster pastry can be. The frosting amount is just right, not too little, and not too overpowering.

As for flavor preference, here's where I stand:

strawberry > apple cinnamon > blueberry

(hence 4 stars for this flavor, rather than 5)
390859390859B000P54HVSA1ADMN7EY9STCOB. V. Michael7851160179200IncredibleThese pastries are one of the most delicious I have ever eaten! The strawberry taste is incredible and the final appearance is excellent. It is appropriate for guests and private parties. The amount is quite a lot and you may indulge for a long time especially because it is organic and healthy. I am very, very pleased with this purchase.
390860390860B000P54HVSA3GTA38SKULV7ICook Book Connoisseur4451169942400Kids Love 'Em!!The kids love 'em and what could be better than that? I bought one box at the local grocery and glad to see they are available here. We tried the strawberry, frosted, and like other reviewers I agree: not too sweet, right amount of frosting. Can't wait to try the next flavor.
390861390861B000P54HVSA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"6741187136000TastyI was never a pop tart fan, but on a lark and due to the coupon, I tried these. I was pleasantly surprised at how good they tasted. I would prefer more filling as you can barely taste it. The frosting is very light and adds a perfect sweetness. One package w/ coffee is a perfect quick breakfast. Since AMZ is now out of stock for this flavor, I ordered the apple frosted ones.I think the unfrosted might be too flavorless for me.
390862390862B000P54HVSA1U37D8Q1ZQGFCT. Adams3351196640000These are good pastriesI went out and bought the frosted Strawberry. I must say I really like them. The first time I tried this product was in the Apple Cinnamon flavor that was not frosted. Like some of the other posters have stated, go for the frosted. The plain ones are ok, but the frosted ones hits the spot.

For me it is hard to decide which is better, the Strawberry or the Apple Cinnamon. I haven't tried the Blueberry yet, but I'm tempted to see how it tastes.
390863390863B000P54HVSA1T4682B4IV0O0Marlana R. Ward3341193961600Great alternative to Pop TartsThese are very good breakfast and snacks! The only downside is they are pretty hard just cold. So pop them in the toaster and makes a world of differance!
390864390864B000P54HVSA1DD3KZV6RF3ULHeather A. Schwartz "Dog Lover"3351190937600Yummy :)Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries,Frosted Strawberry are so good.I've been buying them for years.I'd tell anyone to buy and eat these.
Heated up with a glass of milk....HEAVEN.
390865390865B000P54HVSA2IUM7ZO779UJ6dee3351160956800Tastes great!I have always been pretty picky about my poptarts, so I wasn't sure if these were going to taste like cardboard or not when I first got them. They are great poptarts. My kids love them.
390866390866B000P54HVSA284Y0Q6QYCD5WDesertRex3351155513600THE ONLY THING MY 3-YEAR-OLD WILL EAT FOR BREAKFAST!Yes, these Toaster Pastries from Nature's Path are the only thing my 3-year-old will eat for her breakfast. Thanksfully, they are fairly healthy. Now her 2 older brothers are making it a staple for their breakfast also. They are very tasty and toast well in the toaster. The frosted strawberry and blueberry ones are equally as good - just depends on your taste preference. We have not tried any of the UNfrosted ones though!
390867390867B000P54HVSAWH79USX9CMAXL. May "Crunchy Mom"3351238371200Quick breakfastMy kids loved these chocolate toaster pastries on the mornings we were running late and needed to grab something quick on the way out the door.
390868390868B000P54HVSA2D2D4QR9Y4SBEAmy Mcclure "3sons"3341209340800Great "on the go" healthy snack....Two out of my three boys love these toaster pastries. They are pretty healthy for them and are a great snack to throw in my bag when we are on the go. My only suggestion would be to wrap them individually, because I only let them have one at a time, which is plenty. Or, to eliminate unnecessary packaging, pack them without the individual wrappers in the box.
390869390869B000P54HVSA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"3351169769600Natural and DeliciousThe grocery store is saturated with products that are high in sugar and fat and frankly I've become weary reading labels. I've started to buy more and more organic products and find that many of them meet or exceed my expectations for flavor and quality.

Nature's Path Organic Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries do taste "slightly" healthy, but they remind me of some nutmeg cookies I make that are also made with whole-wheat flour.

Ingredients: Organic apple cinnamon filling (organic evaporated cane juice, organic apple juice concentrate, water, organic evaporated apples, vegetable glycerin, organic apple powder, organic corn startch, organic cinnamon, locust bean gum), organic whole-wheat flour, organic white flour, water, organic evaporated cane juice, organic palm oil, powdered organic eveaporated cane juice, organic invert syrup, salt, leavening, natural flavor, agar, tocopherols (for freshness).

Unfortunately these do contain palm oil, although I don't seem to be as allergic to organic palm oil. Makes me wonder what I'm really allergic to, as in what is in the additional element in the non-organic Palm Kernel Oil. Could it simply be that this is the non-hydrogenated version. Could be.

Each pastry is 190 Calories

40 Calories from Fat

They heat up fast in the toaster and are convenient for a snack.

~The Rebecca Review
390870390870B000P54HVSA46JGJL30HFXLMamaS2251230422400BEST TOASTER PASTRYThese are the very best of any organic or non-organic toaster pastry we have ever tried. Cherry Pomegran is the favorite flavor in our house. It has a real fruit taste and a real pastry taste, not like regular brand & store brands that have always left me with indigestion and a lingering unpleasant taste. Plus they have healthier ingredients than regular brands so I can feel good about giving these one or two times a week for really quick breakfasts or on the go breakfast when necessary. We have embraced organic foods since the mid 1990's and these are among the best. Amazon offers a better deal than the ones we got at retail store. By the way, strawberry frosted is our family's second favorite flavor. Recommend trying them. Five stars for sure.

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