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390871390871B000P54HVSASF5Z1XBNIQSJDr. Daniel Ross2251226534400we love these!i have four kids and we all love these. i never bought pop tarts for them until i saw these. i bought them initially at earthfare but it is much cheaper to get them here. we have also tried the brown sugar cinnamon but these are the best. :)
390872390872B000P54HVSA1DCIMJ7N7SVM2S. Pope "MOMO3"225120484800010 thumbs way up!Every one of my children love these toaster pastries...which is hard to accomplish in this house! I had originally purchased them from our local health food store($3.89/box) because my pickiest eater begged for them. Obviously, I'm not going to continuously pay that much for a box of 6 toaster pastries. So, I went on the hunt for the best price. I purchased these through Subscribe & Save on Amazon and I get them for $2.29/box with free shipping. That means I don't even have to go TO the store. What a deal! We're going to try the Wildberry Acai next...I'll let you know what we think of those!
390873390873B000P54HVSA3JX37OEQSJJI4S. Allen2251202428800Great buyI bought this item to eat healthier and was very surprised at the fantastic taste. My grandson loves them. My friends even asked me to order more boxes and they are junk food nuts but didn't care that these are a healthy alternative. They love them too!
390874390874B000P54HVSA1D3UD4W2WH1JIRobert B. Hall2251200873600Toaster Pastries/Cherry PomegranateOne of the best, if not the best, Toaster Pastries on the market. This flavor, Frosted Cherry Pomegranate, is excellent. I haven't tasted better. It is good cold or hot and as a snack, it is good anytime. Great for the kids. The price is right. Its organic so no nasty surprises in the ingredients.
390875390875B000P54HVSA6T56XTKHQQEKKat2241189987200Great alternative to "PopTarts", but add more filling!These are a great alternative to PopTarts. I've only tried the strawberry. Crust, icing, filling - all are delicious. My only change would be to make the filling thicker. The outer edges of the crust can be a little dry without a bit of the filling to go with it so I find myself breaking off the outside edges to get to the yummy middle. Maybe I'm just picky. But otherwise, I love them!
390876390876B000P54HVSA3INN916E4VIONS. Kosloske2231181779200better than the non-frostedIf you're going to go for the Apple, I'd recommend the frosted. Sure it's more sugar, but it's also a lot more flavor.
390877390877B000P54HVSAZNSBRQ0DS8LKB. Bruster "okie_kansan"1151329350400A Sinful Treat... With A Little Less SinOkay, in the grand scheme of things, if you're closely watching your calorie intake... these aren't for you. Yes, they are organic! LOVE that they are organic! But they have similar stats to their non-organic counterpart (one of these toaster pastries has 210 calories and 5g fat while the other non-organic brand's toaster pastries average the same - 210 calories and 5g fat). However, it's nice to see that the first ingredient in Nature's Path Frosted Raspberry toaster pastries is Organic Wheat Flour, while the other brand's first ingredient is enriched flour). At any rate, I picked up two different flavors of Nature's Path toaster pastries from my local Whole Foods and I haven't been able to stop eating them since. I bought the Wildberry Acai on Amazon without having tried them first, since I had yet to be disappointed by a flavor of theirs to date. While they are not my favorite flavor (the iced Raspberry and Frosted Brown Sugar Maple Cinnamon are beyond amazing), they definitely leave my tastebuds satisfied. I wouldn't say these are guilt-free, but I do feel less guilty knowing that they are organic!
390878390878B000P54HVSA3NQNKN7Z2K6FRKatie C1151283299200Taste great!We love Pop Tarts (the name brand ones) but wanted to get away from all the chemicals, food dyes, and especially HFCS that those are loaded with. These are a great substitute!
390879390879B000P54HVSA1HBC0NBQJHT7XBookphile1151272499200Not health food, but far, far better than Pop-TartsMaking the change from a typical American diet to a healthier organic and more whole-grain centered diet is no mean feat with my 6-year-old. I have to work hard to find products that she really likes as, with most children her age, she is hooked on the artificial, high fructose-laden junk that is aggressively marketed to kids. I refuse to buy anything with high fructose corn syrup in it so, needless to say, Pop-Tarts are not known in my house. When I saw these at Whole Foods, I thought we'd give them a try.

Now, a big caveat here: this review is not meant to endorse this as a healthy breakfast. Organic or no, it is still a treat. That said, it is something I will allow my daughter once a week, and it is something that she really enjoys. I'm a former chocolate Pop-Tart addict and I can honestly say that I like these even better. The more I train my palate, the more I realize that all those foods that are chock full of artificial ingredients are actually quite disgusting. These pastries are sweet, but not cloying so, and the chocolate in them actually tastes like chocolate. What a concept.

I also want to note that purchasing them through subscribe and save is a considerable savings over buying them in the grocery store. When all is said and done, I'll have paid about a dollar a box less by ordering these through Amazon rather than buying them at Whole Foods. I not only like to eat healthier, I also like to trim the fat from my wallet.
390880390880B000P54HVSA2RN5EQC3F75PJMichele Poche1151243209600Awsome ProductMy inlaws gave my kids the dreaded cardboard "pop-tarts", and well it has been difficult to find a natural, kosher replacement. Well folks here it is, my kids eat them all the time, they make a perfect snack that is not junk. I wish more variety packages were available. I absolutely reccomend this product in all flavors.
390881390881B000P54HVSA1IQAJM4F6E7JYSr smiles "smileslot"1151237248000YUMMY!these are the BEST! toast light to medium & even the crust is fantastic. Real good with coffee. I'm sad when these are not in my pantry
390882390882B000P54HVSA1TUTJ0Q39TLJPJ. B. Miller1151236124800Beats the pop tart to deathMy wife & mom really like these. They are really good & replace the breakfast rush meal
390883390883B000P54HVSA2D2D4QR9Y4SBEAmy Mcclure "3sons"1141221350400Great Breakfast on the Run!The whole family loves these. I seem to grab them on my way out the door because I didn't have time for a "real" breakfast. I don't feel bad becuase they're not full of additives and preservatives, and they are organic and yummy!
390884390884B000P54HVSAI2R8J6AEFP0XBanana Bread1151219190400so good...After trying these at TJ's, i realized how awful pop-tarts tasted. These are much thicker and heartier, and they taste better! The membership warehouse store even has them for 8 bucks for 3 packs of 12, blueberry and strawberry. So cheap!
390885390885B000P54HVSAKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena1151215820800I HATE POP-TARTS!!I hate Pop-Tarts, but I LOVE Nature's Path Organic Frosted Cherry Pomegranite Toaster Pastries! The reasons are obvious, Pop-Tarts taste like Brand-X aftificial jelly slathered on cardboard. The taste is bad and the texture is even worse.

But, one bite of Nature's Path Organic Frosted Cherry Pomegranite Toaster Pasteries and you are in Heaven. The pomegranite has just enough tartness to wake up your taste buds in the morning, and the breading is light and flaky. Add a mug of coffee and you have the perfect on the go breakfast to hold you for quite some time.

These things are YUM!
390886390886B000P54HVSA1MUQUK1M4UK16Dancing Bear "Valarie"1151206921600Yummy!My daughter is allergic to every artificial food coloring. This makes it difficult to find tasty treats for her sometimes. When all the other kids are eating their Poptarts now she can have hers too! These are really good. The filling is flavorful and the outside not too dry. They are pretty too, so she doesn't feel left out when the others are eating their dye-laden bad for them food. I find it hard to keep myself out of the box....
390887390887B000P54HVSA1DD3KZV6RF3ULHeather A. Schwartz "Dog Lover"1151190937600Buy these!Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries, Apple Cinnamon are so good.I've been buying them for years.I'd tell anyone to buy and eat these.
390888390888B000P54HVSA1DD3KZV6RF3ULHeather A. Schwartz "Dog Lover"1151190937600These Toaster Pastries are wonderful!Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries, Blueberry Frosted are so good.I've been buying them for years.I'd tell anyone to buy and eat these.
390889390889B000P54HVSAA40BWJ6ISG2RB. Raven1151182297600Yummy!Even my husband has become a big fan of poptarts. My kids mention that the unfrosted ones can be a little dry, and that the apple-cinnamon is the best flavor, with blueberry a close second. Also tasty right out of the package for an on-the-go snack.
390890390890B000P54HVSAFMWCHJK59G4DT. Guill "gone_gal"1141174867200great quick snacka little dry, but given that they're pretty healthy (all things considered), i'm willing to forgive...
390891390891B000P54HVSA2IDGIAMYWRNMAmanda1151172102400much better than expectedThese are very tasty indeed. The flavors taste natural and fresh, better than I expected, and the texture is very good. My young son has a real sweet tooth and these are a great treat for him. In fact my whole family enjoys them. My husband about died when he saw I ordered a case of "Pop Tarts", but he was pleasantly surprised by the taste and the more healthful ingredients. I will definitely keep these on my shopping list, and recommend them to anyone, especially families with children who want a quick and tasty snack that's a little more "fun" than a piece of toast and more wholesome than a donut or (most) cookies.
390892390892B000P54HVSADMWYMH11LD27Phillip Roncoroni ""1141168646400Delicious toaster pastries...All of the Nature's Path organic toaster pastries are delicious, and actually good for you, to the extent that a carb filled toaster pastry can be. The frosting amount is just right, not too little, and not too overpowering.

As for flavor preference, here's where I stand:

strawberry > apple cinnamon > blueberry

(hence 4 stars for this flavor, rather than 5)
390893390893B000P54HVSAP8XXR9YK7AJBK. Easter1141168646400Finally, toaster pastries that are good for you!!!It is very hard to find organic products where I live. I had bought a box when I was travelling and my kids loved them. I was so happy to be able to order a case through Amazon. We just finished our final box and my kids want to know what flavor we're going to order next. Thanks for making it so easy to purchase!
390894390894B000P54HVSAA74LHULLI5PFJames D. Morse3451187827200Organic PastriesAs our mornings are hectic, it's great that I can grab an organic breakfast for my boys to eat on the run. They do not taste like regular "Pop-Tarts", but we all really like them and will keep them stocked in our pantry.
390895390895B000P54HVSA3INN916E4VIONS. Kosloske3451181260800more expensive than pop-tartz, but these contain real foodRecommended. Good price when bought in bulk.
390896390896B000P54HVSA38IMBWMNZFTD2Bert L Meyer4651177804800Love these!These are delicious! They are much better and much better for you and the planet than more processed alternatives.
390897390897B000P54HVSA3O9YQT3ORQHTFC. A. Lewis "mountain mom"2351214438400loved by kids and husbands alikeThese are great! Excellent alternative to p**t****. All time favorite flavor is the Brown Sugar Maple, but the pink frosting on the Wildberry ones make them a closer second runner-up. Husband also really loves the chocolate ones ... they make a great sweet treat.
390898390898B000P54HVSA3GPM6G85XE1OSC. Robbins0051350518400Love ThemHave really like the Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries since I first found them in the grocery store. Getting them from Amazon is even better, because they are much cheaper. Amazon could do a better job packing them I think.

Nature's Path could also offer a variety pack too for sell on Amazon.
390899390899B000P54HVSANCOMAI0I7LVGAndrew Ellington0041347926400A healthier version of the popular breakfast pastry...We've been on a pomegranate kick lately and my wife saw these Organic `Toaster Pastries' (don't call them Pop-Tarts) and snatched them up the other day. She's been looking for a healthier breakfast pastry for the kids since Pop-Tarts, while delicious, are not really all that great for you (with all the artificial colors, hydrogenated oils and such). These organic pastries are really good and taste pretty much exactly like a Pop-Tart, they even look just like them. I won't take that step and say that they taste `better', but they taste pretty much the same. The Cherry Pomegranate flavor is really good, although I would have like more pomegranates. Instead, I get a lot of cherry. That is the only reason I give this four stars instead of five. If you put a flavor on the box, you should represent that flavor well in the pastry and these should have merely been called `Cherry' because that is the only flavor I get. Still, as a whole you can't go wrong with these Organic pastries. They are more expensive than your typical Pop-Tarts, and you get less in a box as well, but for peace of mind as a parent they are worth it.
390900390900B000P54HVSAYTCNYJ39FSYFBrandon0051344556800Oh You can't go wrong!For anyone that has never ate these, you're mind will be blown! Especially if you been eating such brands as Pop Tarts which use artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and GMOs worst of all! These taste better and are better for you!They are made with REAL INGREDIENTS and I feel sorry for those who have never tried these and continue to eat the other brands. YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Its a win win situation with these. It'd be nice to buy them here, but keep in mind, other than grocery stores and health food stores I've found them at Walmart too. You can find them many places. Natures Path is one of the best organic companies too on top of that. Great to support.

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